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Blackbeard is The Most Important Character! The True King of The One Piece World


Luffy has done the impossible he has now successfully managed to defeat the world's strongest creature the formerly indomitable supreme commander of the ever infamous beast pirates kaido the epic clash of these two pirate king hopefuls saw a number of twists and turns from the unveiling of the yonko's hybrid dragon form to the collision of.

Their conquerors haki but all of this pales in comparison to the magnitude of luffy's devil fruit awakening the highly anticipated gear v what was unveiled to be the power of the sun god nika otherwise known as the legendary joy boy yet for as astonishing as this may have been ultimately despite having one with it this was only just the very first.

Instance of the power being used by luffy which is to say that it is bound to seize subsequent usage and furthermore even greater development unlike luffy's gear fourth transformation such as bound man or snake man this was not a premeditated transformation in the slightest this is not a power he was previously aware of.

And or able to refine under the instruction of the king of the pirates former first mate the dark king silver israeli yet despite having triumphed against a man and yonko with the highest bounty in the world with this power perhaps an even more challenging threat looms in the dark by way of yonko with the lowest bounty blackbeard monkey d.

Luffy and marshall d teach are two characters that since their very first interaction in the story have been diametrically opposed from matters both trivial and of great importance there is virtually no ideological intersection between the two and this is for good reason i mean of course it is only natural for there to be some manner of.

Conflict between a story's protagonist and its antagonist however oda has certainly gone to great lengths to especially emphasize just how different these two leaders of the worst generation truly are yet despite their differences luffy and blackbeard are incredibly interconnected more than philosophical differences more than.

Forged vendettas and petty animosity these two characters are connected by fate this at least is an undeniable fact that may be corroborated by something as simple as their names both being carriers of the initial d and if you'd like to help carry us to that glorious 500 000 milestone then be sure to drop a like on the video and.

Subscribe to plot armor with notifications on in whitebeard's final moments he recalled a time shared between himself and the king of the pirates goldie roger a conversation wherein roger revealed to him the secret behind the will of d from which point whitebeard would express that the man roger is waiting for is not blackbeard.

Now coupling this with our current knowledge of roger's time on live tale we of course know that a shadow of a doubt the man roger awaits is joy boy aka luffy blackbeard's possession of the d initial made him a potential candidate in the eyes of whitebeard prior to his own confirmation that this was in fact.

Not the case and in the very same dying breath whitebeard confirmed the existence of the one piece very much interconnecting the two subjects now interestingly enough bay is something blackbeard is a major proponent of and has been since his earliest appearance in the series what was made abundantly clear by wave is declaration to luffy.

And company that people's dreams don't ever end this in essence is the definition of fate in one piece that may be considered in the broad sense but especially so in the case of those who carry the will of d luffy in particular is the culmination of many wills in the midst of coming to fruition according to the point of clip joy boy had left for.

The mermaid princess he was certain that one day someone will fulfill the very promise he failed to in his dead this was not just wishful thinking from joyboy's perspective it was certain that his will would be carried out the very same was the case with roger's declaration the one piece of the world even believing his son would be the one.

To fulfill this will of his however to quote whitebeard just as there are some who inherited roger's will someone will eventually do the same for ace and as such joyboy's will in that sense may be considered a line of faded inheritance going from joy boy to roger to ace to luffy now with that being said it is to be recognized that there isn't much of a.

Need for a will to be passed down if one is capable of fulfilling it themselves and so tracing things back ace was incapable on account of his own untimely demise roger was incapable as a result of unfortunate timing and his terminal illness but what stop joy boy as a great warrior of liberation joy boy is believed to have challenged those who.

United with intentions of subjugating and domineering the entirety of the globe those who would later come to be known as the world government now on account of the void century it is hard to know any specifics of just how powerful this budding world power may have been at the time but really how did joy boy lose all things considered is to.

Be presumed that joy boy and his opposing forces possess not only the most ridiculous power in the world and the aid of the koseki clan inventors of the indestructible pornoglyphs and rulers of wano but also the great kingdom and the three ancient weapons pluton poseidon and uranus the likes of which are weapons of mass destruction i.

Truly find it very hard to believe that joyboy simply lost in a straightforward sense yet as made evident by the unjust subjugation of wano despite figures like odin clearly outmatching their opponents nefarious schemers and betrayers may very well bring about the downfall of the righteous more than just losing to the world government it is our belief.

That joyboy was betrayed i mean joy boy with the designation of his power belonging to that of the sun god nika along with the fact that as such a historically prolific liberator even if only withstanding the test of time by way of solar-based iconography and oral traditions spanning across virtually all isolated regions of the world.

