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Black Frieza’s End in Dragon Ball Super


Dragon Ball super is back but it's leaving Goku and Vegeta behind for this new arc instead we're going to see what's been happening on Earth and let the younger Saiyans get a taste of the action let's get to it we open chapter 88 on Trunks and Goten who are getting into the superhero spirit with some good old-fashioned posing announcing.

Themselves as sayaman X1 and X2 the pair declare themselves the cleanup Heroes I guess these new salmon aren't just inspired by Mega Man X's spin-off Mastery but also the cleanup Rangers from Hunter Hunter they've shown up to a jewelry store robbery flipping the thieves getaway car both the thieves and civilians just stare at the two Saiyan.

Superheroes not knowing what to make of this trunks trash talks on the robbers doing his best Gohan impression as he calls them Brash they did just Rob this store in broad daylight after all one of the crooks is clearly scared at this he's heard reports of the two strange superheroes popping up all over the place in this city West Capitol Mr.

Shades is shaking at that looking like he's about to surrender but his partner the guy who was failing to copy Mr Satan's facial hair is having none of it he's angry at the two super strong armored Warriors for Wrecking his Escape car so draws a pistol yeah good luck with that buddy fake Hercule brandishes his gun at the pair ordering them to.

Back off one Instant Transmission from Trunks and a Quick Grip of the gun is enough to shock some sense back into him sticking with the cleanup theme trunks declares the crook won't be dirtying the town anymore on their watch he crushes the gun and withdraws a small plastic bag to put the ruined gun into he ties it up and then hands it back to the.

Robber ordering him to dispose of his trash properly somehow this doesn't deter fake fuel even Mr Shades is getting into the mood to fight despite sayaman X1 just crushing a gun with his bare hands the two just charge in with fists and a knife which will totally do far more than guns could Trunks and Goten aren't deterred the heroes get in.

Close almost playing around with the two thugs Goten retrieves the knife from Mr Shades before knocking him back with a simple snap kick to the gut while Shades is struggling to catch a breath Goten deposits it into a second bag rallying for a final time the two punks charge at the siamen completely failing to read the room with a perfectly synchronized.

Kick Trunks and Goten send them flying back towards the shop sign the crook Falls towards the floor before the sign tumbles down on top of them they surrender at that finally getting some sense the fight is over Goten and Trunks take a second to pose declaring cleanup completes before flying out they stick around on a nearby rooftop long enough.

To make sure the police have arrived and are attending to the situation once they're sure things are fine they start to take off their costumes and we can get a good look at the pair they're clearly older than the kids we're familiar with these are teenage boys and they just had the time of their lives they were both hyped as hell about their.

Superheroics striking their poses once again this time though it's in the shadow of the superhero they took their gimmick from clean God trunks is a little worried that they took too much of their MO as superheroes from this one guy goten's not worried being a Duo makes them different enough before he can continue to assure his friend his.

Phone rings he's gotten a News Bulletin there's just been a big case of theft trunks is already hyped up to go on another mission but Goten bursts his bubble its identity theft it was just a bunch of scummy internet types stealing people's personal information trunks is frustrated at this they can't beat up people over the Internet he wants to.

Face off against some massive evil it feels like he's kinda irrelevant to things Goten is more philosophical about it however to him a peaceful world is a fundamentally good thing they shouldn't sweat the details like this the two would have kept talking for a while but are interrupted Chichi calls Goten ordering him to come home right now the.

Two are keeping the same in thing a secret from their families for the moment the pairs struggled to get changed with trunks pondering getting a Gohan style transformation watch from pilaf ultimately the blue-haired Saiyan decides not to buy other getting changed in the back alley planning to Simply zip home in his costume unfortunately for.

Him his grandparents are standing outside before trunks can conceal himself Dr briefs wanders over to join him even he's heard of the superheroes who's been Making Waves all over the city lately trunks decides to roll with it introducing himself as samin X1 unfortunately briefs pet Dino isn't fooled he jumps over to trunks rubbing.

Affectionately against trunks's leg the old doctor is surprised by this Dino is usually only that affectionate with his family trunks tries to play this off declaring that superheroes are beloved by everyone even random animals that done he hisses at Dino to sit the very good boy does so buying trunks time to fly off as Dr briefs remarks on how many.

