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Blast is The Original One Punch Man!


Without even being a mysterious being blast is still one of the most mysterious characters in one punch man that we have ever seen there are only two other characters in the whole series with comparable situations those two are saitama and God now the connection between blast and God is one that is very well established and continues to.

Be explored but what about blast and saitama well I'd argue that when it comes to the narrative and subtle direction of the story they are just as connected the earliest mention of blast in the series came to us almost 10 years ago which at the 30 of the manga and this was one of the most important chapters ever it's the one that first.

Introduced us to the hero association's greatest heroes the S-Class it's also where we got the iconic first meeting between saitama and tatsumaki almost everyone was here they somehow even managed to get Watchdog man to show up and he never leaves Q City the only two S-Class Heroes that didn't show up were Metal Knight and blast we were.

Introduced to each of them in ending order of rank and once blast is shown to be absent saitama is immediately shown since he was b-class rank 63 at the time this was definitely for the sake of comedic effect but at the same time saitama's panel does slightly overlap a blast but listen with most series I would not put much weight at all on.

These sorts of things but if you know one punch man you know that Morata is very very intentional when it comes to artwork this guy has altered several events in the story post-publication because of its own high standards this is definitely one of the more minor points but one I definitely think is worth mentioning for years blast was a.

Complete Enigma that we do next to nothing about but finally thanks to the monster Association Arc we know more about this guy than ever before first and foremost blast is the only character in one punch man that we can really consider a veteran hero and that's because he has been in the hero business longer than anyone else we know of yeah.

Even longer than characters like the now retired number three hero bang bang is definitely much much older but despite all his intense training and Incredible strength as a martial artist he only just became a hero in the last few years and really that's the case for most S-Class Heroes and heroes in general in the world of one punch man mysterious.

Beings or monsters have been around for a pretty long time we're not sure exactly how long but they weren't even rare to encounter when saitama was in Middle School it's just that in the last 15 years or so their appearances have become even more common and in really recent times they had become even more prevalent this is why heroics have been.

On the rise and have so thoroughly changed since the days of old the hair Association itself has only been around for three years and from there the designation of S-Class is an even younger creation based on how we understand it Blast has been with the association since the organization began but despite its abilities he was most.

Likely classified as a class for a while they only created the S-Class for the sake of accounting for anomalies that exceeded conventional metrics Heroes that were able to consistently handle and defeat monsters that other Heroes failed to before the hero Association was created all heroes were unregistered Vigilantes like saitama and genos used.

To be and oddly enough blast is the only character we know of that comes from that golden age of heroics although we don't know exactly how long he's been a Hero 4 or even how old he is for that matter we do know that his battle against God alone has spanned for more than 20 years at this point which is a pretty long time back then blast also.

Had an unnamed partner he was a sunglasses wearing dual-wielding swordsman with a ponytail he also seemed to carry some sort of firearm on his hip we know even less about this guy but sich an executive of your Association who blast is known and trusted for just as long mentioned the guy specifically along with a group of several other.

Collaborators again blast is the only active hero we know of from this previous time so what happened to all the other characters he used to work with well instead of dealing with your work as individual monster Slayers like we mostly see today they were all working together to research the mysterious God cubes thanks to this they.

Are able to gleam some key bits of information most notably the cubes can turn humans into monsters but is that really enough of a reason to justify such deep investment and investigation into these things in this world there are so many different and downright ridiculous ways for a human to be transformed into a monster besides.

Scientific experimentation bad habits complexes or sudden and excessive dissatisfaction with one's own life can cause cellular abnormalities than lead to monsterization God cubes are one of the two items in one punch man the all but guarantee monsterization in humans the other being monster cells but God cubes are a lot more more dangerous and.

Way more potent whereas God cubes come from God monster cells originate from Monster King Orochi after ingesting one a human is able to gain even greater strength and a longer lifespan the stronger the human the stronger their transformation will be and also the more hideous and inhumane their appearance with monster cells the transformation.

