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BLACK CLOVER WILL NEVER RECOVER FROM THIS! Asta Killed The Wrong Devil! – Black Clover Chapter 330


Here we have yet another love it or hated chapter of black clover osta had only just meant to successfully take down lucifero as both he and libe began to fall unconscious and in this time the second layer devil who had recently congratulated them would make his ascent and for a moment a dramalack would observe an unconscious asta here the kid.

Was completely and utterly defenseless with absolutely nobody left to save or support him his life was in dramalack's hands yet the hands of the devil would plunge himself elsewhere and into the carcass of lucifero as he would remain slightly aloft and remove the heart of the fallen king of devils from which point he remained to the creature hoping.

To fall apart and disintegrate a dramalack would now look oh so closely at his prize and with little to no facial expressiveness expressed that this was what he desired all along with it in hand he would also casually take his leave saying goodbye to the humans as he flew off a dramalack even now continues to be quite the enigma yet one.

That very clearly has an agenda of his own that i imagine will be rather fascinating to observe there are so many questions worth asking right now for instance what does he hope to achieve with lucifer's heart furthermore it would seem that rather than returning to the underworld he has opted to remain an immortal one which begs the question why.

And where is he going he didn't kill asa despite being provided the opportunity to do as such yet he is clearly the opportunistic and treacherous type considering he previously refused to aid lucifero and has now stolen his heart so why not deal with someone as dangerous as asta here and now after all to have allowed the humans to do the work for.

Him as opposed to doing himself points to an incapability of doing such a thing either on accounts of an inferior power or for political reasons perhaps not in regards to his fellow devils as their society is governed by a hierarchy of power but someone or something else alternatively there is a fact that lucifero still had even more power at.

His disposal in the underworld so to avoid incurring his complete wrath a drama lack may have allowed these mortals to handle the work for him maybe he still has use for asta and his plan has only just begun thus far we have never really seen a devil make use of another's heart so this is uncharted territory there is a possibility of it.

Further augmenting his own power but then again is something as simple as absorption was to be the intention which mind you is certainly possible as indicated not only by vice captain nas double union fusions but also the fusion of the high-ranking devil lilith and her deceased brother nahama so with that in mind i'm more inclined to believe the.

Heart will be used in a more complicated way like as an offering or ritual again there's not much for us to work off here but that is my best guess for now based on his little comments in relation to veneto leona it would seem as though dremelac is especially educated in regards to mana to the point of exceeding the knowledge of most if not.

All humans so suffice to say whatever he has planned is liable to be far more intricate and fascinating than a base desire for death and destruction devil kind at large seems to possess some inherent desire for death and destruction as a form of entertainment and or fulfillment these creatures are very odd lola's reaction to the death of.

Her twin brother nahamah was one devoid of anguish yet she and pretty much every other devil we have faced were consumed by the unfamiliar sensation of fear the preservation of their own lives when it came down to it lucifero included although magekula never expressed anything remotely close to fear and was instead just very fascinated by humans.

And in particular the power afforded to them by way of emotions which for devils in general seem to be far more base and simple they do possess emotions but lack the complexity of mortals libre being an exception and it would seem as though a dramalek is a sort of deviant similar to libay in the sense that despite having plenty of opportunities to do so he.

Never once harms anyone he is not a creature driven by destructive impulses and that's not to say he's not destructive just that he's not so simple and being a night immortal being the capacity to formulate intricate plans with such an outlook is certainly there i mean just look at how complicated macula's plans were which in a way makes.

Him even more unsettling as we're not just dealing with a predictable animal of sorts additionally he succeeded where his bettors have failed he has no further need for the tree of clyfot as unlike the rest he has successfully managed to manifest in the immortal world a desire shared by virtually all of his kin and only he remains to enjoy.

It but only time will tell what he is truly up to however in the meanwhile you know luckily enough would be the very first of them to regain consciousness he would immediately assess his situation and recognize that asta along with the many captains of the clover kingdom were all terribly wounded however for as wounded as they may be there were two.

Figures in even worse situations yami and knocked who had previously been pale by the fiendish hands of lucifero and if left in such a state for much longer the two of them would no doubt perish and so yuno be swift to use his star magic to teleport mimosa to his location for the sake of having her heal them however she lacked the mana to do so which we of.