Young people can fly nowadays bikini comes over to join her husband asking what it just happened Dr briefs doesn't think much of it just noting that a superhero was passing by and his voice seemed familiar before they can put two and two together the Elder briefs are distracted by the question of pan their granddaughter has just started.

Kindergarten so they want to celebrate the occasion bikini wants to send the small child a bouquet of flowers Dr briefs wants to send her an aircraft or perhaps a castle these two are still obscenely wealthy that's for sure before they can decide how exactly they're going to spoil their granddaughter however Dino snarls something is wrong.

Dr briefs turns looking at what his faithful companion is reacting to in the distance a group of figures are sprinting rapidly towards them as they get closer briefs can make out the familiar two C's on their uniforms and ovoid heads these are his helper Bots and something strange is happening to them because they're running away at top.

Speed the procession zooms right past the old couple bikini wondering what's happened briefs and Dino notice something peculiar however the old man gestures to his wife wanting to confirm he's not hallucinating bikini turns to be greeted with a zombie he's got a stitched face with one Frankenstein bolts a mismatched eye whatever he is.

It's enough to scare bikini briefs she screams at the top of her lungs frightened of the Monstrous looking stranger before we see exactly what befell the unfortunate couple however we return to trunks's home capsule Corps trunks has wandered into a factory to say hello to pilaf like he told Goten he has a deal in place with the former.

Emperor in return for not telling Bulma about pilaf's efforts to steal the Dragon Balls pilaf is happy to manufacture a few extra gadgets for Trunks and his friend unfortunately the two aren't very subtle Bulma calls to Trunks from the doorway asking him flat out what he's conspiring with pilaf about trunks winces hard but tries his.

Best to play it cool of course he's not up to anything Bulma doesn't buy it for a minute but points out that he's late for school out of excuses trunks is about to head off when he catches a glimpse of Mai who is helping shoe with a heavy box trunks takes a second to work up his courage before stepping in to help with the Box my thanks him while.

Shu asks the boy for help with the second box since he's already started helping them trunks ignores the poor dog trying to strike up a conversation with mine unfortunately the kid loses his nerve running away and leaving shoe without help Bulma Smiles this much she can understand over at his table peel off Chuckles about this wackiness before.

He can go back to work however Bulma has some sharp words for him her security cameras had already caught him stealing the dragon balls from her room his deal with trunks meant nothing pilaf was doomed either way trunks meanwhile is cycling to school putting his say in speed to work he's faster than a car on that bike he pauses for long enough to.

Grab a hot dog from a vendor and save a baby from a casually flung can in no time at all he's reached blue hell high school he deposits his bike in the stands with a loud clack before jumping up the stairs trying to be subtle trunk sneaks beneath the windows of his classroom ultimately climbing through a window at the back he drops to the floor.

Like a ninja about to take his place when he hears a cough from behind him the teacher was more alert than he thought the old man berates trunks not even the mega wealthy kid gets to just be late he scribbles up a report card handing it to trunks with a threat if he keeps this up he might be out of blue hell and all trunks can do is take it.

Even a Saiyan can't beat the education system trunk slinks back into his chair as the lesson starts back up the fluffy-haired kid next to him drills him over what happened trunks remains evasive only noting that he doesn't want to run a corporation his friend Compass can't follow that it's an easy ticket to being richer than Rich trunks though.

Doesn't care about money he just wants excitement in his life and here to immediately offer just that is Rula we're getting a surprising number of regular people in this Dragon Ball story it's pretty refreshing Rula is here to share some school urban legends with trunks there have been ghost sightings around campus a glass is wearing friend.

Chimes in apparently these ghosts have been showing up near the abandoned mansion on Mount butterfly Rula wants them all to check it out Compass is in but trunks dismisses it claiming he's too busy his friends watch as he heads off concerned he never wants to hang out with them anymore the truth is trunks is frightened by the idea of confronting.

The supernatural that's quite a weakness for a Dragon Ball protagonist nobody ever take him to Baba yaga's house goten's far more at ease talking with his friends he seems to be doing better than Trunks still that hasn't affected their friendship that afternoon they're hanging out at the capsule Corps building playing the clean God video.