Is praised as a jesus-esque figure from which point those that bear the will of d comparatively being far more obscure in regards to public recognition may be likened to his 12 apostles with that being said the most infamous of the 12 is most certainly judas the betrayer in christian art we're expanding as far back as the 5th century the depiction of.

Halos these circular areas of light commonly placed around the head of a holy figure are visually similar to depictions of the sun and wouldn't you know it when luffy adores the power of joy boy the change is seen particularly on his head by way of his fiery hair meanwhile judas and his notorious betrayal identified jesus for capture by.

Way of a kiss and did so in the darkness now remember dreams don't ever end this is as much the case for the righteous as it is for the nefarious just as good as perpetuated throughout the ages so has bad martial d teach is a betrayer through and through luffy absolutely adores his friends and places great importance in his connections to others.

Serving as a conduit to his strength blackbeard has no friends and only ever uses others for their strength to bolster his own there is no doubt in my mind that like luffy blackbeard is a culmination of wills passed down from time immorial yet with the gap between blackbeard and this proposed judas from the void century being so vast i believe.

It is only appropriate that we consider the potential link between the two after all a person's will is not just inherited from nowhere even in the case of luffy and roger who had never actually met these are two characters that shanks convey to rayleigh as having the exact same dream which mind you was not to become the king of the pirates.

That is a designation that had been bestowed onto roger and one that luffy subsequently recognized to be necessary for the sake of making this shared dream a reality the king of the pirates spurring on the great pyre era and his instruction instructional shanks most definitely made a huge impact on luffy's life setting him down the path he is on.

Today and this was the case for him from a very young age and so that is precisely where we are going to begin when it comes to the opposite end of the spectrum with blackbeard now pretty much nothing is known about this guy prior to joining whitebeard's crew but trust me we are going to figure out as much as we possibly can here so just hold on at the.

Age of 12 while whitebeard and his crew were docked somewhere in the new world teach in ragged clothing expressed the fact that he had nowhere else to go despite the captain's reluctance to bring a child into the fold he ultimately folded which is to say that blackbeard was with his crew for nearly three decades i mean as he kids of the.

Crew at the time he josu and marco all grew up together now don't get me wrong there is no denying the fact that turning against his former crewmates has been majorly beneficial to blackbeard but to do so on this scale is absolutely unheard of and listen although greed is very much a driving force for the overwhelming majority of pirates in this.

World i do not for a second believe that that is all that there is to it there is not a single antagonist in this story that is evil simply for evil sake from circumstance to experiences everyone has a reason no matter how disagreeable and so we would be remiss to believe blackbeard as the premier villain of this story to be any different despite.

His intentions behind joining the crew in the first place being the acquisition of the yamamyami nomi it is just so unreasonable to think that an orphan child of 12 years old would not form any degree of attachment to such a close-knit crew truly the only way someone could reasonably resist such allegiances would be on account of said.

Allegiances already belonging somewhere else prior which is to say that teach had inherited his will before joining whitebeard's crew suffice to say blackbeard's only true allegiance is to himself that may sound pretty straightforward and counterintuitive to my previous point but trust me when i say it is far more nuanced than just.

That blackbeard sins against the whitebeard pirates are not only immoral they are inhuman which certainly checks out as according to buggy upon first meeting the guy he is not human he is a monster now again considering the inheritance based juxtaposition of luffy and blackbeard's respective wills with luffy's lines possessing legends like.

Joyboy and roger i'd like to think that our missing link would be of legendary status as well that being said the inability to fill said will on their own should start to imply their death and on account of these two respective wills not being isolated but instead faded to clash they'd need to be someone the likes of roger had gone up against in.

The past which brings us to goldie rogers first and perhaps greatest enemy rox deja back captain of the legendary rocks pirates dead pirates and or figures are hardly if ever shrouded in secrecy in this story yet funny enough the only two exceptions to this rule have been the likes of joy boy and goldie roger but now that we have our.

Guy how exactly does he connect to blackbeard after all rocks despite having the majority of today's yonko as crewmates isn't exactly a household name like his contemporary thanks to the world government censorship well i should r to be abundantly clear to us all by now one piece is a story of many parallels roger may have died but he.

Hoped his son would be able to succeed where he could not coincidentally enough rox died 40 years ago and blackbeard wouldn't you know it is 40 years old ace was orphaned on account of his father's escapades and the fact that his mother was forced to bear him for an additional 11 months of pregnancy to avoid suspicion which killed her and upon.

Joining whitebeard's crew teach was presumed to be an orphan as well now blackbeard despite not having rocks in his life directly as a father just like ace to roger also was not without two siblings like how ace had sabo and luffy and i swear i am not making this stuff up out of thin air we do not do that over here as it turns out in the eighth.

