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Boruto Kills Naruto and Becomes The Villain of His Own Story!


Boruto chapter 79 is here and it is not only the greatest chapter in the series but quite possibly the greatest Manga chapter so far this year we waste no time and pick up where we left off boruto overwhelmed and thrown off from the previous events and words of omoshiki quickly gets to asking for answers barking out what the hell is.

Gonna happen coldly momoshiki would reply I told you it's already started he'd warned boruto to brace himself and vanish while laughing with sick pleasure Sasuke nearby boruto could only look on with concern for a student konoha was in a panic and rush to find kawaki the man who in their eyes betrayed the village and fled the scene after causing chaos.

Unfortunately for them though he was hiding well by extinguishing his chakra Shikamaru leaned the charge would urge his team on insisting they not let up and wait for the moment kawaki becomes tired and gives up they had to find him not only to prevent future damages but kawaki is a key to recovering the Hokage Naruto witnessing the dark situation.

From the sidelines Chicago and his Squad were as you'd imagine in disbelief what was wrong with kawaki why would he do something like this regardless of the reasons this was an act of treason one that would get him killed if they think this is bad they should have been there for the Badness that a younger Sasuke was up to but anyway their squad 2 would.

Go looking for kawaki before moegi Sensei stopped them back to what I guess we'll call the scene of the crime Konohamaru would give orders Sara and mitsuki were to get boruto to the hospital while he and Sasuke joined the search for kawaki boruto did lose an eye after all so that was kind of something to go look into sarda would with concern.

Roman Konohamaru and sake to be careful because kawaki was of course very dangerous here Sasuke a man who at this point only glares despite missing an eye would still refused to speak his first words of the chapter and the only response would come from Konohamaru who would agree with tarda with that settled and Sasuke would take off in search of.

Their enemy leaving sarada boruto and mitsuki alone but something unexpected would then happen because mitsuki would speak up here adding that he too will go searching for gowaki before sarna could even properly comprehend or react to this mitsuki was gone this was bad though and a terrifying memory would come back to sarada mitsuki with a cold.

Expression seriously telling her that if anyone were to try and kill boruto he didn't know what he'd do to that person the boruto obsessed son of Orochimaru was now in Pursuit Of The Village Trader kawaki likely with only murder on his mind still holding his damaged eye boruto tells sarda to go after mitsuki he was out of his mind right now and.

Could not be left alone sorry I didn't want to leave boruto alone but he insisted and emphasized he need for her to go now and so she did everyone was now in pursuit of kawaki not knowing the very World they know was about to change in a drastic way boruto could only watch as everyone took off in pursuit of his brother turned Village Trader Kona hot.

Would shortly after catch a small break kawaki somewhere in the nearby Forest would revert to its original size played with fatigue running low on chakra he could not keep using sakuna Kona the technique originates from otozuki ishiki and allows he uses to shrink and resize himself or any non-living matter now at his normal size kawaki was in trouble.

Konohan ninja were nearby in Hot Pursuit close enough for him to even see them back in konoha Ada was already using her All-Seeing eyes in search of kawaki and this brief moment of reverting to his normal size was all she needed now in the presence of sumide and Daemon she found him with her mysterious eyes wide she call out that she found him and in.

An instant activate step and blast off into the air with Daemon calling after her kowaki was now in trouble Ada was on her way and the only villager aware of the discovery was sumide as Ada zipped away with Stellar speed her brother Daemon will continue to call after her hollering out that he can't fly and begging her not to leave him but right.

Now Ada could only see kawaki whispering to herself don't worry kawaki I'm here for you not too far away Shikamaru 2 was rushing after kawaki when a familiar voice rang in his ears it was a motto about to reveal another favorable card in his deck he wanted to talk about kawaki but Shikamaru would tell him to stay out of this he had no place or.

Authority in this current matter clearly on edge Amada would tell Shikamaru to listen they didn't have to kill kawaki a motto would claim that there was a way to stop him without doing that Amado one to always surprise us would now reveal that there is a special command word that uses his voice similar to the one with Delta unfortunately Amada would.

Have to see him in person to activate it but if the conditions were met they would be able to deactivate kawaki in an instant Shikamaru was now pissed off to find out that Amado still had yet another secret up his sleeve regardless of what happens in the story one thing is for sure a motto is always somehow ahead of the rest of our cast this was.

Yet another moment but for it to matter they'd have to first get a hold of kawaki this was not simply an offer to help konoha though Amado mentioning this came with a special condition Shikamaru had to promise that they would leave the deactivated kawaki alone a motto couldn't afford for him to die Shikamaru was silent for a moment he.

