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That's Cash App. Download Cash app from the App Store or Google Play Storetoday to add your cash tag to the 80 million and counting. – You know, it's not as easy as it looks. Sometimes I gotta move the antenna. Sometimes I lose theremote and sometimes my butt itches real bad. – Oh, you poor, poor thing. By the way,.

You forgot your briefcase. – Ooh, so this is the thanksI get for working overtime. – Overtime. – Hey, what's up guys? Welcome back to Binging with Babish. For this week, we're taking a look at Patrick's dessert briefcase from SpongeBob Squarepants,for which, as you can see I've procured a very inexpensive briefcase.

Which I'm gonna mod out using hot glue and leather straps toaccommodate our overtime lunch for which we're gonna needa whole lot of donuts. And since we want lots of variety I think cake donuts are our best bet. For a basic vanilladonut, we're starting off by combining 240 gramsof all-purpose flour with 200 grams of granulatedsugar, a hundred grams of brown sugar, a teaspoonand a half of baking powder.

And a half teaspoon bakingsoda. Whisk together the dry and so too the wet. 180ml of whole milk, 75 of vegetable oil, onetablespoon of vanilla paste, and two large eggs crackedand broken in there however you like. So long as you don'tget any shell in there it's no big deal. It's not like you'reposting a cooking show. Whisk the wet stuff until homogenous.

And then add to the dry stuff. Standard cake batter procedure. Gently fold together untilno dry clumps remain, and mostly homogenous. Not completely smooth,but pretty much there. This batter's gonna thicken as we allow the flour to hydrate over the next 10 minutes,which it's going to do in a pastry bag or zip top plastic bag.

With the corner cut off. Before piping we are thoroughly greasing thecavities of our donut pans. Then we're gonna fill our cavities about halfway with donut batter. That's way too much. There we go that's better. Once filled about halfwaythese guys are headed for a preheated 350 degree Fahrenheit oven for 10 to 12 minutes untilthey emerge golden brown.

And 200 to 210 degrees Fahrenheitat their thickest point. Let it cool in the pan for 10 minutes before twisting out onto a cooling rack. Now converting thisrecipe to chocolate donuts is super easy. Just like our chocolatecookies, we're simply swapping out an amount of flour,in this case, 65 grams for cocoa powder. And, that's it. That's all you really need to do.

The baking procedure is very much the same but since they're chocolate they're a little bit harderto tell when they're done. So I'm making sure that none of my donut cavities are filled any more than halfway and bakingfor at least 12 minutes or until we get a good tempat their thickest point. Now, the only other modifier that I'm gonna do to theactual donut batter is to.

Make a maple donut, achieved simply by replacing our granulatedsugar with three quarters of a cup or 175ml of maplesyrup and reducing the amount of milk by 75 milliliters toaccount for the extra moisture. Add the maple syrup to thewet stuff instead of the dry and you got yourself themapliest of Maple donuts, my personal favorite. Now, to introduce somevariations on the theme. I'm making more vanilla donuts.

And subdividing the batterdown into three parts, each of which I'm gonnaflavor differently. First up, a tablespoon of poppy seeds and a half teaspoon of lemon oil. Next, simply add rainbow sprinkles and you got yourself someinstant birthday cake batter. Lastly, a tablespoon of matcha which I would recommend you replace flour with in the original recipe.

Cuz this made it a littletoo thick, but still works. Pipe and bake as usual. And we got ourselves some funspins on the original formula each of which we canwhimsically frost accordingly. Now to the leftover maple batter I'm gonna add some frozen blueberries for some very obviously awesomemaple, blueberry donuts. Imagine making a breakfastsandwich outta that. And for variations on thechocolate, going super simple,.

Starting with some raspberry extract for a chocolate raspberrydonut, a tablespoon of espresso powder fora chocolate coffee donut and a splash of Grand Marnierfor a chocolate orange donut. Then once all the donutsare completely cool it's time to glaze them, each of which we're gonna makeby combining about a cup of powdered sugar with a smallamount of flavorful liquid like maple syrup, skimmedmilk, blueberry juice,.

Cooled coffee, whatever'srelevant to the individual donut. So there's our dozen lovelydonuts, which we can now arrange in our briefcase for easytransport to and from work. But there's somethingmissing, or rather two things. First up, a banana split. I'm gonna show you guysa little trick they taught me when I worked at TheChocolate Room in Brooklyn. For our banana split, we would obviously split a banana, sprinklethe banana with sugar.

And then torch it for aninstant banana brulee. Or banana split foster, orwhatever it is you want to call it, just make sureit cools completely before peeling it andserving. On the left I have a simple vanilla milkshakewith whipped cream. And on the right, I'massembling our banana split with three scoops of vanilla ice cream or the ice cream of your choice, flanked by our banana brulee,topped with whipped cream,.

Then drizzled with the chocolate sauce that I was too lazy to make. And finished with three brightred Maraschino cherries. And there you have it, folks. Patrick's dessert briefcase. A little more arts and crafts than usual but I think you'll agree. Pretty worth it, at least,just to see it in real life. I wouldn't say it's themost practical working lunch.

But everybody at theoffice seemed to like it. Thanks again to Cash App. That's money. That's Cash App. Download,Cash app from the App Store or Google Play Storetoday to add your cash tag to the 80 million and counting. (energetic music)