Volume of one piece magazine we actually receive concept art of blackbeard's family here we have his mother and two younger sisters now with the point of roxa's death in mind if these two are indeed younger then unless rox was just swinging it around it is highly unlikely that these two girls were his children as well and if they possess no.

Biological connection to blackbeard at all then hey all the more similarities between the dynamic and that of luffy sabo and ace that being said aside from the uncontrollable phenomenon of twins the only characters possess biological siblings are those who can afford to the parents are either strong enough or rich enough to have more than one child this.

Is the case across a series from the vinsmoke to the kozuki to the material princesses of the rochuan kingdom to big mom's horde of children this is consistently the case and so for our youngest depictions of blackbeard to be so filthy and ragged is very fascinating and perhaps an additional indication that something went very very wrong for.

Him now if blackbeard's mother happened to be present in his life then that would be a major difference from the upbringing of ace particularly in the sense that as opposed to resenting his father blackbeard would have been raised to appreciate him and for the more honor his memory that had largely been wiped away by the world government and another.

Area in which blackbeard differs completely from luffy is in regards to his possession of knowledge and information luffy is a very feelings based guy and mostly just goes with or against things according to his gut meanwhile blackbeard has always been rather well informed even to the point of nami presuming he might know a way to.

Get to skypia in fact in sbs volume 88 oda expressed that if blackbeard had to work in the real world he would have been an archaeologist ergo someone who digs up the past which is precisely the danger the world government so feared of rocks as in his pursuit of power according to sengoku rocks broke too many of the world's taboos simply put he.

Knew too much just as blackbeard knows too much to the point of being able to somehow possess the powers of two dough fruits at once speaking of which blackbeard was far too calculated in his desire for the yamayami nomi like luffy's fruity hitohite hitohito me madonika blackbeard true possessed an associated pitcher in the devil fruit.

Encyclopedia which he had memorized this is a highly abnormal occurrence which we have thoroughly discerned in our video on the previous users of the gomu gomi so check that out when you're done with this one now blackbeard's fruit is a logia type so it is bound to be sought after regardless but for him to so specifically know it to be as capable as.

It is is quite odd as i seriously doubt it's made so clear to be the case within the book after all with the yami yamino me blackbeard considers himself to be invincible and with the guru guru nomi he considers himself to be the strongest it is more believable to thin that the fruit special abilities were divulged to him based on the findings of those who.

Had come before him such as rocks but make no mistake i do not get the impression that this fruit was used by rocks in the past the reason being that it would be far too recognizable for the likes of sengoku or whitebeard to be shocked by whitebeard most of all as a former member of the rock's pirates luffy's fruit itself is set to harbor a.

Will of its own a trait consistent across all zoan type roots now normally this would not be the case for the yama yami no me on account of it being a logia type fruit but of course yami yami no me is not a normal logia type and so we cannot entirely rule out the possibility just yet but on the topic of devil fruits how exactly did blackbeard.

Actually manage to harbor two devil fruit powers at once well that's a bit tricky to answer as i don't believe he has two devil fruit abilities i think he has three hear me out if we look at each and every jolly roger in the history of the series every single one of them serves to be representative of the crew's captain in some way shape or form.

Blackbeard is no different however as opposed to a single skull being representative of a single captain blackbeard's has three three skulls three captains blackbeard although consolidated into one form is not actually one person maybe some of you don't believe me but hopefully you will believe luffy in their earliest.

Encounter when nami wonders who the guy is luffy corrects her saying it's not just one guy which is followed up by zoro backing this by saying there's more than one i think what may be presumed to be some manner of subconscious hockey based detection furthermore when buggy and shanks first met blackbeard's children buggy tells shanks of a rumor.

That teach had never been seen sleeping over the course of these several days their crews had been in contact with eight hours being the generally accepted equivalent to a good night's sleep doing some very simple math eight times three equates to a complete day of 24 hours therefore no need to sleep presumably the first dog fruit ability of black.

Beard would have been the ability to be three people in one body the second being the yamami nomi he's so long for and finally the guru guru nominee whose power he could not possibly deny and as some of you may be able to guess by now i am also inclined to believe the other two people that make up blackbeard are his two sisters they do it for each.

Other they do it for themselves but wait a minute what is the will that blackbeard has inherited everything the desire for everything to be the king of the world that was a dream of the late rock d jabek and if you ever had any doubts that's the connection between these two characters according to the official vivre card one piece visual.

Dictionary the name of blackbeard's ship is the sabre of jebec he is the weapon of jebek's will this is on top of the fact that blackbeard has now taken control of hachinosu the pirate island that formerly served as the primary base of operations for the rox pirates and was a place where the crew was founded in regards to its crew structure at its.

Core the black beard pirates are rather similar to the rocks pirates with certain expansive influences from the whitebeard pirates blackbeard's crew have been gathered based purely on strength and capabilities they are not friends they are partners in crime that all use one another to get what they want just like the rox pirates but like.

