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Boruto Embarrasses Naruto In a Fight, and It’s Not Even Close!


The world of naruto has some of the strongest characters in anime they can move at the speed of light warp reality cut moons in half and travel across dimensions the top most powerful characters are closer to unstoppable gods than normal mortals and two of the strongest people in this universe happen to be very closely related naruto zamaki.

Is a hero of the fourth great shinobi war he sealed the mother of chakra kaguya otsutsuki and saved the entire planet multiple times he is a reincarnation of ashrae otsutsuki the son of the progenitor of ninjutsu not to mention for most of his life the jinchurki of the nine-tailed fox for the longest time naruto was the undisputed.

Strongest person in the ninja world only his rival and best friend sasuke uchiha could rival his power naruto's time in the spotlight has come to an end though united fox has died and most of naruto's power has gone with him the person that's poised to take his place as protector of the world and strongest ninja happens to be his very own son.

Boruto uzumaki boruto was a prodigy at the academy at a highly skilled gaming alongside his father boruto defeated momoshiki a powerful member of the otsutsuki clan he killed an inner member of cara an organization of augmented superhumans the peak of naruto zamaki's power has been shown but boruto's true strength has only just begun to be.

Revealed at boruto's current power level could he possibly defeat naruto in his prime now before we figure out which uzumaki is the strongest be sure to subscribe to the channel with notifications never miss an upload and smash that like button for some polymer today naruto has come a long way since his goofball days as a 12 year old denny.

Through the years naruto has acquired a lot of power and unlocks several different unique and dynamic forms let's see how each of these forms stacks up against borton's current state in the manga will the number one knucklehead ninja remain on top or has his son finally surpassed the father let's find out boruto vs kid naruto to be honest.

We're starting with a pretty one-sided fight when arto first started his ninja career he didn't have a lot going for him he had no control over the nine-tail fox's chakra he wasn't particularly skilled in ninjutsu his genjutsu was non-existent and his taijutu was only decent only a few things gave naruto to an edge in any of his fights those being.

His immense shock reserves and his determination to never give up no matter the odds with those two things he achieved some impressive feats in less than a day naruto learned and mastered the multi-shadow clone jutsu a forbidden technique that would kill an average ninja the sheer number of shadow clones that naruto could create at just 12.

Years old has yet to be matched by anyone living or dead with nothing more than willpower and a legendary signing as a teacher naruto learned the rasengan and a-rank jutsu in less than a week it took the fourth hokage three years to develop the jutsu and even draya took considerable time to master it naruto figured it out in a fraction of that.

Time the shadow clone jutsu and the rasengan became naruto's trademark abilities and were the core of his fighting style with these skills the outcasts of the village took down some major opponents naruto defeated neji hyuga a prodigy of konaha and a user of the biakugan gara of the sand the jinjiroki of the one-tail shukaku also.

Lost the naruto despite all these great skills and outstanding feats this version of naruto just does not compare to boruto even before boruto graduated from the academy he was already considered a genius shinobi he could perform the shadow clone jutsu although he couldn't use it at the same level as naruto originally boruto's limit was.

Three clones but that number has risen to a few dozen now boruto's skill and ninjutsu is impressive as well he can produce powerful lightning wind and water jutsu the jutu can be combined for powerful combo attacks like the boruto stream he is an expert in taijutsu too as a descendant of the hugo clan boruto can use the gentle fist fighting style.

Even without a biakugan once boruto became a full-fledged getting his power rose even more with the help of his sensei konohamaru boruto learned the rasengan in a matter of days he even unconsciously developed his very own version of the rasengan by adding lightning chakra to it called the vanishing rasengan this version was much.

Smaller than the normal rosengan but it could be thrown and turn invisible boruto is pretty much superior to this version of naruto in every single way his style taijutu is better than naruto's wild and unreformed fighting style boruto has access to far more ninjutsu than naruto which makes him more effective in different situations.

