Alright guys this latest chapter of black clover was amazing and so i'm really glad plot armor is back unable to cover the manga once again the previous chapter was a really interesting one indeed as finally after having charged his finishing move yuno fired his bow at xenon and left a gaping hole in his chest it was to be their win as xenon.

Approached death he'd flash back to his childhood here we'd have a look at xenon as a child along with his siblings dante and veronica we'd even have a conversation with a mysterious eldest sibling in a wheelchair who would express that zenon was the most like him possessing an even greater aptitude for devil possession than both dante and.

Vonnica later on dante would be beaten up by some other children because of his bone magic however he would be saved by a young fire mage named allen now allen would later share with xenon his dream of becoming the commander-in-chief of the spade kingdom's mage defense force for the sake of protecting their home and in a way reminiscent of yuno to asta.

As children xenon would declare that his dream was the very same and i love this parallel as it starts to provide another layer of intrigue into this fight against yuno which i admittedly only care so much about because i'm not all too invested in you know as a character but i would like to be but yeah the two of them would then for years work very.

Diligently to become as strong as they possibly could and with this shift in desire and direction xenon would one day go to his elder brother and tell him that he did not want to be a devil host anymore eventually they both make it into the magic defense force and much like you know xenon in particular was considered to be a genius at some point.

A dungeon would appear with the two venturing forth to explore it however within much of their horror there was a devil one so powerful they would likely all be wiped out by it a presence i don't imagine was a coincidence at all for xenon the only shot at victory they had was for him to use his ultimate magic to destroy the creature but with.

No openings he had no chance at success but just then allen with his flaming sword would rush forward to combat the feed a gesture that would certainly result in his death but at the same time did afford an opportunity of sorts by launching his attack then and there he would be able to kill the devil but along with it he would also kill alan.

Xenon had a very tough call to make here if he didn't do so he the others with them and at least the nearby townsfolk would all be slaughtered by the devil and so he did it he killed the monstrosity at the expense of his best friend's life a terrible sort of despair which thoroughly broke him shifting his ideology to be one of power over.

Everything very much because of his powerlessness in that situation and so to his elder brother he would return in pursuit of devilish power once more but now in the present xenon would drop to his knees as the bone mass on half of his face broke apart and internally he convened with the supreme devil beelzebub in pursuit of a deal which.

Would immediately pick right back up with his latest chapter as xenon would ask a creature to give him the heart of a devil what we very much know to be an incredibly difficult thing to destroy a prospect which certainly amused the devil as it would question what xenon was willing to offer in exchange for such a thing and without any hesitation.

Xenon would offer everything that so long as he spayed kingdom survived his soul was of no concern to him and so with that unlike the downright scummish mentalities of his siblings xenon albeit in a very twisted way is trying to do the right thing for his people even now and you know what it would seem that tabata has a tendency.

Towards using such villains only to then have the puppeteers behind them rise to the forefront of things and so i wonder if xenon 2 will eventually come to assist the prince you know in repelling the devils but for now he is still very much a villain as beelzebub would accept the thought of alan would flash through xenon's head just before his.

Transformation as ever poetically he would have a change of heart now this whole notion of turning someone into a devil is a very fascinating thing to me first of all we know the soul of a person to be very closely associated with the sort of magic they possess and so with xenon's soul now being in bl's above possession does that then provide.

The creature access to bone magic similarly to how magecula received asear and lopechka's magic from their souls furthermore in regards to magecula we had previously speculated that she may have once been a human as well and so perhaps she became a devil by a similar means now on the battlefield there was a pause followed by a realization on the.

Part of yuno xenon had changed yet again this was beyond 100 this was something entirely different an incredible form that to me encapsulates the void of his essence and with the hole in his chest provided to him by yuno it almost feels like a nod to the hollow of bleach and perhaps by having gone beyond the 100.

Threshold xenon may be able to make up for their previous losses in regards to keeping the ritual active and progressing now this sensation provided by the presence of this now especially fiendish zenon was enough to remind yuno of the devil zagreed a rather disturbing connotation considering just how formidable zagred was during the elf.

Invasion arc but xenon would then express to his to adversaries here what had happened to him which made langris conclude that xenon has now entirely become a devil what seems to be an even more depraved state than that which lolapechka was subjected to for some time now this was certainly frustrating for yuno as he had just given zenon his.

Best shot but as he prepared for more he would find himself to be at the mercy of the devil's onslaught this was spatial mana domination and that by its lonesome isn't all too crazy simply because we've already seen this spell but what is actually damning about this is the fact that he is using spatial mana domination within spatial mana domination which is.

Already pre-existing in this area that is absurd but from there elongated bones would pierce juno from all directions yet for a moment xenon would cease his attacks to convey something to yunno apparently with that previous arrow shot in order to avoid killing langris in the process he missed xenon's heart that if he had killed his comrade he would have.

Been able to win instead the conveyance of which on the part of xenon was clearly him lamenting on his own tough decision in which he did the opposite and again xenon would continue his attacks and drive yuno through a wall yuno was now down for the count and out of his spirit dive state all that remained to phase zenon now was langris.

Now zenon would immediately keep up the offensive in hopes of finishing things out but just then langries was no longer there now behind zenon was langries and someone else saved just in the nick of time by his older brother it was finral a man xenon was able to recognize to be the spatial mage he had seen of the black bulls previously now the ever.

Prideful langaris would question if his brother was here to come save him yet again but it was more than just that xenon was responsible for the capture of captain yami by way of spatial magic and so finrao felt as though he had to join in on the fight and he would from there make use of his magic directly on his brother and together with long grease's.

Mana zone being able to operate within xenon's absolute space and the precise and overwhelming speed of language's magic the two were a rather formidable pairing as these once ever distant brothers were now locked hand in hand and working together and that was the chapter i really like this one xenon has only gotten better the more we know.

About him and overall he is just really cool this new form especially looks really cool and you know what seeing longress and finrao team up like this is pretty heartwarming considering the previous state of their relationship but i wonder how effective they will really be against this guy and how long they can last up against him at the very.

Least this may end up resulting in some major feats for the two especially finrao truly with this fight expect the unexpected there are a whole lot of shenanigans these two can get up to when they work together but even still i am not expecting a complete magna upset or anything considering how important this fight is for yuno but i do think we will.

Be faced with a narrative combat structure very similar to the magecular battle we just concluded if you have any thoughts on the chapter please be sure to let us know down below and help us finally achieve that long-awaited 300k milestone by subscribing to plot armor with notifications on because when it comes to bringing you some of the best.

Black clover contents on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you