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– I accept. – What? – Hey, what's up guys? Welcome back to Binging with Babish, where this week we're taking a look at the sausage from “God of War Ragnarok.” Now given the first game'sdisproportionate amount of boar hunting in the first 10 minutes, I'm gonna guess that thissausage is made of boar.

So I've got some boar here, freshly frozen from the specialty butcherand ready to be cut into one-inch pieces inpreparation for grinding. Now as you can see, there'sa decent amount of fat but there's a lot of connective tissue, which doesn't make for good sausage. So in addition to our kiloof meat, I've got 100 grams of diced pork fat thatI'm gonna add to the mix. All this is getting spread out evenly.

On a parchment paper-linedrimmed baking sheet and placed in the freezerfor about 20 minutes or until the of the meat begin to firm. Then everybody's getting passed through a thoroughly frozen meat grinder. Just one pass throughthe medium coarse plate to end up with some medium coarse boar, which before stuffing, we must season. Now Brok and Sindribeing of Norse mythology.

Led me to believe thatthis sausage could be, here we go, let me seeif I can pronounce this, medisterpolse, which we're gonna spice with three teaspoons of kosher salt, 3/4 of a teaspoon freshly graded nutmeg, half a teaspoon of ground clove, and between a quarter to ahalf a cup of chicken stock. All this is getting added to a quarter of a large grated onion,mixed until combined.

And then dumped into our ground boar, mixed by hand until evenly combined and ready to fulfill itsglorious sausage purpose. But before we bust outthe sheep's intestines, we want to make sure thatthis is seasoned properly. So don't be afraid tograb yourself a patty, fry it up real quick,chop it into some pieces, overdramatically if possible, and give it a taste to see what it needs.

Boar is mildly sweet and a little gamey, so it plays really nice with these spices but I could tell immediatelythat I had forgotten an essential one, black pepper and plenty of it becausethis funky, fruity sausage needs a little heat to balance things out. But even without the pepper,it's still pretty good. My crew ate the whole sample patty. I mean, I ate most of it, but still.

And with that, it's time to finally thread the world's longest condomonto our sausage stuffer, treating it the way we would any condom, tying a tight knot onthe end and poking a hole directly into the center whilethe condom is being worn. Yeouch. You ever reactphysically to your own joke? Anyway, poking that holehelps to prevent an air pocket from forming as we begin to stuff. I've always had a great deal of difficulty.

With sausage stuffing,but was relieved to learn that it's usually a two-person operation, so just take your time and remember, it's better to under stuff than overstuff. Overstuffed sausages popwhile understuffed sausages can be evened out once tied shut. Just massage the sausage untilit's evenly firm throughout. Then both because I'venever done it before and because it's a traditionalway to prepare medisterpolse,.

We're coiling our sausage intoa coil, which before cooking, we must once again uncomfortably puncture, about once every five centimeters to prevent a sausage blowout. Now, given that this is “God of War,” I think we need to smoke thesesausages over an open fire, trying to create anindirect heating environment by building the fireon one side of the pit and cooking the sausages on the other.

So I got a nice little fire here that's just starting to turn to coals. I've got some chunks of hickorythat I'm going to arrange around the fire for someextra flavor and smoke. But then comes thequestion of how to create a smoking environment over an open fire, and the answer is similar towhat I would do in a gas grill. I'm sorry for the overexposure, but I'm setting up a water pan.

Almost directly over the flames, plopping a temperature probe next to it, and as far away from the fire as possible, placing our sausage coil. And then I'm gonna cover the whole thing with a large metal bowl. This will hopefully createa nice smokey environment, especially after I spill some water directly on the fire.

One that by moving back and forth, we can hopefully maintainan ambient temperature of around 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Here we're gonna smokeour sausages for the next 45 minutes to an hour and a half until the thickest point of the sausage registers 160 degrees Fahrenheit. From here, the smokedsausages can be chilled and served later, or ifnight is beginning to fall.

And you're trying to eat right damn now, you can build the fireback up to a raging blaze and use it to give yoursausages one final searing. Place the grate over top, let it preheat for about five minutesjust like any grill, place the sausages over topand sear until lightly browned. Give them a flip, grabthe camera off the tripod to get a nice closeup, andyou know this guy is done when it looks like a Dutch postcard.

Carefully grab it off theheat, because as I learned, these coils are not permanent, and it's ready to be servedalongside a frosty pint of 5% lager, boiled potatoesand a tilbehore or rodkal. But I got something evenbetter, a surprise guest. Ladies and gentlemen, the manhimself to taste the sausage. We got the God of War, it's Kratos. Can you do the thingwith the axe? So cool. Oh wait, no, you don't have to use the,.

I could get you a knife. All right, I guess that works. So what does the boldand bearded absolute unit have to say about my sausage? – This boar, was it slainby your hand or another? – Oh no, I justwent and got it at the store. – Hmm. So you were a coward. At least you will serve a purpose. – Oh yeah, you're a video game character,.

So you're just gonna grab that sausage and put it in your pockets. Thanks again to Cash App. That's money, that's Cash App. Download Cash App from the App Store or Google Play Storetoday to add your cash tag to the 80 million and counting. (dramatic music)