His version of the rasengan is better than naruto's as well the only thing that kid naruto can do better than boruto is the shadow clone jutsu but that won't amount to much against vorto's arsenal of abilities without even getting into boruto's later abilities he easily overpowers his version of naruto the first round goes.

To boruto uzumaki moroto one naruto zero version one chakra cloak naruto versus boruto when naruto uses a fraction of the nine-tailed fox's chakra he gets a significant power boost his speed strength and techniques increase drastically when the nine tails begins taking over naruto it manifests as a translucent cloak of red chakra this.

Chakra cloak forms tales indicating how much power is being released and how close the ninetails is to fully taking over naruto's body during sasuke and naruto's first fight at the valley of the end naruto manifested one tale of the fox's chakra while in this form naruto was able to keep up with sasuke's three tome away sharingan this shocker.

Cloak also acts a protective shield against most attacks powerful ninjutsu like amaterasu isn't capable of penetrating the cloak keeping naruto safe from harm this form also allows naruto to extend the chakra cloak outward forming massive arms and tails that naruto can use to attack and grapple opponents the addition of the.

Fox's chakra also amplifies all of nars ojutsu like the rasengan during his final clash with sasuke at the valley of the end naruto infuses normal rasengan with the fox's chakra which made it much larger and far more powerful this rosengan competed with sasuke chidori which was enhanced by the second level of his cursillo the only downside to.

This form is that naruto has almost no control over himself he runs the risk of hurting his comrades overusing the chakra killer can also cause serious harm to naruto's body as well this version of naruto would be more of a challenge for boruto a fight against his former naruto would require borza to use some of his more advanced abilities.

After beating momoshiki boruto was given his karma seal this seal grants boruto all of momoshiki's abilities and powers one of momoshiki's greatest abilities is his power to absorb chakra and ninjutsu with this singular ability boards would be able to defeat naruto's chaka cloak any nine tails in nash jutsu or chakra said boruto's way would get absorbed.

Right away once again boruto takes this round borto 2 naruto zero time skip naruto vs boruto after two and a half years of training with jiraya naruto returned to konoha both stronger and smarter than he left it his overall skills as a ninja improved he was finally able to take the bells from his sensei kakashi with the help of sakura.

Naruto went toe-to-toe with several akatsuki members like hitachi uchiha daedara and kakuzu in addition to his fighting capabilities naruto skill and ninjutsu improved greatly as well he had mastered his chakra control allowing him to create much larger rosengons and these bigger versions of rasengan produced far more damage than a normal.

Version while training to defeat sasuke naruto learned about chakra natures and discovered that he has affinity for wind style using this knowledge he combined his wind chakra with the rosengan to create a new jutsu called the rasen shuriken this is something that not even the fourth hokage could do as he failed to combine his shocker nature with the.

Rosengan with this new technique naruto was able to defeat kakuzu an akoski member whom both shikamaru and kakashi had struggled against so how does this older and stronger naruto compare against boruto although the years of training in new jutsu made naruto a formidable force in early chippudin they won't help him much here once again.

Boruto can't absorb any ninjutsu than are to use it against him the rasa and shuriken would be useless and boruto would be able to keep up with naruto's speed and taijutsu without much issue borucho still just has way more abilities than naruto and can heart counter most of his attacks so the sun comes out on top once again.

More to three naruto zero version two chakra cloak versus boruto naruto has a secondary form where he uses even more of the nine-tail fox's chakra as naruto loses further control of the nine tails his chaka cloak begins to change shape and gives him greater abilities when naruto first encountered a rochimaru chipudin he was instantly filled with.

Rage and lost complete and utter control of himself his chakra cloak gained the fourth tail and began making changes to his body naruto's skin began to peel off revealing a dark red mass of chakra underneath in this new form naruto's speed and strength increased exponentially the chakra cloak still protected him from harm and he could.

