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BORUTO JUST MADE SASUKE IRRELEVANT! Momoshiki Returns – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations


With boruto chapter 53 now out we now have the final chapter of the year and what a year it's been i think all the boruto fans can agree this was the best year for the series and with the original writer kishimoto now back working on the series 2021 looks promising now it's always exciting to think about.

The future of a series but let's get into this chapter because it was a good one if you haven't already be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on to never miss an upload with that said let's talk about this chapter the chapter picks up where we had left off.

In chapter 52 with kawaki being abruptly teleported to the battlefield by shiki after he had been sensed through the chakra in his arm transplant back in konoha where kawaki had been teleported from there was pure confusion i mean kawaki literally just disappeared so rightfully so it didn't take long for their thoughts.

To turn to the possibility that ashiki was behind this disappearance and with that possible reality being the case amado could only say they were now out of options they were now completely done for and while i don't support pessimism i can't be mad at amato here for this tone because any realistic person would think.

The same ishiki had already defeated naruto and sasuke once already and he now had the key to continuing his reign within reach pessimism is for sure understandable here anyway back to the battlefield we now have kawaki face to face with ishiki and he knew what the situation was.

Ishiki was determined to implant another karma in him just the thought and frustration from this had him sweating we then get an update on how much time ishiki had remaining before the last of his lifespan ran out 5 minutes naruto had managed to wear him down quite a bit considering he had over.

24 hours of life left not too long ago hishiki would now too expressed that he couldn't believe these failures managed to drive him into such a corner kawaki would now upon hearing this remember the words of amado even a monster can't avoid death if they can avoid having ishiki implant kawaki with another karma.

They would win he knew what he had to do and after hearing that only 5 minutes were left kawaki gained some confidence here going as far as to say directly to hishiki that he is jumping for joy that he gets to witness ishiki's worthless life and for good pretty brutal words here but fitting for a cruel creature like.

Ishiki ishiki wasn't bothered by these words with kawaki within reach he knew victory was his explaining that it'll be nothing more than a lengthy nap that will be followed by him resurrecting in kawaki's body as of course he intends to use kawaki as a vessel naruto was concerned and.

Suddenly yelled out telling kawaki to run stall for time and get as far away as possible but just as he was getting those final words out ishiki with a vicious stomp took all life out of this man and let me just say that stomp was way too close to something else for comfort.

That was painful but it would have been way worse anyway kawaki was shocked and ishiki after delivering this blow would tell naruto to shut up and go to sleep before doing just that naruto managed to get out one last sentence run kawaki and right then kawaki would do just that taking off for their life.

With greater speed though ishiki would cut him off reminding kawaki of the obvious fact that he can't escape he would then grab kawaki by the neck ready to end it all right then and there but sasuke would come now with perfect timing swapping places with kawaki using his rinigon now leaving him inishiki's grasp kawaki.

Now a short distance away would be told by sasuke to pick up the object nearby and throw it at his feet it was a ball of some sort that sasuke had strategically left there before swapping places the ball would then be thrown by kawaki in a panic and a smoke screen was created.

Ishiki was now pissed off from all these time-wasting tricks quickly delivering a mean blow to sasuke's head which honestly just gave me pure pimp slap vibes sasuke would now lay in pain on the ground with naruto passed out kawaki could only keep running and he did but ishiki was wiser than all of.

Them or so he thought because a smoke screen is meaningless against the biakugan and so he quickly activated it and peered into the smoke seeing nothing sasuke would speak to himself and revealed to us that this was no ordinary smokescreen it was a mineral.

Dust that obstructs clairvyon powers and would only last for a few minutes but with shiki's time taking away it was all they needed ishiki was again for like the fourth time this chapter confused so he took flight to get a better view into the dust but nothing at this point he'd lose any ounce of calmness he was holding on to.

Yelling out kawaki's name as loud as he could but no response would be returned kawaki was hiding in the dust and of course looked to have no plans on leaving it ishiki had minutes left he lost all control in this conflict naruto would now wake up but still be down with sasuke.

While kawaki continued running away but he'd then have enough of the games ishiki was now ready to pull a bold move he would go to naruto and again stomp him out right then kawaki's arm transplant which worked because of naruto's chakra would fall off kawaki would now stop running here and ishiki would again yell.

Out this time telling kawaki to keep running as long as he doesn't care that naruto will die sasuke knew this was bad because of course kawaki would hesitate hearing this and he did now remembering the childhood he experienced while being with jigen.

A childhood where hiding and running was pointless he'd always be caught reminded that it was futile and punished kawaki would now clench onto the arm transplant and ishiki would start counting down from 10 seconds for kawaki to show himself kawaki would then remember his time with naruto.