Would then reply to this request more like a demand from a motto he sympathizes with the model situation after all he needs kawaki's power to revive his daughter however Shikamaru will continue his Chase and make it clear to a motto that kawwaki had already crossed the line he shouldn't have and as long as he didn't completely.

Surrender konoha will treat him and deal with him as a wood and enemy a motto was now desperate yelling for Shikamaru to wait and hear him out but his child like please would fall on Duffy years shakamaru was out to protect his village and redeem his longtime friend Naruto back to kawaki we see him with his back against the wall the villagers in.

Pursuit were a few steps away and he had little to no chakra to defend himself his heart would skip a beat as he pushes at his side rustled it was Ada now telling him that it's okay it's only her before he could Panic or question why she was here she'd make it clear that she was on his side kowaki would question this after all all she was.

Doing right now was revealing his location she was unable to hide her chakra signature in response aydah would come with a reality check kawaki was doomed there was no way to escape his current circumstance she was his savior with her he was safe her confidence was now shining like a God she stood over him promising safety kawaki couldn't.

Argue with her words but frustration would kick in now for kawaki he'd curse it all with Ada over him and his karma scarred hand on his disgruntled face He barked at it doesn't matter that he doesn't care about what happens to him instead of me protect the seventh Ada continued to show concern but let him continue kawaki knew that if he couldn't.

Silence momoshiki then both Naruto and the village he protected would be doomed really the whole world might be lost but that's a problem for later kawaki would continue he couldn't let this happen if momoshiki is free they'll never get Naruto back we will add that it's funny hearing that from him considering he's the one that sent Naruto away this is.

Where the chapter would take a weird turn though kawaki would start to really show disdain for boruto because despite all this above all else boruto was Naruto's son he questioned who in konoha could kill boruto again the Hokage son who would have the heart to in a way turn on the Hokage and get rid of boruto at this time fond memories of boruto.

Would flashback Milwaukee words that touched him boruto expressed how important kawaki is to him but as this crossed his mind the innocence of boruto then came the dark reality that there is a monster inside him rage now filled kawaki he stood up and grabbed Ada why did it have to be boruto Ada's eyes widened and kawaki continued If instead.

Of being the Hokage son boruto was an outsider like him this would all have been easier if boruto were an outsider no one would mourn his death Ada would tell him to stop for even her this was a bit much he commanded her to look at him helpless scum that can't even protect what's important to him then it happened Ada suddenly grabbed his face on both.

Sides and her mysterious eyes went blank as they were swarmed in energy like a blast of divine power the sky became filled with a mountain of energy with a crescent moon protecting it every ninja in the world would be grabbed by the Sun blast of chakra it continued to grow and whiten and Ada and kawaki floated up to the stars in the eye of the storm kawaki.

Looked almost scared and Ada with her blank Angelic face the Crescent Moon reached Beyond the Forest to the Village Skies where even her brother Daemon still on the Run would see it as it continued its spread summary saw it too then it started to cover the entire planet silence would then follow and cover the forest as Ada and kawaki.

Floated down to the ground concluding with Ada falling into his arms kawaki would try to awaken the now goddess like Ada and her eyes would blink before returning to their previous date she would fluster now seeing that she was laying on top of kawaki their little moment would come to an end though with the konahan ninja who were in pursuit of.

Kawaki now approached what just happened the answer is world changing boruto still alone has seen the light as well and now also wondered what had just happened behind him stood momoshi e menacingly laughing to himself we wouldn't have to wait too long to find the reason for his laughter back with Ada and kawaki the two were found by the.

Kona hot ninjas in Pursuit however something was wrong and Ada would let kawaki know that Shikamaru would be given word that kawaki was found with Ada but he and the men that discovered the two had no clue what was going on word would then reach Shikamaru Sasuke and sarada that they located boruto's chakra but in the words of Zarda why.

Would they need to share boruto's location weren't they after kawaki she had caught up with mitsuki and would share her concern that something may have happened to boruto back to momoshiki and boruto the question would come now momoshiki would ask what does it feel like to lose everything something had happened boruto in no mood.

For any of this would now in frustration as momoshiki what was going on with a smirk momojiki would simply tell boruto to look behind himself as boruto with a sense of urgency turned his head mitsuki and sarada charged in close mitsuki with an odd amount of force boruto was rightfully confused to see these two I would ask what happened why were they.

Back Zarda 2 was confused but the issue was mitsuki slowly he'd remove his headband until sarda not to get too close this guy boruto was dangerous sardo wasn't processing what was happening but boruto now had a concerned look mitsuki would call the name of his former friend and in an instant activate his Sage Mode something was now very.

