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Bakugo’s New Heart and Body Revealed! The New Bakugo Is Here – My Hero Academia Chapter 364


I must admit that i expected this chapter to come a little later that being said we finally have confirmation on bakugo's condition alongside offer one absolutely doing the most with this quirk the chapter aptly titled what do you use your power for it gives a flashback that confirms a personal theory we see dr garaki as he reminisces.

About shigaraki stealing overhauls quirk bullets he talks about reproducing it which we saw in the last war but more importantly garaki is fascinated by the fact that quark bullets came from aries own power it is also revealed that when creating the bullets garaki focused more on recreating the original effect than remaking quark bullets the rocky himself.

Is so amazed by aries quirk that he believes it furthers the quark dooms a theory once again this idea is brought to you reader's attention could it possibly play into the story soon only time will tell but i now believe anything to be possible within my hero academia either way garaki continues his narration by stating that what he.

Created alongside the cork bullets can only be used once however is a trump card that rocky sure will help all for one achieve his dream honestly it's good horikoshi is continuing with the concept of dreams all for one's dream seems to almost foil deku's in a way it's an interesting parallel plus this flashback also gives more meaning to the weird.

Cave shakaraki and crew were in during chapter 341 the cave was a retrieval place for not only offer one's gear but the reverse engineered rewind quirk garaki created speaking of we also get more context for the relationship between offer one and garaki rocky remarks that everything about offer one is precious to him all for one's voice.

Smile his eyes it's all important to garaki at the end of the day guraki isn't achieving his dream but all for ones personally i quite liked his interaction because garaki always seemed like a mad scientist we knew he had a connection to all for one it just wasn't presented as concrete as it is now but vasa's admiration for all for one buraki.

Also says something important well maybe not important but certainly bizarre he wishes that hatred will not dwell in all for one's heart the comment itself feels out of place considering offer warren wants it to nurture the hate inside of shikaraki not to mention arfon himself has stated that he is incapable of hate so why would goraki say that personally.

I think he is saying it leslie physical all form before the heroes and is instead speaking to the awful one inside shigaraki's consciousness the two entities of offer one and shigaraki blended together becoming something else a new being that allows all for once to feel hatred something he hadn't felt before perhaps at garaki it is a loss of.

Identity for his master however we can't dwell on garaki too long as the narration switches back to the present there all for one is seen continuing to rewind we're treated to a full shot of all for one as he descends to the ground all while gloating he tells endeavor to feel prideful because offer one never expected to use rewind truthfully it is.

A shot that shows just how calculating offer one is he had rewind the entire fight yet only used it once he fight wasn't in his favor it was something he was saving no doubt prepared to use it against deku instead granted this does create a problem if over one waited so long to use his quirk surely it is detrimental to his body shockingly it is.

But we'll get to that momentarily as all for one falls to the ground endeavour can only look on in horror hawks is beside him worried about the pro hero keep in mind endeavour has lost an arm and is most likely overheating he's not exactly at his best to fight a rejuvenated all for one though endeavour does say something that confirmed a.

Theory for several folk this appears all for one rewinded to is his prime state but besides endeavor's reaction we do get a sneak glimpse of jiro and tokoyami tokyo yami is carrying jiro but right away he recognizes that over one is using aries quirk being the eternal optimist hawks is he instantly descends to all for one like endeavor hawks is.

Worse for wear too he's lacking prosthetics and is down to one sword neither pro hero can truly fight a prime all for one speaking of cory koji thankfully gave all for one close now you may ask while falling off one begins to steal the clothing of heroes on the battlefield offer one himself also knows that his body feels as light as silk.

Clearly this feeling of weightlessness is why offer one is able to steal clothing so quickly yet that isn't all all for once deals once on the ground he takes a quirk from a nameless unknown hero he also takes her cape this scene reminds me of shigeraki taking excess cave maybe it was intentional regardless it is obvious that offer one wants to.

Cause as much havoc as possible by stealing works what's interesting about this whole maneuver from all four one is the fact that he's moving fast enough that other heroes are taken by surprise so it's not just the firepower of a prime all four one it is his speed as well thankfully hawks is able to save them a serious hero from all for one.

Though all for one does acknowledge that because he used rewind he will eventually disappear and die this means equarisy stolen will disappear as well all that information and power will die with him which somehow feels fitting for a villain that is obsessed with quirks that being said it's interesting that rocky couldn't.

Engineer the quirk to be less volatile to all for one's body it's a trump card yes but it's at the very expense of all for one to be honest it shows how desperate all for one of the villains are for a win awful one is willing to literally disappear completely if it means achieving his dream the dedication from both heroes and villains alike in.

This war is insane truly a battle of ideologies and dreams while on the topic dreams are also alluded to by offer one again despite the fact that he'll disappear into nothingness all for one says that his dream has been passed on to shakaraki after all my hero academia has a continuous theme of the older generation passing the torchy younger.

Generation it's a no brainer we see this concept with heroes paralleling with villains really drives home how much horikoshi likes foils besides passing his dream onto shakaraki off one also says he must rescue his ward from the heroes trap does this mean we'll see deku vs shigaraki and offer one i sure hope so but let's not get ahead of.

Ourselves and get back on track hawks can only see one option to distract all for one his plan is to get all four ones talking long enough for endeavour to recover and finish the villain off so he asks all for one about his grand plan of one explains that he was influenced by comics and that villains are feared all over the world he asks hawks why they're.

Feared and hawk simply replies that is because villains do bad things everyone stays in a world with values and goodwill villainies and action frowned upon by everyone acts of evil ultimately obstruct the bright future hawks and other pro heroes want to achieve this petty reasoning is exactly all for one's wish to diminish the future of this.