How he was accepted for being himself and even happily trained in ninjutsu the countdown would go down to one and then kawaki would show himself right then and there it was over ishiki charged in like he was a flying character in dragon ball looking like a damn missile kawaki would let off a fireball jutsu to the surprise.

Of ishiki and naruto but it was pointless he was still grabbed now holding kawaki again ishiki would ask if he thinks he's a ninja now and kawaki would let him know that naruto trained him even telling him that he has a knack for it but ishiki couldn't care less.

He'd happily remind kawaki that he can't become anything but a vessel kawaki would keep talking though saying that he was given a reason to live but these words would be turned on him ishiki would remind him that it's because of that arm transplant he was teleported here and it's because of that affection.

That he allowed himself to not be caught basically saying that the bond he has is what led him to this moment here where he'll again become a vessel we'd then get some real heartfelt words just before being turned into a vessel kawaki would say that a world without naruto has no worth to him he'd rather be dead he would then be.

Grabbed by the neck again and ishiki would state that it doesn't matter because either way he's just a vessel the karma would then be implanted ishiki could only laugh out in victory while the others were just left devastated ishiki had some close moments where he admits he was terrified.

But in the end he accomplished what he desired he could not go to sleep as he calls it worry-free his body would begin falling apart time was up but he was happy and would even give credit to the bunch for pushing him to this level while this was happening something else.

Was happening to the karma on kawaki it was leaving his body sasuke was confused ishiki was terrified kawaki would now speak confidently too asking ishiki how much longer he could hold before disappearing forever ishiku would now grab him and ask for answers but something was off ishiki fell to the.

Floor now dying for answers he knew he implanted the karma and yet nothing we'd then see another kawaki appear it was the shadow clone jutsu absolutely brilliant play here by kawaki so simple and classic yet just perfect kawaki now in complete control would let.

Ashiki know that he was just outsmarted and beaten by a mere vessel he would then jump off the ledge he was standing on we'd get a final look at hishiki as this happened and then poof kawaki stomped him out of this existence ending the whole fight right there by.

Telling ishiki to sleep as long as he wants there was now some calm finally naruto was impressed by the shadow clone but kawaki would make it clear that this juice 2 is still a work in progress in fact he could barely even make one sasuke would now approach from where he was downed and check on naruto.

He had picked up earlier on the fact that baryon mode was doing something strange to naruto's chakra and was now inquiring about it with concern naruto would of course downplay it and kawaki with concern would ask him to too just build the details suddenly though something was coming the fight wasn't.

Over borto like a bolt of lightning appeared stabbing sasuke deep in the rinnegan with a kunai now this came from way out of left field my god does this look painful just looking at it has me feeling some type of way sasuke was now in deep pain kawaki and naruto were beyond shocked.

This wasn't boruto it was momoshiki explaining that he didn't expect them to defeat ishiki but was delighted because now they're the only nuisances left to deal with wow what an end to a chapter and what an end to the year of boruto momoshiki is back in control last time.

He showed himself was in the fight against boro and i suppose he's here back again due to boruto being weakened and a moment ago unconscious this is dangerous because boruto had yet to become the right vessel for momoshiki to completely resurrect but there's an opportunity now.

For momoshiki to get rid of the people with any chance of stopping his plans the eyeball stab was a bit wild to watch i mean just damn look at it but strategically it made sense to go after the rangon it's powers are too great to not just put a stop to if given the chance what'll happen from here is honestly.

Anyone's best guess but what we do know for a fact is ishiki is gone can't say i'll miss him it was a good back and forth conflict but i'm happy with its end i hate that sasuke was yet again violated he was a key figure in this chapter simply because he did save kawaki.

When he swapped places earlier but in this arc he never got a chance to shine and if the runagon is really destroyed here they'll just be like kicking a man while he's down the disrespect is beyond vegeta level at this point we haven't truly seen sasuke put in work since the last war in the naruto series.

And it just sucks a very popular character that unfortunately can't seem to catch a break it's hard to imagine he'll truly lose the renaissance forever it's too great to power in too awesome in action i can't imagine he'll lose it forever.

But i will say this just sucks i have a lot to say about this chapter but i'd love to hear what you all think in the comments particularly regarding sasuke the end of ishiki and your predictions for what will happen with boruto and momoshiki next chapter a follow-up video might be.

Necessary for this chapter to further discuss this stuff but for now we'll end off here i hope you enjoyed the video if you did please be sure to drop a like and subscribe to plot armor with notifications on to never miss an upload and if you'd like to support the channel further do check out our patreon link.

In the description below until next time keep that plot armor on you i'm kj have a great day goodbye you