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Blackbeard Goes Too Far! Law is About To Lose Everything – One Piece Chapter 1063


Nobody saw this coming just as Egghead Island was finally underway Oda threw us a massive curveball but how did this happen why did it happen well time to find out let's get into it we opened one piece chapter 1063 on Luffy Chopper and Bonnie having stuffed themselves so full they look like novelty beach balls the three gluttons are finally content with.

The amount of food they've had and are happily amusing about how much the rest of the crew would appreciate this wonderful device Chopper however is smart enough to realize that maybe Sanji will be less than enthusiastic which is a pretty sensible call a machine that could replace a chef outright and making food without personal attention and Care.

Sanju would probably destroy the device before even sampling its food and maybe you're thinking Sanji is a professional chef so he shouldn't be intimidated by an overgrown McDonald's machine however this machine was overgrown by Dr vegapunk so we're talking about like Gordon Ramsay the robot but then again if there's one thing Sanji hates it is.

Wasted food we might see some internal conflict there anyways the three happy Pirates are just laying there in the wreckage of their fast food Feast as their bellies are finally full Dr vegapunk Atlas is impressed by the enthusiasm for her work it must be nice for someone used to having to deal with budget committees to see people just.

Enjoying a device she made thankfully the group are left lying in the middle of a mountain of greasy packaging for long we then meet another invention of punk Atlas an adorable robotic dog designed to Chow Down on anything that needs recycling food waste paper plastic this little guy will eat it all now that she's greeted her visitors however Punk.

Atlas unfortunately needs to go back to work she gives the straw hats away before heading out noting that if she doesn't run Riot no one will and we soon see what she means by that as a tiny giant Punk takes to the skies and gets back to punching the holographic space Dragon I guess it's only fitting that the Wrath Punk has a job like this.

Though it's hard to see what use violently assaulting Holograms could be for Egghead Island do they get Rowdy if left unattended for too long Luffy and Bonnie are left to watch Atlas get back to punching the Pirates are just as unsure of what the point of atlas's job is however this is when we get our first glimpse of egghead's regular inhabitants.

A procession of small people emerges walking past the pirate team they've all got small earpieces with Aerials matching he won Lilith used last time to talk to Shaka their Footwear also seemed to be the same design as Punk atlas's jet boots that has to be convenient for getting around a few more figures join them one of which appears to be P22 from.

Last chapter while the other is wearing a hood that makes him look like Finn from Adventure Time the little procession walks past the pirate group not talking to them they evidently have somewhere to be probably a crazy machine in need of attention somewhere on Egghead interestingly none of them are talking to each other either the whole.

Procession is silent despite the headpieces Chopper wonders who these new figures could be Bonnie is sure that they are vegapunk's lab assistance but doesn't have more to add than that jinbei points out that this whole area was deserted until just a moment ago there were no signs of people being here working before Punk Atlas showed up just.

The big monster Holograms could vegapunk's workers have been hiding until they would share their straw hats were friendly or is something weirder going on there's no way to find out more for now Bonnie and instead but moans your outfit Choice the island aircon makes a temperature inside Egghead Island tropical.

Far too warm for the winter outfits they were originally sporting this adventure is going to be highly uncomfortable unless they can find a change of clothes however Luffy is a solid step ahead of her the straw Hat's Captain already found a brand new outfit for himself specifically a futuristic looking coach with SSG on the helm and punk on the.

Sleeve it's a surprising choice for Luffy's new look for this Arc should he stick with it it makes our freewheeling captain look like a member of the special science group there is a general uniform vibe to the design Luffy even has the accessories to back it up he's wearing the same headset as vegapunk's Associates and is sporting a matching.

Set of jet boots if he discovers what those things can do it is going to be hard to contain his excitement and I must say man the new world has been very very fascinating for Luffy aesthetically this man has not been in his iconic fit forever hear me out here what other MC what other main character in any Shonen is able to pull this off or has pulled.

This off to the best of my novel doofy has not scoring signature attire since Fishman Island not consistently at least Punk Hazard different dressrosa different whole cake Island different wano different and now Egghead different it's very fascinating stuff the whole outfit looks pretty hefty but Luffy comments on how light it feels Bonnie.

