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Oh man this latest chapter of black clover was a really exciting one we had asta and knocked fighting alongside one another the reveal of the second layer devil's name and the return of yami to the fight with the previous chapter seki was having a mental breakdown in the face of lucifero's awesome might yet even still the likes of yuno and mimosa.

Were still willing to fight which baffled him but the difference in magical power of yuno and the fiend were just far too great so much so that even when yuno made contact with his body his blade failed to cut at all but just before lucifer could retaliate mario leona would intervene yet again like a phoenix rising from the ashes and would.

Scorch the monster and it was at this point that lucifera would notice that her magical power just kept growing as we would be able to notice a change in the visuals of her eyes as she and yuno rushed in to continue their assault meanwhile seki would urge mimosa to flee with him but she was far too concerned by asa's ruined state and her efforts to.

Heal him to listen to such a prospect despite her own overwhelming fear when seki looked at yuno he didn't feel too bad because you know to him was born better but when he looked at asta he felt a different sort of frustration as asta despite coming from nothing were quite remarkable at this point however mimosa simply didn't have enough magic.

To heal asta and so he was barely healed at all yet even still asta like a valiant hero would rise to his feet yet again expressing with his ruined voice that he'd be back to fighting in just a moment all mimosa could do at this point was beg asta not to die as tears welled up in her eyes seki didn't understand asa's thinking at all here and would.

Urge him to stop as well but it was no use and it's with this that seki would be able to recognize how truly weak and useless he was as someone who never tried to get stronger like asta had meanwhile asta would continue limping his way back to the battlefield and would do so in such a horribly banged up state from which point we would have.

This latest chapter as now to stand beside the boy battling unconsciousness would be vice captain knox seeking to fight alongside him asa's intent to fight was too great and he refused to back down feeling as though he could still make a difference something that knocked would honestly agree with in the sense that nothing could be done to.

Defeat lucifero without the aid of asta's anti-magic and so together these two bulls would stand tall ready and prepared to charge forward meanwhile against lucifero switching from one point to another it would be yuno and mereo leona the king of devils would repel and defend against each and every one of their attacks the truth being.

That none of their hits had been effective against the brute meanwhile if he so much as touched them roughly they would be goners but as magical nights so long as they were able to fight they would do just that as they would continue beating into him at which point lucifera would wonder to himself why he needed to face these lesser creatures at.

All what he truly desired was to make his way to assa as swiftly as possible to truly end him what i imagine is on account of his own pride given what asta had done to one of his horns but also a case of self-preservation as among the many combatants present asta as a wielder of anti-magic pose the greatest threat and so lucifero would decide to.

Enlist the aid of the other devil to handle these cretans which simultaneously provided us with their name a dramalack but despite this decree from the king addie wouldn't move an inch like spongebob working at the chum bucket he didn't feel like it a response which understandably pissed lucifer off but it's interesting that lucifer would.

Even need assistance here this predicament of his is the equivalent of being an incredibly strong human that reigns undefeated when it comes to fighting but ultimately when two speedy flies are in your house you have a hard time killing them despite all your strength addy would then just scratch his face while looking to the side and.

Say that watching lucifer fight was just way too much fun as they would seem to sarcastically laugh to themselves and for this thing to refuse with zafero only makes them that much more fascinating in my book meanwhile mere leona would rush in for yet another attack while mocking the devilish king for being so unpopular yet something i.

Would occur in the midst of this her body would suddenly fail to maintain its shape and here's where things get really interesting addie would comment on how well she was doing but point out that she got too close to mana then bringing up the limitations of humans and to me this is really huge especially for a character like mario leona she has.

Effectively reached her peak there seems to be a certain threshold to which a person can push their body magically and she hid it ultimately she is a mortal being and i can only imagine that what she was doing was bordering on spiritual convergence and or transcendence to go beyond her current point would be to no longer be a flesh and blood human she'd.

Be more like salamander as opposed to her very own brother and past this point i can only imagine the frustration to be felt for a character like her this is someone whose entire identity is based upon her own strength to no longer be capable of advancement on that front sounds like a career-ending injury for a professional athlete of the highest.

Caliber more than concerned i feel excitement in knowing that she will one day be able to overcome such a hurdle and become something even greater the change we received with her eyes as i said with the last one looks to be the precursor ahead of a brilliant transformation and i cannot wait she is beyond being a lioness as far as i'm.

Concerned she will be a phoenix before long but anyways yuno would shift her position before lucifero could harm her as he would then be made to suddenly defend himself before being knocked away lucifer would then begin his hunt for asta yet again but was unable to locate him as just then not with dawn yet another new form this was a brand new.

Devil union mode that combined his kindness and equest transformations and boy was it cool as he would pierce into and bind the devil king with a pose reminiscent of crucifixion and this was all done for the sake of asta from behind being given the opportunity to end it all all the while not was willing to do anything to stop the devil even if.

It meant the end of his very own life lucifero's ease would eradicate the canine bindings and set his sights on asta prepared to deliver a finishing blow but in seeing this sprouting from the darkness would be knocked in protection of asta as with a single blow his ever so durable form would be broken with ease he was willing to give his.

Life here as asa would cry out for him not to die not now believing his life to be on the verge of ending would think of his late brother who he now felt he'd finally be able to apologize to in the afterlife as before that could happen to appear in front of him would be none other than the captain of the black bulls the one the only yami who was.

Happy to see his vice captain but would question what in the world he thought he was doing giving his life up like that it has been way too long i'm sure i'm not the only one who has missed this badass character horribly so to see him appear like this is just amazing thanks to charmy's food i'm sure he is now operating at full capacity and thanks to.

Grey's transmutation magic he now seems to have a new sword in place of the one that gifted asta now i'm curious what the application of yami's black hole spell may be here and that's mostly on account of how his magic may operate against us of pharaoh's gravity magic scientifically a black hole possesses an infinite density therefore providing it.

Infinite gravity and so if nothing else prepare for some really interesting reactions between their magic which i am very excited by despite yami's lack of direct involvement in this arc we have still learned a whole lot about him so it is really nice to have him return like this knowing how these final fights of the arc tend to be with this series.

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