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To be making a hyper Regional sandwich that rojin zero requested thank you so much follow me on social media so you can get in touch with me because I so love hearing from all you beautiful lovelies but this sandwich I had never heard of before and it's called the Gerber sandwich and it hails from St Louis Missouri and it is an Open Face.

Sandwich that has ham and cheese which sounds pretty ordinary but it is not ordinary because of the cheese it uses this cheese well this cheese inside this box it uses provel cheese and I have a big block of it from my St Louis style pizza if you haven't seen that video I'll put a link to it down below and.

That pizza uses provel cheese and I've got a lot of it so I want to try making the Gerber sandwich plus Trojan zero requested this so I said this is perfect the stars have a line so here is the cheese inside this box now this cheese is highly processed some say it's a mixture in terms of flavor of.

Mozzarella Swiss and provolone I would say that it's a little bit more like American cheese in terms of its kind of plasticky mouth feel but it has more flavor in my opinion than American cheese we're also going to need some bread so I've got a baguette here and I picked up some of this while I was at the supermarket I have not seen this in.

So many years we had a jar of this in my refrigerator for the longest time growing up and I was kind of surprised to see it in the grocery store in some respects but it's Lowry's garlic spread and I've got some deli sliced ham Legend this sandwich was invented in 1973 at ruma's Deli by a customer named dick Gerber who requested this sandwich.

Made this particular way so that's why it has the name Gerber sandwich oh my gosh this looks different than I remember I remember having little flecks of dried parsley in it wow it looks kind of like ghee first ingredient is soybean oil though so it's going to be more like margarine so I'm using a healthy amount.

Of that on here by healthy it looks like maybe a teaspoon all together spreading it like I would like margarine on a tray and now I'm going to toast this just so it gets a little bit crispy while the toast is toasting let's cut.

Some cheese looks like white American cheese doesn't quite taste like white American cheese although it does smell like it this sandwich was also voted as the best use of the worst cheese that statement alone was enough for me to try this sandwich just using a sharp knife to shave off slices of cheese so since I.

Have a piece of it let's give it a taste um and it is very much reminiscent of American cheese but it's a little bit more Tangy and the mouth feel is similar but a little bit firmer not quite as plasticky as a craft single so I didn't toast this all away I just.

Wanted enough toastiness to get the edges toasted and The Buttery substance to get melted now we're going to add some sliced ham right on there looking beautiful already now the cheese doink okay so back into the oven and broil this until the cheese is nice and.

Melty super easy right wow here it is the Gerber sandwich look at that look at that melty milksy melty plastic provel cheese to hit it with a little bit of paprika um.

alrighty my lovelies this looks incredible look at that hot Open Face Sandwich Oozy cheese smells fantastic too garlicky smoky from the ham cheesy alrighty let's give my first taste of the Gerber sandwich here we go itadakimasu.

it's great that crunch oh my goodness I was a little concerned that I was going to melt and burn the top of my mouth because of that molten cheese but it didn't it's good to let this sandwich cool a couple minutes before you bite into it it still retains.

A lot of heat but look at that bite you see that plastic cheese you see a layer of ham and you've got that garlic bread underneath the garlic spread adds a ton of flavor I'm going to just grab the flavor of the garlic bread it tastes very concentrated and that's thanks to all of that granulated garlic powder that's in that spread you don't have to.

Use that spread you could use margarine or butter and then sprinkle a good amount of garlic powder on top a little pinch of salt although you might not need the salt the cheese and the ham are plenty salty already but that initial baking with the garlic bread spread gives the bread a nice crispness a nice base for the ham.

Which is Smoky warm lovely and then the melted provel cheese on top that kind of signature Crunch and preval cheese makes it very much St Louis to me although I do have to confess I've never been to St Louis before but this is my first taste of a gerber sandwich and I like it um.

I think this would go great with a side of chips or a side salad or be really great for a party if you made like giant garlic bread versions of these and cut these into little bits and then served them at a party perfect finger food one thing I do have to say about provel cheese is that like American cheese it sticks to the back of my teeth and a bit.

To the roof of my mouth and that's kind of annoying I have to use my tongue to kind of like peel it off already my lovelies there you have it there is the hyper Regional Gerber sandwich from St Louis Missouri thanks so much for watching and big thanks to Helix sleep for sponsoring this video click the link down below or head over.

To Emmy made to see how you can receive up to 200 off your Helix Sleek mattress and two for pillows thanks again for watching I hope you enjoyed that one I hope you learned something please share this video with your friends follow me on social media like this video subscribe and I shall see you in the next one toodaloo take.

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