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BAKUGO WILL NEVER BE THE SAME! – My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 9


All right i think i speak for pretty much everyone when i say that season 5 episode 9 or the 97th episode of my hero academia overall was a breath of fresh air from what we can tell on twitter and instagram as well as the polls we regularly do here on the channel.

A lot of you seem to be fed up with some aspects of season 5 thus far particularly the ever freaking flashbacks and seemingly dragged out fluff this episode presented no such thing and instead just got right down to business and all of this was clearly thanks to the.

Straightforward pursuits of bakugou the team orientation of class 1a in the fourth round was especially well-rounded this is a team that on paper seems to cover all its bases and it's for this very reason that class 1b needed to take decisive action.

As opposed to anything else now bakugou albeit not much for overly calculated strategies and such is someone with pristine instincts and battle sense and so he knew this but rather than spelling it out for his teammates he instead would order them to simply follow his lead.

However he was being a bit more cooperative than usual even going as far as to provide them each with some explosives in the event that they become useful the moment the enemy was seen they would leap into battle however jiro's senses were being deceived by satsuna's quirk.

Lizard tail splitter which lets her break her body apart and remotely control the pieces what reminds me of my boy buggy from one piece and i feel like i've been making a bunch of one piece references on the channel lately i don't know anyways despite the best efforts of class 1a to prepare for the enemy team.

This would begin to backfire once bondo's quirk semadine in tandem with jack mantis's quirk razor sharp would begin to spell disaster for the team and just as sato looked like he was about to have his moment and save the group bakugou with a major explosion.

Would clear away the threat with ease saving their entire team in a moment but what's more is that with the same motion he furthermore intercepted the attack of jack mantis saving jiro and blowing the enemy away makago's growth was apparent he wasn't just fighting the good fight he was saving.

Others like a good hero should and this man is not about that close call victory like all the other teams nah he was here for a complete sweep an unquestionable victory over the rest 4-0 no injuries that is the standard that he set for himself and boy was he about that action class 1b now perceiving the enemy.

To be a top heavy team built on the back of baka go would shift to target him but just as previously instructed not only would bakugo save his comrades when they found themselves in danger but he also expected them to come to his rescue as well which they certainly did all in all.

Quite the efficient team indeed and man this was one of those fights where class 1a was so clearly superior that we didn't really have a chance to care for anyone from class 1b not really they were more or less like walking talking practice dummies mere plot devices used to exemplify bakugo's character development.

And nothing else this was a battle completed without the fluff and it was refreshing for sure to follow we would have some bakugou tsundere action then some monoma pushing his agenda onto others for the final round their plan would be to subdue deku first and foremost as he stood to pose.

A threat similar to if not superior to bakugou deku's ability to break from shinto's control was brought up but believed to perhaps be supplemented to a degree by monama's ability to copy quirks however the possibility of such a thing was still inconclusive.

On the other side we would have deku volunteering to be the bait as his teammates uraka mineta and my favorite girl from class 1a mina would all agree we asked you guys on instagram and it seems like most of you agree that season 5 of my hero academia seems to be getting better and better.

With each and every episode this next fight will be bringing this arc of the story to a close and so for those of you who may be awaiting the next or are perhaps not too fond of this one rejoice but even still for me there isn't a single arc without its own merits and.

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And for all of you so be sure to stick around because when it comes to bringing you some of the best my hero academia content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day.

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