Alright so this latest chapter of black clover was all about that action and boy was it intense with the previous chapter yuno had just awoken the power of a second grimoire much of the surprise of xenon suddenly yuno had far more devastating power at his disposal as this magic was in fact the result of generations of spade kingdom royalty.

This was star magic and with its power along with the spiritual power he gained from self you know was looking pretty damn powerful and so once he was able to send longress and finra on their way he and xenon would clash yet again with star magic yuno was able to create shields teleport between stars and create a beam attack and according to.

Him the pages of a second grimoire were written to specifically defeat his opponent he was going to prove that the choices he had made were the right ones a sentiment which thoroughly pissed xenon off they'd let their powers fly all around the room before clashing with their blades with this latest chapter.

After their blades had connected the two would push one another backwards however yuno had deliberately done so to xenon for the sake of flinging him towards yet another star as again yuno would teleport behind his opponent from there yuno would unveil another technique of star magic that allowed him to pretty much trail a whip-like strike and extend.

Its power from one star to the next this split xenon in two but was quickly healed as xenon would summon forth a blade-based combination of his bone and spatial magics from a distance he began to swing it around very quickly and destroyed much of the battlefield it was simply impossible to defend against such spiritual ruptures even you know stars.

Would be destroyed which was really bad because they could not be restored immediately and at that very moment xenon would begin to think back and recall the words of his eldest brother that the weak died far too easily making their protection and impossibility and so for that reason the best they could hope to do was destroy all of humanity's.

Weakness at once allowing them to then be reborn in undying bodies but thanks to the power they obtained from the devils the four of them the zogratis siblings would have the power to remake humanity it's really interesting to see veronica and dante during the younger days with only minor devil marks on their faces here and this final sibling.

Of their just continues to be more and more suspicious as we go on because here his face is obscured for some reason they planned on creating a spade kingdom that knew true peace had happy citizens and no longer fear death a concept i feel each of them ran with in different ways for the sake of different purposes for dante a world of only the strong was.

Something he felt he was fit to rule over he paraded himself like royalty because he believed himself to be the apex predator of the world for veronica a world where everyone was strong would be a world of challenges for her she wanted to fight strong opponents and this would make that far easier and it would seem that she very closely.

Associates friendship and or intimacy with power and so a world of the strong could serve to be a world in which she was truly happy in and as for xenon a world of the strong would be one where nobody would have to suffer at the hands of another who was more powerful everyone would have a fair shot and everyone would be safe as he saw it this.

Path of his was all for the benefit of the spade kingdom but in the present xenon would continue to chase after yuno with each excessive strike until eventually yuno would see an opportunity before himself that would allow him to pull out his trump card now summoning his weapon above xenon the two would have their magic clash against one.

Another as a portion of xenon's chest would be broken into as well exposing his heart to himself xenon would think that he had destroyed each of uno stars and that you know had no way of destroying a devil's heart and so yet again this would be his victory however this time something was different yuno would swiftly exchange his mighty.

Halberd for a sword saint stage as we know it is the near 100 resonance between a spirit and a host and because yuno had been fighting like this on the verge of death for so long he like noel had finally unlocked this state this was the power to destroy devils and despite xenon breaking holes into space to have his bones puncture.

Through and stab yuno the boy now overflowing with this power would not stop xenon would then begin to smile a wicked smile slash and proclaim his victory but unfortunately for him he had cleaved into nothing but as it turns out if you are strong enough a new star may be born as judo would again teleport behind the.

Defenseless fiend as his own magic began to fade and proclaim that this was their victory as he was slashed right through xenon entirely cutting through his heart and that was the chapter wow yuno finally did it what an absolutely massive w now if you have seen our previous video which plays asta vs yuno right now despite seeing more of what.

Star magic is capable of with this chapter i don't think it changes much about our outcome at all either way i'm sure austin will be very proud of his rival's victory here but you know what on the point of comparing yuno to noel that some people found fault in as indicated by this chapter you know has only just now achieved saint stage magic.

Noelle on the other hand possessed it for the entirety of her fight against vonaka and later magekula and so at that point in time my opinion still stands i also don't believe the power discrepancy between 100 xenon without a devil's heart and 100 vonaka to be all that vast i'm willing to admit that xenon is probably intended to be stronger than.

His sister but certainly not by any major margin that being said i feel like discerning who is stronger between yuno and noel right now is more complicated of a question than yuno vs asta can be but now that he's achieved saint stage and pulled out a second grimoire i would probably give him a win over noel but you know what in the case of this fight.

Between yuno and xenon i'm curious how yuno knew this final strike would actually do the trick considering he doesn't actually know about saintstage magic was it just an instinctual thing or did he just think that if he kept hitting him eventually something would work that part i'm pretty confused by but even still an amazing fight between.

These two nevertheless we really hope you guys enjoy the chapter and our coverage of it if you did be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on to keep up with all that we do because when it comes to bringing you some of the best black clover contents on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm.

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