With this latest chapter of Dragon Ball super we finally get to see the long-awaited clash between Goku's father Bardock and Goss of the heaters the two combatants who raid themselves to the namekian monaito were clutch tightly onto the recently orphaned and asleep juvenile granola as he himself closed his eyes fearful of the impending.

Struggle and his potentially fatal implications however he would manage to resolve himself and express the Bardock that he faith that awaited them was theirs to face and that he had already done more than enough for their sakes he wanted Bardock to flee and save himself after all there was no reason for him to die for a bunch of strangers however.

Bardock will be quick to dismiss such a notion only for Goss and then chime in by sneakily saying that Bardock could very well run away for the time being but the entirety of his tribe would not last much longer something that certainly caught bardock's attention and made him question the child's words higas would play koi and simply say that.

It was something he had heard from Malak and instead of further inquiring as to what goth was alluding to bardock's frustration would Propel him into action as he retorted that it was the heaters who had no future ahead of them an exclamation accompanied by a key blast one that got so pretty effortlessly leap above while whirling his entire body in.

A circular motion in accordance to the weight of the maze he had fabricated using his momentum to fiercely slam onto the guarded Bardock the brunt of this attack was so devastating that blood was suddenly spew from the Warrior's mouth as he cried out in pain insinuating an agree of internal damage which God seemed to be pleased by but Bardock was.

Only just getting started he would grit his teeth then swiftly grip onto the weapon of goth before hurling his opponent a great distance away and in the interim of the two going head-to-head Barack would yell out to Minato that this was his fight now telling the namekian to run away with the Cerulean child since they were only.

Going to get in his way and just like that Bardock would rush back into the fight clearly giving it his all but struggling to combat his adversary in close quarters combat each blow through the same being of negligible damage to the boy but like an impatient and easily frustrated child gossiped higher of bardock's attempts and as a result would.

Partially transform exuding a damaging surge of power in the process which started to Halt bardock's assault and knock it back and now sleeveless Gods with Tusk protrusion shooting out from the sides of his forehead would admit that he didn't have the time to waste on this fight and so he would be unleashing a portion of his inner nature to.

Expedite the process Mushu barak's dismay meanwhile Minato managed to make his way back to his Abode and would subsequently collect plant these two dragon balls he recognize he tended to the tribe and found himself in a bit of an ethical conundrum as he used the Dragon Balls for one's own benefit was forbidden yet he wondered if yusufly.

Wished to help someone from another planet would be acceptable as all the while Bardock was getting absolutely clobbered taking a direct blow to the face serving to knock his scatter off of his face it's getting bad cue to recover and place a device where it belonged once more now realizing that Gods could adjust his power level therefore.

Prompting a rather cocky gossip proudly proclaimed that Bardock was struggling against only a portion of the power he harbored within himself expecting such a declaration and Associated reality to break the Saiyan's will to fight however Bardock would smile saying that nothing excited him more than facing a powerful foe which seemed to only ignite goss's.

Frustration more similarly to how he acted while against Goku he sought to end things here and now as he would kick Barack directly in the abdomen and follow it up with an overhead strike with both hands sending the Saiyan into a nearby Earthly structure as from behind the planet's Dragon would begin to operate the summoned creature would.

Then urge Minato to express his wish that if it was within his power this single wish would be granted and oh man my naito of all the things he could have wished for would wish to send Barack back to his home planet like I don't know exactly how powerful this dragon is but I'd at least try something a little more creative or genuinely helpful to.

All of them not just Bardock but whatever as God continued to be into barakti saying we begin to hear a voice in his head the voice of the Dragon will call out to him it would then convey minato's wish for him to be sent back to Planet Vegeta and remember Bardock does not know what the dragon balls are so of course he was confused by this and would.

Begin to respond aloud which only confused Goss as well the dragon would then properly introduce itself additionally providing us with his name which was Toronto and again God still had no idea who Baroque was speaking to but would then notice a massive dragon in the sky torombo would then pause for a moment before admitting to Minato that.

Barack had refused to be teleported which is just crazy to me like wow shout out to the consent Dragon over here Bardock would then yell out that they saying would rather die than run away from an enemy which is a sentiment I'm not all too sure on I mean the prince of All Saints Vegeta I kind of remember him him running away back in Z but whatever.

Bardock was clearly wearing his Saiyan Pride on his sleeves as he rushed in for another punch against a distracted Goss Goss would manage to guard in time but would be pushed back however he would again dismiss the power behind bardock's attacks kicking the warrior Sky High and away and in that time anato would be the one to speak to barlock telepathically.

