Now although i wouldn't go as far as to say that the upcoming events of my here academia are unpredictable i will say that for a while now anticipating the content to come with a preceding chapter has been pretty difficult which for me at least makes new releases that much more exciting.

With the previous chapter some of our remaining heroes who had been involved in the raid on the manor offer one-handed rate to explode would convene and contemplate their optimal direction one that in the end was entirely dependent on deku as the possessor of one for all they.

Were running out of manpower across the board but from here hawks would be contacted by all might as deku had both encountered another assassin sent by all for one and also defeated them by his lonesome and after this encounter all might would again offer deku a proper meal as he hadn't been eating only fighting.

But deku would refuse and furthermore state that there is no reason for almighty to follow him around anymore the last thing deku wanted was for someone he cares about like all might to get hurt or worse especially with the laser night eyes prophecy still very.

Much being a possibility and so he would tell all might that he was just fine on his own as he is now capable of exerting a power on par with all mites at one hundred percent without injury and before all might could say what he felt he needed to convey deku had already left him behind as.

Unbeknownst to them at the time they had a spectator in the way of hero killer stain a presence that provides implications we have covered in a recent video these days questions have begun to swirl about deku and his multiple quirks amongst the populace they wonder if he is a nomu and such but.

More than anything that despite being helpful he doesn't look anything like a hero or reassuring presence with this latest chapter we'd open up to endeavor contacting deku and telling him that there has been a change of plans that at this unhealthy rate.

Deku's body would surely give out eventually but as it turns out foreign aid was to be on the way soon and so with the addition of more heroes into the fray that is more for them to work with on their side endeavor would further express that with deku being such a.

Vital key to all this they couldn't have him dying on them but yet again deku would tell yet another senior not to worry and express that he can still move and that the villains mustn't be given any room to prepare what is a pretty silly argument to me as.

Endeavour's concern of deku over taxi himself was not addressed i mean with a response like that he probably would have been better off just saying yeah i'm not doing that but good to know but goodness gracious deku wasn't listening to anyone at this point not even the.

Vestiges of the former users of one for all many of them would emerge all at once and tell him that his wounds haven't even closed up yet that he shouldn't be pushing himself this much a sentiment that has now been expressed many times but deku doesn't seem to care.

Very much and i say this because the moment his danger sense picked up a disturbance he was off deku is like a one-man army right now the fact that he didn't even respond to them at all is just so surprising to me but because of this a meeting would be held within.

The power about all of this shimmer and nana would regret having played such a heavy burden on deku but lariat would correct her by saying that with the way deku is he was bound to act like this regardless as shinomori iv would say that to deku the power they.

Provide him is all for the sake of getting this conflict resolved the superheroes are those who help those in need now the second who still remains unnamed would now leave his seat and contrary to the rest say that the path deku has taken is in fact the right one that as the.

Wielder of this power and the collective will within it he shouldn't be allowed to stop in a situation like this however now looking back towards the two users he was familiar with in life the first and third wielders he would propose that there may in fact be something they can specifically do.

To protect deku a pretty interesting point that in terms of ability is undoubtedly restricted as according to what we know of the most these guys can do is guide the kid verbally which doesn't exactly sound like much even protectorate.

Whatever this guy has in mind i'm sure it's going to be fascinating especially if it is a possibility that expands beyond the known limitations of the vestiges within the power one for all is often likened to the power of the avatar from the last airbender series by fans and so hey a sort of mental possession.

Would be pretty crazy and something that also wouldn't be too ridiculous considering this is a feat all for one has proven to be capable of on many occasions with sugar rocky and remember that these two powers are very similar to one another in a number of ways but past this we would yet again have.

Deku enter another fierce scene wherein a number of villains were attacking some civilians and deku would easily drive them off and check up on the civilian's condition and in seeing this ragged figure before them who'd been making use of multiple quirks they would immediately begin to panic.

Thinking that he might just be a minion of all 4 ones but deku would be quick to correct this much to their relief thankfully they were alright and would then go about their business just as deku's danger sense would go off yet again and let me just say that the range and.

Acuity of this quirk is just incredible but in the transition to this new location will be provided a bit of insight into deku's current thoughts first of all he didn't want to burden anyone and this is something deku has expressed intentions towards many times now and eventually he will.

Have to learn that it is okay to ask for and accept help he would question what offer one's plan was and where he was hiding of course and then think about taking down shigaraki and the league he wouldn't allow them to hurt anyone else.

And to make sure of that he needed to master one for all in its entirety that way people wouldn't have to live in a constant state of fear as they do now meanwhile this guy would casually lead towards and engage in battle against a massive aquatic villain after this.

He would enter a forest and swiftly eat a bar of food a far cry from a proper meal but nourishment all the same bekahu continued to fight battle after battle all while thinking of everyone dear to him everything he was doing and intended to accomplish the reason.

He was willing to push himself to this extent it was all for the sake of one day being able to smile brightly with his friends again and so until then he will endure deck would then take us to another location that of the now desecrated all might statue where yet another of.

All for once assassins would be found this figure would confirm that everything was going according to offer one's plan especially in regards to deku now being fatigued and wishing for a bit of respite as we would then see this figure surrounded by many civilians.

It seemed like his hunting of deku was largely for the sake of his own safety as someone with a quirk like his he certainly found power and safety in numbers and so securing his spot on the winning side was a must now deku was able to immediately recognize his villain to be dictator another tartarus escapee.

And let me just say that this guy looks like he would be the main antagonist of a best genus spin-off story but yeah knowing that he had been sent by all for one decca would hope that this one at least would have some meaningful information from here the battle would commence as dictator would send the people under his.

Control to apprehend deku and i imagine that with the current state of the world his quirk is more intimidating than ever simply because even civilians now possess support items and deadly ones at that with their limiters having been removed these poor people couldn't control their.

Own bodies but their minds still remain unimpeded they were puppets deku would then give us a bit more insight in regards to dictator by thinking to himself the dictator had been taken down by crust about five years ago during what is now known as the bloodless surrender incident.

Crust of course being a former top hero that sacrificed his life to save eraserhead from sugar rocky's decaying outburst but furthermore dictator's quirk was one that could be nullified by knocking out the user or by providing enough of a shock to those controlled but again dictator.

Was now thoroughly surrounded by civilians and so deku couldn't just go ahead and use black whip on them he had to be especially careful but as deku was thinking to himself they were rushing towards him and would begin to swarm yet even still deku was sure that he would be able to.

Save them all but fatigue was getting to him he was tired and unmoving as they took advantage but just then we would have bakugou leave well above the crowd and fire off an incredibly precise ap shot that hit dictator directly.

And now yet again we would have another subtle look at the second possessor of the quirk as his previous sentiment would be again conveyed and you already know that some folks are just going to jump on this immediately and say that there is a direct correlation between him.

And bakugou off of this little thing alone but to close out the chapter we would have bakugo looking down towards deku and confirming to the others that he has been found and with that it looks like class 1a will finally be returning to the story now i must say that bakugo's expression.

And face overall here is like the most docile i have ever seen him be furthermore it would seem like this hunt for deku was one that his fellow students were also engaged in now bakugou here beyond his expression is interesting because if you notice.

Despite being in costume he doesn't have his domino mask on and furthermore his costume looks to be pretty weathered as well which is to say that he has probably been out in the streets a whole lot as well not only taking down villains but searching for deku now i for one am.

Really curious to see how their interactions will be going forwards considering how much deku has changed in terms of his mannerisms and such but as it turns out my hero academia will in fact be taking a week off of its manga and so we'll just have to wait a bit longer for more elaboration but that's fine.

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