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Blackbeard Steals Law’s Devil Fruit!!? Blackbeard’s Third Devil Fruit! – One Piece Chapter 1064


The fight is on Blackbeard and law are putting it all on the line with their Duel who will come out ahead what's going on with the straw hats we've got three groups to check in on the action does not stop in one piece let's get to it we open chapter 1064 right where we left off last time teach is flying right at law charging up the guragura for a.

Quick based punch it's impressive for him to be able to hold it in the air like this loss Focus however is on his crew he is barking orders in no time commanding hakugan to get to the polar tank and Chachi and penguin to dive into the sea all of these men snap to work they just had a mountain Throne at them this is not the time to question orders.

But now that his crew are getting clear law opens his first room of the fight teach curses as the surgeon of death gets to work not messing around law goes straight for a deadly blow using amputate to slice stronger the Pegasus in two that's enough to send the pair falling hard towards the ground Knock You curses but Blackbeard is already.

Grenade teaches finally witness the power of Law's awakened technique and he is clearly impressed by it but not worried he knows though through Powers extremely well and now he has an awakened technique of his own before the two of them can hit the dirt teach manifests a new ability of the guruguranomi calling it grash or Quick.

Grip this is more of a defensive ability than the norm for Blackbeard he suspends himself and Doc Q in a field of quick energy it's enough to break their fall while lashing out at the heart Pirates scattering laws crew and shaking the island kicking up debris all over the place teach laughs hard as his enemy Scamper away from the Quake the Q.

However seems in a gloomier mood the surgeon of Blackbeard's crew falls to the ground more awkwardly annoyed at this initial strike from the heart Pirates thanks to them his horse may be dead he lops a bushel of apples towards lost man this seemingly innocuous gesture is swiftly explained by a heart pirate calling on to the crew to take.

Cover these are bomb apples the Q has more tricks than diseases it seems however they won't be so easily used against lost crew having finally reached the water Chachi takes a second to prepare before spitting out a massive torrent of water it's enough to keep Q's bombs in the air the whole set detonating harmlessly above the.

Battlefield grinning at his victory Chachi calls out to teach his crew the Blackbeard Pirates might be a yonko's personal man but they shouldn't underestimate the heart Pirates lost men grew up in the freezing cold Seas of the North Blue they are accustomed to the water the one area teaches men couldn't possibly follow them into Quick thinking.

A tactical fighting can even be odds against even the strongest though for users back online it is Beppo's turn to demonstrate that yes Peppo actually does something he's defying all the memes today those adorable bare ears have picked up on Van alger's teleportation honing in on the sniper's new location as soon as he warped in immediately.

Peppo shares his knowledge with Gene part who is ready to protect the law and Gene Bart means that he very directly protects law putting himself between the captain and Vonage here the big heart pirate is Tough Enough To straight up cats a shot Still Standing Tall even the usually impassive Von Elgar has to acknowledge how impressive a defense.

That was law won't let his crew have all the fun however the surgeon of death goes for shock Wiley impaling teach before frying him from the inside there's a subtle pun here shock Wiley is likely a play on the German shock well meaning Shockwave AKA with the guruguru no me causes when using the air law is turning Blackbeard's attack back against.

Him and it is a brutal attack teachers left coughing a blood and his eyes go glassy for a moment Von Alger looking on size the Blackbeard sniper is more pragmatic than his boss and a laments the idea of charging straight in it was a foolish move from his Commodores to take on the hard Pirates without getting more intelligence on them still Von.

Alger is here to get Blackbeard out of trouble a simple two warps are enough to remove teeth from the fight giving him time for a breather Alger asks that they should return to the ship they could lead lost crew to the other Blackbeard Pirates teach however dismisses the idea at once he is Blackbeard a Yanko a great warrior the only thing he can do in a.

Fight like this is go forward Von Alger knows better than to argue with his captain one more warp and blackbear returns to square off with law looking more determined than ever law is not worried about the fight picking back up his crew have been doing well so far and he knows his advantage to teach all of the Blackbeard Pirates are known for.

Users as powerful as they are in a direct fight the sea is their clear weakness they are going to have trouble facing the hard pirates in the water and now the heart Pirates had their ship back at Sea with the polar Tang they can sink the saber and just lead teaches men stranded on this island Blackbeard isn't worried about that however he is.

Confident in the trade-off he has made some of his crew are a little bit less certain however we see that the polar Tang is getting some good shots in on the saber of jaback one crew member Cries Out yelling that they hadn't been told the heart Pirates were this strong on the water still teaches captains have faith in their leader in the break below.

