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It looks like kishimoto heard all the complaints about boruto in 2021 and is wasting no time this year i'm of course joking but we actually do have a perfect start to the year for boruto with the newly released chapter 66 a chapter where a motto is confirmed a snake kawaki awakens new crazy karma abilities and more importantly we see boruto die.

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Borrow to lose control of his body to momoshiki and after that had happened code was easily pushed back the power of momoshiki far exceeded that of boruto's regular karma output and while momoshiki would be delivering the beats to code we'd have a suspicious moment with the motto and that sounds weird but anyway he'd kind of tune out sai who was.

Debriefing him on the situation and hope that kawaki didn't ruin this they'd come too far at the time we didn't know what this meant but of course later we see he was talking about the karma powers rising again for kawaki again back on the battlefield momoshiku will be spamming giant resengans like an amateur playing ninja storm on playstation it.

Was not looking good eventually though kodu two strategies and try taking kawaki hostage but that too would be stopped but momoji keeps pulling up with the stick and by that i mean a newer sengon called the resen dan he would fire the chakra bullet piercing code and freeing kawaki kawaki too however was not spared the hands and had the beast.

Delivered to him as well for trying to resist eventually naruto chikmar would arrive on the scene to rescue kawaki and attempt to stop code and momoshiki who again was still in control of boruto kawaki was really worried for naruto here because he was in the presence of code someone kawaki believed naruto could not beat especially not without.

His cuban chakra shikamaru would end up being held hostage by code to stop naruto and momoshiki would actually join in here helping code after all he too would benefit from naruto being dead this would ultimately lead to kawaki attempting to save naruto from yet another massive resengan momoshiki really is just a spammer in the end.

Naruto wouldn't need to take this damage or dodge because kawaki was now back with a karma's power and would absorb the rasengan a trademark ability of the karma the return of kawaki's karma was thanks to a model a new form of osuzuki power that was simply power chapter 66 would open with a motto's thoughts on kawaki and his karma and man just.

Reading those thoughts it reeks of manipulation he clearly wanted kawaki to believe the choice was his to get the power back when really he was being forced to take it he didn't have a choice the return of kawaki's power came with some changes most notably at this part of the chapter his pupils were different it was now more like ishikis.

Of course everyone was shocked to see the return of kawaki's karma and ada would try to shed some light on this development for code like we mentioned earlier it seems kawaki didn't have a choice amato never intended for him to decide whether or not he wanted the camera back it'd already been reconstructed most likely when kawaki's.

Right hand was replaced after the battle with the shiki earlier in the story in the fight against delta kawaki had sacrificed his arm to save himawari an event that led to him having a prosthetic arm that operated using chakra from naruto this was the case until after the battle with ishiki by which point amado had joined konaha and.

Was able to reconstruct kawaki's arm after the battle after this according to aydah's theory all that was left was to motivate kawaki to want the power hearing this code would come to realize amato may have used them as the final push to awaken the karma and he would still be holding shikamaru hostage at this time so shikamaru would hear this.

And now know that code has an ally konoha is up to this point not aware of ada and her ability to see all things so this would be the first hint i did think it was weird that previously a model didn't consider aydah when kawaki had left konoha i understand she was thought to be gone but when code seemed to have access to information he shouldn't know.

It seemed logical that she would be considered but anyway from here kawaki would look at himself and kind of take in the fact that yes his power has returned still in control of boruto's body momoshiki would note that it's not usually possible for a lost karma to manifest again immediately wondering if this was a motto's doing we know a karma.

Can be given again after being lost for example that is what ashiki tried to do to kawaki before ultimately getting stomped out however we don't know much at all about the karma manifesting on its own again after being lost it's probably so rare and strange in fact momoshiki had to conclude a motto must be responsible naturally it wouldn't.

Have happened on its own and i wonder if this is how boruto will regain his karma assuming he loses it in some way following the incidents of this chapter because of the opening scene in the beginning of the manga we know borta will have a karma at the end so there's still the question of what goes on there this next line cuts kind of deep despite.

Being so simple momoshiki would call kawaki a fool and tell him to continue being used by others until he gets fed to the ten tales and yes it's true that kawaki has always been used first with his own father you could say then jigen ishiki and now hamado will kawaki be able to end this cycle and act on his own truly time will tell now this is.

Where the chapter turns up kawagi would activate the black rods that ashiki previously used against naruto at the same time it seems his people changed and again looks similar to ishiki's momoshiki was able to easily dodge this but the barrage would continue next the massive cubes used previously by ashiki again against naruto would be summoned.

