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Blackbeard Sacrifices Luffy and Takes Everything! Luffy vs Blackbeard Explained – One Piece


Hokkaido's defeat fans of One Piece are speculating over just who may be able to challenge Luffy at this point there are several prominent villains in play that could provide a strong fight we know Fleet Admiral sazuki is an impressive physical threat thanks to his magumagu no me in my series IMU may also prove to be a contender while we have yet to see.

Them fight in person anyone who can level an entire Kingdom should be taken seriously one figure however stands above them both he is Luffy's antithesis the one with powers that directly mirror gear fifth he was introduced early in the story and is written to prominent and power just as Luffy has this man has been fighting powerful enemies for years.

Now and he's only grown stronger over time emu and sakazuki have an orbital Death Ray and the might of the Marines backing them up respectively either one of them could end up being our final antagonist but if you're looking for a hyped up exciting brawl it is not even a contest there is no character in one piece better equipped to fight Luffy.

Than Marshall D teach a battle between the light of Nika and the Darkness of the yamiyami Nomi is inevitable at this point in this video we are going to be taking a look at how everyone's favorite cherry pie enthusiasts will do squaring off against the shria captain we'll go over their respective power sets how's the fight could play out and what might.

Go down afterwards let's get to it part one stacking up following the end of wano it is easy to talk of Luffy as its unbeatable Powerhouse gear 5 was one hell of a reveal surprising everyone with Luffy gain the power of a god this was power the world government had been afraid of for centuries and left a strong impression.

Our beloved Captain came back from Death stronger than ever like some kind of shiny bouncy Messiah he took damn kaido the indestructible Dragon Tyrant who laid waste to every opponent in the series thus far Luffy seems Almighty at this point could any force in the series stack up to the awakened Nika fruit well yes when you.

Get into it Luffy isn't at some unreachable peak of Might stronger than everyone around him sure he beat kaido and that was impressive makaido has never been as invulnerable as his reputation suggested Tyrant of wano fought big mom more than once that's heard Away by Shang during Marine Ford and was on the losing side.

At God Valley he is strong even for a youngko but about that far beyond his peers even big mama showed herself to be just as hard to kill when force on the defensive further the idea that the yonko are these Untouchable Legends in a weight class of their own isn't as true as you might think the most extended fight we've seen from an emperor of then.

Kaido would be white beard during the Battle of marine Ford while he was easily the strongest single combatant there and where new gate wasn't as completely invulnerable Superman figure we saw him fight Admiral Akainu and the two seem pretty evenly matched neither was able to solidly incapacitate the other and a kind who's never been shown.

As that far above his fellows the Admirals and yankos seem pretty evenly matched and Blackbeard was up there with them even prior to the timestamp before he took any devil fruits Blackbeard was able to scar Shanks badly the circumstances of this fight are still unknown but Shanks is not happy about it even over a decade.

Later Blackbeard remained a concern for him and that was before events ever before granted the early part of that fight isn't teach his finest moment he was struggling against an injured Whitebeard unable to match his pure strength however this was more overconfidence than weakness teachers going into that fight thinking the yummy.

Yummy Nomi's nullification will be enough to render white beard powerless but he did not make that mistake again after claiming his former father figures devil fruits Blackbeard's strength skyrocketed we saw Fleet Admirals and Goku fight against igora Guru using Teach as soon as he claimed the ability this put Blackbeard up against the most.

Powerful Marine in the Navy and it was an utterly even fight the iron Buddha and Blackbeard's Clash came to a stand still neither able to incapacitate the other and this wasn't teachers best this was right after he acquired the new delford ability as he even admitted he was having difficulty controlling it Blackbeard men who fight against one of.

The mightiest men in the one piece world with powers he gained minutes ago and broke even and he has only gotten stronger after two years of training teach has gotten the gurugurunami firmly under control we have seen him use targeted sequence to break a naval blockade sending Navy ships flying while his own sails on unaffected shown that.

He can command powerful Armament hockey too stopping a blow that sliced right through a mountain if his reinforcement is enough to stop that much force imagine how hard teach can punch Now teach is a physical threat every bit as potent as kaido by this point although that is not to Discount Luffy or his progress it is a mark of how far he has.