Still create chakra arms from his body while in version 2 of the chakra cloak naruto could create miniature tail beast bombs that could destroy all three gates of the triple rashomon this form nearly killed both jaraya and orochimaru two of the legendary signing when they faced it naruto formed an even stronger version of the cloak when he was forced to watch.

Payne nearly kill hinata naruto's belief that hinata was dead sent him over the edge unlocking a total of six tails this improved chakra club grew an exoskeleton around naruto's body with six tails naruto was able to push payne a rentagon user to his absolute limits during their fight naruto continued to grow more tails and almost fully released the nine.

Tails fighting his version of naruto would also push board to see the extremes of his abilities with his karma seal boruto could absorb any of the mini tail beast bombs that naruto had fired him this would save him from the worst of naruto's attacks the real issues would come from naruto's speed and physical strength boruto would have no.

Way of keeping up with naruto in this form and would get pummeled by his chakra arms under normal circumstances his daughter would do in the fight here boruto has one more ability up his sleeve when boruto is severely injured or exhausted his karma seal activates and allows momoshiki to possess his body although momoshiki can no longer.

Resurrect through borto he still exists inside him momoshiki can still temporarily possess boruto if he allows it or is incapable of fighting back while momoshiki is in control boruto not only has complete mastery of his abilities but also his experience as well this lets boruto fly and use attacks far more powerful than they.

Normally could boruto would also be faster and stronger than naruto's chakra cloak giving him more than enough power to win boruto iv naruto zero sage mode versus boruto after juraya's death naruto traveled to mount miuboku the home of the toad summons who trained for his fight against pain while there naruto became a true sage by learning.

How to properly absorb natural chakra from the world around him once he mastered this ability naruto could enter sage mode at will while in this mode naruto's strength increased massively allowing him to lift large boulders and a giant animal summon with ease naruto's sensory abilities were also drastically enhanced when naruto first appeared in.

The village after payne's attack he could instantly tell which villagers were alive or dead his sensory capabilities were so great that he could effectively fight blind by just sensing where his opponent is with sage mode naruto was able to feed five of pain six bodies while they were all fighting him at the same time borge's normal.

Abilities would not be nearly enough to match naruto's power while he is in stage mode using sage mode allows naruto to throw the rosten shuriken and cause he jutsu to rapidly expand before it even hits the target naruto's ability to fight blind would also give the opportunity to attack boruto with ninjutsu in complete darkness or in.

Areas of low visibility boruto wouldn't have the opportunity to absorb naruto jutsu the strength boost from sage mode would let naruto easily overpower boruto in any taiju to fight boruto's only chance of winning is to let momoshiki take over when momoshiki is in control borto's right eye becomes a biakugan which would remove any visibility issues.

The speed and power of a full-blooded otsusuke are too much for naruto to handle even when stage mode activated with momoshiki's help borto survives another fight and makes it to the next round borto 5 naruto zero nine tails chakra mode versus boruto we are now just starting to get to the.

Upper limits of naruto's power after defeating pain naruto realized he had to master the nine-tail fox's chakra before it completely consumed him he left the village to train alongside killer b another chinchiroki who had mastered his tail beast naruto battled against united tales for dominance and with the help of his mother he was able.

To take a large portion of the fox's chakra for himself he could use this shaka to enter a new mode that lets him use all the abilities the chakra close without any of the drawbacks this new form was called the ninetail chakra mode while maintaining control of himself naruto could create his own chakra arms and miniature versions of televised.

Bombs that he could use like rosengans naruto's sensory capabilities also received a major upgrade you could tell the difference between white zetsu minions disguised as shinobi and real people through the negative emotions meanwhile even expert sensory tight ninjas failed to spot the difference that's not even the end of naruto's.

Power-up while using the nine-tail chakra naruto unlocked a whole new level of speed he was able to dodge the fourth raikage's fastest attack an incredible feat considering that the reikage was considered the fastest should not be alive before naruto gained his new form the nine-tail shock remote gave naruto the power to go head-to-head with.

