I never thought horikoshi would actually do it but this week's chapter is genuinely something so shocking that i still can't believe it happened finally these stakes within my here academia have been risen though some fans may not like the cost chapter 362 titled light face terrain continues with tamaki and his massive cannon attack last week we.

Got this beautiful two-page spread of tamaki and adventuring enhanced cannon as he prepares to shoot shigaraki tamaki thinks back to the words of encouragement he has received from fat gum hiroshima tattoo tattoo and most importantly muriel tamaki even compares what they say to blinding light or a great treasure and just like that we get.

More tamaki development the big three have been seeing a lot of spotlight these last few chapters and it's been great tamaki recognizes that he was unable to really accept the compliments of his fellow heroes and how those words felt like a burden until now now tamaki sees them as the strength he needs in this fight this man has really come a.

Long way and you gotta love it from there a massive plasma beam is fired off by the canon tamaki created which we know to be cornucopia combination plasma cannon truly it is such a big moment for such a timid hero he has grown from someone so insecure to a hero taking on the ultimate evil that is shigaraki unfortunately while more like.

Unsurprisingly it does absolutely nothing to shigaraki he practically swallows the insane attack with his mutated arm it is a harrowing situation that reminds the heroes and us that they are fighting a losing battle at the end of the day shikaraki is more monster than man anymore in spite of that mirio is still able to land a punch on.

Shigaraki admirably he is fighting shikaraki in close quarters considering what the villain is capable of while quirkless but let's get back to the fight tamaki's beam is so powerful it physically pushes the arena strong enough to move a mobile battlefield but does absolutely nothing against shigeraki his durability is ridiculous.

Smoke covers the battlefield from tobacco's cannon but we see the big three all in different shots of defeat nesgende looks battered and exhausted questioning why tamaki's strongest attack had no effect interestingly enough there is a clear shot of her torso and her wound isn't gran torino levels of bad thankfully she was pretty.

Much at the top of my death list so good to see that she's okay meanwhile tamaki is pushed back by one of chickaraki's tendrils and mirio himself is utilizing his quirk while also receiving wounds himself they are like nigeria or tamaki's but it only shows the dire straits they are in i must admit that seeing the big three so dejected like.

This is really setting the tone for this fight especially because of the flashbacks we saw of them in the last chapter nigeria's development especially cemented this she's continuing to fight this by how exhausted she must be because of her and i'm gonna be honest i really wish these guys could have been looking cool together not against.

Shigaraki why is the one time we get to see the big three actually do their job and be the big three up against a guy who they cannot even face it's like miriko being as powerful as she is having her first fight against a crowd of hai and nomu there's just no winning that regardless it is a race against time until deku can arrive even.

Shigaraki knows that he keeps up with his routine hero mocking shigaraki then calls them delusional for believing they have a chance against him and you know what as rude as he is shigaraki is right he's easily fighting off multiple heroes while workless if he had his quirks multiple at that we'd be remiss to even call it a fight to begin with and so i.

Am genuinely surprised that we haven't seen a major death by now and sadly this chapter may change that somehow bakugou is able to stand again this shocks everyone including shigaraki and best genius genus calls for him but bakugo simply tells his mentor to take care of everyone what we all know by now to be very chilling words when it comes to the.

Realm of shonen then we see a heavily injured manic bakugou who says he still has a fight to win and mentions thaku this dialogue from bakugou actually means a lot instead of referring to a childhood rival as deku bakugou calls him izuku despite the stakes presented seeing this growth is something i will never get tired of meanwhile best genus.

Is still doing his best to stop bakugou he calls out to the young hero and even prepares to restrain bakugou with his quirk not only is this a defining moment for bakugou but for genus as well we have always seen him as reserved and professional as possible now he is practically begging his students to back down from shigaraki despite encouraging.

Him to rejoin the fight previously the current reaction from machinist is such a big turn from as usual so things have really really and truly hit the fan and surprisingly things will continue to get worse and worse as the chapter continues on suddenly bakugou moves so fast he is blissing shikaraki and the way it's drawn it reminds me of.

The twinkles within one for all whether or not that's an honest coincidence we'll have to find out however that is not the most important thing to notice it's how reacts to bakugou firstly the young hero is able to literally predict shigaraki's movements in battle which ties in perfectly to what we saw a few chapters.