Questions where that new wardrobe came from Luffy is happy to direct her to the massive fashion machine right behind them there is so much stuff in Egghead it can be hard to notice things like that Bonnie is excited at the prospect of free clothes to go with her free meal her own outfit is still sticky with sea water after all that is generally a very.

Uncomfortable feeling but I imagine for a doe for User it's probably a lot lot worse but soon enough she is inside the fashion machine selecting a battle uniform for herself a few seconds later and all of our characters have changed Chopper and Bonnie basically match Luffy's look Bonnie going for more of a skin tight number this shows some ankle.

While chop got a half helmet to go with his adorable little coat and gloves jinbei alone has gotten to show some individuality I think instead for a tropical shirt and pants the others may be getting into the futuristic Spirit but the first son of the sea is just happy to have clothes that fit the weather and good on him the grounded.

Look suits jimbei nicely these outfits would have made a superb set of disguises but given how much of a fussy four have already made it is probably too late for that Bonnie is content to head off for now the group is made it to Egghead Island safely and she is down to go find weapons and deal with vegapunk that was her Mission and it is her.

Responsibility to see it through she'll handle her business without bothering the straw hats further she's about to leave when Luffy stops her he spotted Kuma coming this way and it seems like the big guy is looking for them specifically goes to show that Luffy's observation hockey is always on point we get a better look of this oncoming Kuma.

And this one looks more impressive than a regular pacifista he's sporting heavy armor completely with massive shoulder pads and Jet boots it's hard not to get judged Red Vines off this massive officer of the law this dread Kuma Towers above the lab workers as he plods along towards his drive's location he's even got sunglass style.

Lenses worked into his eyes for a cool cop style fashion thing interestingly the Island's inhabitants show no reaction to the arrival of the pacifista likely they're pretty common on the island Vega Punk probably has a whole police force hood of things to provide security Luffy can tell the giant cyborg is about to charge at them he warns the.

Rest of his team trying to get them clear of the assault however he is a second too late officer Kuma is sprinting right at the four Pirates and charting his mouth laser and he just so happens to be a very trigger-happy cop as well the straw had scrambled to get away as he pacifista's robotic voice plays a warning it has detected thieves.

It has registered clothing and Provisions as stolen the Pirates are confused why did the stuff just pop out of the press of a button if it wasn't free Punk Atlas mentioned the lab's lack of resources but these machines don't have an option to put berries in them vegapunk may be good at branding but either their payment mechanism is vastly.

Over complicated or they just forgot that part regardless it is a moot point as Kuma's laser reduces the entire area to Rubble that has to erect both the fashion machine and the food dispenser it's probably totaled a few other devices too not to mention some other Islands inhabitants had to have been caught up in that massive explosion he.

Has done more damage in a moment than the straw Hat's entire Feast could have managed and so I think we're starting to see why Egghead Allen goes to research funds so quickly thankfully the Pirates get clear of the blast the power quartet are ready to defend themselves although they are enthusiastic about getting into a fight this is a government Island.

After all but they are going to last long against Kuma like this running is also a bad idea considering they don't know where to even go they need to take the explosion happy Kuma down even if Justin defend the local area for mass destruction as such Luffy jumps forward winding up a nice attack to scrap the pacifista only for Bonnie to kick Luffy.

Out of the way and hard this sends the straw hat Captain flying and gives dread Kuma the time to fire a second match massive laser blast this one does hit the Pirates knocking them about while causing even more property damage Luffy yells at Bonnie for her meta length Kuma is trying to kill them all they have to take him down they can't.

Just avoid a fight here Bonnie doesn't have an answer for him she can't argue with Luffy's logic even now the pacifista is charging his laser again but Bonnie Bonnie's crying as she finally admits a truth to her new friends this is her father none of the straw hats can believe it they're all shocked his body confirms what she meant.

Earlier Kuma is the only family she's got she begs the group not to hurt her father tears are pouring from her eyes as we get a glimpse of a long distance memory for the first time we see a non-cyborg nukuma laughing as he holds a young body Aloft jewelry Bonnie the woman we were introduced to as the Pinnacle of practicality over emotion.