World such a heavy wand that is the opposite of any heroes yet again a foil from horikoshi man really loves them unfortunately we don't stay with all for one long the pov quickly switches the united states more specifically the white house it's been a while since we've seen geopolitics so this is a welcome change the president is speaking.

With agpar the two are discussing shigaraki but before we get into that let's have a quick refresher on who agpar is apart is a military commander and was close to star stripe with that out of the way let's break down what the two are discussing adpar tells the president if they don't stop shigaraki now their own country may be in danger.

Which is true the sugar rocky were to succeed in taking over japan other countries would be at risk to be assimilated however the president brushes off this concern by saying that this theoretical danger hinges on how you view the situation while the country is at higher risk than others the president believes this is agpar's fault.

Maybe he isn't wrong considering the united states did send a nuke right at shigaraki plus the united states agency for specialized quirks has reported that shigaraki has become untouchable it seems that even the americans are confirming garaki's doomsday theory the president also points out that this superhuman monster is seen where.

America's loyalties lie which seems to imply that he's worried shigaraki will go after the united states next feels almost as if the president is suggesting the united states aligned with shigaraki even akpar believes the president is advising this he immediately asks the president if he's saying they should join shigaraki to this the president.

Replies that other nations have already begun the process of trying to gain shigaraki's trust though agpar cannot accept this he tells the president that the future of shigaraki ruling over them is ridiculous and i gotta agree with akbar even if the united states is next on the chopping block they can't just give up star didn't die for them to just.

Hand the country over to shigaraki the president argues that negotiating with shigaraki is damage control and buys in time regardless agpar is not relent he argues that even if it's just temporary giving in means they lose everything finally the president shouts to this drastic measure is for the future of the country then adpar passionately explains.

That the future of being ruled by shigaraki is a future they cannot allow after this outburst he regains composure he questions if the president is wanting to form an alliance with shigaraki due to his status as the president it's such a bold question that even the servicemen around them are shocked granted it is a fair question to ask the president is in.

A place of power would he be willing to keep that if it meant shacking up with the villains who knows really either way ag park goes on to ask the president what star fought for along with this question akbar produces a picture of a little star with a young almight finally the number one hero in the united states is relevant again we then see an.

Emotionally vulnerable agpar who tearfully asks the president if he remembers what star died for is such a raw moment that brings star back into the story i had hoped she wasn't just a means for shigaraki to be nerved and it appears horikoshi is saying just that her importance in the story isn't over just yet right after this moment.

Retreats to a gorgeous page of all might and star together all my stands alone the star comes up to him and he reaches his hand out to her then she reaches her hand absolutely generations after hers along with a continued narration from akpar he states that younger people grow up watching adults of course the adults support the younger generation and.

Through that they become connected but those one children grow up and end up doing the same for the next generation this chapter has really driven home the idea of passing the torch which i love anyhow agar finishes off his monologue by asking if molding the new generation is why heroes use their power to begin with to that i'd say yes my hero.

Academia has always been about shaping new generations heroes exist for that very reason however this isn't my question to answer though i do look forward to the scene once it is animated it's such an overwhelming narration which is perfectly back into the shigeraki fight there best genus is still trying to repair bakugou's heart.

An extremely wounded headshot approaches them finally we see headshot again after he was suspiciously missing for a while it appears as if he could have been dead so it is good to see he's still up and running at least for the time being headshot proclaims that he is the ninja hero that can sneak into anywhere he goes on to say that he has been inside.

In a body to be familiar with his internal structure are we going to see serge in headshot originally i hope so but now it appears horikoshi has a different idea for headshot and his quirk and shot then yells that he won't give up now and calls him on miroko to keep fighting shigeraki funny enough he tells her if just her head is left she.

Needs to keep on fighting even if it is just a bite shigeraki willpower has been such a big thing for the heroes especially deku so it's refreshing to see how determined other heroes are as well speaking of other heroes miroko is still being crushed by shigaraki though now it looks like she may lose an eye meanwhile mirio is still fighting.

However we do see what looks to be nejure and tamaki and shiguraki's tendrils as well last we saw both nijre and tamaki were too exhausted to even get up shigaraki notices what the heroes are doing but doesn't seem too bothered he simply tells him that what they're doing is useless regardless of what shigeraki thinks headshot explains that.

He won't accept bakugo's death to him bakugo's life is something they cannot afford to lose once again we see the theme of older generations sacrificing for the younger if anything edge has resolved further as the star in all my page previously it shows how important the future is but it's not just that what's important truly important to the.

Heroes is a bright future for younger generations and shot begins to use his work all while saying that bakugou can be saved the ninja hero can fill in what's missing and make his heart beat again so yeah sorry to everyone who believed in the jerk or gene heart theory or whatever genus realizes the gravity of what enzo wants to do he.

Tells his fellow pro hero that if he does this he won't come back meaning ed shot will die for bakugou to live this almost reminds me of equivalent exchange a soul for a soul yet headshot is okay with dying he's confident in genus saying he will leave the rest to his class president just as he says this we are true to a panel of redshot and genus.

As students together this was pretty cute but it is sad that we're only just seeing this as headshot prepare said i sadly the chapter ends on a cliffhanger as we see ed shot unraveling completely about to perform his strongest move ninpo thousand sheep appears extreme the flavor text reads heroes connect the future which seems to imply bakugou may.

Very well come back to life and at that i'm very curious how you guys may feel about this bakugo's death is a very controversial thing so i'm sure there are people who are rejoicing and people who are just rolling their eyes or upset please let us know down in the comments below as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an.

Awesome day i love you you.