Back makago was analyzing the way shigeraki fights originally i believed it was to find his weakness now it is clear bakugou was watching shigaraki to learn how to counter him speaking of everyone is shocked that bakugou was able to avoid shigeraki so effortlessly then we are reminded abok goes quirk and learns some new cluster.

Bomb information but before we jump into that i would like to point out that bakugou is so fast he moved before shaykh rocky could react insane reflexes his speed seems to be as if it may be the hero saving grace sadly his movement is due to cluster bomb side effect from the narration it is clear bakugou himself wasn't aware of this side effect.

Due to his explosive sweat being so condensed there is a massive strain on both of those sweat glands because bakugou continued to add to the strain he condensed what dispersed throughout his body needing an exit this explains what we saw several chapters ago bakugou didn't have a quirk awakening this was cluster he has become like a.

Ticking time bomb the explosions going on within his body are exactly why he is able to outmaneuver shikaraki honestly this side effect of cluster reminds me of what all my first told daku that one for all could literally explode his body we are seeing something similar with bakugou except it is small explosions literally destroying him from the inside.

Out in fact bakugo admits his whole body is throbbing from pain he feels as if his body is literally falling apart but it is also improving the improvement statement is odd considering the pain he's going through however i wonder if it is foreshadowing for an awakening either way even bakugou sees a parallel between himself and deku he wonders if.

This immense pain and going beyond his limits is exactly what deku has been doing this entire time after all deku is destroying his own limbs in the pursuit of plus ultra and it's not just that bakugo wonders if he will ever reach deku's level he sees deku above him accepts it and sympathizes with him and truly a bakugo fan could not ask for a.

Better panel to display bakugo's growth the question shows so much character development on his end interestingly enough the panel which bakugou wonders if he'll amount to deku is a close-up of bakugo's face while the previously may have lost an eye we can see his remaining people now resembles a pattern of cluster again are we close to a quick.

Awakening if not it's certainly a cool effect yet that question is going to have to wait shigaraki sees bakugo's speed and his anger but it's more than that shikaraki is losing his composure which is rare shigeraki has been gloating and in control of the battlefield this entire brawl the young hero speed can only remind shigeraki of.

One thing the second one for all user and something tells me all for one really struggled against a second he is so focused on bakugou all he can see is he second talk about a ghost from his past so yeah all those theories about bakugo being connected to second user hey they may not be 100 correct but there was a connection nonetheless i.

Will say that this has me leaning towards the ancestor side of the spectrum however anyways shigaraki is so distraught and it is written all over his face the parallel also causes the shigerati to have a bit of a tantrum he sees bakugou as average someone not worth his time because of offer one's obsession with one for all users simply.

Overcome with rage and his arm posed to attack shigaraki harshly told bakugo to die then we get a visual treat there's this amazing art of an angry shigaraki and a cool calm collected cluster-eyed bakugou two sides battling it out not to mention is refreshing to see shigeraki so angry this scene also proves bakugo's eye isn't merely an accident something.

Is happening we just don't know what yet now just before impact bakugou envisions all mice vestige and himself though bakugou is dressed in his ua uniform and they are in a space that is unknown to us this white space is neither the area between all for one and one for all we saw during the war nor the vested world baccago and the vestige of all might are.

Somewhere completely different it's been a while since we've seen omaha's vestige so this will be interesting without a doubt the messages in their world are always so interesting although regrettably there is no new lore this time around instead bakugou looks confused but then remembers something he sheepishly tells a vestige which bakugou.

Immediately recognizes as all might talk about odd that he wanted his all my trading card signed but because of how they met and the events surrounding them he never quite got a chance to ask honestly truthfully genuinely when this scene was leaked i knew this chapter would be golden bakugo is so vulnerable right now it is perhaps the most human.

He has ever been plus it reminds us that bakugou is just a kid despite the fact that he is fighting the big bad that is shigaraki makako still admires people and looks up to them in his final moments all he can think about is getting almight's autograph i could gush about this forever but let's talk about what else we see bakugou also has a.

