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Bakugo’s Secret Connection To The Second One For All User Explained! – My Hero Academia


After the absolute bombshell that might hear academias of this chapter dropped the fandom is in a frenzy trying to make sense of a shocking term events but it is not only the need for devastated fans to cope with the apparent loss of a beloved character that has sparked discussion the chapter also gives new evidence to a long-held fan theory.

Fans of the series have been speculating that there has been some kind of connection between kazuki bakugou and the second wielder of one for all for a while now after this latest chapter many argue that this theory is looking more plausible than ever in light of that new evidence it's high time to take a look.

At why this theory got so popular to begin with what evidence do its proponents cite and how well does it hold up after this chapter and because i know it's the question all of us are asking right now if this theory were to be proven right what would it mean for baccago background first though we have to make.

Sure that we are up to speed on why this theory is suddenly relevant again sure it's never really gone away but one panel in the most recent chapter is getting people talking again chapter 362 sees an already injured vacago throwing everything into one last charge at shigaraki a move that while impressive ends in tragedy and the panel everyone.

Is talking about comes during that charge when shigeru rocky slash all for one wonders why bakugo's attack is making him feel so uneasy he then is reminded of his previous fight against you guessed it the second user of one for all it seems pretty suspicious that sugar rocky all for one would be thinking about the second user right now.

If there wasn't some connection there even if that's as far as the theory ever goes i think that pretty much confirms that at the very least bakugou and the second user are supposed to parallel each other after all shaker rocky all for one directly links to two of them in his mind an indicator that even he sees resemblance it's one thing when fans.

Notice these similarities between two characters but when somebody in world makes that connection we can be pretty sure that is no longer a coincidence with that said the question we are left asking is then what kind of connection is it now there are a couple of theories about that one of which we just touched upon that bakugou and the second user.

Are just parallels linked thematically but not literally but on what grounds would people make that claim and is the evidence for the other theories there but listen before we dig into the evidence baccago may or may not have enough polymer to make it out of this but you sure can if you subscribe with notifications on the miss and upload and.

Smash the like button to tell us you're tuning in major theories if you look at fan discourse surrounding the possibility of black goes connection to the second user most of the theories you find are going to fall into one of three categories the first of those is that the second user is bakugo's ancestor making me too distantly related i can't.

Say it's the most popular per se but this is the theory that i usually hear the most about it leans heavily into the near identical appearances and the possibility that they might possess similar quirks the second theory is a lot more down to earth postulating that though they are not related bakugo and the second user are intentionally.

Written to parallel one another and the last major theory is by far the wildest popularly dubbed the bakugo theory it argues that not only are they too linked but they are actually one and the same how is this possible well obviously with the help of a little time travel as its name suggests fans of the back you go hypothesis derives that vacant travel.

Back in time to become the second wielder of one for all in order to secure the future somehow the method of time travel usually isn't really discussed nor is the fact that we're pretty sure one for all users needs to be dead to be in the vested world so bakugou being the second user while still alive in this timeline doesn't.

Make a whole lot of sense it's an off-the-wall theory but it has its share of believers so it warrants a place in a discussion like this for sure granted these aren't the only theories out there while researching for this video i came across other more fringe series that i hadn't seen before like when arguing that bakugou might be the second user's.

Reincarnation instead of his relative others include speculation that the second user is a version of bakugo from another dimension or offer101 trying to make things right in this timeline similar but not identical to the bakugo theory and there's also the theory that horikoshi is trolling us with similar character designs and backstories to.

Make us believe there is something there that isn't while horikoshi does love his fake outs i feel like we could pretty safely rule out the latter not a more terrible connection between the two has been alluded to even if they never caught on within the fandom you have to admire the creativity of my hero academia fans and coming up with.

Explanations for these similarities between these two characters or in the case of the troll theory their cynicism however none of these theories would even be getting off the ground without evidence that fans perceive as hints at the two being connected but what has more kosher written so far to nudge the fandom in that direction let's take a.

Look at the evidence point number one they look alike okay i know it's as basic as it gets but when you're talking about bakugou and the second user there's really only one place you can start they look almost identical from the iconic explosion hair to the shapes of their eyes fans immediately saw the resemblance between bakugou and the.

Second user when the latter's face was revealed while some might argue that similar character designs are inevitable in a series of this many characters it definitely bears mentioning when one of them so cruelty resembles one of the protagonists of the series we don't actually see the second user in the message world for quite a while and even.

In the chapter where his face is finally shown he has his back turned for most of the time he is on page however even in that stage he bears striking resemblance tobacco his hairstyle is extremely similar and he is wearing arm bracers similar to bakugo's and we later see that their faces are similar as well even though he has a large diagonal scar.