Game together still trunks is agitated he still wants to get in on the super heroism however he's found other stuff to keep him busy he's managed to grab limited edition movie tickets to the clean God movie unfortunately despite showing them off to Goten trunks only has two and he already has has plans for the second ticket there's someone he.

Wants to ask out Goten can immediately guess that it's my he's much more insightful than his dad trunks tries to be fair admitting that he owes Goten a lot he just wants him to hold off while he tries to talk to Mai about this trunks heads over to the plants it's a lot busier now than it had been in the morning all the Capital Corporation.

Workers busy attending to a bunch of deactivated robots it looks like some sort of silicon-based emergency room with at least one bot brought in on a stretcher trunks notes how busy it was before trying to ask Mai to go with him to the movie anyway just talking to her while she's in the middle of work he goes all in talking up how hard these.

Tickets were to get Mai makes it clear that the klingod movie isn't really her thing but before that can register with trunks pilaf interrupts they'll all be busy for a month repairing all all these helper Bots Mai decides this is a better excuse goes with that and gets back to work trunks is incredulous she can't take even one night off he really didn't.

Notice how little Mai was into this he'd bet it all on this movie idea still peel off lays down the law they can't take time off they're only allowed to stick around as long as they're useful to Bulma they can't take days off like that especially when there's work to do another capsule core worker comes in as he says that bearing two more helper.

Bots it seems like Mai will be busy forever trunks tries to think it through asking pilaf and Shu what's going on with the Bots the dog ninja explains that they basically revolted these helpers stopped listening to their owners and ran away from home pilaf is irritated by all of this he created these robots and is confident in his.

Work work he's convinced someone tampered with him Shu actually backs that up sharing a rumor that some strange folk have been meddling with the Bots that was the angle trunks wanted if he beats up these weirdos the helper bot recall will stop and Mai will go on a date with him sure kid let's let's just go with that.

Simon X1 Sprints out of the factory heading back to Goten they've got a mission in no time the two are out on patrol looking for the bot rustlers Goten isn't convinced that anything's actually going on pointing out that it could simply be a rumor trunks meanwhile is creeped out with no one else out even a residential streets can be kinda.

Spooky that reminds Goten apparently ghosts have been showing up around here too trunks yells at his friend to cut it out declaring there's no such things as ghosts Goten is surprised to hear him say that ever insightful he asks trunks if he's scared of ghosts trunks tries to deny it claiming that as the son of a scientist he doesn't believe in ghosts.

Goten points out that both of their dads have died and come back to life as ghosts trunks grumbles that that's not the same before he can explain himself however he runs into a tall guy looking up he sees Android eight no it's another one of these zombies bikini briefs saw earlier freaking out trunks Sprints around the corner trying to hide Goten.

Keeping his cool takes a look at the stranger he's sure this must be the culprit calming down a little trunks joins his friend watching the stranger the two look on as he walks past an old man and his helper bot the zombie presses a button on his remotes and the helper bot immediately starts going crazy it Sprints away while the stranger.

Walks on grinning to himself damn zombies they must be annoyed by how low we put them on our ranking of Dragon Ball races they're out to raise their score Trunks and Goten are about to follow him but before they can he drives off in a car thankfully he's up against two Saiyans the pair Trail him from the skies following his car all the way out.

Of West Capitol soon enough he's heading up a Mountain Road towards an abandoned mansion trunks recognizes it this is the spot Rula said the ghosts had been showing up Goten declares this must be the criminal Lair and jumps off ready to raid it straight away trunks still a little on edge trust suggests they come back in daytime when he'd be a bit less.

Scared of the zombies Goten has an easy answer for his friend though doesn't he want to solve the mystery to get his movie dates plus trunks said he didn't believe in ghosts the young Saiyan takes a minute to try and wrestle with that on the one side scary zombies on the other a date with my scary zombies date with mine scary zombies or date with my his.

Crush outweighs his fear trunks makes up his mind declaring he's ready to do this only to realize goten's already gone on ahead while he was trying to make up his mind trunks heads over muttering at Goten for leaving him out before his friend tries to shush him looking through the window they discover the horrifying truth the robots are being.

Brought here and made to make boxed Sushi alongside zombie co-workers trunks is able to explain this the remote control the zombie used is doing this it's what brings the butts here this Sushi is being sold all over West Capital apparently it's pretty popular they're making in-demand sushi and don't have to pay their workers the fiends.

