Oh my goodness this latest chapter of black clover was spectacular chapter 308 is easily without a shadow of a doubt the absolute best you know chapter we have ever received with the previous chapter we opened up to the devilish dealing of xenon and beelzebub as in exchange for all of himself xenon desire the heart of a devil that so long as he.

Spayed kingdom continued to exist he was even willing to offer his very soul and so with that xenon the devil was born his already devastating power was now of a cataclysmic level he immediately overwhelmed yuna with several blows pausing briefly only to pull a thanos and tell you that he should have gone for the heart even if it meant killing.

His comrade in the process but with that zone was able to take yuno out in a flash at which point only longress remained to challenge the fiend but just as he was to be pierced his location would be shifted thanks to the sudden entrance of his big brother finrao who felt compelled to join the battle on account of what xenon had done to his.

Captain and so from here the two brothers would join together as one with their spatial magic in tandem with one another now with this latest chapter in recognizing that his little brother wouldn't be able to keep up for much longer finrao knew that they needed to close things out quickly from there zenna would make many attempts to pierce.

Them to no avail they were able to zip from location to location just before the point of impact but with so many uses zenon was beginning to get a grasp of their timing and movements as they gradually approached their inevitable end but just when xanan was assured of his victory the two suddenly appeared behind.

Much to his surprise and this newfound sudden jolt of speed was thanks to the application of mana method and with this proximity regardless of how powerful xenon's defenses may be longer had the ability to eradicate space as he would be sure to cleave straight through the chest of the creature and at this point yuno would begin to regain consciousness.

He'd immediately wonder how long he'd been unconscious realizing that it had to have been several minutes at least from which point concern for his comrade language would quickly settle in as just then he would see it xenon with a barbed and bloodied language was looming over the collapsed body of finral xenon was now healing and would express.

That even spatial magic such as the one possessed by longris which can erase everything cannot destroy the heart of a devil an especially resilient complication we have at this point encountered on a number of occasions yuno could barely muster the strength to lift his head he would recognize finra to be of the black bulls and longress's.

Older brother on top of the fact that longris was in danger of being killed at this point everything he had tried had failed as he struggled to get back up still laid on his chest collapsed i mean the situation was so hopeless that yuno couldn't help but question what he could possibly do differently even if he were.

To get up he would wonder if he made the wrong choice just as xenon would declare his own victory and from here we would have yuno recounting a number of past events and occurrences firstly the deaths of many guild members at the hands of the dark triad then the lengths to which he went in order to be selected for his mission at the captain's meeting.

And have a chance of avenging his guild and saving his captain along with the tedious and unrelenting training he had endured it was terribly frustrating as yuno clenched his shaking fist as from there we would have a very humanizing moment for yuno that to me has been long since overdue now bloodied and defeated we would have tears streaming down a.

Helpless yuno's face as opposed to the usual this was not a look of unending confidence perfection or even beauty this was a character broken by the crushing weight of failure so much so that he'd question if this was truly the end if this was how he would die and at this point his recounting of events would now go way further back which is.

To say that there is a lot of unit development being undertaken with this single advent he would reflect on how he was viewed by others over the years how he was revered by his adopted family and others to be a genius how he was the hope of his village how he was chosen and acknowledged by all the guilds how he was chosen by self the wind spirit.

How he was envied hated and even entrusted by those worth admiring that he had lost but had a vow to keep a vow to his comrades alive and otherwise no longer would his fist shake nor waver he would think back to his vow to asta as well and so with that he would force himself up as blood would spurt from his mouth he refused to let things end like.

This and as it turns out he was not the only one as a foreign yet familiar presence would appear before him it would express that it was him but even still he also has a power of his own as yuno's eyes would widen a spade grimoire a grimoire would suddenly appear and glow before yuno the advent of which would piercy vary heavens above now.

Betoli was shocked but immediately deduced what was going on in reality juno's when magic originated from the soul of leeched and tessia's child the reason he was able to recognize this as such was because the very same sort of light was previously emitted by those on the verge of being possessed by elvish souls this new power was yuno's.

Birthright as again yuno would renew his previous claims he vowed to save everyone as he spayed kingdom salvation and the future wizard king of the clover kingdom and so for that reason he would stand and defeat xenon of the dark triad as he descended royal magics of both the clover and spade kingdoms in tandem would be available to him and that was.

The chapter wow tabaza really did it i am invested in yuno just like that this is just way too badass two grimoires two royal grimoires you know really saw the dark triad with their two magic types and said me too what a king a part of me is shocked that.

Finral and language got folded as quickly as they did but at the same time if xenon was adapting to them and they had absolutely no means of damaging him it was inevitable we're better off clearing the board quickly as opposed to dragging out a futile effort now by far the greatest wild card to be found here will be the specifics of yuno's new.

Magic type i certainly expected to synergize well with his win magic to some extent but this is overall just extremely fascinating now despite body related magics being especially focused upon in the case of the spade kingdom it is worth remembering that there are a lot more elemental types to consider within the spin kingdom regardless this.

Is royal magic we are referring to so it is bound to be great yet even still i don't expect it to be his mainstay all of a sudden simply because sylv is still the spirit of wind and so it is that affinity that will be required to vanquish the devilish heart of xenon yuno really has so many incredible things going for him i mean he's royalty.

So crazy mana levels he has a win spirit sylph he has two types of royal magic and is beloved by mana i also found his intentions of being the spade kingdom savior to be admirable i for one have been waiting for him to take some initiative in that regard so to get it here is really nice if you enjoy the chapter as well let us know.

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