The white beer pirates the crew grew to be of such considerable size that they opted to divide into several but understand this whitebeard had his crew split up under several commanders while he himself remained the captain blackbeard on the other hand boasting a crew of self-interested scoundrels had them split up under captains while he.

Himself instead is referred to as the admiral now this may not seem like much but it's actually rather peculiar as the only other use of the title admiral may be seen by the likes of the marines and as made evident by his time as a warlord of the sea blackbeard has no issue using the resources of the world government to his advantage when necessary i mean the.

Blackbeard of our world's history in fact was once a privateer which is essentially the real world equivalent to the warlord system of one piece and if blackbeard does indeed share the very same dream as he lay rocks of becoming the king of the world then it makes sense as to why he'd have no issue using the world government for the sake of his.

Own agenda as that is precisely what the present king of the world the mysterious imu holder of the empty throne is capable of doing blackbeard despite being a vicious pirate has always had a fascinating relationship with the world government i mean the sheer fact that this man once possessed the lowest bounty in the world at zero barry is.

Certainly very odd i mean even chopper who's perceived to be the pet of the straw hats crew was set at 50 berry so what's up with blackbeard well you could say that this is the opposite extreme of the phenomenon of luffy's devil fruit being suspiciously priced at 5 billion as compared to the typical 100 million that most devil fruits would fetch for a.

Ploy likely for the sake of incentivizing anyone who possessed the fruit to hand it over as opposed to anything else yet in the case of blackbeard strangely it is a total opposite he was a wanted man and so the desire was there for his capture for instance yet they did want to incentivize other nerdwells to seek him.

Out they solely desired for government personnel to deal with him and no one else if there was ever any suspicion of him being the child of rocks and or inheritor of the taboo knowledge rocks once held i can understand why they'd approach things so strangely regardless if nothing else imu does recognize he threat posed by the likes of blackbeard.

Just as they do for the cases of joyboy monkey luffy and the ancient weapon poseidon shirahoshi blackbeard is definitely way more than just an ambitious pirate the legend of rocks has been severely dwarfed by the likes of rogers yet even still to this very day each of the emperors of the sea are in some way connected to these two figures.

Of the past furthermore joy boy even if indirectly continues to be revered by many cultures of the present and although this presumed to be judas like figure has yet to make any sort of appearance as far as we are aware i'd argue that we have been made to observe their influence all throughout the history of the story luffy and.

Blackbeard represent two very different approaches to piracy pirates like luffy are somewhat of a rarity meanwhile pirates like blackbeard those who use their own freedom to jeopardize the freedoms of others are far more numerous such as the influence of this judas luffy is the light the sun blackbeard on the other hand is clearly the darkness.

And based on the artwork oda created a blackbeard as a child crying by his lonesome is also associated with the moon and again the fact that he is awake here emphasizes the fact that he does not sleep not to mention the impact the moon has on the sea blackbeard is a character seems to highly covet the powers of what he considers to be strong.

Devil fruits he continues to hunt the abilities of particularly capable fruits therefore empowering his crewmates and subsequently himself however in the consideration of this i must call to attention the words of kaido towards the tail end of this fight against luffy devil fruit abilities alone cannot conquer the world because only haki can.

Transcend all what to me is far too valuable in outlook for it to only be applicable to the deliverance of luffy's final attack against him yamayami nomi abilities allow him to nullify the devil through powers of others via physical touch a capability he believed would allow him to personally triumph over an already.

Severely injured whitebeard however even without his zelfru powers the old man was not out of options and simply cut teach with his blade what certainly should have been an obvious danger to blackbeard but again devil fruits are just that important to him blackbeard has been confirmed to be capable of both observation and armament hockey but this.

Has yet to be the case in regards to conquerors hockey i find it pretty hard to imagine that he does in fact lack his ability but if he does that would make him the only yonko without it and even then considering the man's tendency to get hurt and furthermore sustain even greater pain than a regular person on account of his yam yami no me it is.

Truly questionable just how great his arm in haki actually is at least in regards to the coding of his own body this is not to say that blackbeard should be underestimated in that regard however as after all he is a very pirate responsible for providing shanks with his infamous three-line facial scar shanks being a character especially.

Known for his hockey related capabilities and man the number three is so commonly tied to blackbeard three pistols his birthday being august 3rd and so on the impending battle between luffy and blackbeard will determine the very fate of the world a fated collision course of source heralded by the wills of those who came before them luffy and.

Utter disregard of the past and demolition of the pre-established and blackbeard and his weaponizing of the past and acquisition of the pre-established whomever the victor may be one thing is for certain the world will be turned upside down as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love.