Course already knew from the fact that she could not heal astha when he needed it either at this point some of the others would make their way over as well gray and vanessa in particular would now see the state of their captain yami and at this point grey 2 was out of mana and could not save him and at a glance patoli would think to himself how even.

If he had his grimoire these wounds were far too grave to be healed and that's when captain charlotte would enter the fray she would immediately speak of how she'd come all this way for the sake of saving yami then going on to question what was wrong with him commanding him to get up and furthermore questioning where his usual insolence was charlotte.

Was only just barely hanging onto her bravado in the face of this horrible reality she would then tell him not to die while calling him an idiot from there she begin to visibly shake and as she did so would admit that she loves him which would catch the attention of vanessa who funny enough is a sort of romantic rival as she too cares for yami.

In a similar sense and from there charlotte's sobbing will become an absolute downpour of massive tears as she would cry out again repeating with even greater emphasis that she loves him and so she was begging him not to die and from there vanessa's cat road would unravel itself a bit and send its thread in a particular direction as out of.

Nowhere a familiar rift in space would appear nearby and from it would emerge the remainder of the black bulls in what was now a multi-seated bullish go-kart and wasting no time at all charmy with the advocation of the others would command mimosa to immediately begin eating and boy oh boy was this one massive platter of food she of course.

Was pretty confused but there was no time for explanations and so mimosa would begin eating and soon after her mana had been fully replenished which allowed her to quickly make use of her claim to fame ultimate plant magic flower princess utopia which easily makes her the greatest healer in the series as just like that yami and.

Knocked were healed vanessa would immediately hug and scold yami wondering how many times he had nearly died on them by now he had no idea but seriously thought his time had come in this case which was a sentiment that knox similarly shared although he didn't exactly have much attention on him considering the popularity of yami.

However the two would begin to bicker between each other in regards to which of them would have died sooner oh and charmy was casually making her move on yuno while silf remained out of commission good for her from there yami would then turn to charlotte and thank her for helping out as he laughed then going on to ask her what she was saying.

Earlier since he wasn't able to catch it which resulted in her blushing so hard that her brain overheated and she collapsed and man i really wish you would have been able to properly confess to him the silver lining i suppose is that vanessa was there to notice this so maybe a bit of competition for yami's affection will be in our future black.

Clover is no doubt a trope heavy series but sometimes in certain regards it can be a little bit of a nuisance but it is what it is asta would then express just how happy he was that both his captain and vice captain were alive and well then going on to thank mimosa too however to momentarily extinguish asu's excitement would be yami reprimanding.

Him for how horribly hit trash that katana had given him asking asta what he planned on doing about it as he gripped onto the kid's head hasta was completely caught off guard as that had happened quite a while ago but yami would lighten up in a flash and use this as an excuse to officially gift asa the sword saying that he would get himself a new one.

Which makes me wonder what happened to the one william gave him although to be fair there are still plenty of questions to be asked about what will become of yami magically considering he is now more devil than human but i suppose we will just have to wait and see asta was of course really happy to have received this gift and past that would call out.

To his vice captain and thank him for all his hard work additionally now welcoming him to the black bulls as we would see them all squatted up together and in typical knocked fashion the vice captain would let it be known that he hates people like them who don't do things the right way but would have to admit that he was the very same and so.

From here he will be living with all of them so that they can all do things the right way together so now one of the coolest characters in the series is going to be a long-standing cast member the black bulls only continue to further augment their strength they are now the strongest guild in the clover kingdom no question that whole being weird thing.

Has definitely paid off for them as they have the most arcane stage mages by far and even their low mana combatants such as magna are now exceedingly formidable thanks to rune arrays their roster is stacked beyond compare but yeah there you have it the spade kingdom invasion arc has come to a close love it or hate it we've talked very extensively about.

How we feel about all this in previous videos so i would rather not be a broken record at this point from here i'm expecting us to enter a relatively political mini arc in the clover kingdom i have no idea how long tabata intends to carry on this story and or what his endgame intentions may be but at the very least this series can go on for.

Many many more years should they decide to considering just how much there is out there that we have not yet explored but regardless of the current online discourse around the series i do truly love it for certain aspects that i do find to be exceptional such as how we have this massive cast of characters and each and every one of them is afford.

Their own due diligence so i for one will be looking forward to plenty more to come thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you