Carrying the unconscious body of the S-Class hero metal bat sweet Mass the number one A-Class hero would make his way across the battlefield questioning what in the world was going on as before him piercing the very sky above was what remained of sage centipede the dragon level enactment of God's will that was cleaved into as a testament to garo's.

Martial arts Perfection Mass would wonder if every one of the heroes was taken down but he wasn't sure because at this point it was so dark out but what he would notice would certainly irritate him as before him was the unconscious body of flashy Flash and along with it was a monster that he would presumed to be attempting to finish him off but of.

Course we know this monster to in fact be Monaco who despite being a monster is a pretty good will creature regardless perhaps she was a bit nefarious in the beginning but she's too cowardly to truly stick with that and is very quickly warmed up to the likes of saitama and flashy flash she is far from being powerful or anything like that.

Being more like a fancy flashlight and with the monster Association being no more her purpose in the story will be a big question mark personally I'm just hoping that she ends up hanging out with flashy flash or saitama I can lead a casual life here she was trying her best to wake flashy flash up so that they could get out of the danger zone but it.

Would not take long for the threat of sweet Mass to approach an attack which seriously freaked me and Monaco out because I would really hate to see her get violated like that but just then something miraculous would happen as a fist of sweet mask would be suddenly repelled and repelled by an entire naval aircraft carrier and you already know.

What that means from their sweet mask metal bat Monaco and fleshy flash would all be launched into the air much of it is made of those conscious and Plunge Into the Depths by way of the surgeon current a Oceanic water now king would notice all of this and begin to wonder where saitama was all the while saitama was the one that used a massive carrier.

Like a surfboard and brought in nearby but as he questioned this King was still holding on to the unconscious tatuma he after blast handed her off to him making her the third unconscious combatant that we have seen already and there are plenty more to come as surprising for this would be some of the formerly downed Heroes which will consist of the.

So-called new blizzard group we would have the likes of fubuki a chunky tank top master who was carrying both bang and bomb on his back with bangs still being knocked out from his epic fight against Garo and in his arms will be the likes of dark shine and zombie man we will eventually get to see more of the S-Class Heroes with them but this is.

Everyone shown for now but then perhaps most shockingly in the hands of spring Mustachio will be the severed torso of Masa nichiren who we previously believed to be dead following his Vestal of the legendary sunblade onto Atomic Samurai this guy along with the other sword Masters had his body dissolved by the acidic onslaught of ugly half the wonder.

What the purpose of him living might be hopefully he might be able to guide Atomic a bit on how to master the sunblade making him several times more powerful for future battles to come but District regarding all that King's attention will be on tank top Master as you would wonder who in the world this man was which is quite the contrary to.

Sweet Mass prior interaction with pink God where he didn't recognize the morbidly obese hero in his skinny form now as for why tank top looks to be a bit husky right now we'll more than likely learn this from some redraws to come but although fubuki was putting on a brave and boisterous front and seeing the current state of her elder sister.

Tornado would swiftly rushed forward with a surge of esper energy at her fingertips she would frantically tell her sister to hold on while she offered some of her own energy Mustachio would question this decision as blizzard herself was already in a poor physical state and had been healing up a bunch of people already but she would disregard.

This concern for the sake of her sister's well-being as her eyes would begin to bleed from The Strain fabuki has always been in tatsumaki's Shadow growing up her sister was so overprotective that she could never truly March out on her own but now with tornado in such a sorry state it was largely up to Blizzard to take care of.

Her although before despite being wounded tatsumaki continued to refuse her sister's health and it's a bit question about how much of an impact her power may be able to have here she would then call upon tank top Masa to help her out the thinking was that tatsumaki would be healed even just enough for her to function she might just be able to.

Get them all to safety by weight of telekinesis but there was not nearly enough time for them to accomplish this tank top Master would then think about tatsamaki for a moment refusing to accept her death before his Mastery of tank top wearing would manage to surpass her psychic powers a ridiculous notion that will never happen but surely a man.

Can dream and with that dream in mind tank top will be all fired up and lift up everyone simultaneously and here we would get an even better look of who was involved in all this as every one of our S-Class Heroes with the exception of the few we had seen elsewhere are here and with that he would tell them all not to bite their tongues again blizzard had.