Process is a painful one after becoming a monster in this way besides a loss of humanity they give in to excessive feelings of insanity bloodlust sadism and ecstasy their morality and rationality diminish greatly and they very much tend towards Mayhem and destruction this sort of transformation can also be very telling to a person's.

True character and their more wicked thoughts a particular weakness shared amongst many Monster cell users is Extreme recklessness due to their height negativity and a lack of control over their new instincts for those with weak Wills they lose their ego and intelligence and instead become more like monstrous animals but those with.

Stronger Wills can transform and even alternate between their human and monster forms and despite empowering the talents a person already possesses monster cells also make it impossible for a consumer to grow any stronger their limiter becomes hard fixed they lose all broke potential and they completely stagnant also in terms of.

Receiving benefits at all monster cells needs to be eaten raw if their cook like Speedo sound Sonic tried to do they will have no effect besides causing violent diarrhea and sudden weight loss and eating more than one of these things provides no extra benefits it either just leads to them being knocked out or self-destruction since the human body.

Cannot handle that many cells God cubes are very different in that they result in virtually instantaneous and painless Transformations monster cells were a dime a dozen while God cubes are far more limited in quantity they are extremely heavy and very durable the power these things are able to Grant is exponential they don't just turn a.

Person into a monster they turn them into an incredibly powerful monster and one that isn't Limited in terms of growth at all but this all depends on worthiness which may or may not just boil down to whether or not God wants to but if a person is unworthy they will apparently suffer from a sort of rejection and that could mean the theft.

Of their body power or even life the influx of energy might just be too much for many people to handle the other key takeaway about God cubes was that besides being a catalyst for transformation these things can act as a direct means of communication with God the Providence of power is very transactional it's pretty much a deal.

With the devil simply touching one of these things is dangerous any person that does runs the risk of being made to contest the overwhelming will of God itself and from what we've seen even if a person ultimately refuses the being a degree of hesitation or additional engagement is enough for its influence to result in some degree of change these.

Cubes are not the only way for a being to be contacted or provided Power by God but our sort sort of like a way to call the entity instead of just waiting for a call homeless Emperor went from being some random guy to being a disaster level Dragon threat that was even challenging to many of the S-Class Heroes when it comes to the former.

Associates of Blas against such a powerful entity without backing from an organization it is entirely possible that some of them died in battle hero work itself was also a lot less lucrative than it is these days so some may have even retired for financial reasons characters like bang bomb and machinitian may be incredibly powerful.

Despite their elderly statuses but 20 years is still a pretty long time a lot of these Heroes may have simply left their physical primes long ago and can no longer keep up a good fight like they once could but then there's the most interesting possibility one that may very well apply to blast former partner the acceptance of God's power it's a.

Very tempting offer one that tends to be presented to already powerful beings very opportunistically this dual wielding guy was described as blast partner not his sidekick which is to say that he was likely of comparable strength and power even if the difference between them was like saitama and genos we cannot discredit how strong.

Genos is just because saitama is the strongest this mysterious partner was mentioned for a reason and this may very well be it God's entire MO is manipulating pawns so he will definitely be in need of some interesting ones like this guy now despite the importance of his mission blast consistently describes his hunt for the cubes as a hobby which.

Is very similar to saitama's view on eurowork a sort of relaxed stance that is pretty much unheard of amongst Heroes but it seems that more important than Gathering the cubes is combating God itself but we'll get back to that later in the video just a couple of years into his collection hobby blast met and saved a young tatsumaki while recovering one.

Of the cubes 18 years ago tatsumaki after being sold to esper researchers by her parents was abandoned by those very same researchers one one other hybrid monster samples went on a rampage just as tatsumaki accepted her fate blast managed to save her to do so he had blown an enormous hole through the side of the monster to kill it something that.

Is very similar to how saitama tends to handle monsters after saving her blast introduced himself to tatsumaki while casually holding a god Cube again he calls this a hobby of his but more than that he admits to having a proper job too which is very interesting saitama might call hero work a hobby of his but it's not like he has some alternate.