Multiple jin turkey at the very same time all of which had complete control over their tail beasts without a doubt boruto would definitely need momoshiki to even stand a chance against naruto in this mode when momoshiki first made his debut in boruto he was able to take out killer b with relative ease if boruto has access to all of momoshiki's power.

He should be able to handle this version of naruto two one of the major downsides to naruto's nine-tailed chakra mode is that he can only maintain the form for a limited amount of time in comparison momoshi can control boruto's body for an indefinite amount of time as long as he allows it with this consideration boruto could simply outlast naruto if not.

Outright defeat him another win for boruto boruto 6 naruto zero barama mode versus boruto mastering nine-tailed fox's shocker wasn't the end of naruto's power progression during the fourth great shinobi war naruto began to understand the demon fox trapped inside him he learned that his true name was kurama and the two of them became close.

Friends now that naruto wasn't battling his quran for dominance he could use the tel b chakra without worry karama freely lent his strength to naruto granting him an even more powerful version in the intel chakra mode in this new form naruto had the full strength of the united fox on the side the time limit that he had before was now gone as long.

As karama still had chakras to spare naruto could completely call upon it naruto and kurama's new partnership gave them a monstrous new ability through the synchronization of their chakra naruto could summon a full-sized avatar of korama this avatar was made entirely of the same golden chakra as naruto's nighttail chakra mode when using this.

Avatar naruto could finally use a tail beast bomb an attack capable of destroying an entire village in a single blast with this avatar naruto is able to hold his own against six fully power-tailed beasts at the very same time naruto could even use his own ninjutsu while controlling the avatar for karama's chakra naruto could.

Instantly create truly gargantuan seisero sengons naruto used his avatar to fight gansey tentails and obito chiha when he became itchin cherokee when naruto is using karama mode he can go up against godlike opponents he would definitely pose a challenge to boruto even with momoshiki controlling his body this would likely be a difficult fight.

For both parties but at the end of the day boruto would almost assuredly take the victory although karama mode is an incredible power boost naruto was never able to beat someone of momoshiki's caliber on his own when he ripped the ten tails from mobito naruto had the help of sasuke susano and the entire shinobi alliance to aid him modero was.

Even able to extract karama out of naruto in a matter of moments despite him being in the avatar at the time momoshiki has shown that he is able to defeat beats on his own and naruto has lost to weaker opponents than momoshiki even with karama mode overall a moment she can control boruto would be able to defeat naruto even with all of karama's.

Chakra at his disposal boruto seven naruto zero six pass sage mode versus boruto this will probably be the toughest fight to make a judgment on it'll also be the first fight to push both naruto and boruto to the absolute limits after naruto nearly died from having kurama taken from him he was visited by the sage of six packs himself.

Hagoromo utsutsuki during this meeting naruto learned that he was a reincarnation of ashrae otsutsuki at the end of their meeting haguromo get the naruto with a portion of his power this gave naruto a brand new form and some of the abilities of the yazooski clan he could fly create truth seeker orbs and use all chakra nature types that's not.

Even half of it all nine-tailed beasts also get the naruto a portion of their power as well which allowed him to use their unique abilities naruto could create special rangons with each of the tail beast chakra and naruto has performed most of his greatest feats while using the six path sage mode this form seems to have advanced naruto's.

Astronomical speed even further while fighting matara in his tent tails jin jerky stage naruto dodged an attack moving at the speed of light he was also able to catch kagia off guard making him equal in speed if not faster than a member of the otoosi clan along with speed nars reservability received a major boost too when he was fighting.

Tony herroski naruto tanked an attack that could cut the entire moon in half he has been stabbed in the stomach with a sword and recovered from the wound in a matter of seconds it would be impossible for most enemies to even deal lasting damage against naruto in terms of power naruto is in a whole new league he still has access to the avatar you.