Now which Bardock was not really a fan of Minato here would once more advocate for Barack to leave him be that he had done plenty already and after witnessing the kindness of the man's heart firsthand he was certain that he would go on to save someone else someday which was exactly why he needed to live by leaving the planet Baroque would then.

Begin to smile saying that he doesn't take orders from anyone which is very fascinating considering the hierarchy system of his people yet another Testament to the coolness and bravado of this character Bardock truly had no intentions of leaving the planet until he had successfully managed to take down Goss a realization that left monaito.

Feeling rather defeated as there was no reasoning with the man but just then he would ask Bardock if there was another wish he could make on his behalf seeking to be as helpful here as he possibly could and Bardock understandably still didn't really get the whole notion of this wish thing but would go along with it and say that he would wish for his.

Sons to end up thriving now this is indeed a very fascinating reveal as it may serve to explain the rather extraordinary life of Goku now this Wish isn't all too specific making the extent of its influence quite the mystery but in the case of Goku not only did he manage to escape to Earth a relatively safe albeit galactically primitive.

Planet but also miraculously knocked his head as a child and became estranged from insane inclinations and memories although they were pretty minor to begin with what ultimately afforded him the chance to live the life he does today in which he has most certainly thrived with that being said however the loss of his natural sane disposition may have.

Allowed him to get as far as he has but according to what we now know thanks to his fight against Goss has inadvertently placed a barrier of swords on his true power and who he truly is at his core the very power he will need to tap into for the sake realizing his true potential according to whis and to a lesser extent Goss furthermore beginning.

To make use of an approach to ultra Instinct that rather than abiding to the doctrine of the Angels is unique to him the notion of which we discuss at length in a video of its own so check that one out if you haven't already but hey let's not entirely dwell on Goku here because this wish of barox was not for his sake alone it also included his late brother.

Raditz as well and so I had to call into question the validity of this wish considering no part of me would ever say that Raditz ever thrived the growth of Radice never once rivaled out of his peers sure he was beyond the capabilities of Goku and Company when he first arrived on Earth but that isn't thriving at all to me he was he Lackey.

Of a Lackey to the very cree and that destroyed his family and Homeworld never actually being able to realize his potential and or Ambitions because he was killed off far too soon that is not thriving Raditz has again been mentioned during this Arc and although it's probably the most far-fetched thing ever and I seriously can't see anyone wishing.

For it I would love for Raz to make a return like in hindsight he was a terrible person but come on look at Vegeta it is truly a damn shame but yeah I can say the dragon's impact is also noticeable in his case but it is what it is with God's taking so long against Bardock it would be wondered by oil if his brother had met his match only for.

Mocking to furthermore notice he glowed the dragon balls in the distance from a location estranged from the ongoing conflict a location which elect recognized to be in close proximity to minato's home as just then the dragon walls would rock it upwards and Scatter prompting oil to wish on them like shooting stars which ironically enough.

Wasn't too far off the mark this display however would manage to guard the interest of elect who would seek further investigation of the situation commanding his other siblings prepare for frieza's arrival on the planet but jumping back to midnight so for a moment he would find himself inspired by the selfless wish of Bardock believing that.

A wish was a means of creating hope for the future that a selfish wish could only bring about ruin and that he was on the verge of making a horrible mistake himself which is pretty funny considering every wish we have seen from this Arc otherwise has been especially selfish and pretty disastrous indeed manaito would then look back to his Hut.

With granola inside sleeping as he confirmed himself that he was meant to protect with little hope they had left with all that he could muster granola be the embodiment of that hope elsewhere gossip pursue Barak all the while sending Ki blast as her key blast at him these attacks would land knocking Barack back great distance and before the man.

Could recover gossip proceed to Pelton with a winning barrage of them until he himself Rishi points of exhaustion with barlock now down and enraged guys who grab hold up baroque's Tail Going On to then slam Barak on the ground again and again concluding the sequence by kicking the fighter away as he held onto the tail until it snapped off and now having.

To remove bardock's means of transforming into a great ape besides the prior destruction of the plans Moon mind you gospel certain in the fact that this battle of theirs had been decided with him as evictor the heater would then create a spear ready to deliver the finishing blow and once launched unable to defend himself in time Bardock would.

Simply brace for impact but it would actually never arrive as monito just in the nick of time had arrived and defended Barack with his very own body the injury was severe but thankfully it was not fatal Minato would then apologize to Bardock for his previous Behavior as he too was ready to protect granola no matter the cost and so he.

