Oh my goodness guys my hero academia is so ridiculously hyped right now this latest chapter more than any other should be a clear indication to you all that we are swiftly approaching the end game here and so because there is absolutely no better place to enjoy it than with the plot army i need you to subscribe to the channel with.

Notifications on because play time is over with the previous chapter we had the declarations of all for one onto spinner in regards to an especially crucial moment on the horizon you see on account of all the other escaped convicts the powers that be haven't been able to properly place all.

Their efforts into discovering and apprehending all for one and shigaraki despite the relatively small size of the country this was to be the first step in all for one's plan his mid-game goal would be to finally obtain one for all and beyond that we do not know however he has apparently planned ahead for a very long life however at this specific.

Moment would come their greatest hurdle which could also be viewed as a shining opportunity all for one would express that he has friends aka pawns positioned all across the globe despite organized crime having been wiped out in japan on account of all might the same cannot be said about the other nations of the world and so if those friends of his.

College trouble in their respective regions the nations of the world would have their hands too full with their own issues to assist japan in its time of crisis however he anticipated that despite all this the strongest woman star and stripe america's number one hero would intervene.

Facing her would be a major gamble but still one that they could not refuse as the value of her quirk would make the rest of the conflict child's play from here however all for one would express a spinner that it was his time to provide worth to their efforts by becoming the poster boy of their cause the voice of the downtrodden wretches of society a.

Sentiment the remaining forces of the paranormal liberation front would gladly support with all their efforts as instructed by skeptic they would have the league of villains become more than they were they would make them gods of liberation sowing the seeds of the future once shigaraki has fulfilled his dream of destroying everything from.

There we find ourselves in the presence of japan's top three heroes as they made their way to the designated landing spot of star and stripe however on the way there sugaruchi would suddenly report that another presence had intercepted star and stripe's flight path with this we would have star in tribe faced with the villain she initially presumed and.

Inquired to be all for one however the figure before her which we've known to be shigaraki would also come to question who or what exactly he was with this latest chapter we would immediately resume in the heat of the moment as the pilot of the aircraft star stood on would report to her that the figure before her was in fact shigaraki tomara.

And furthermore that he was capable of emitting emp blasts and so all units were ordered to deploy their force fields and switch to manual flight yet again the technology of this world throws me for loop but we won't dwell on that for too long the pilot would then ask star for final confirmation of their course of action engage or retreat and.

For star there was only one choice in front of them smash as we would see her with a very western comic looking visage here it would seem that just like her inspiration all might star and strike belongs to a different art style entirely but yeah her orders were heard loud and clear the pilot would then go on to say that they hope at least one.

Jet would make it back to base and so clearly they knew the high likelihood that they would not be able to return from this mission the sheer fact that they were even willing to aid her in this conflict says a whole lot considering it wasn't even officially sanctioned but with that star would yell out for them to all take their formation.

And that it was time to exterminate a villain that even if the pilots were to fall in battle she would make sure to return their bodies to their families so wow the tone has certainly been set this is not your typical hero apprehending the villain approach this is militaristic and a life or death mission where a lethal force is the expectation.

They mean business meanwhile the villain would continue to ponder its existence as done previously on one hand they for certain knew themselves to be shikaraki tomara but on the other there was not a single doubt that they were one for all as well and apparently they've been struggling with their self-identity since waking up.

As they would then call forth two quirks in tandem as star would be quick to tell everyone to take evasive maneuvers now this discharge from all for sugar rocky would be absolutely massive i mean this alone is not something the overwhelming majority of characters in the series can handle goodness gracious from here the villain would call to question which of.

Them would manage to get the first touch in which goes back to what we surmised with the previous chapter discussion that this is straight up a one touch victory sort of fight as per usual when it comes to high level my hero academia conflicts and because of this star would fall for a bit before landing atop another aircraft she would then flex on.

Her opponent by saying that even if she is unaware of all the abilities he may have access to she would have no need to prepare against them as that is what it truly means to be the strongest which serves to explain all for one's previous sentiment that underhanded tricks would not be effective on such a person and with that the quirk of star and.

Stripe would be revealed to us all as she would touch upon the very atmosphere and cause it out to 100 meters to no longer exist as the very laws of reality would shift at her behest this was new order after touching a target and calling out its name star can impose a new rule over it what is by far the most broken quirk we have seen in the series.

Thus far i mean this straight up blows the previously believed to be godly quirk of arie right out of the water and with this in mind let me just say that endeavor is a really funny guy if he believed that fire and ice that combination would be at the top of the quirk world like what are you smoking i mean the fumes from his flames also been.

Getting to his head for years but yeah the villain was horrified by this quirk but absolutely desired it and despite having cut off his breathing star was not about to underestimate her opponent here and would immediately call for everyone to fire their lasers at the foe as from all angles they would be blasted it was a direct hit but contrary to the.

Glee of the various pilots this fight was far from over as suddenly the villain would make use of yet another unique quirk combination reflection and refraction as suddenly the lasers would jettison back outwards and in response to this star would use her quirky again to issue a new rule onto herself she can now.

Hold lasers now this was absolutely epic however how she was able to respond to this in time is beyond me because her response time would need to be faster than the speed of light not only in the case of her bodily reflexes but mentally as well for her to have issued such a command so suddenly and also verbally.

How does that work but hey theatrics i suppose the blunt of this grasp being enough to shatter her domino mask however but simultaneously star would notice that her opponent's body was regenerating and would furthermore credit this to be the reason the japanese heroes had lost but at the same time from the opposite perspective it.

