With all the craziness of wano as it seems the climax of the raid is close at hand we'd like to take a step back and discuss the whereabouts of a particular character no i'm not talking about sabo vivi or shanks i'm talking about the mad scientist of punk hazard caesar clown yes we're going back to a plot thread from whole cake.

Once more and this was a particularly interesting one the main reason is that one caesar separated from the main group after the wedding on whole cake he seemed to have just up and vanished from the story and the funny thing is i don't think any of us even cared or wondered what happened to him past that point oda hasn't even given us a cover story on.

Caesar since the end of that arc and oda usually use his cover stories to flesh out the world and show how certain characters end up where we got this with kaori boo so why not with caesar what does oda have planned for this mad scientist let's talk about it this video may be a bit shorter as we don't have as much evidence to go on in order to.

Figure out what had happened however we managed to come up with three different scenarios on caesar's current location and how it could impact the story but before we get into it don't forget to subscribe to plot notifications on for more one-piece content if you guys enjoy these videos and continue to show support then we'll try to upload at.

Least one new one-piece video per week now with all that out of the way let's get into the video so the first possibility is that caesar used the confusion of big mom splitting her forces to go after the straw hats beige and germa to escape now how did he manage to escape well he most likely either stole away on one of big mom's.

Tart ships managing to take control and sail it out of her territory while this seems very unlikely at first glance caesar actually had good luck with everything that had happened big mom sent almost all her forces to stop luffy's escape and aladdin's wife praline kept the slugs that watched over the territory busy which means caesar.

Desperate to escape actually got a break and escaped in the ensuing chaos where he'd go afterwards is anybody's guess but he may have tried going back to punk hazard to restart his research then again he could just grab as much research material as he needs and find a new island base and start again it's very unclear but we all know that.

His main drive for now is keeping himself safe and trying to surpass vegapunk who knows maybe we'll get a cover story just like this very soon either way if this becomes true then caesar could eventually get captured by who we can't be certain however the most interesting scenario could be him getting captured by blackbeard now hear.

Me out blackbeard is hunting devil fruit users and is giving powers to his crew there aren't enough fruits in the world to make an army which means he could make a smile army like kaido did and if kaido falls blackbeard would gain the power that helped make kaido's crew so formidable which in turn would make the.

Final battle against the straw hats more challenging than we originally thought the next possibility is that caesar was caught by big mom's crew after escaping from the main group this will be the most likely scenario as he's alone in big mom's territory and on the center island where all her main forces are doesn't really seem too possible for him.

To escape alone under these circumstances even with a head start so let's say he tries to find a ship and sail away from whole cake he'd most likely get caught by the first child of big mom that could use haki now with him captured what would big mom do with him the answer is simple have him work on the gigantification research that she.

Wanted him to perfect this whole time remember caesar was tasked by big mom to make a type of drug that could make normal people the same size as her this way she wouldn't be alone and have her family be the same size as her her ideal world and family of course though she doesn't know caesar was conning her the whole time as he couldn't figure it out.

And he just lied about the progress so he could continue to afford more research materials now how would this affect the story overall well it wouldn't have any outreaching effects to the story caesar would essentially be a captive of big mom being forced to work on an experiment that can't succeed and would potentially get him killed now.

There is another chance for him to escape though since big mom is in wano right now at the moment but we can only speculate what could happen if this scenario were true now then the final scenario that could have happened to caesar is actually the most interesting one after separating from the others caesar was captured by stucy from cp0 as.

She was at the wedding spying for the government after the events on punk hazard caesar once again became a wanted man and stucy may have seen him by chance and immediately apprehended him even though it wasn't her mission to do so it's very likely the government could find some use for caesar so as she left whole cake island stucy may have.

Captured caesar this could lead to some interesting developments as we know the marines and world government have vegapunk the greatest scientists alive on their side on the surface they may not need caesar however caesar isn't held back by ethics and empathy like vegapunk which means caesar could create more devastating and powerful weapons.

For the government he could not only make smile fruits for the government giving their cipher poll agents artificial zoa and devil fruits but insanely deadly gas weapons like his land of the dead gas bomb and he'd have the government's resources meaning he could have anything he needs to make his lives work and surpass vegapunk this.

Could obviously make the government more deadly and hard to deal with but there is one important detail and event that caesar could play a big role in that event is the cleansing the five elders discussed with imu back at the reverie at this point we don't know what this cleansing is or how it could be done only that has been done before sometime.

In the past very possibly the void century but we're not here to talk about that what makes this interesting is that maybe caesar could make a weapon for the elders and emu under the geese of the government to wipe out the pirates and revolutionaries in one sweep we know a big war is coming and maybe caesar will play a bigger role in it with him being.

The time limit threat that luffy and the gang have to stop to save the world i know this is a bit large scale and world ending for caesar but the evidence could very well point to this being the case if true this could change the very balance of the one piece world at its core it would also explain the absence of caesar since whole cake as maybe oda.

Is saving him for a shocking reveal in the future arc at the very least given their prior history perhaps the return of caesar could also provide to us the long-awaited reveal of the mysterious doctor vegapunk despite supposedly hating vegapunk caesar has in many ways emulated the doctor's work to varying degrees of success perhaps we may even.

Uncover a deeper relationship between the two than we previously known regardless these are our theories for what happened to caesar and how this could impact the story obviously the blackbeard and government capturing him theories seemed the most plausible and dramatic of the three but i figured the possibility of him getting caught by big.

Mom again would also be very possible anyway what do you guys think of all these theories and what are your own thoughts on where caesar is and why it hasn't been mentioned leave your thoughts and opinions down below also if you enjoyed this theory and want more one piece content please be sure to drop a like and subscribe to plot armor with.

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