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Blackbeard Returns and Destroys Everything! THIS CHAPTER IS A MUST SEE! – One Piece Chapter 1059


The next arc of one piece hasn't even started yet but we're already getting some serious hype this week had us finally resolve a confrontation that has been brewing for over 100 chapters by this point it even dropped some big revelations about what the navy has been up to it gives us a peek at a terrifying new weapon if this is what the slow.

Paced in between our chapters are like the next proper arc is going to be full on insane let's get to it we open chapter 1059 with the red haired pirates now that they're done with their cameo to promote from red they've decided to help give marco a lift back to spinx island shanks is again trying to get the phoenix to join his crew but.

Whitebeard's old commander remains stubborn still marco takes the idea far better this time rather than a curt dismissal he laughs it off telling shanks to stop dreaming with the grin he claims that he is far too old ski playing babysitter for the red haired pirates shanks claims that he is not that much of a handful asking ben.

Beckman to back him up first mate beckman completely fails to do so while we can't see him it's pretty clear ben's trying to resist the urge to chuckle we can see lucky and monster laughing hard at this exchange between their captain and his would-be recruits the whole atmosphere of the redhead pirates here is happy and friendly this has clearly.

Been an easy trip as the ship draws closer to sphinx marco is just back into his phoenix form he looks behind him leaving shanks's crew with a cheery see you around before he finally heads home as he goes the phoenix flashes back to some events he overheard on wano specifically yamato's conversation with the straw hats the night before they.

Left the country as it turns out the crew were as surprised as the fan base was by yamazo's decision to stay they are outright asking for the oni warrior to join them to become a pirate however yamato explains their thinking on this as suspected it is rooted in the ryokingu situation the admiral was able to just walt up into wano and treat some.

Of its most powerful defenders like they were nothing he was even boasting about being free to kill however many people he wanted even when momo's bolo breath seemingly killed him ryokyu was able to revive himself like it was nothing even for a child of kaido an opponent who can walk off death has to be intimidating yamato admits that the only reason they.

Won that fight was the burst of haki that scared off the admiral which of course came from shanks wano can't rely on that happening again with kaido gone the floodgates really are open for anyone powerful to enter wano and start causing trouble leaving now would be abandoning the people here and yamato can't do that there is a curious detail.

Here though and that's just how much yamato is smiling the only warrior is beaming all the way through admitting this it makes it hard to tell how sincere they're being here staying on one o is absolutely the right decision but it is forcing yamato to give up on that dream of traveling the world it would make sense for the owner to try.

And act brave here just like momonosuke didn't want to make yamato feel guilty about going to sea yamato doesn't want to make the straw hats feel guilty about leaving them behind luffy may have picked up on exactly that he gives yamato a pretty skeptical look during this conversation he is no fan of people abandoning their dreams still he admits.

That having someone stay behind to keep wanna safe would be a load off his mind ultimately he agrees to this idea zorro in a pretty insightful moment warns yamato about momentosuke's pride having another warrior stay to babysit him would run the risk of wounding what little self-confidence young shogun's managed to piece together yamato however.

Isn't worried claiming that they will find another reason to stay this means that the excuse of traveling 1-0 was likely yamato's idea figures that their best explanation would come from a very exact look at kozuki odin's life this is when marco finally interrupts the conversation he is here to let luffy know that he has.

Found a ship willing to give him a ride as such he'll be heading off now a day ahead of the straw hats he thinks back to the moment in the summer war where he ordered jinbei to get luffy away from the fighting while he helped cover their escape luffy brings it up at once he wasn't able to thank marco back then due to the whole unconscious thing but is.

Happy to do so now marco doesn't take credit for it instead he turns to jinbei he asked the first time in the sea a curious question everyone was so ready and willing to spring into action at marine ford a bunch of people luffy barely knew were willing to fight and die to protect him why could that have been jinbe laughed.

At the question the summit war was years ago at this point it's pretty clear that the two know the real answer for the sake of the new era marco gives luffy a warm look he tells him that ace would have absolutely been proud of how far his little brother has come this guessed luffy beaming and laughing at the thought it was a nice sentiment for.

Marco and it's good to see luffy more comfortable with ace's memory like this with a final wish for the young pirates to stay strong as this is their era the phoenix flies away from wano this ends our flashback as we see marco continuing to approach things island he is doubtlessly happy to be home just like how you'll no doubt be happy to have.

