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Black Clover’s Next Arc Will Be The Greatest EVER! – Black Clover


All right guys so right now we are in what is perhaps the craziest arc of black clover yet these stakes are high with this especially being a clash of worlds and although so many monumental moments have already transpired the fact of the matter is we have only just.

Begun the preparations and build up towards the climax of this devil arc have only recently been completed and despite the stakes being higher than ever we are only just getting started when it comes to the complete realization of many threats or even the proper presentation of many allies.

Who have recently joined in on the conflict with this being said however i can't help but look towards the future and consider what we will be provided with to follow such major events now black clover similar to plenty other series that follow a more traditional shonen formula.

Like it is one that goes along a rather linear path of escalation the previous arc was one that ultimately culminated in what was a battle against a lone devil known as zagrid the buildup towards this point was so substantial that one could not reasonably relegate it all.

To a solitary arc of the series despite how perfectly the elvish incursion lined up with it and in the arc to follow we now find ourselves faced with not one high-ranking devil but several along with the threat of the entire underworld leaking into that of the mortals the amount of lore we received with the.

Previous arc was unbelievable as so many of our burning questions and things long since presented at the very beginning of the series were answered and elaborated on i mean it was to the point where one could be led to believe that the end of the series.

Was near and that is something i really appreciate about black clover that when things heat up they really heat up and especially in the moment nothing feels like it is being held back and with all this in mind i would like to consider the next big threat to follow this arc of devils and the like.

To be that of the inverse the celestial beings known as angels now this isn't all too outlandish because you guys already know how we feel about contrived theories over here when one thinks of the devilish their opposite the angelic may come to mind immediately after.

However why would being so typically tied to goodness be made antagonistic well perhaps with the siege of the underworld upon the mortal world a sort of holy purge is in order to re-establish a desired natural balance whatever their reasoning however i don't imagine it would be one favorable.

To the individual but rather an outlook of preserving the greater good despite the potentially steep cost now whereas devils have in many ways been alluded to and t since the very beginning of the series particularly in the case of osta the mention of anything pertaining to angelic beings.

Is far more sparse but isn't necessarily non-existent i mean it's as simple as considering where asta and yuno grew up a church thus alluding to some sort of worldly faith and despite a lack of widespread contact in modern times human knew well of devils and vice versa.

So who's to say that faith wouldn't be grounded in such knowledge of the beyond and on the topic of faith one might even argue that such an influence may be seen all across the series being the case even before the concept of devils were presented to us so much so that i'd even go as far as to attribute such beings to the bestowal of magic onto.

Mortal kind to begin with and i say this on account of the clover kingdom's grimoires you see each leaf of the clover insignia found upon the grimoire which was adopted to be the symbol of the country has a meaning the fourth leaf is commonly known to us as a symbol of good luck and such is the.

Case in the world of black clover as well now asta's grimoire has a clover with five leaves on it the most we have ever seen which is a representation of the devil now the second and third leaves are to represent hope and love respectfully but would you believe what.

The first leaf signifies faith thus providing irrelevancy to all other clovers and additionally these first three together faith hope and love are virtues heralded by christian philosophy christian influences being a major contributor to a number of story aspects.

Pertaining to devils now black clover is a story with a number of traditional fantasy story elements within it beyond devils and demons we've had elves dryads sprites and even dragons perhaps one day we'll even have giants or dwarves but regardless all competent and independent beings.

Even those of no magic like asta may call forth a grimoire and so why are beings such as elves more inherently capable with magic than most others well in attributing this to general dungeons and dragon's lore a game i really really love elves owe their origins to the spilt blood of.

Their deity rather than an intentional creation of any sort a disposition that allows for a greater biological affinity to such power and i really wouldn't be surprised if the same were to be similar in the world of black clover to some extent now as for the events we may expect to.

Transpire immediately after this current arc concludes well there is that whole trial thing to decide asta's fate and after having saved the entirety of the clover kingdom when even the wizard king could not i'd imagine that problem has pretty much taken care of itself the country must.

Now recognize asta to be the badass hero we have always known him to be so that'll be super satisfying to have when it comes to yuno he will have successfully saved his birth country and perhaps he is as hard-hitted as asta and will refuse to leave the clover kingdom to fulfill his.

Birthright but at the very least there is a decision to be made there regardless of whatever the case may end up being i seriously cannot wait to see what happens next black clover is an amazing series that only continues to prove itself and hopefully plot armor will be able to.

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