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BAKUGO QUIRK AWAKENING! Super Nova Explosion Quirk – My Hero Academia


All right guys so some major developments have come from the latest chapter of my hero academia in relation to bakugo's quirk and although this inclusion was rather brief the path it stands to lead us down is incredible so following the appearance of his mentor best genius came the momentary.

Detainment of the colossal villain known as giganto machia and the various members of the paranormal liberation front a task which would require genus to be entirely focused however although muriel had come to the rescue not even he could stand to fend off.

Several near-high and nomu by his lonesome and so he requested further aid from the heroes on the scene a call to which bakugou would heed and respond to as a bright light would flare out from a great distance away as in only an instant faster than the speeds of even eda.

Bakugou had made his way over despite his now incredibly injured state but before doing all this bakugou reflected on the very change that allowed for such a thing to begin with first and foremost he took note of the sort of radical difference between his typical and the sort of explosions he'd let off.

When going to save deku that he had never done anything on that level before as they were now incredibly condensed causing them to be simultaneously faster and stronger than ever before but here's the kicker this change came about when he found himself on the verge of death.

A clear indicator that allows us to conclude that this is in fact a case of quirk awakening thus far there have been very few examples of this sort of phenomenon but thanks to circumstantial stimulants a person may attain new aspects or strength to their quirk.

That was not previously possessed something we saw from toga during the league of villains fight against the meta liberation army as she unlocked the ability to use the quirks of those she particularly loves when adorning their visage and this was thanks to the near-fatal beating she received.

From curious and her various henchmen now at that bakugo's quirk based progression is something that we have discussed at length in the past particularly with our quark evolution series and with that although we sought to achieve it by different means we concluded.

That a tenfold increase to his speed and movements would allow for bakugou to remain in contention with the other top tier combatants of the story and here we are now more than just being pushed near death i think another catalyst to his development.

Was an act of true heroism since early childhood like many other kids bakugou had always desired to be a hero admiring all might just as deku did however this admiration was primarily strength based as opposed to the concept of heroism itself bakugou desired to be the.

Strongest and further fuel his own vanity and although he has changed quite a bit over the course of the story thus far unlike deku he had never really experienced a heroic moment of his own we've seen plenty brazen shows of strength and overwhelming dominance but nothing indicative of heroism.

Which is precisely the aspect that he lacked and desire to uncover with his field studies under the number one hero endeavor he always knew his quirk to be amazing but with his newfound emotional and introspective maturity also now knew that he was missing something and so in the millisecond that separated.

Deku from life and death he leapt into action before he even knew it just as deku had in saving him with the beginning of the series and has finally become a true hero one even deserving of a hero name now as for the specifics and newfound limitations of this increase.

I unfortunately don't believe we'll be able to see all that for some time right now bakago is in horrible shape with no medical aid on the scene and so even if he still manages to move around and about there is no way that we will be able to see him at maximum power at least not for now and so it looks.

Like our best bet would be the following arc of the story however using what limited visuals we have of this application you may notice a difference in the appearance of his explosions they appear to be like four pointed stars which is interesting now for me.

When i think of a relationship between stars and explosions i think of supernovas the literal explosion of a star and funny enough the largest type of explosion found in space now once again bakugou has always regarded himself as and has been treated like a star and at.

That what exactly would be the cause of such a volatile celestial occurrence well that would be a drastic change in a star's core and now to go even further with the space jargon certain star systems may actually consist of two stars this being known as a binary star and from.

There these two stars then orbit a single point known as a berry center in such a case a white dwarf star may accumulate matter from its companion star to the point of achieving critical mass which would be followed by a supernova.

Explosion which is to say that with bakugou and deku gravitating towards the very same dream with the very same favorite hero bakugou has now inadvertently learned and changed a whole lot at his core thanks to his rivalry with deku to the point of newfound detonation now.

Bakugou was already at the top of his grade in terms of power and such but now he is just in a whole different league however that league still of course includes deku who he is now in even more contention with as thankfully horikoshi seems to be.

Trying to keep the two near one another in terms of power and additionally bakugou has always been rather creative with his quirk and how he applies it and so with this whole new layer of possibilities i can only imagine the sort of things he will be able to come up with and you know right now he is severely injured.

And so i suppose he may be past the point of pain and being able to recognize it properly and so i can't help but wonder if he'll be able to actually do this consistently in the future without destroying his arms as deku has with his quirk because ultimately even if his power.

Outage goes up even if his explosions are more and more deadly his resistance to them once again he has resistance not immunity his resistance to them does not change and so he is just gonna put himself in worse shape.

And even then for as capable as deku may be at this point he was having a hard time capturing bakugou during their training so imagine how things would look right now very very interesting and hopefully you guys are just as interested as i am to see what's to come from all this.

As if you couldn't tell from the quark evolution series i love these sorts of power ups and developments from our various cast members last time i didn't get the chance to talk about my accurate prediction of mina's acid man technique but this time around.

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