Would call upon Barak to win for their sake and yet again the anger management issues of gas would be made clear as he would unleash even more visitor nature to take them down once and for all surprising the two just as Barack Manchester from his friend berserk Goss would hit them both but narrowly managing to defend monaito despite the.

Elder slamming into a nearby Hill Barak would call out to him but it wouldn't take long for God to grab hold of barack's neck and furiously begin to bury his enemy telling him that the namekian he intended to protect was gone presuming this to be the case along with the fact that he would be sure to personally track down and eliminate the.

Child that remained letting Bardock know that he failed to protect anyone but Bardock as he struggled to breathe would respond by saying that it wasn't up to goss whether he managed to protect them or not and furthermore that he wasn't going to die before he won as he managed to let off a point-blank key blast on the Behemoth Barak within Russia.

Defending God letting off a series of what he blows directly onto his adversaries ever so bulky form finishing the flurry off with another sizable kick elsewhere the agitation of Goss knew no bounds and he questioned what these Saiyan hope to achieve wondering why he continued to struggle despite knowing Victory to be unachievable he'd asked if.

This was all for the sake of atoning for the sins of his people remember taking a child which Bardock would dismiss as false prompting God to presume the case to be a racial Revenge plot because they killed Minato and granola's mother which Bardock would again say was false gosh truly did not understand and will go in for another attack as a newfound surge.

Of power would well up from Bardock he would catchy Mighty fists of Goths with one hand to Bardock the answer was simple and obvious in a fight to the death what kind of fool thinks of anything beyond Victory which was pretty much like the perfect combination of Goku's mentality and mentality one may presume to be possessed by a Saiyan what.

I now presume to be the fire gospel Eve Goku is missing is truly not that crazy but again Barack didn't make it out to be anything so complicated from here he would plunge his fist into the stomach of Goss knocking the wind right out of him Bardock fights when there's someone who wants to defeat and it is as simple as that as he would then move his hand.

Back a bit only to again blow Goss away with an incredibly powerful key blast Goss was flabbergasted the young heater would shout out in disbelief that Saiyans possess no ascended forms beyond that of the great ape and to that Barack would just call ignorant and that's on account of the fact that Saiyans are able to grow and evolve every time they.

Push beyond their own limitations but believing himself to be an insurmountable hurdle Goss as he foam from the mouth would Hulk out even more this frenzy would be interrupted by barack's attacks as the left would watch on From Below annoyed by the fact that his little brother releases inner nature Bardock managed to push Goss back and as.

The boy struggled mentally with charge of his final attack to end it all which would then hit Goss directly knocking him right out of his transformed State however Bardock 2 was terribly exhausted and would collapse soon after Alek would then arrive on the scene and be disappointed by his brother's desperation insisting that they work.

Even harder on his training and it wouldn't take long for him to begin hearing the weakened groans of Bardock which surprised him he didn't expect Bardock to still be alive and Barack wall on the ground would question the state of elect's loyalty to Frieza and elect would respond to this by saying that in regards to business he can't.

Show all your cards only to then Todd Bardock on his obliviousness to frieza's True plan as he found these Sans to be pathetically gullible that while they were so foolishly playing catch-up they shouldn't be surprised if a meteor drops on them of course alluding to what would ultimately be the destruction of Planet Vegeta and the near extinction of the.

Saiyan race he premeditated attack by Frieza but Bardock isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed and would ask elect to explain further but the crime Lord would do no such thing and would instead reach for and fire his signature pistol which would Pierce barack's arm from which point Bardock would plummet down below into an area densely.

Populated by trees the luck fell too fatally wound him and would thereafter received a call from his sister that frieza's ship had arrived and so they needed him immediately and so reluctantly elect had no choice but to leave but not before firing several shots into the general area believing that with his injuries there was no way.

Bardock would survive either way and so he would leap off elsewhere along with his incapacitated brother monaito would then manage to free himself from the rubble and make his way towards Bardock confirming that his friend was still alive as he scouter of Bardock laid their damage Minato would congratulate Bardock as with the heaters leaving them.

For dead and moving on he had won the battle he had saved them the audio of which I now been heard by the likes of granola Vegeta and most importantly Goku the implications of which are sure to be substantial bardock's method of taking Goths down didn't exactly turn out to be all that special but what this recognition of his father's voice will.

Do to Goku will no doubt just be tied in their favor as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you