Come that our new Joy boy can probably take on to each the light of Mika is the wooden force in the setting that really stands a chance against the yamiyami Nomi's black hole they are pretty evenly matched still teach has the edge in their fight brand new has given him a bounty almost a full billion above Luffy's and there is good reason for it.

Teach still has room to grow best of our knowledge neither of his devil fruit abilities have been awakened if they were the effects would be extremely worrying Blackbeard is already on par with Luffy and seems set to grow stronger it pushes a dramatic confrontation we could see a boost to either side of teacher's power set also.

If he is able to consume a third fruit he could incorporate even more abilities into his Arsenal and given the three skulls he chased on his Jolly Roger this seems at least a likely possibility in contrast to teach Luffy's abilities may have plateaued we have seen no signs of a post-awakening state to know through Powers so this is likely as far as they.

Go that means he is running out of room to expand his series of Gears he has had hockey training from Rayleigh but Blackbeard's command apaki has grown since the time skip Luffy would likely need gear 6 to gain a clear advantage over teach and there is no sign of that coming he may be able to experiment with the Nika stage refining his form and.

Doing new things with it however that is likely to be closer to the various gear 4 forms and a new Gear with what we know now these past fours maybe partial Awakenings of its fruit with the Revelation that the gamma gomino me was a mythical zoan fruit each gear seems less like a unique thing instead they're each a step forward towards the full.

Mika transformation we even have an example to compare it to Chopper he is also in a version of the hitohitonomi and has a wide variety of forms if the model Nico Works simulates the Chopper's food your fifth may be his upper limit his equivalent to monster point this gives teach a potential Edge he has more room to push his shrank yet.

This wouldn't be the first fight where Luffy was the underdog he has been battling Gods Warlords and legendary Pirates at every step of his journey and most of the time these people have powers that he does not no Flamingo katakuri and kaido have all been Titans no one thought Luffy could defeat he verified between him and teach is going.

To be too close to call but Blackbeard isn't going to give Luffy anything close to a fair fight and before we get into why that is make sure you hit the Subscribe button run the notification Bell and click like for your daily dose of plot armor now on with the video part two Dirty Deeds tip the scales when we talk about how a.

Battle between two characters might go there is always a temptation to engage in wet room thinking we want to be fair to both combatants so you try to rule out other stuff that might affect the fight you rule out where it's happening what allies it might bring and what their objective would be for hypothetical fight you might just.

Picture the two figures in a white room no extra weapons and no outside help as understandably it is the best way to measure relative power and strength however this often leads people to overlook things in this case a white room fight between Luffy and teach is almost impossible it goes against too much of what we have seen thus far.

Blackbeard never fights Fair he will take advantage of a distraction to claim his prize he will use any trust placed in him to set up a grab for power Blackbeard's love of scheming and manipulation is a very consistent character point the last time he was involved in single combat with a yonko he ordered his men to intervene when the.

Fight stopped going his way it is very likely that a battle with Luffy will go pretty similarly teach will do everything he can to stack the deck in his favor if he is taking Luffy seriously as a threat he may not even try for a one-on-one instead he would attempt to distract the straw Captain lead him away from the sunny and Ambush.

Him ideally Blackbeard would even bring along his Commanders imagine an ambush by all 10 core members of the Blackbeard crew plus teach himself that matchup will be too much for even Luffy thankfully these straw hats are here to keep things balanced any fight between the Blackbeard Pirates and Luffy's crew is likely to descend.

Into a brawl it'll prevent teeth from pulling the same trick he did against Whitebeard and a fight between both Crews is going to be very even assuming Luffy is able to fill his goal from romance Dawn he will at some point have 10 crew Men on his ship each member of his nakama will be able to engage one of the 10 Titanic captains that would just.

Leave teach and Luffy to Duo one-on-one however even this line of thinking is a bit too white room we are just throwing extra characters into the hypothetical fight we have escalated from Luffy vs Blackbeard to the straw hat Pirates versus the Blackbeard Pirates it is still a brawl without context we need to look at what is going to lead into this.