However trunks exposits all this a bit too loudly the zombie overseer hears them talking outside the window Trunks and Goten go quiet as the Bandit zombie heads over to their position only to haul up Compass trunks's friend from school beneath him are Rula and the glasses kid they all snuck in here as part of the Dare trunks backed out of.

Still he can't leave them to the zombie dude asking Goten to hold the fort out here trunks hits his transforming watch a few times complaining at it not working before suddenly it kicks in now in his salmon X1 outfit trunks busts right in and kicks the zombie leader away from Compass the superhero strikes a cool pose standing between the zombies.

And his classmates the moocs are confused asking the Intruder who he is before trunks can introduce himself glasses chimes in he's a huge fan of salmon X1 the big boss of the zombies doesn't care he's not going to let the kids leave now they've seen what's going on here trunks isn't scared though now he's in costume sx1 there's no way he'd.

Be scared by a few punk zombies he can think clearly now this is just makeup right they're a theme gang like the sort Batman fights the zombies charge at the superhero but he's not worried he lets fly with a Flurry of Blows knocking the zombies Every Which Way the big boss has to take a moment to register it salmon is twirling one of his co-workers.

Through the air wrecking zombies and robots alike in no time this last zombie Alpha is the only one standing trunks charges in looking to finish it with a flashy upcycle punch unfortunately it does nothing trunks just stands there for a second not able to process this Alpha grins he explains that he's different to his men one little hit like.

That won't do anything to him trunks undeterred tries for a different special move his Cyclone style unfortunately twisting his arm for the over-the-top punch triggers his transformation watch again in an instant he's back to his regular clothes letting all his friends see that he's the actual salmon X1 thankfully goten's here to help he steps.

In and blasts the fuse box dropping The Hideout Into Darkness while the zombies and Trunks are distracted he carries the civilians out trying to Bluff as hard as he can Goten claims that everything they saw is an illusion the three teens seem unsure of that at first but it's easy to believe that their friend isn't really salmon plus Compass makes a good point.

This means the house is haunted the three run as fast as they can letting go notes and breathe a sigh of relief back in the house its trunks his turn to be scary he knows where Alpha is and if Alpha wants to see him he'll oblige going Super Saiyan hitting his watch and regaining his costume he goes for the Cyclone blow one last time it sends the.

Zombie boss spiraling catching a few more robots in the draft before they all hit the floor with a crash saiyamin X1 strikes his thumbs up declaring cleanup completes just as Goten turns the lights back on the two take in the remains of the fight finally realizing a key problem trunks knocked everyone else before they could work out what was.

Going on still they're able to find a safe and a disc inside it one that bears a familiar name Dr jarrow the two kids don't recognize it trunks plans to check it out at home but isn't really too bothered he's just happy to have ended the recall unfortunately they've got a couple more unwelcome surprises in store firstly it's a meeting with Krillin who.

Is here as a police officer he's here investigating rumors of The Walking Dead a bunch of corpses had been stolen from the morg recently trunks's bravado was misplaced that gang was really zombies that least sort of we cut back to the manor to see its owner's return he's not named here but anyone who has seen the superhero movie should recognize Dr hedo.

The poor man's shocked to see his entire Alpha Series devastated by some high school kid he plans to have the alphas back up and running in no time but is distracted the data disc trunks took is irreplaceable this is a disaster to Dr hedo he Ponders what kind of high school cool kid could have done this but it's a mut point for now his plan to sell Sushi.

To fund his research can't continue he'll have to think of some kind of alternative meanwhile back at capsule Corps trunks is in for his second horrible surprise the peel off Trio only have more work to do now the recall was canceled but now they've got a small army of broken Bots to deal with some guy wrecked a ton of them in the old.

Mansion up on Mount butterfly they're all totaled it's gonna take them forever to get through all of these trunks clutches his head in despair as my looks back towards him already having forgotten his attempts to ask her out and with that we End Dragon Ball super chapter 88. it was fun to have a throwback like this Trunks and Goten are.

Strong protagonists and what exactly is on hedo's disk opens a ton of questions how long will this prologue Arc run will we see some interaction between these two semen and the original share your thoughts in the comments below thanks for watching I've been Anthony fan have an awesome day