Vasco's shot shares as much with a prisoner there might be Pirates attacking them but the whole fight will be over soon shot has faith in their captain and sees no reason to bother joining the fight himself their captive is not in the mood for levity however Charlotte pudding snarks at the Blackbeard crew claiming that if her.

Mother was still alive they wouldn't be blabbering on like this Lin Lin would be wrecking the creeps who kidnapped her daughter shot doesn't dispute it but Phil's putting in with a laugh the guy they're fighting outside is the one who killed big mom not that Vasco cares is it old Legends have to get out of the way if the world ever wants to move.

Forward now this is the closest thing we have had to confirmation that the underground magma chamber actually killed big mom and kaido however it is coming from two people who weren't on wano so isn't entirely set just yet they could simply be making assumptions the two yonko lost the battle after all either way we leave vasco's shot and.

Charlotte pudding there back with teaching law the fight is starting to turn against the surgeon law has gone with a distant slash using anesthesia to enhance the length of his blade a good call given his foe's most notorious power however teaches caught the blow with a gurugura punch he is not playing around at this point law looks concerned.

As teach activates black Vortex that alone could decide to fight the yamiyami Nomi's notification ability will do a number on law especially after he expanded so much hockey last chapter all teach needs to do is get him into his grip and black Vortex is just the way to do it meanwhile at Marine headquarters the Navy have gotten a report of this.

Confrontation sakazuki takes it in and bemoans not being able to intervene this should have been his chance to take out a powerful pirate crew hitting whoever wins the fight when they're tired unfortunately he does not have the men to intervene in time the world is continuing to spiral into chaos and all the fleet Admiral can do is stand around.

And watch should happen even he can't be everywhere over on Egghead we find the result of the explosion officer Kuma has stopped his highly destructive Pursuit despite these straw hats being right in front of him thankfully Bonnie had a quick thought to use her no through Powers the eight shift was enough of a disguise of fully pacifista the.

Automaton has a downside and just like we predicted previously we've gotten to see old man Chopper again though this one is significantly less cute than the original we also have Luffy going old while his jinbei and Bonnie who have the younger look and it's a little bizarre to see a teenage gym Bay the team are all taking a second to recover from the.

Brush with death with chopper and jinbei consolingbani they hadn't realized Kuma was her father though now it has been shared it makes sense to them Luffy's a little sore about what she did but as a whole these straw hats understand the problem jimbei is the one to start asking awkward questions the verse Under the Sea asked Bonnie not to get angry.

With him but he wants to know if her information is correct with Bonnie and vegapunk here the truth could be important as far as Jimmy knows Bartholomew Kuma was known as an evil King The Vicious Tyrant of the sorbet Kingdom the rumors say he was banished by his own people forced out to sea and that was when he became a pirate Bonnie.

Looks unhappy to hear all of that still she doesn't interrupt jinbei instead she starts picking through a pile of trash as the Fishman finishes his story later on Kuma joined the Revolutionary Army however the Marines captured him he was sentenced to death for his past crimes but vegapunk was impressed by Kuma he saw both extreme physical strength and.

Potential for growth it was then that the doctor and Kuma made an agreement with the world government Vega Punk making clones of Kuma and beginning pacifist the program that allowed him to return to the Sea as one of the seven Warlords now at this point Bonnie seems more interested in the device she found rather than this conversation this.

Deal with it makes sense she would try and focus on any distraction she could get jinbei has to ask her flat out if that story is true after a second Bonnie confirms the fact that vegapunk's intervention let Kuma become a warlord however she claims he cyborg creation process was just a slow motion death sentence killing her father bit by bit.

It was just trading one execution for another jinbei doesn't argue with that however he points out the logic of what happened Playing devil's advocate as best as he can Kuma was a wicked Tyrant one so bad he was overthrown he had to have done things deserving of a death sentence this finally makes Bonnie snap She lays into the junk pile with her.

Newly discovered beam saber yelling out that this was all bogus her father was never a tyrant Kuma's only crime was hit in the world government there is no way he would agree to become their weapon they had to have forced them into it somehow jinbei has no answer for her after all he doesn't know the truth of this situation what more could he say.

His yellow straw hats have been distracted even now that they're both old geezers Luffy and Chopper can't help but Marvel at how cool Bonnie's new saber is they both gave at the destruction she has left after just one swing Bonnie speculates that this whole scrapyard area as he broken remains of vegapunk's password however the beam.