Fight within the story teach is smart he picks his moment raid impel down until the guards escorting Ace away had left he didn't enter the summit War until both sides had been worn down fighting each other Blackbeard's not going to just attack Luffy out of nowhere he will give himself the best Advantage possible.

Getting as many cheap hits in as he can before the fight starts teach knows Luffy wants to become the pirate king he will likely plan some kind of Ambush for these straw hats with that in mind if he is able to find the last Road upon a glyph before the straw hat he can transport it to hachinosu he and his crew are so known for being.

Good at stealth a fight on Blackbeard's home ground with all his men right there is going to give teach a significant Advantage but the robo neglips are hard to find there is no guarantee teach can grab the last one before these straw hats get it he may need an ultimate way to draw Luffy into a trap and if you want to manipulate Luffy there's one.

Other strong approach to take threatening his friends teach was busy during Marine Ford the Luffy's action to save Ace in that fight were far from hidden when they talked on dressrosa he was happy to taunt Luffy over his Fallen brother he taunted Ace and Luffy too teach is good at this kind of manipulation and now he has captured.

Kobe the man who ended the fight in Marine Ford buying Shanks a few more seconds to arrive You could argue that Kobe saved Luffy as much as Shanks did it's easy to tell in that moment how much Luffy mentally pink-haired Marine if Blackbeard found out about what happened in Charlestown he will know that Kobe is another major friendship.

For Luffy one that he can turn into a second Ace teach Orchestra the Battle of marine Ford handing Ace over to the world government to draw Whitebeard into a fight he could do something similar here he could announce Kobe's execution to the world and broadcast it from hachinosu via Den Mushi if he does the results are very predictable we've seen.

How determined Luffy is to protect his friends he would be sorely tempted to set course for Blackbeard's home Island and try to stop it there is no end to the amount of traps he's going to prepare for a situation like that he could place landmines in the harbor or fortify the entire Island however the second option may be the.

Simplest should Kobe the second loopy shows up when Ace died Luffy broke he was almost defenseless and need his allies to keep him safe it makes sense that teach would try to replicate this to bring Luffy down Nika is the joybringer a smiling Sun God who comes with the drums of Liberation only when Luffy was enjoying the fight was he able.

To reach that state anger or sadness may help keep him from it if teaching keep him upset angry anything but happy Luffy is almost certain to lose but that's far from certain this is the scenario where Blackbeard is able to dictate all the terms of their fight events may not actually let him set up this kind of careful plan part 3 dreams make a man.

The differences between teach and Luffy are easy to highlight the pair are literally night and day thanks to the respective devil fruits but the similarities between them are just as important look back at the first scene where they met on Jaya teaching Luffy disagree about everything but how think and talk is identical teach himself.

Seems to pick up on this and starts trying to learn more about Luffy very quickly he's a little dismissive but doesn't seem mean spirited about it interestingly Oda presents a Counterpoint to both men here Bellamy he sees Legends such as the one piece or Sky Island as relics of a different age has a negative reaction to seeing.

Bellamy into the bar and is positioned as a contrast to him he steps in after the fight to try and reassure Luffy Zorro and Nami this moment has only gotten more and more bizarre as time has gone on we know more about Blackbeard now this isn't some kind of Friendly Stranger it is Marshall D teach terrifying villain the killer of.

Whitebeard and the leader of the world's most terrifying pirate crew he is one of the greatest villains in the entire story and he's giving Luffy a pep talk our villain takes the time to encourage our hero to chase his dreams it's strange something about that mattered to him enough to stick around and reassure Luffy this is where these similarities.

Between our two pirate captains come in Luffy set out on his journey to become the pirate king due to the promise he shared with Savo and Ace this mysterious dream is what drives him forward the suggestion here would be that Blackbeard follows a similar path he too is chasing something something important enough to get him to go out to sea but what could.

That be what is teacher's dream going off his actions plunder and power is a pretty easy guess bloodbeard fits the mold of your classical pirate villain selfish greedy and impatient he takes what he wants from whoever he wants not caring about the cost he will backstab the Whitebeard Pirates the world government or anyone else it's easy to.

