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Blast Shows Saitama The Horrible Truth About Monsters! – One Punch Man Chapter 195


The cover page of one punch Man chapter 195 titled tanino features an epic shot of saitama breaking something a pretty simple one but these cover pages are always a treat we find ourselves inside an abandoned building which is the usual residence of a certain hyper obsessive ninja he had a bag of ice on his head after being lodged into the ground by.

Saitama Speedo sound Sonic called out to the few presences he knew were hiding nearby and told them to come out already popping in from the ceiling like genos's hidey-hole in sama's apartment the two uninvited guests praise their Target's perception yet again it was galewind and hellfire flame apparently instead of taking care of Sonic and flashy flash at.

The same time they now decided to take them down individually these guys went from being a reasonable threat to the Team Rocket of one punch man they even began the whole prepare for trouble sequence before being knocked over the head much just Sonic surprise two new faces entered the fry calling the duo a couple of jokers apparently they were.

Only ordered to observe Sonic and Flash not engage them they they were sick of the troublemakers going road with the two Shinobi detained they greeted Sonic who apparently belonged to the 44th ninja class known as the end this was their first meeting they were both his seniors from the 42nd class known as merciless the first one's name was.

Violent Force while the other one's name was destructive Devastation now I know galewind and hellfire flame have become a bit of a joke at this point but that's mostly because they've continued to face enemies that were well beyond them like saitama and flashy flash but we can't forget that the these two are apparently S-Class criminals and disaster level.

Dragon monsters and that's not a combined disaster level like the internet Surfers individually they're supposed to be that dangerous and although their growth is now capped on account of eating monster cells as a power boost at the very least I'd like to think that they've maintained their strength due to constant training so.

These two new faces must be pretty strong to not only avoid detection like this but also take them down so swiftly and I want you to keep that in mind because they are far from the only ones here for revealing himself to have been hiding on the wall we'd have rumbling Thunder of the 37th class known as golden which is the same class that.

Gilwin and hellfire from and we are about to be here all day there was insanely mad and chaotic Mayhem from the 21st class Terror there was ballistic Bullet From the ninth class composed murky Darkness from the 35th class chosen slaughterous Massacre from the 36th class bloodstained illusory Phantom from the 22nd class resolve melodic tune.

And hu color from the 13th class blossoming vibrating Tremor and instant moment from the 19th class momentum freezing ice from the 15th class sure win urion sky from the 27th class combined power shaking scream from the fifth class potential balanced equilibrium from the 16th class stability multicolored rainbow who.

Forgot to mention his class and bronny muscle from the 40th class rigid who ended up being covered up by Sonic thinking to himself that there were way more people here hiding than he thought altogether they were the Heavenly ninja party Tenino an elite assassination team made up of people who had gone beyond The Village's rank of highest ninja.

Jonine and entered the realm of heavenly ninja tenine which isn't a historically accurate rank but it sure does sound cool despite the silliness Sonic had to admit that these guys weren't just talk each and every one of them was truly skilled to interrupt this gilwin told them to stop hyping themselves up and get off their backs after that he mocked.

The notion of having gone Rogue he questioned if they truly found enjoyment in forming such a large group all for the sake of Revenge on one man laughing at the notion of them being Heavenly ninjas violent force and destructive Devastation were not happy to hear this disrespect at all the two troublemakers managed to say that they weren't fit to.

Be Heavenly ninja before being hurt even more Sonic took the situation in for a second before speaking up their Village had strict rules against them socialized with one another so the idea of them having an alumni organization was hard to believe violent Force explained that ever since the Shinobi Village was destroyed they' begun to change their.

Previous ways of thinking they had been Gathering and biting their time behind closed doors all for the sake of preparing for a certain plan and the time for their Reckoning had finally arrived all because that man has finally awakened and with his return the world would be turned upside down Sonic was shocked to hear this he knew knew.

Exactly who they were referring to and that's because that man was the founder of the Ninja Village they all hailed from in fact many of believed him to be the most powerful ninja in history apparently he lost Consciousness after an intense fight against blast 15 years ago and has been knocked out inside a recovery capsule ever since and I got to.

Say getting beat into a 15-year coma doesn't sound very impressive to me but whatever with Batman as their leader they would firstly get rid of their sworn enemy flashy Flash from there they' move on to the public execution of the number one S-Class hero blast lofty Ambitions indeed I really wonder what flashy flash could have possibly done to.