Would be realized that the atmosphere had returned what appeared to be a limitation on this absurdly powerful quirk with this the villain felt that his opportunity to strike had come and so very swiftly he would launch forwards towards star who was all too ready for it as she too would launch forwards and express that this was right where she.

Wanted him as she would call at his name while using her quirk and slam her fist right into his face and with this we would subsequently be provided the limitations of this quirk of hers as it turns out star can only maintain two different rules at any given time one of which she opts to perpetually place on herself for the sake of being provided.

Super strength it is by no means even comparable to the incredible strength of all might but it is still incredibly formidable so formidable in fact that the villain would hurtle backwards quite the distance and into a nearby aircraft meanwhile star would begin to express to the villain that a very long time ago she was saved by a japanese hero while.

She was with her family near the santa monica pier a runaway villain endangered them in their car and despite welcoming death at her young age all she could think to herself was for someone to at the very least save her little sister as a young almight would appear to save the day for the entire family since then the two long strands of hair.

On his head had been engraved on her very soul and so with that all might had become her spiritual master which is to say that she and all might don't actually have a close relationship but rather she was inspired by him to become the woman she is today as in order to contribute even more so to the maintenance of world peace she styled.

Her hair just like his but with eight long strands instead now this is absolutely insane guys if you have been keeping up with us over on instagram and twitter then you would know that leading up to the early chapter previews available in our discord server we hosted a movie night where we watched the very first my hero academia film.

Together two heroes and would you believe it in the very first few minutes of the film to be saved by a young all might it would be star and stripe as a child yet another insane movie tie in from horikoshi to all the fans over the years who have treated the films and other my hero academia side stories as non-canon.

Let this finally put that argument to rest oh and this also means that star is not actually a natural blonde wow the all my fan club is looking pretty impressive at this point but anyways as the villain looked up to star with his face ruined he would express that everywhere he goes it is always about all might and to this star would express.

That that is why he is a symbol of peace star would then make it clear to him that she had both said his name and touched him as ever coldly she would issue her new rule if shigaraki tomorrow moves even an inch from this point onwards his heart will stop what in the hunter hunter meets death note is this star is an absolute beast check mate the.

Villain believed it was all over as just then from within there would be a power struggle between the vestige of sugar rocky and the vestige of all for one their current predicament was dire indeed however the all for one message would express that usually it would take him two months to recover and completely become himself but tomorrow tomorrow was.

Different he was incredible now what does this mean well if you recall all for one previously expressed the vestiges of all for one that thanks to the deductions of the doctor it was discovered that every quirk factor contains a consciousness that personifies the individuality of its wielder and all for one in.

Particular as someone with the power to meddle with quirks directly he is also able to interact with such messages as those whose quirks he stole in torture him mentally mental episodes that despite him being such a maniacal evil would often leave him discouraged and plagued with the guilt of his sins with this the two muncie heroes and police.

Had been working with for all this time wasn't exactly baseless it was based on prior development periods of all for one himself however shigaraki was a very different case and needed only 38 days this was all on account of his overwhelming hatred and destructive impulses they had exceeded both all for one and the doctor's wildest dreams at.

This point their development was at around 97 to 98 complete they were nearly one neither all for one nor sugar rocky but rather a completely new being altogether a prospect that greatly disturbs me for a number of reasons one of which being the real all for one's intentions here how does this exactly factor into his desire to live a long.

Life if the emerging entity is neither sugar rocky nor all for one who's to say that it'll be on his side or fit neatly into his plans in fact i would imagine it to be quite the contrary considering this overwhelming hatred for all for one back when deku felt that shigaraki was in need of saving this bonding between the two did not look nearly as horrific.

What's to come next will most definitely be epic and really and truly horikoshi has been doing a really great job of making things look perilous for the heroes because honestly if it wasn't for the fact that they are currently battling a reality warper right now it would be very hard to say that the heroes even have a chance here and.

Listen if they do actually get their hands on new order it is absolutely over i mean they literally cannot lose one for all is not even close to being a challenge for something like this but anyways in the real world despite star's heart stopping rule the villain would not only move but yell out in refusal loudly her quirk was not working on him.

And with this she would begin to wonder if he wasn't sugar rocky after all at this point the one for all aspect would cry out for sugar rocky to hate him to nurture that hatred even further that thanks to his hatred their glorious future would be birthed into existence as just then the villain would begin to go super saiyan 3 as his hair would grow.

Out longer and with that tenko's childhood home would then be recollected as where it all began where his hatred accumulated we would then have an outburst of energy in the sky blackened sparks of lightning would break loose around a bright flash of light as the fight would be said to have reached its conclusion and that was the.

Chapter absolutely positively incredible this is what it is all about star's quirk is all kinds of crazy to the point where it'll absolutely need a video of its own after this one so look forward to that but good lord sugar rocky is gone at least for now shigaraki is no more our final villain is on the verge of emergence and.

Honestly he has no business being in this series this is way too much power it is no doubt raising the hype levels to astronomical levels but how exactly the heroes reasonably handle all this is well beyond me they went from having a month to having three days and now it looks like even that may be reduced at this point crazy absolutely crazy stuff.

And you know what even his current attire the tattered cow on the back is certainly shigaraki style as we've seen from him during the war arc after stealing x-less cape but there is also the more fitted suit and cuffs look to it that we know from all for one no lie i am really excited for all this and i hope you are as well as previously.

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