Identity being a hero is his only means of employment more or less he only says this because he doesn't really take it that seriously unlike some others it is not his entire life although he may be tempted and moved by the idea of money just as much as the next guy he is still simple enough to personally request the smallest apartment available at your.

Association headquarters and that's after living in an abandoned and monster infested City for ages he's also the sort of person to always consider ongoing sales at grocery stores blast on the other hand sounds like he has more of a Superman to Clark Kent situation going on although from our understanding he's dedicated his entire life to this.

Mission of his the last says something interesting once again right after that he asked hatsumaki why she doesn't use her power this is peculiar she also didn't demonstrate any abilities in front of him from that there are two likely inferences to be drawn either blast can sense power from others or he made the Assumption considering she was.

Being kept here in the first place when it comes to sensing power I'm not entirely convinced blast didn't seem to have any special impression of saitama when they first met he also felt confident enough to entrust asumaki's safety to King he recognized how dangerous Garo had become after being given some of God's power but at that.

Point just about anyone could tell that Garo was dangerous the Assumption angle is the simpler of the two but is no less interesting we now know that the organization responsible for detaining hatsumaki is one known as tsukuyomi they are a mask wearing evil research group one that is now capable of creating artificial espers but remember blast.

Didn't come to this place to save tatsumaki that was more like a bonus really he came there to secure one of the cubes that they presumably had in their possession and like we established earlier these cubes are not things that a human can just come into contact with without issues unless their will is especially powerful more than likely.

God's agenda already has roots in the organization for some reason or another they've been able to persist for close to two decades after losing the lab they had tatsumaki in and they are loathed by psychos as well speaking of psychos tsukuyomi seriously wanted to secure her after she was captured by the hero Association she is of course a very.

Powerful esper their desire for her may be no different from their desire for tatsumaki but they were especially interested in psychos's unique third eye ability presumably it's the same sort of powers of the late fortune teller Shiba bowel possessed that allowed her to foresee monster attacks and natural disasters with perfect Acuity but.

Besides that psychos is also a being that has been granted additional Power by God and the thing about God is that once it gives you power no matter how strong you are when that power is taken back the user perishes in a terrible way despite this psychos is still very much alive it's entirely possible that tsukuyomi whether or not agents like.

Apollo know or not aims to claim her on account of that reason especially but you could say that with tatsumaki Blast has prepared an esper of his own after putting his hand on tatsumaki's head he told her that she has someone she needs to protect we are then shown an image of a preschool fabuki and blasts comments on how adorable she is now this is.

Incredibly vague but either blasted thorough research on tatsumaki specifically ahead of recovering this Cube or upon making contact he can read minds to at least some degree it's definitely the more outlandish possibility but contextually mind reading makes more sense the black border around the panel is indicative of.

A flashback rather than a photograph but the scratchy nature of it gives off the impression of something a bit more past that the last thing blast would do for tatsumaki is give her the advice that she would go on to create her entire life around firstly he'd tell her that she should protect her family it's the reason why tatsumaki is so.

Overprotective of Kabuki then he'd say that as someone so powerful when the time finally comes she should not expect anyone to come save her which is why she is so against getting help from or working with other Heroes and so strongly believes in her own power while I don't imagine this advice he shared with her was it all malicious they.

Weren't exactly the most beneficial words to be sharing with her at that time after being told that she should protect her family tatsumaki terrifyingly rushed into preschooler Kabuki's room and tried to abduct her as it turns out she had been followed by some tsukuyomi members with the words of blast in mind tatsumaki mercilessly.

Slaughtered and killed the pursuers in front of her baby sister being traumatized like this resulted in fabuki Awakening her own esper abilities this is now a deeper grip of tatsumaki's as a 4C sister she wishes to protect into a world of danger and because she was told not to rely on anyone besides herself she has grown to be extremely pompous.

Destructive and inconsiderate in her heart of hearts she doesn't want to be disliked but the fear of being taken advantage of again is too overwhelming for her to do otherwise and instead of seeking the answers herself she ultimately defied those final words and desired for the direction from blast but instead she got saitama saitama is now.