Across the center of his face it would be incredibly easy to mistake the unnamed second user for an older baccago if you looked at the panel out of contest honestly this feels like both the strongest and weakest piece of evidence we have at the same time on one hand it is the connection that started it all this theory would probably never.

Even gotten off the ground if not for the fact that the second user looked enough like vakugo to turn people's heads but on the other hand it also doesn't really tell us anything on its own with massive casts and artists constantly having to come up with new designs characters and manga often look alike for no other reason than it is.

Inevitable but is this particular similarity just a coincidence like that while a lot of fans think it is this chapter has made that position a lot harder to defend but okay we now know what got this ball rolling there is a tangible reason to thinking that this theory might have some merit but there's also gotta be more to it than just that.

Right this can't be the only reason people think that there might be something going on here indeed it is not point two their quirks might be similar we already briefly touched upon this but some see another connection between the two and that they both wear armbracers since bakugo's bracers are related to his quirk many have inferred that the.

Seconds are too this is proven to be fertile ground for speculation because we still have no idea what the second user's quirk was of the pieces of evidence we have i have to say i think this one is the most compelling and that is largely thanks to what little we know about the second's quirk it is the only quirky one for all that we haven't seen.

Deku use yet and the second warned him that it isn't to be used lightly since the stock pilot quark has mutated his ability into something far more powerful than it was we possessed it it would be dangerous to use rashly he describes it as a very specific but useful power and says that using it would be a last resort those are some pretty strong.

Words from the second wielder it is saying that made readers curious about what the ability actually is there is no doubt in my mind that we will soon find out as an unlocked final port is exactly the kind of trump card deck will probably be needing in the near future given the likelihood that a quarter reveal is in the cards that answer might.

Make or break this theory why well there are two reasons firstly a similar quirk would prop up the theory that bakugou in the second are related since many quirks are passed down genetically a blast type of mirror quark like vaca goes might hit at them being distantly related which many fans have been arguing all along i think it's safe to say that if it is.

Revealed that the second's quark is at all similar tobacco goes it is probably going to break the internet and honestly since bakugo's pork is both extremely powerful and supported by a pair of armbracers it's not hard to see why hopeful fans of the series believe that things are pointed that way and amidst all the other shocking developments in.

Chapter 362 there is one moment that gives this reasoning a little more credibility as we mentioned a little bit earlier shake rocky all for one feels uneasy while fighting bakugou and realizes that those feelings of discomfort have something to do with his resemblance to his second user this implies that bakugou somehow reminds you.

All from one half of the shakaraki offer one i'd mind of his old enemy and i really doubt that it's just because they look alike in all honesty we don't have nearly enough context and know what that means yet so this reasoning is really just speculation but it doesn't seem unreasonable to me the destiny thing that reminded shakaraki of the second.

User was bakugo's quirk it's possible that the second user's quirk or the way he fought were similar enough to bakugou's that shigaraki found them uncannily familiar do we have any hard evidence of that no not really the similarity shigaraki over one is seeing could be his attitude his resilience or any number of other.

Things that aren't as quirk but it is very possible and if it were true it would be a pretty strong hint the two are somehow related also mind you alkaline's mentality is heavily skewed towards quirks he doesn't really care about perseverance or heroics and things like that he is all about works that ideology that idealistic crap is just.

Nothing to him he's all about quirks so it makes sense that he's looking specifically at how bakugo is using his pork because he started using it very differently than he was previously during their fight point three thematic parallels external similarities are an undoubtedly important aspect of the bakugou second.

User theory but equally important to ban theorists are the roles each character plays in the story if you're looking carefully for them there are quite a few narrative parallels between bakago and the second user the biggest of these is that the second user's relationship with the oichi the original owner of the one for all quirk seems very analogous to.

Bakugo's reluctant friendship with deku the parallels are evident right off the bat when we learned the story of the second user's involvement with ouichi in his first full appearance like yoichi the unnamed second and third users lived through all four ones golden years and they were active in an anti-all for one resistance movement then rescue yuichi.

From prison that rescue enabled the fight against offer one that persisted this day to truly begin and you itchy crazy moment that the second user reached out his hand to him with the true birth of the one for wrong work reaching out his hand where have we seen that before this parallel is made pretty.

Clear by a panel which shows the second user extending his hand to a seated yoichi this is a visual that has repeatedly been applauded deku and bakugou most notably when azuki tried to help katsuki up after he fell into a river as a child there are a few other instances where the visual pops up the scene in which you two share one for all.