Unlocked in karama mode except it is even stronger now using shadow clones naruto can gather natural energy and merge with the avatar creating the ashra kurama mode with this super powered avatar naruto was able to develop his ultimate jutsu six paths massive rosten shuriken this attack was powerful enough to match satsuki's great jutsu which was.

Fueled by the chakra of all nine-tailed beasts on his own naruto was able to defeat tonair who was buffed by the tenseigon for the longest time it seemed like there was no one in the universe strong enough to take down naruto in the six path sage mode with the fully realized power of the karma seal boruto is equally as strong as momoshiki this.

Makes his match-up all the more interesting as naruto has fought momoshiki before during boruto's shooting exams momoshiki and his partner kinshiki attacked the arena momoshiki used an attack so powerful that he was able to knock out naruto and capture him although it is worth mentioning that naruto's primary focus was on defending.

The village from the attack because of the surrounding civilians naruto wasn't able to go all out against momoshiki the next time the two of them faced off both fighters were able to go all out naruto managed to prevail but it is important to note that he had sasuke to help him throughout the entire fight in a one-on-one fight it is hard to say in.

Six six-pack stage monarch would win or a fully powered momoshiki the best judgment that i can give is that six-pass sage mo naruto would tie against a max out karma still boruto baryon mode versus boruto we have finally reached the last match of our video this is naruto's final form and the maximum potential of his power in.

Order to protect the village and his son naruto is forced to fight against ishiki ozuski a member of the o2c clan that planned on sacrificing boruto to create another god tree the gap between nishiki and naruto's strength was so wide that ashiki easily beat both naruto and sasuke six past sage mode wasn't anywhere near powerful enough to compete.

Against someone like ashiki in a desperate attempt to win naruto did the unthinkable through the fusion of naruto and karama chakra they were able to create a new energy type this energy consumed karama's life force as fuel which ran the risk of permanently killing the tail beast using this energy naruto was able to unlock his final form.

Called baryon mode naruto's reflexes speed and strength were increased to tremendous levels before baryon mode naruto didn't stand a chance against sashiki but after the battle took a complete 180 degree turn suddenly naruto is able to effortlessly dodge and block all of ashiki's attacks no matter what he did ishiki could not land a hit.

Against naruto naruto on the other hand quickly dominated the fight every strike that naruto made did serious damage to ashiki because baryon mode used karama's lifespan as fuel naruto couldn't maintain the form for long this time limit is the only reason that naruto didn't kill ishiki during their fight despite not being able to deliver the.

Final blow naruto was still the cause of a shiki's ultimate death baryon mode's greatest feature is that it consumes the opponent's life force along with kuramas every time the naruto hit a shiki he was stealing gears from his lifespan the life-draining effect of baryon mode caused his shiki to crumble into dust once he reached the end of his lifespan.

On his own naruto was able to take down the most powerful enemy to ever threaten the ninja world baryon mode is the strongest naruto has ever been and the strongest he will ever be this new form cost the life of kurama one of naruto's closest friends with akurama he no longer has access to any of the nine-tailed shaka that made him so.

Powerful although karama is gone forever he went out on top if boruto had to fight against naruto in baryon mode he would be absolutely demolished even with all of momoshiki's powers skills and experience he doesn't stand a chance against baryon mode taijutsu was always momoshiki's weakest skill and baryon monarch excels at taijutsu naruto will.

Be far too fast for momoshiki to react to and with each hit he'd get closer to death regardless of how powerful boruto's karma seal makes him it won't be enough to even compete with barry on mode it's possible that as he series progresses boruto will discover a new power or receive a new karma seal that pushes him to a new level of strength.

But until something like that happens boruto won't be able to surpass naruto in his prime finally the original blonde protagonist reigned supreme as the strongest ninja borto7 naruto one taiwan but hey we would love to know what you guys think do you agree with our choices in these matchups let us know in the comments down below as always i'm slice.

Of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you