Gamer subs in your home after getting 10 off with code plot armor and just like your energy levels on gamer subs it is here where the chapter takes a drastic shift we cut to amazon lilly home of the cuja pirates it's not looking great and by that i mean someone has knocked down a portion of the snake mountain boa hancock gives us a basic rundown of what.

Has happened men had invaded the island in force the town is in bad shape as long as she stays on the island the navy won't stop coming here for her but where else could she go and naturally after a moment's thought she jumps to the predictable conclusion she should go and marry luffy gloriosa thankfully is here to remind boa that she always thinks.

That marrying luffy is not a solution to all life's problems we go back to a few weeks earlier when the battle was in full swing the navy had fully blockaded amazon lilly and were full on bombarding the island we see explosions rocking the forests up and down the coastline that wasn't enough to stop the kucha though even when the marines make it through.

The city gates the local warriors are resisting in force firing freely on the marine invaders however vice admiral yamakaji was ready for that the marines have apparently brought along a new model a pacifista the seraphim yamakaji happily orders them to the front puffing away on a cigar he tells his men to record what happens next likely to get.

Testing data for vegapunk the navy spent the last two years improving the pacifistic design why stop now the seraphim move quickly margaret and sweetpea have already run into one and the battle didn't go in their favor margaret states that she can't just fight a kid with intent to kill while sweet p notes this child's overwhelming.

Power before they can continue the seraphim simply raises his arm and throws a colossal energy blast their way we get a good look at the seraphim design here even with some shadows there's a few things we can make out clearly they have dark skin stars in their eyes and wings on their backs even more telltale however is the halo of.

Flame seemingly coming from the base of the neck these are clearly lunarian traits somehow vegapunk has been able to recreate them within the pacifista line if he is able to mass-produce the seraphim then these things replacing the warlords starts to look pretty plausible before the angel child can make it further into the island however events.

Start to overtake the navy's attack plan a shout goes up from one of the marines warship spotted off the stern the navy are confused by the new arrival then a report comes in from the shore pirates incoming before the navy can identify exactly what crew is doing the battle the sea shutters tossing their ships to either side the pirates sail straight.

Through the blockade more than ready for this one of the marines cries out having finally worked out just who has joined the fight the blackbeard pirates they are now up against a yonko and with the sea quake he just unleashes scattered the marines they could be up against sea kings too at this rate we see soon enough the.

Teachers come to this fight himself along with vasco shot and katarina devon both trusted commanders with ships of their own teach doesn't bother trying to hide why he's here calling out across the bay that he is after the pirate empress as someone who collects powerful devil fruits he's got no intention of letting her ability fall into the navy's.

Hands this leads to obvious jokes about blackbeard not the most attractive guy trying to use the maramaronomi however there is a point worth noting here about the fruit's name romero is a japanese otamatopia of to fall down drunk with an implication of being drunk on emotions blackbeard may not be able to wield sex appeal as a weapon like boa hancock does.

But he is very good at getting a reaction out of people just look at the despair he brought to everyone at marine ford with just one little bit of brutality he could be very scary with this fruit and i'm sure the same could be said for one of his crewmates in a different way vasco and katarina aren't thinking that far ahead however.

Blackbeard's crew tend to move towards simple desires devon wants to take boa's head as a trophy apparently that is a hobby of hers vasco shot is more interested in having some fun with the cuja empress while she's still alive so yeah a very unpleasant guy who definitely needs to make his way back to impel down blackbeard doesn't care what.

He's supposed to do so long as he gets the meromeronomy so the question is tabled for now the marines are panicking one contacts vice admiral yamakaji over dendon mushi asking for his approval to open fire on the blackbeard pirates and in a stunning display of incompetence yamakaji orders him to hold his fire until they hear from marine headquarters.

Because i mean it's not like he might die while waiting for that call or anything thankfully for yamakaji teach is too focused on his prize to bother with the navy throwing out a guru grew up powered backhand he swats her ship away he's not here to deal with peons he calls out for boa hancock to get out here and face him unfortunately for.

Blackbeard boa hancock is still busy dealing with the marine invasion we see their forces already in the kuja city with our pink haired friend kobe seemingly in charge unlike yamakaji he is not surprised to see blackbeard here he expected other pirates to want a piece of the warlords after they lost their title seeing the situation isn't.