And would come crashing down around momoshiki both jutsu daikokutan and sukuna hikona were juicer previously used by shiki as kawaki stood there looking like a new man with power omoshiku would have to wonder if amado was trying to make him a second ishiki right now he sure looked like it we all knew a motto was suspicious but now the.

Evidence was overflowing naruto would call it the kawaki next and try to understand what was going on okawaki would stop him and tell him to basically focus on protecting shikamaru after all ko did threaten to kill shakimaru if naruto had moved and this was not out of real concern by the way for shikamaru anything and kawaki made that clear very.

Quickly with a look of concern naruto would ask kawaki how far he intended to go it was clear he was attacking boruto's body with no restraint and not only that but his attitude now seemed strange kawaki at this point was just cold he'd reply that he'll do what needs to be done to protect naruto the fight would continue momoshiki would again.

Attack kawaki or a sangan which was futile from there kawaki would write his counter and ready the classic fire breathing jutsu to push momoshiki back that didn't do much moshiki would again push forward ready to attack kawaki would not respond by shrinking himself using another specialty of ishiki to get behind momoshiki from behind now with.

The element of surprise he'd turn his arm into a spear type weapon and attack again but this too would be dodged the fight would go on with mumushiki trying to gain the upper hand only failing as kawaki continued to use jutsu we'd previously seen from nishiki my favorite moment from this fight may have to be the classic clash between a rasengan and.

Opposing attack it's so simple but to see kawaki and boruto who was really moshiki during this here this special moment was very nice the clash would devastate the nearby area but not conclude the fight kawaki would summon more structures using his new abilities pushing momoshiki back further before piercing his body in several places with.

Black rods before calling game over omoshiki was about to be crushed by the massive black cubes now above him and falling as he was about to be crushed you could almost see a look of defeat on boruto's face but it was not over yet naruto dashed through and rescued him this meant naruto moved and shikomaru's life was now in danger or so you'd think.

Buko decided not to act because there would be no value in killing him now naruto would be holding boruto and kawaki would look on with disappointment naruto was now angry and would yell at kawaki asking if he really intended to kill boruto kawaki would keep the same energy from earlier he intends to do what's necessary this is do or die.

Naruto would again yell out desperate to reach kawaki reminding him that boruto is his son and kawaki remind him that boruto is also right now a demon who's after his life naruto argued that kawaki is the demon right now and kawaki was okay with being a demon because that didn't matter what mattered to him now was naruto was unable to handle this.

Himself so kawaki believed he needed to do it naruto would tell him to cool his head but kawaki wouldn't be settled by any of this to him there was no other way during all of this boruto's body still possessed by moshiki was in naruto's hands he would push naruto away now and borton kawaki be left looking at each other now it was then that the real.

Board would begin to awaken and fight back against momoshiki internally boruto would win this internal battle and get right to it stating that amado's medicine seems to work he is able to control mumushiki's power to an extend however this isn't a real solution something like what just happened is still possible he almost killed his own.

Father there would be a pause and then kawaki would ask boruto if he remembers a conversation they had we'd see a flashback to when they were on top of the hokage's faces and kawaki promised to get rid of boruto's karma boruto would say he remembers it and that he also now realizes that they'll need to execute their last resort plan kawaki.

Would agree that unfortunately he's right naruto was not a part of that planning so he was visibly concerned and asked what they had planned instead of explaining borto would say that he's sorry and tell naruto to give his best to imawari and hinata naruto would beg to know what they were planning and ask him not to do anything rash but boruto.

Would use gail palm and push him away kawaki would confirm that boruto was ready and boruto would say yes he is now is the time while he could hold off momoshiki kawaki was the only person he could ask to do this boruto would tell his brother to do it and in an instant forto would be impaled kawaki speared straight through his stomach with his.

Modified arm everything froze as the life in boruto's body faded only aydah looked on calmly with a massive hole through his body bortow fell to the ground as naruto yelled out his name and it seems like at least for now that is the end of boruto it remains to be seen how he somehow returns we know he will of course because we have the time skip.

In the beginning of the story however how long it will be until then remains to be seen there's a lot to unpack with this one amado is for some reason turning kawaki into shiki and boruto is dead can't say i thought we'd be saying those words this year border didn't technically say goodbye to them so maybe the plan involves him somehow being.

Brought back to life in a way where he would lose the karma or at least only keep it as a weapon there's a lot to think about with this one and it's honestly too much for one video and only a couple hours to process since the chapters released we do have some ideas though that we'll try to make into some theory videos or discussions while we.

Wait on the next chapter so if you haven't already be sure to subscribe to not miss out on any of that and also i'd like to quickly add that the art in this one was amazing probably one of the best boruto chapters overall let's get the hype going for 2021 drop your r.i.p borutos in the comments and share your thoughts on this chapter let us know.

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