The only person besides blast that tatsumaki is willing to listen to and at least on some level respect even if inadvertently saitama's impact on fabuki is largely why she and her sister are able to have a better relationship these days saitama also expanded tatumaki's perspective and gave her the stern shift she needed and it seems like this is.

Going to be a bit of a trend since atsumaki isn't the only hero that blast made a major impression on in his prime at some undisclosed time sweet Mass met and was presumed saved by blast and for this reason it seems like the top A-Class hero and Myers the number one S-Class hero like tatsumaki does the idol Heroes violent impulses made him.

Contemplate slaughtering all the S-Class heroes from behind just because he felt like they were looking down on him but simply being reminded of this blast related memory was enough for him to stabilize and control himself and although saitama doesn't exactly fit conventional beauty standards sweet mask is very fascinated by him genos aside he.

Is probably his biggest fan at this point the relationship between sweet mask and blast isn't all too clear just yet but the guy is definitely pretty messed up so I can only imagine that saitama's involvement with him will be for the better and again clean up blast mess but after meeting tatsumaki and sweet mask blast pretty much is the same.

Sort of cube collection thing for a long time that was until two years ago when he fought against Elder centipede based on the damage blast appeared to have suffered thanks to their fight and the massive destruction surrounding them although he was able to Gravely harm Elder centipede it seems like glass was Far weaker than he is these days and.

Back then Elder centipede wasn't even as big as it ended up being by the time it faced saitama and even added Apex Heller centipede didn't even hold a candle to Sage centipede which was killed by Garo in his stabilized monster form so whatever blast may have experienced over the course of the last two years and his time away from Earth likely made him.

Exponentially more powerful his hair may have also begun to gray during that time the lighting of the object also displays clear intent and coincidentally this anomaly resulted in Blast himself coming into contact with God directly for the first time now things are getting really strange how is this blast's first actual contact with God we definitely saw him.

Handle a cube when he say tatsumaki over a decade before this even if we chalk it up to God not deem him worthy back then the creature had no problem speaking with saitama and flashy Flash without knowing if they were worthy or not it even included Monaco in the possibility pool maybe it's as simple as God's power expanding and its Essence becoming more.

Present alongside the increased frequency of mysterious beings but they knew that the cubes were Communications devices of some sort prior to this whatever the case blast apparently refused the transaction and had to fight because of this elder centipede was able to escape while blast had his hands full after the battle glass was in terrible.

Shape and it seemed like this was when he received the scar across his face but how if simply appearing was that easy God wouldn't really need to strike so many deals with humans and struggle to breach Earth the closest thing we have seen to what may be considered a true manifestation of God were its feet the fight between saitama and Garo was so.

Intense that they inadvertently weakened the so-called dimensional seal that had been keeping God at Bay allowing the creature to partially appear which presents a whole new question what the hell is a dimensional seal and who is responsible for creating it we can assume that blast and his companions generally maintain the thing but it had.

To have been started somehow someone or something managed to contain or restrict God before or any Heroes began investigating the cubes the easy answer is aliens since in the original original timeline of saitama vs Garo we saw that one of blast cross-dimensional comrades belongs to the same alien species as boros a person to theorized that God is.

An entity that threatens life across the Galaxy if not further so earthlings aren't the only ones that may be concerned by its existence but it could just as easily be presumed that like boros to saitama this alien could have faced blast in the past and ultimately decided to follow the same path in pursuit of Greater strength one way or.

Another it is another point of similarity between them the here Association censors were unable to detect the entity at all from there blast believed it would be safer for everyone if they kept things under wraps and didn't inform other Heroes about God which isn't the most convincing reasoning to me since they may have been.

Able to better handle the cube situation if they knew but there's probably more to this in the end after just one year of working with them blast made it seem as though he had vanished because Christmas time and track record with them when the S-Class was finally established blast was placed at the top of the totem immediately despite being.