Sword seems to work just fine now that officer Kuma has wandered off somewhere Bonnie starts restoring the team to their proper ages she complains as she works however and shares a bit more knowledge with us apparently Kuma once told his daughter that he was part of some special race that may have been what led to vegapunk experimenting on.

Him however Bonnie is unimpressed that doesn't even come close to justifying murder Luffy backs her up on that while Chopper wonders aloud about this mysterious special race before this team can get any answers however we head over to the wrestling Straw Hat crew who are flying through the air the Vega force one has kicked a pair of powerful jet.

Engines into gear and is carrying 3000 Sunny into the sky as Punk Lilith explains the robot relies on the fancy jet pack coupled with some low-level anti-gravity to achieve flight it is only possible on Egghead Island at the moment due to the island aircon Punk Atlas developed someday however they plan to make this usable anyway.

Process is setting up the Vega Force One to show up as Cavalry in a later Arc the crew are passing over the area we saw last time the semi-retro Sci-Fi cityscape they can even make out the holographic monsters down below from this vantage point however they can get a better look at Egghead as a whole Punk Lila Smiles as she continues talking.

About it it's got to be nice seeing people discover your workplace and getting all excited about it the area below is half of Egghead Island above them however is not some kind of glass layer it is a whole additional part of the island suspended on clouds vegapunk has been able to replicate Sky Pia Punk Lilith outlines the difference between.

The two areas the lab and the Pavilion the cloud layer is vegapunk's domain while all their lab assistants live on the ground the lifted area is what gives the island its name it looks kind of like a cracked open egg or a version of Pac-Man with fangs as they go Lilith here's a report about Luffy she passes it onto the group The Other straw hats.

Are relieved that Luffy is causing trouble that probably means he is fine and if Luffy is fine so are jimbei Chopper and Bonnie the Vega Force 1 touches down on the cloud layer Zorro and Brooke are resolved to stay aboard the sunny for now and I must say it is a little odd that Zoro is hanging back given his request to speak to vegapunk.

Last chapter was that some kind of bluff or is he worried about traps the rest of the crew are all too happy to head out however they are excited to discover the clouds are just like they were in the White Sea usop Sanji Nami and Frankie are all bouncing away Merrily on it like kids on an inflatable castle only Robin manages to retain a little self-control.

Dr Vega Punk Lilith is happy to see them all having so much fun it's strange to think that she was trying to hold him hostage not too long ago he launches into a long explanation of how she pulled this off that sails right over the straw Hat's heads it doesn't bother the doctor however moving right along Lilith brings down the entrance to Vega.

Plus primary lab it is a retractable escalator sealed in a tube leading up to a blast door with lab zero written on it usop is impressed with how flashy it looks before they could enter however Punk Lil's requests that they all get changed there is a room right there for that purpose with new outfits set aside from the straw hats they even include.

Special shoes designed to fit any foot and thus it is here that we see these straw Hat's new looks for this Arc we just had Zoro and Brooke left to go Nami and Robin have what you'd expect Oda so fan service is a priority Frankie however is raining his freak side in a bit I'm not sure he has ever worn so many clothes he even has his strange.

Key-shaped cap to complete the look usop is sporting a pretty standard SSG uniform while Sanji is matching jimbe's tropical shirt typical number four Behavior imitating number three all the straw hats save Sanji are down with their new look Nami is hyped up to try out a new type of fashion USA compliments Robin's look pointing.

Together the gauntlets make her look strong Sanji can't bring himself to praise Frankie as far as he's concerned the big cyborg still looks like a freak still that's praise enough for Frankie he thanks Sanji for the kind words inside lap zero vegapunk Shaka is taking a denden mushy call it's hard to read his face behind the helmet but Punk.

Logic is getting philosophical he tells the caller that a genius can sometimes foresee the future when you're smart enough and have analyzed all the factors in play you can forecast likely possibilities The Stranger wonders where vegapunk is going with this Shaka doesn't mince words he thinks that he may die soon the caller tells Shaka to.

Stop joking around but it is clear he is not joking he is just letting his friend know and that friend is Monkey D dragon vegapunk or at least vegapunk Shaka is in contact with the leader of the Revolutionary Army since this is lab zero it is hard to tell how long this has been going on did Shaka reach out to dragon or is he just continuing Punk.

Zero's friendship with the world's worst criminal either way that's where we leave one piece 1064. wow the hard Pirates gave a strong showing against the Blackbeard crew if they go down it won't be easily still with black vortex in play law may be as good as doomed do you think he has a way out and how much is vegapunk Shaka foreseen let us know.

What you think in the comments down below as always I'm slash otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you