Flashback of him and deku as children really this is a look back on bakugou's growth as a character we have come so far from the little bully we saw in the beginning this chapter is clearly for bakugou fans unfortunately though that sentiment isn't held for long after that interaction between bakugou and alma's vestige we were taken immediately back.

Into the fight tamaki a bloody miracle and nejere all attacked shigaraki once meanwhile it looks as if muriel was attempted to grab bakugou he had to face through both bakugou and shikaraki instead the threads of genus grab bakugou as well as seemingly secure shigaraki so the two-thirds of the big three and midiko can attack finally we.

Are seeing the heroes work together in harmonic sync if only this had happened sooner but it is worth the wait that aside there is tragedy in the chapter regardless of the multitude of attacks and teamwork involved shigaraki manages to stab bakugou and this attack successfully destroys bakugo's gear on his back it is insanely powerful but.

Just as that happens multiple weather reports come in from the kanto chubu kansai regions the reports are all the same clouds have appeared in the sky this is unexpected considering it was clear beforehand what adds to this mystery is the cause for these clouds it is reported that a fast change in temperature specifically heat rising is.

The reason for a cloudy day we also see civilians comment that is going to rain the temperature paired with baka goku free all sorts of theories but those will surely get their own videos in between the news report is vaka go as he goes flying from shigaraki's attack best genius tries to catch a student and you can really see how shaken up he is from.

All this after all it's like when almighty saw deku during the war arc to add insult to bakugo's injury there's also shigaraki's own haunting words he states bakugo was only replaying their fight from before so why would he think this time would be any different we also learn that shigeraki's body has fully become one as he puts it the demon.

Lore's body is now fully realized clearly it is a new entity between offer one and shikharaki speaking thus settles as we see a completely diabolical shikaraki neither of his eyes have pupils and he looks absolutely nightmarish to match his looks shigaraki also declares his story begins right here and i gotta be honest final boss.

Music definitely played in my head once i read that line i knew the heroes were in trouble before but now they fully merged shigeraki with no deku in sight things are disastrous on the flip side there is a panel of bakugo's mom she remarks that bakugou hates rain but right after that is one of the most heartbreaking panels we have ever seen.

With this series every hero present from best genius to monument is in utter disbelief as they see baka go with a huge gaping wound that explosive pressure finally made its way out and right out of his heart his beating now bleeding heart bakugou really cannot catch a.

Break last war arc we saw him as a human skewer now it is this explosive heart moment either way this definitely had me on the edge of my seat this entire arc has been so great so far but i did not think horikoshi would maim if not possibly kill someone as big as bakugou not only that but best genus is the one.

Who now sees he mortally wounded bakugou it is such a twisted moment with such beautiful symbolism at that that i love horikoshi for it we have this two-page spread that could just make anyone tear up bakugo is lying peacefully on the grass but his chest and face are covered in blood and the wound on his chest is a massive gaping hole his eyes are.

Lifeless and there is no single cluster this might really and truly be the end for bakugou he has received nothing but punishment from shigaraki and on the opposite side of that it appears shigaraki has achieved his goal the infamous villain had recently mentioned that he wanted to leave the corpse of bakugou for deku shikaraki wanted to.

Force deku to go pharaoh from rage and i fear and actually dead bakugou will do just that and now what is that next to the fallen hero his almighty trading card that he wanted signed corykoshi you're a cruel man you had this man hold on to this trading card all this time like hoping you know maybe this is the moment maybe this is the moment i show.

All my discard and get a sign and now it is covered in blood by the creature the entity that is arguably closest to all might in his prime wow death doesn't happen in my hero academia often but when it does it hits hard i never saw horikoshi killing all makago so this chapter has been nothing.

But a wild card truly if we were talking about my hero academia during and past the overall arc this is peak right now the violence the gore the fights the stakes the casualties the depravity it is all up there at a 10 horikoshi is not disappointing and i know a bunch of you are hoping horikoshi says psych in a couple of chapters from now but i must.

Say that i do hope that this is permanent because this is really really impactful the way it is and there is still so much meaningful stuff that we can do with this from here regardless shonen jump magazine is going to be on break next week but best believe we are going to be holding you guys over with plenty of content when it comes to all.

This insanity here on the channel so please stick around make sure that you are subscribed and like the video while you're here as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you