Great kobe yells over the battlefield he wants to make a deal with hancock if she surrenders they can leave immediately this would be a smart move if kobe could pull it off blackbeard isn't interested in amazon lilly so it would end the fighting it would be in a better position to defend hancock and navy headquarters too.

Unfortunately with their past history as slaves of these celestial dragons that was never going to work on the cuja mari gold and saunders sonia are ready to defend their sister from this attack calling kobe conceded for thinking he could end it without a fight but boa hancock does not want to stand back she makes it clear to kobe that she has no.

Interest in submitting to captivity stepping up from her throne and onto the battlefield before we see her intervention we go back to teach the blackbeard pirates have landed on amazon lily and are making their way to the kucha city unfortunately for blackbeard they have run into one of the seraphim tj's crew called him for help yelling.

That nothing seems to phase this thing rather than intervene however blackbeard takes a second he knows he combination white hair brown skin and black wings this suggests blackbeard is familiar with what lunarians look like though he is surprised to see one in person in the time it takes blackbeard to make that remark however the seraphim has managed.

To take down the remains of his advanced party this comes as a surprise to teach who seemingly expected his crew to be able to stand up to an angel with a sword that's when he notices the px on the seraphim skin however the revelation that this kid is a pacifista comes as more of a surprise of blackbeard than the lunarian angle and that shot gives.

The kid an opening his sword slash is enough to split the mountain behind them even blackbeard is crying out in pain after a hit like that still one lucky hit does not take down an emperor of the sea teach still has no idea while child lunarian pacifistas are attacking him but he's able to hold it back blocking with a hefty dose of armament haki this.

Is the first time we have directly seen teach use hockey in battle and standing up to a hit like this is beyond impressive still even he is clearly having trouble here it takes a second but teach finally ends a battle with black hole the yama yami no me pulling nearby buildings into the void and obscuring any sight of the.

Sword-wielding pacifista boa hancock is doing well on her side of the fight too she's letting slave arrows fly and petra find the marines in mass kobe survives the attack but even he is taken aback at how many of his friends are stoned helmepo is down for the count so is vice admiral yamakaji though i think that might help the marines at this point.

Kobe orzy pacifista to stand down now wanting to risk damage to his petrified comrades boa hancock is ready to follow up with her trademark perfume femmer either jacoby or the seraphim but she is interrupted blackbeard marshall d teach has grabbed the empress of kuja by the throat activating the yama yaminomi to ensure her powers are no longer working.

The cuja look on in horror as their empress had been rendered helpless unfortunately for blackbeard that slave arrow attack hit his own crew as well as the marines katarina devon and vasco shot are both clearly seen turned to stone that puts blackbeard's fleet down two titanic captains it is here that we get bounties for the.

Two pirate rulers boa hancock is placed at 1.659 billion berries while marshall d'teach has risen to a hefty 3.996 billion both impressive sums though it is clear which he navy considers more of a threat kobe isn't sure what to do blackbeard's in a perfect position to kill boa hancock all.

Of his fellow marines have been turned to stone save the pacifista teach meanwhile is gloating he is surprisingly respectful to boa hancock admitting that she has earned her title but he has had his eye on her power for a while and intends to take it this is where boa hancock reveals her trump card even while blood is trickling down her mouth.

She is willing to defy blackbeard the petrification effect of the mara marino me was rooted in her beauty only she has the power to reverse it teach could take the fruit but if he does he will have lost a good number of crew men and two commanders to boot one of whom has her own mythical so on the three are at an impasse we pan out to.

Get a wider view of the kuja city damaged and beaten up thankfully for boa hancock the giant luffy poster has not taken any damage teach takes his chance to reminisce a bit with kobe apparently you rocky poor incident where our pink haired captain won distinction for saving civilians had a few side effects it allowed blackbeard to oust ochoku the.

Former ruler of pirate island taking it for his own ochoku also known as wang ji was once a member of the rock's pirates kobe has inadvertently helped blackbeard take down a legend and solidify his power it is no surprise teach remembers him perhaps out of respect or at least as much as blackbeard can give he takes a friendly tone he asks kobe if he.

Thinks hancock will reverse the petrification should he let her go kobe not trusting his ability to lie gives a diplomatic answer having to report the death of his entire force would be a headache as such he is sure hoping she will let them go hancock interjects with an offer she will reverse the petrification if both blackbeard and.