View Teach as just out for personal profit he betrays whoever he needs to in order to get what he wants he doesn't care about honor or protecting his crew he will sacrifice even his commanders if it gets him what he wants he wants it all for himself however it is clear to teach has something in mind that goes beyond just immediate power the just.

Wanted wealth respect and cherry pies why didn't he stay a warlord though Flamingo showed us that the system was highly abusable he was able to set himself up as king of dressrosa in all but name he was turning easy profits living a life of luxury and overseeing a thriving Black Market he had his own commanders backing him up what was.

Stopping Blackbeard from doing the same thing teach chose a much harder path he rated impelled down for recruits and invaded Marine 4 to claim what beards had he made the world government his enemy to gain the Titanic captains and the girl girl no me and he did the exact same thing before with the Whitebeard Pirates he killed bats to claim the.

Yummy Yami Nomi having served with the crew since he was a kid teach made an enemy of the greatest yonko in order to take the devil fruit at every point he's put himself in Greater danger to acquire more power looking back it's more like Blackbeard is chasing strength to try and accomplish his dream this would put him on the same path as his rival Luffy.

Has made it clear that he is looking to be comparing in order to make something happen whatever he wants to do is so impossible it would take the power and respect of the pirate king to achieve it teach could have been trying to accomplish his own dream through gaining power in a similar fashion he went from warlord to yonko acquiring the strongest.

Devil fruits and the most fearsome allies the idea that all this is just a way to get what he really wants makes sense but what dream would be driving teach like this if he was working on this plan when he first joined the white bear Pirates he had it in mind since he was a child we can't know more for sure but Blackbeard has given us one hint he.

Dubbed his Flagship the saber of jaback naming your ship after the leader of the Rocks pirate suggests he wants to follow in their footsteps Rox was trying to Take On The World Government and had his eyes on control of the World perhaps that is what teach wants he could have a dream of ruling the World Imagine if he plans to raid Mary Joy's and take imu's.

Spot as the Tyrant of the world government or perhaps Blackbeard shares Luffy stream he's gone about it through harsh violent means but just like Luffy he's been chasing this idea since he was a kid he and Lucy think very similarly either their dreams are opposites or they are completely identical regardless this is the framework that props up.

Luffy vs Blackbeard and it provides us with Blackbeard's weak spot he would love to pull all the strings that he did emery board you could lead Luffy into a dramatic trap in hajinosu having his crew blow these sunnies of pieces or something like that but beating Lucy Lucy and Blackbeard's primary goal it is accomplishing his own mysterious dream.

And we know that to do that teach needs to become the Pirate Cave this forces him to rage these straw hats to reach lap tail and claim the one piece even if he could guarantee he would eliminate Luffy there are other contenders to the pirate King's throne teach has to get the four Road porno glyphs and make the run to the final.

Island just like everyone else this changes everything about what Luffy vs Blackbeard will look like teach will try to make it a fight but the heart of their conflict is quite different this will come down to a contest between rival adventurers and this is where these triath will shine they have been through trial and error as a team.

Emerging stronger every time their nakama a family the Blackbeard Pirates are skilled but don't have an ounce of loyalty to one another in anything other than the direct battle TJ's team is going to crumble in the two pirate Cruise race it will likely end up with Blackbeard alone on a wreck saber of jaback screaming as he Dows in Sunny.

Blows away off into the distance where they cook the burst ultimately any fight between the two pirate Crews is going to be a battle of Dreams two men who both have hopes for the future fighting for the world they want to see and when they're done siege's dream is going to lie in tatters will destroy Blackbeard to despair or will he take his loss of.

Grace if they share a dream Luffy becoming the pirate king might make Blackbeard's defeat a little Bittersweet it wasn't him who accomplished The Impossible but at least he lived to see it done regardless that's where we're leaving Blackbeard vs Luffy what do you think is going to trigger this confrontation what do you think.

Teacher's dream could be throw out your ideas in the comments down below as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you