In these two heroes movie comes to mind but i specifically chose that panel to highlight because it looks virtually the same with the rolls reversed one of them is seated and in need of rescue while the other standing reaches out their hand you only need to look at the panel side by side to see if they are uncannily similar but this parallel.

Actually goes both ways on several occasions the second is referred to as the leader of the group that rescued yoichi when he was in prison this is very reminiscent and bakugou leave the charge to bring deku back to ua during the tardis escapees are it's less literal than the hands parallel but definitely oddly similar no matter how.

You look at it it is a little suspicious that the second user and bakago who both had similar connections to other one for all users both led rescues of their respective friends and to top it all off the second user even seems to know that bakugou would be the one to get through the decade calling him the one thing that could.

Bolster him which okay that's pretty suspicious why does the second user know about bakugou you could theorize that he remembers him from the two share one for all at the end of two heroes or that the vestiges have some kind of understanding of becca's emotions that would give them information about his close relationships but fans argue that it.

Could also mean that the second user either is bakugo or is connected to him somehow explaining why he would single him out among deku's allies as he won who had the best chance of aiding him either way all that goes to show that these parallels at the very least shed light on how important bakugou has been to the development of one for all.

Youichi calls the moment that the second user reached out to him the birth of one for all and the many similarities between that pair and bakugou and deku seems to him that bakugou is somehow just as key to the core's development as his second user was there is also the matter of outlook with a relatively cynical but pragmatic personality the.

Second user sometimes seems like a more mature mock go something that those who adhere to the time travel or dimension hopping theories might point out as evidence that bakugou actually is the second user i don't really buy that but it is definitely a similarity that might turn heads there are obviously a lot of connecting parts of this puzzle and now.

We have a pretty good idea of why this theory gained so much traction in the fandom there's something appealing about the idea of the story being so interconnected that a character was vital to his resolution might neatly parallel or even be closely tied to someone who lived generations ago and frankly horikoshi has historically been.

Pretty good about building up those kinds of connections and payoffs from the long awaited reveal that davi is a toroki the reveal of the ua trader long after most of us assumed he'd forgotten he tends to finish when he starts so even though the evidence isn't overwhelmingly hard to ignore it is a pretty good hypothesis at this point but.

Oh man guys this thing just got a whole lot more complicated the elephant in the room so what are we supposed to do with the whole death thing as of chapter 362 vodka go is as far as anyone knows at this point medically dead that shocking to us obviously throws a huge wrench in things which is pretty confusing given that the chapter also contained our.

Clearest hint that we've gotten yet about their connection why bother to bring the second user up in relation to a dead character where would the theory even go from there well to that end it is time to indulge a little bit of while theorizing of our own since the details of bakugo's apparent death were leaked fans have been.

Scrambling to figure out how his death could be undone and some have argued that these second uses of known quark might be a part of that one idea that keeps coming up is that the second user has some sort of resurrection quirk i don't know how that could explain the second user's use of bracers or any other possible connection between his.

Quark and bakugos but it sure does fit the criteria of a specific useful and dangerous quirk to only be used as a last resort if that were the case then the connection is obvious bakugo's survival relies on deku unlocking network and using it to revive him that might not be the kind of connection fans have been speculating about but it would.

Definitely provide a good enough reason for the second use to have been mentioned at such a pivotal moment and that isn't necessarily mutually exclusive with the theory that bakugou might be related to or a parallel of the second user of course we can't count out the possibility that the connection be confirmed posthumously but won't.

Actually affect bakugou in any way one of the most glaring holes in all these theories to me is that i don't see what bakugou's ties to the second user adds the story or his characterization other than perhaps a hint at how central he is going to be to deku fully mastering one for all so it wouldn't surprise me if the second.

User told deku by his connection to bakago in the nested realm or some other sort of anticlimactic info dump that wrapped up you lose ends without actually well doing anything so it's possible that we could get confirmation that these two are related or somehow connected without any measurable impact on the story in that case i think it.

Would be safe to assume that their connection was only important so far as it set up a parallel kind of disappointing not gonna lie but it could happen and it wouldn't require the plot to find a way to revive vokago it could simply be a rallying cry for deku if the second user revealed that he was related to makago it would be like having a part.

Of his fallen friend with him in the vested world do i actually like or believe that theory not so much but it is possible but listen where this theory goes next is anyone's guess i'm decently sure that it is going to go somewhere but beyond that we are all in the dark on the precipice of learning more but only able to make.

Educated guesses is he second user bakugo's relative nikita's survival or something else is horikoshi gutsy enough to try and drop a time travel or dimension hopping reveal on us this late in the game or are we going to be treated to a resolution that confounds all our theories we would love to hear what you.

Guys think in the comments down below as always i'm selecting otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you