Already used up a bunch of her energy healing the wounded so king would be urged to LEAP Atop The Deck of the ship ahead of time for the sake of catching everyone What would most definitely be a disastrous move for obvious reasons and quickly in response king would come up with the excuse that these shock waves to be found with the King style super.

Catch might harm the injured so it would probably be better to use psychic powers to do so but that's when he would notice it right on top of the ship was none other than saitama who had concluded that this was a good spot to park now saitama's presence would be absolutely major for this chapter as later on he would finally face Garo when it comes to.

Breathing some of the best one punch man content on the platform plot armor has you covered so subscribe to the Channel with notifications on seeing saitama here would immediately change everything king would tell all the other Heroes to hold on as he was certain that they would all be fine if they simply stay right where they were nobody would.

Really understand but of course King is King and so when he speaks you listen in the meanwhile saitama would shift positions sauntering off elsewhere only to yet again embed his boots into the deck of the ship and give it a mean twist serving to move the entire thing yet again with a single movement everyone King included was absolutely.

Blown Away here and a complete and utter disbelief but oh wait saitama was not done as now he repairs legs before leaping away with an unreal degree of force the ship would crumple from the launch Point as everyone would really feel the shockwaves of all of this the ship which was now effectively embedded in the ground at an angle would redirect.

The ocean's water right over the heroes leaving them unharmed nobody but King knew that this was saitama's doing but boy were they fortunate that he did so and this luck of theirs would get even crazier as not only did these ship protect them from the Fallout of evil ocean waters death it also protected them from being crushed by the corpse of.

Sage centipede from here tank top could not help but admire King Greatful that thanks was leadership they avoided a catastrophic decision like throwing everyone onto the ship meanwhile King was thinking about saitama's lack of subtlety but hey since no one ever recognizes him for his Feats I'd argue that he's a little too subtle however.

This relief would only last so long as the flood of water would become an issue yet again as such fubuki would advocate for them all to get going and we cannot forget about sweet mask metal bat Monaco and flashy flash who were still being swept up by the ensuing waves conveniently bringing them to where everyone else was but running along the.

Carcass of safe centipede would be pick God who is now restored to his typical size and this man had a plan in mind oh yeah he'd break through the blanket of water like the Kool-Aid man and with no warning would hurdle towards a collective and pull a Kirby and store all of them inside himself the watering Onslaught would continue but with this.

They would all be safe this was a move we had already seen him pull that got the A-Class Heroes and civilians to safety so yeah it's not as if he's Majin Buu over here and absorbed all their combined Powers although that would be pretty cool to be fair the ship's crew was still on board so there are definitely some civilians to be rescued.

But I guess they're not really that important and now that we don't have to worry about them now that the battlefield was clear it was time all along all we have needed is for there to be no Witnesses this is the foolproof formula for an appearance from saitama Garo would stand a Missy Shallow Water by his Lonesome albeit not for very long.

You'd remember that there was a second monster along the city centipede referred to evil ocean water and would wonder whatever happened to it after all he had been hit by a torrent of its water while dealing with the threat of safe sense speed truthfully dealing with evil ocean water at the same time as safe centipede would have likely been.

Disastrous for Garo perhaps not in the sense of him being destroyed or overpowered but rather him finding difficulty in destroying them although with evil ocean water having been blown away by a single punch from Tama perhaps Garo would have been able to achieve a similar feat especially considering he took out evil natural water in a matter.

Of milliseconds and with that in mind these two actually seem to have swapped adversaries in this instance as prior saitama was the one to take down Elder centipede as just then from behind the answer would appear and it would be saitama and as he landed his Visage was ever imposing and looked to be incredibly serious Garo would turn now.

Having been alerted to this sudden appearance the time has come Garo vs saitama is finally here and so Random by these calm waves would be the battlefield's strongest combatants Garo and saitama a saitama would question what exactly Garo was supposed to be saitama has seen Garo on multiple occasions now but of course Garo has.

Undergone monsterization to the extent that he looks rather different from how he did back then he is also way stronger than he was all those times before like ridiculously stronger and has even had his limiter removed just like saitama Garo like many before him is liable to underestimate saitama here but should be able to quickly realize that saitama is.

The real deal thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you