Kobe leave amazon lily unfortunately teaches not by it for a second blackbeard has betrayed both the whitebeard pirates and the world government he can see a double cross coming he tightens his grip on hancock's throat he is certain that if he lets her go she will just petrify kobe and teach immediately blackbeard isn't willing to.

Bet that anyone's just immune to her powers he's not sure what the best way out of this is but the only solution that keeps him safe is killing boa hancock so that's what he's going with he can always get more crew later right kobe objects pleading would teach not to throw so many lives away this is a kind of foolish plea given kobe once.

Witnessed teach promise to sing marine forward into the sea and kill everyone on the island but sure he is panicking and trying his best so we can't really fault kobe's intent here but before we waste any more breath a new figure enters the kuja city the mysterious swordsman steps around the petrified pirates joining the three warriors and.

Their stalemate he apologizes to hancock for his late rifle he knew that navy would be besieging amazon lilly but he hadn't expected things to get this bad as he draws closer the fighters recognize him silver's rayleigh the dark king former first mate of goldie roger king of the pirates.

Kobe's eyes pop out of their sockets at the sight of this living legend even teach is taken aback looking afraid to run into the old swordsman only boa hancock is relieved to see her friend rayleigh is already drawing his sword as he steps towards the scene his glare intense he looks more than ready for a fight as he addresses blackbeard while.

The dark king feels it is immature to admit it he makes it clear that he just does not like blackbeard one bit all the same he is here to try and end the fight not take someone's head braylee promises that once she does so the invaders will all leave amazon lily he won't allow any part of the fighting to continue given his reputation and anger it is likely he.

Can back up his words if he has to he is in the same position shanks was back in marine four and that was the end of the battle of amazon lily we go forward a few weeks back to the present time rayleigh is relieved that hancock survived that encounter she credits it all to him slumping against the old man's knee it is clear boa hancock is.

Still not feeling great about this close call we see shaki has come with her husband to amazon lily and learned via caption that she was once a kuja pirate captain herself while we knew she was a former pirate shaqi's tie to the cuja is news to us she muses about how dangerous things have gotten thanks to modern technology the navy sea stone paddle.

Bolts make the combel far less safe amazon lilly's traditional defense is almost useless now gloriosa admits that between the navy's new pacifistas and blackbeard she was convinced that they were straight up done for rayleigh adds another sour note to the conversation he admits something no one wants to hear they got lucky this time.

He won this fight with his reputation scaring teach away from a fight with a legendary swordsman blackbeard couldn't have been sure he'd win a confrontation with someone who stood beside the pirate king but while rayleigh is still good he's gotten old and blackbeard was able to go head to head with a fleet admiral even before the time skip the one time.

Dark king doubts he could beat teach in a head-on fight right now everyone looks grim but there is no more to be said about blackbeard and no sense dwelling on his threat the topic turns instead to the seraphim braley speculates that the navy are looking to use these new pacifistas as replacements for the warlords sander sonia and marigold claim.

That even after everything that had happened the two seraphim didn't even have a scratch on them what's more one of them apparently looked just like boa hancock right down to her having snake earrings given the sword carried by the seraphim blackbeard fought it could have potentially resembled a young dracula mihawk when fujitora talked about this.

New project that could replace warlords he meant it surprisingly literally perhaps the navy wanted a new more marketable set of cute baby warlords think of the merchandising possibilities speaking of the marines something mysterious has happened we cut to one of these ships from amazon lilly now making its way towards egghead port this is not.

Somewhere we have visited in one piece before it's likely that this is where the ssg have been working from they're probably taking the pacifistas back to vegapunk for a checkup talking over den denmushi one of the marines reveals a startling twist somehow if we fall out of these events kobe has been kidnapped by blackbeard how that happened is not.

Explained it's unlikely really would have simply let something like that happen more likely blackbeard simply waited until he had left the middle of the island picking his moment for ambush and capture or for whatever reason perhaps for the benefit of his comrades kobe volunteered himself to be taken captive regardless news of this brave.

Marine's capture has begun to spread around the world it's likely to rishi strawhat crew before too long luffy and kobe are walking separate paths but could blackbeard be trying to provoke the straw hat captain into challenging him or is kobe a bargaining chip of a different sort and it is with these questions that we close out chapter 1059.

A lot happened this week and we are still no closer to knowing where the straw hat crew is headed next but please let us know what you think about this chapter and if you have any guesses as to who we will be checking in on next week let us know in the comments down below as always i'm slice of otaku thank you.

All so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you