Clearly wrong then engineer kawaki and Ada would now run after boruto the remaining one would ask kawaki what happened to the scar in his eye the scar we saw boruto received from kowaki in the previous chapter kawaki had not yet understood what happened but Ada would speak up asking the ninja if they found kawaki's father the Hokage kawaki now.

Looked at Ada as the ninja responded to her concerns that they hadn't found any leads but they knew boruto did it kawaki now understood soon boruto would also with his most powerful form mitsuki face boruto and asked what he did to the Hokage boruto could only ask what was going on mitsuki would take this as boruto now wanted to talk about what he.

Did and with quickness boruto would hear a command in his head up there jump to the branch and he do so just in time to avoid a devastating attack from mitsuki that jump forced boruto to move his hand from his eye now revealing the Deep scar sarda would grab hold of mitsuki and ask what was wrong with him but mitsuki right now could not hear her boruto was.

The target sarda could only look on with concern now the voice of omoshiki would again ring in the ears of boruto he tell boruto the mitsuki and all the others are coming to kill him if boruto had a problem with that he'd better run still boruto had no idea what was going on the bombshell would be dropped now this was the true nature of Ada's charm power a.

Divine power that even she cannot control this was a result of divine technique omnipotence attacks would fly after boruto now and he'd continue to run this was a power that only an omniscient and omnipotent God could control this is something so crazy that according to momoshiki it is said that God used it in the process of.

Creating the world the absolute will that materializes everything it is not something that can be controlled by Ada but this is merely the result of Ada's light and desire to momoshiki looking at the result alone it's fair to conclude that this is a product of kawaki's Desire here it would become clear to boruto his position and that of kawakis.

Has have been reversed it was here that we saw a beautiful shot of boruto alone with the other side being kawaki and konoha and this shot kind of puts it into clear perspective how kawaki felt a bit sad but at the same time he pretty much isolated himself so yeah it all makes sense now why kawaki was written and designed in this style with his.

Black and blonde hair it's not hard to believe he could be the child of Naruto and Hinata back with Shikamaru the search for boruto was proving difficult and he needed more information he'd asked what exactly happened when they were attacked by boruto because again remember the rules flipped so the actions kawaki previously took are now.

Believed to be those of boruto ADA attempted to downplay what had happened but then came a touch from kawaki the seventh is dead gowaki would command her to tell Shikamaru she'd stare at kawaki unsure what he was thinking kawaki would go on the seventh died at boruto's hands that's what you tell them by now kawaki has grasped the situation I was looking.

To even further turn things in his favor by having everyone believed Naruto is dead boruto Shirley would be seen as an irredeemable enemy one who they would have no problem killing just a minute ago killing boruto the son of Naruto was an insane unimaginable idea now boruto is just an outsider well at least in the eyes of kawaki they'd have no problem.

Killing so what do we learn here hating isn't all bad you might just hit your way into getting exactly what you'd hope for On the Run boruto would continue to listen to momoshiki and attempt to grasp the idea that his role of kawaki has been reversed momoshiki would now make it more clear for boruto and all of us it's people's memories that have been.

Changed their shared recognition of the two has been reversed the consciousnesses of people are connected through their chakras and momoshiki would say it would not be impossible for a God to change this he then asked boruto if he'd never thought of it how many times the memories of mankind have been tampered with this was by the hand.

Of the osuzuki who became Gods a funny thing to ask boruto of all people here we're reminded that there are osuzuki gods they continue to evolve with the intention of achieving God's status so it's made clear here that those who reach that level have the chance to obtain power like this naturally we have to wonder how this could all be reversed.

Someday it's not likely we see it fixed by Ada again granting someone their desire most likely an actual God will be compelled to reverse it there is also the small possibility that boruto himself becomes a God and reverses it but that's just wishful thinking at this point Kishimoto was clearly in his bag with this chapter and setup surely all.

Of boruto's haters are now rushing to catch up to be a part of this hype momoshiki was clearly in a good mood though as he would continue to provide boruto with information that he had no reason to share really kawaki and boruto were not affected by the change their memories remain as well as those of ADA the Caster of this technique this is.

Because of their osuzuki DNA but as we saw earlier for some reason sarda 2 was unaffected the reason wasn't stated but we can't say it's because of her Uchiha blood because as if so Sasuke 2 would be unaffected in the comments let us know why you think sardo is unaffected all we're hoping to see is her go Rogue with boruto for some time anyway what matters.

Most is that right now kawaki is the son of the Hokage was born and raised in konoha kawaki Uzumaki and boruto is the one who pays kindness with ingratitude a lonely Outsider being targeted by konoha simply boruto despite somehow receiving a blast of information we're left with more questions than answers kawaki has gotten his selfish wish and the prophecy.

Has come true leaving boruto with nothing as always I'm celestable otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you