Half a roasted chicken. It makes me nervous,though, because it's such a simple dish. You can really mess it up. This battle's goingto come down to, is the roasted halfchicken roasted properly? Is it juicy? Is the skin delicious? 45 minutes, it's hardto cook a roast chicken,.

Whether it's a halfchicken or a whole chicken. I'm going to keep it simple,but I'm just going to put a few Italian flavors on it. So I'm making roastchicken with porcini and Parmesan crust andpancetta bread salad with pickled shallots. I'm cutting the backbone outand splitting them in half. I want to ensure a goodcrust on them, because that's really important.

So then the pancetta isgoing to be diced up. I want to render the fatso they get a little crispy for my bread salad. We got just under36 minutes, guys. All right, chef. What's happening over here? I'm going to let them finishcooking just with some rosemary and some olive oil. Mm-hmm.

You know, listening to youand Sonny give me a hard time about Tuscany, I waslike, I'm going to do some Italian roasted chicken. So I'm going to make like acrust with Parmigiano Reggiano and some ground porcini powder. I'm going to take some sourdoughbread, make little croutons, and I'm going to cook it inthe chicken fat, pancetta, and some pickled shallots. So like a sweet andsour kind of thing, so.

It's like it's like a breadsalad with the chicken. Sounds terrible. And then I'm going to– No. I'm going to pickle someshallots in some grenadine and some vinegar. What are you doing withthe sourdough, Bobby? I'm cooking it in the pancettafat and the chicken fat. Oh, OK.All right.

So I'm making a crust togo on top of the chicken. It's ground porcini powderand some Parmigiano Reggiano. It's going to make thechicken a little crustier, and also it's goingto give flavor. Oh, Bobby. She's coming for you, man. Shocking. 17 minutes, chefs. What's going on, Bobby?.

What's happening overhere with your sourdough? Just cooking. Can I dab a little bitof this in your bacon fat? Sure. Notice how I didn'teven ask him what he's doing, because I don't care. I don't care. What can I tasteover here, chef? I'm making like adressing for this.

It's a good texture. So it's a bacon fat,chicken fat, vinegar, with mustard, pickled shallots. Anything with bacon fat. Can't go wrong. Exactly right. So I have currants. I throw them in the dressing. We're going to add sortof like a fruity balance.

To all the vinegar. So I take the chickenout of the oven. I think it looks good. I'm concerned, it's notcooked, because it's hard to roast a chicken,even if it's in half, in that short period of time. Chef, how are we doing? I don't know. Bobby's dish, that's what youwant to eat with your family.

Yeah. I add the arugulaand bread salad, a little bit of extradressing, and some fresh herbs. That's it. Three, two, one! Like salad at the last second. If my chicken isn't cooked,I think that I'm cooked. [music playing]


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