Off the grid the timing of everything might just be the most important thing of all back when saitama was still weak and still had hair he stayed the kid with a clutch chin that his grandfather happened to be incredibly rich and the story inspired him to create the hero Association in the first place saitama had no idea about this organization of.

Course but dedicated himself to becoming a strong hero his daily training regimen of 100 push-ups 100 sit-ups 100 squats and 10 kilometer runs although valuable obviously cannot account for the obscene levels of strength he now possesses despite not lining up exactly the timing of saitama's increasing strength and blast encounter with God is noteworthy.

At the very least during his training saitama experienced some very strong symptoms a solid meal plan and at home workouts don't exactly justify the vomiting of Blood by the 300th day of his training saitama was already at upper a class level but during this time he was experiencing a very strange stinging pain and over time taitama was.

Experiencing unexplained changes to his body there's no way to tell exactly what made saitama as powerful as he is Instead This description is enough to let us make educated inferences about what didn't one saitama displayed absolutely no recognition of the god Cube 2. his acquisition of strength albeit exponential was gradual three his.

Growth and potential is unlimited 4. his mental state is relatively stable with no signs of the arrangement or mysterious being inducing circumstances by he's not a cyborg robot genius esper swordsman or martial artist wherever or however saitama got his power it is beyond our current understanding of possibility in the story and would you.

Look at that blast is a similar case he may not be as strong as saitama but gay Baldi and God aside blast is the most powerful being in the series You could argue that Garo is stronger but not since losing his power at the end of the monster Association Arc and if it hadn't been for Garo gaining power from God blast would definitely be able to beat.

Him Blas was able to effortlessly obey the fastest kick splashing flash could offer just like saitama did he also got behind the evergarden ninja with no trouble at all just like saitama he was fast enough to teleport saitama and Cosmic fergaro into space before their Planet busting fist could Collide he could spin one of the god cubes on his.

Finger while someone as physically strong as flashy flash could not move it at all he would still cause magaro's deadly radiation which ended up killing many other Heroes by proximity alone the reason he is especially suited to battle against God is because he can create hyperspace portals with them he can teleport across seemingly unlimited.

Distances hence the infinity symbol that appears once he does so by slamming his fists together he can even go Beyond locations and try travel into different dimensions his teleportation can be used on himself several others and even objects all of this can be applied to attacks as well but in the case of an opponent that exerts too much energy.

While attacking through them the gate can be overloaded this is likely where its greatest limitation lies he can manipulate gravity for the sake of empowering his fists and again he may be able to read minds thanks to physical contact according to fabuki blast has even more abilities before we saw anything just mentioned she stated that.

He could shoot lasers from his eyes that he ruled over psychic powers and that he can command trillions of robots all of which I don't think are necessarily true it's important to remember just how powerful perspective is in this series it's the reason why King is the most powerful man on Earth and why saitama is always underestimated fabuki is simply.

Echoing the childhood nonsense and boundless praise her sister gave the man tatsumaki is the strongest esper on the planet she is at the top of the psychicota if she considers blast to be above herself well then I guess you could stretch to say that he rules over psychic powers but when we consider all these abilities that Blast has we're.

Left scratching her heads as to where he could have gotten them from like saitama he is not a cyborg robot genius esper swordsman or martial artist the powers possessed by all other heroes are fathomable and could likely be linked to at least one of these classifications so what could have possibly granted blast such unorthodox abilities that can even.

Defy dimensional bounds well like saitama it's unclear saitama and blast don't have much of a direct relationship just yet but thematically it greatly reminds me of the relationship we see in berserk between guts and the skull Knight simply put blast is effectively created the path ahead of saitama everything blast related will likely.

Become saitama related eventually any complications or issues caused by blast will likely end up being things that saitama ends up dealing with in some way shape or form form although we may not be ready for saitama to be hopping Dimensions with the galactic hero Association it's no doubt a potential aspiration that is likely to eventually.

Come blast walked so saitama could run blast distorts reality saitama straight up breaks it if you want to see more one punch Man videos like this all you have to do is ask as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you difference