The woman who lectured Zorro about getting himself killed is now sitting on the ground wailing as Kuma or rather a pacifista prepares to blast her to bits she is lost in the memories of her childhood unable to process what has become of her father that is what trauma can do to a person Lucy reaches out tries to pull his unfortunate friend.

Clear of dread pacifista's blast even as his hand goes out Kuma fires a third and final laser the entire scene is engulfed in light the tree shake and ground crumbles away and that is where we leave our heroes for the moment we go instead to a certain sea in the new world and while we only see it from behind it is clear We are following the saber of your.

Back Blackbeard's Flagship the Sails are full of wind all unfurled this is a ship going at full tilts across the ocean Marshall D teach has not been idle since his defeat in Amazon Lily even though we can't see him yet the mighty commander makes it very clear who is leading this Mission there is a massive spray of water rising from either side of the.

Saber teachers just use the guruguru Nomi to create a seaquake even though there don't seem to be any other ships on the sea at present we soon see why however beneath the ocean's surface we find the polar Tang the ship of the are pirates and it is not doing so well a ton of air bubbles are rising from the heart Pirate's vessel making it clear.

They have taken on leaks one of the crew desperately tries to plug the holes as laws Men start calling to one another they can take another hit like that from Blackbeard the water pressure would outright crush the Tang they're going to need to surface or else everyone is going to be crushed or drowned the Blackbeard pyros will be right at their.

Heels but there is land Northeast of here at least that would give them firm ground to fight on law is in favor of that plan ordering the crews prepare for battle however it is here that we see something bizarre has happened law has been gender swapped as has Beppo who is now sporting an adorable head of hair atop his head fur now hilariously enough.

The hard Pirates are quite overcome by their boss's adorable new form however some sharply delivered threats from law reminds them swiftly that the same old law is lurking underneath this is a serious moment they are in a fight for their lives the captain isn't going to tolerate any comic relief from his men at a time like that this besides the.

Gender flipping is actually a part of the Blackbeard Pirate's attack we see it spreading throughout the crew as La fear Rises about its intent this strange illness is making the crew jumpy distracting them and encouraging them to separate that is inevitable with a contagious disease even one with no apparent deadly effects this is a great.

Way to sow confusion and division amongst a group just at the point when the hard Pirates need to be coming together and focusing on the fight however law actually has a counter for this attack as he explains to the crew he knows that devil fruit powers can be fought off by using a great deal of hockey logically this crazy illness has.

To be no different even with how weird the one-piece world is this has to be a doe through Power even as a polar tank finally surfaces law is concentrating finally we see him start to use his usual appearance we see that the heart Pirates have docked at nearby Island soon enough the Blackbeard crew can make them out even.

While there's still a fair distance away doc Q is acting as he Sabers Outlook flying over the scene on stronger the not so good doctor is quite impressed by the heart Pirates performance and nullifying his disease he would expect him to be infuriated at the loss but doc Q is quite philosophical about it after all laws worth 3 billion berries Q.

Expected this wouldn't be enough to take the heart Pirates down besides the doc knows that any disease can only last so long sooner or later antibodies will develop and everyone gets better anyways a doc is still satisfied with the work he's accomplished thanks to the shiku shiku no me a dough fruit that allows someone to brew diseases is going to be.

Lethal in a position's hands dot Q almost manages a smile for his fellow Blackbeard Pirates as he knows how entertaining this particular virus was he's even given it an appropriately punny name the ma Lady it's nice to see that this particular near-dead State hasn't robbed Q of his sense of humor still the other Blackbeard captains.

Aren't here for jokes they are just here to win Von Alger takes points teleporting Jesus Burgess to the island ahead of the rest of the crew the Blackbeard snipers can soon be wakuapu Nomi which lets him reposition people in an instant even as they disembark from The Polar Tang the heart Pirates raise a cry they had been beaten here someone is.

Already in the Woodland closer to the heart of the island and ominous snapping sound Echoes over the bay law braces himself for whatever is about to happen and that is something none of us could have expected as Jesus burges lifts up a freaking Mountain over his head it turns out that the Blackbeard crew have collected a fine crop of devil fruits by.

This point the man who lost back and dressed Rosa is now ready to rumble once again stronger than ever verges is for the Ricky Ricky know me or power power fruit and it lives up to its name the heart Pirates just stare in disbelief at this display of pure muscle law himself Muses on it in this battle alone they have seen the Blackbeard crew display a.