Make them all that mad but with those two dealt with they were sure that nobody else would be able to oppose them or so they think the Heavenly ninja party would tyrannically rule the world thanks to the overwhelming power of their Ninjutsu with all this in mind they also had a use for Sonic as well tomorrow night they wanted him to call.

Flashy flash to this very location slaughterous Massacre assured his Junior that they wouldn't force him to kill flash on his own that they'd be waiting here for him too if the young ninja failed to comply they would have no choice but to end his life too not to mention that man would be among them tomorrow as well and without receiving a.

Response they took their leave from there we returned to Hero Association headquarters flashy flash was shocked by what he heard they were doing live experimentation with the separation of monster cells and blast that returned to their Dimension specifically to watch the process he and S wanted to learn the key to undoing human monsterification as.

Swiftly as they possibly could and if they can actually cure the creatures that'll kind of mess with saitama's usual approach once something is a monster and openly aggressive he tends to destroy them without hesitation he has killed plenty of formerly human monsters it wasn't him this time but even just last chapter we saw a group of.

Internet snowflakes get dusted by OS and flashy Flash the fact that they're only just looking into this sort of thing when monsters have been around forever is kind of suspicious though but speaking of monsters sit questioned who the little one behind saitama was flashy flash explained that saitama and Monaco came into direct contact with God at the.

Same time that he did so he brought them along with him as precious samples hearing him call them precious saitama and the little lady exchanged a high five but with that it was time for the experiment to commence two former humans turned monsters were hooked to a machine and experienced excruciating pain watching through the glass saitama.

Recognized it too to be from the Martial Arts Tournament he participated in for the record their names were benatu and volton the woman overseeing the experiment was suddenly in a panic the numbers weren't stabilizing at all their breathing and pulses were going critical seeing that the subjects couldn't handle a pain s quickly told her to shut it.

Down this is almost like psycho's experiments that aim to force monsters to break their limiters the two monster martial artist completely lost Consciousness and were foaming from the mouth once it was all over a sight that thoroughly terrified Monaco backing away and hiding behind a table she shouted to them that she was never a human to begin.

With so there was no point in doing that sort of stuff to her to this saitama promised her that they wouldn't which is to say that even if they wanted to he wouldn't let them clearly saitama already likes a little monster more than Fuki to the point where he was even curious how she was born in the first place as it turns out Monaco is actually.

A a piece of goroo that got separated during the incubation process sort of like a little twin or something that's really interesting goroo was more or less just a puppet for psychos so for Monaco to possess her own sentience is really something special seeing as a larger body was compatible with asper abilities maybe Monaco will be able to.

Grow into a bit of power herself at that point tatsumaki and Fuki would definitely be jealous of saitama's favorite esper the bald hero wondered if Monaco was Goro guro's sense of hunger however she preferred to believe herself to be its conscience but to interrupt their banter blast noticed something peculiar it was another martial artist.

By the name of huki despite the pain he struggled towards the machine again from there he strapped himself in once more and asked them to continue their experiments on him this astonished everyone watching with tears flowing down his face the be monster stammered out that he knew the kids at the dojo were going to be watching him perform.

But then he and the others would threatened to be killed if they didn't eat monster celles and become mysterious beings the guy was barely making any money teaching self-defense classes to women and children so he justified the act with the prospect of freedom but now that he's a monster he regrets it with all his heart he couldn't possibly look.

His students in the eye as he is now so he begged them to continue with a nod s accepted his request and they kept going again it was terribly painful but much of the woman shock the third subject's numbers had actually stabilized these results were incredibly promising that made it clear to blast that a monster psychological state was the key to.

Success again these are similar Concepts to psycho's experiments towards the removal of a person's limiter what if the reversion process leads to even greater power or potential that could be huge for Garo however the bare monster could only handle so much and was benched for the time being but now that the festivities were over flashy flash.

Turned to blast intending to follow up on the reason they'd come here in the first place they were here to talk about God flashy flash was sure the dimensional hero knew something particularly about the connection between God and the ninja Village he was raised in and that's the chapter definitely a short one this time around.

But considering the setup for a fight against the Heavenly ninja that man and more information on blast I'm just going to hit the copium and choose to believe that Morata decided to give us this chapter as an appetizer because he is cooking up something really special on that note the support you guys have been showing for these one punch Man videos.

Has been really special too so thank thank you for all the kind words they really do mean a lot as always I'm slice Baku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you