Host of unbelievable Powers superhuman strength teleportation bizarre contagions teaches men have gone either way to hunt down insane and devastating Powers it is no surprise that their bounties have gone stratospheric meanwhile I don't think anyone would disagree with me when it comes to the fact that Law's crew is dookie butter.

These guys cannot compete who does he have Beppo is Beppo gonna face Jesus verges come on now law is the only member of this crew who's about anything and listen that's no disrespect shout out to the heart Pirates they saved Luffy during wano but these guys are not ready for this action they are not ready for the hands especially not with the.

Black ear pirate these guys have those dirty hands these are just thou foul creatures these guys will knock them down there's no way the hard Pirates stand a chance as a crew but still appreciating their hard work will not save you from Marshall to teach and his 10 Titanic captains Burgess makes good on his plan throwing the entire mountain.

Right at the heart pirates in an instant the hulking pile of rock and Flora Tails over the air straight towards the beach Law's Crews start to panic at that which is very reasonable what would anyone do in this situation how are you even supposed to dodge an entire Mountain being thrown at you bro the Hulk from Marvel struggled to lift a mountain that.

Is one of his greatest feet this man is just throwing him around like it's nothing and so yeah in this case the correct answer is you parry it law activates his room and he Mountain Falls to pieces around the heart Pirates the power of the opioid me is nothing to trifle with even an attack like that won't FaZe a surgeon of death the crew.

Cheer at this impressive feat from their Captain but the group's good mood does not last very long the flying horse from before has arrived and it is carrying a far more imposing figure the new arrival declares that it's been a while since they last met law evidently they did not part on good terms law has his blade drawn demanding to know what this.

Stranger wants however he is not doing well between the hockey Burns to throw off the gender swap and the effort to disassemble the mountain law is growing tired he's struggling for breath gasping and sweating still he's a captain and he won't show weakness in front of his crew he grips onto his sword tight and refuses to step away the stranger tries.

Law for his hostility towards a fellow member of the worst generation and with that we get Marshall d t showing up in person he's been carried here by stronger who is also partaken of a double fruit specifically the struggling horse has eaten the uma uma numi model Pegasus this was unfortunately not enough to give stronger the muscles.

Needed to carry Blackbeard of course the very badly named Horus is now struggling to remain Airborne it doesn't help that teaches jumped onto the poor animals back without even waiting for Doc Q to get off the horse and Dr scoring beneath blackbeards have the weight The Physician pleading with his Commodore to consider lightning the load Blackbeard.

However is unconcerned just resting his hand on Q's head while talking with law teach is excited for this moment now that big mom and kaido are gone the world has officially been turned on its head although Legends don't matter they are out of the running now anyone is in with a shot at glory anyone has an equal chance of becoming the pirate king which.

Is why he's pursuing the wano trio he figured one of them would show up here sooner or later teach is very well informed about the geography of the grand line now with that Blackbeard is very bold very very bold I am questioning how he would have approached things if it were to be the straw hats who emerged instead of the heart Pirates.

He's not after just eliminating potential Rivals however he is chasingly Road pornoglyphs kaido undoubtedly had one the three captains who beat him must have taken the information from it laws got that set upon the glyph marks aboard the Tang at a minimum he might even have more thanks with dealings with the straw hats whatever the case teachers happy to.

Take everything related to the punnoglyph off his hands it'll make his own path to laughtail much much easier law manages to Grim back revealing that he was thinking along similar lines teach must have also been searching for pornographs and he has had years to do it odds are good he must have taken the rubbings of one by this point law might.

Be able to complete his own set today it's time for them to Square Off winner takes all which sounds nice on paper but Blackbeard isn't exactly very trustworthy is he we are not going to be seeing just a straight up one-on-one versus him in law although to be fair it's not like Law's got much of a choice here things are not looking good for him.

At all he might have one of the most potent devil fruits in all of One Piece but the Blackbeard Pirates do not play fair what's even worse is that he's already clearly tired from the chase it is very hard to see this battle going well for him but what do you think does law have a shot here his devil fruit can pull off some crazy stuff we'll have to.

Wait and see let us know in the comments what you may think as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you