Boruto is ending the year very strong with chapter 65. in this one we see the return of kawaki's power new power for boruto and what seems like the beginning of the time skip we've all waited years for previously boruto's karma had been activated and it seemed as though momoshiki was again in control and about to rampage in reality though boruto was.

Still in control of his power and would use it to defend kawaki while of course keeping code at bay while this fight would progress naruto is on the way to the battle ready to use what power he had left kimowari was worried about her father the hokage would activate sage mode a form that has defended the village and really the ninja world as a.

Whole many times while doing so he would ask if she's forgotten who her father is hinata would only hope to herself that everyone would return safely back to the fight with boruto and code code would inadvertently reveal that he has some way of keeping an eye on all things going on in konoha mentioning a motto's medicine that was given to boruto to.

Slow his osutsuki transformation he'd make it clear that there's no way the medicine could get rid of momoshiki and code knowing this surprised boruto however of course we know code has been able to watch everything due to use of his partner aydah the battle would go on until borto fell to his knees something was wrong and very shortly after falling.

To his knees borto was on the ground grabbing at his chest in pain again the karma's power seemed to be too much suddenly something like smoke would appear grabbing the attention of boruto despite his predicament both kawaki and code seemed to not notice their sitting above in a tree was momoshiki the osusuki that planted the karma seal on.

Boruto to begin with he would swiftly appear next to boruto and make his point that the medicine from a motto is at most a temporary solution boruto would try to move here but couldn't not only that but it seemed like everything froze kawaki code and even ada boruto would recollect a similar experience from the past from the very beginning when.

Momoshiki was first defeated somehow he would connect that during the freezing of time his karma was implanted by momoshiki this is the case although there's not much ground for his theory at least nothing he mentioned momoshiki would take note of code as the one with the ten tails and take this as an opportunity to kill him these two.

Basically want the same thing so for either to succeed the other must die boruto was now off the ground and right in front of code boroshiki was here boruto was no longer in control code would brace himself and a massive versang gun would appear the destruction was insane but code dodged this here noting how different this power was from.

Boruto's own earlier this was the osusuki power that was too great for borrow which we should all remember as a very hyped moment for boroshiki that we actually got to see animated this year here kodu be warned that he'd soon meet the same fate in konaha amaro and the others would learn that code had encountered kawaki the speed of this.

Didn't make sense because codes shouldn't have sensory abilities so they assumed it to be from the help of an outer car member a bit strange here that ada was not considered by a motto he was the one who modified her after all making her who she is today even if he thought she was locked away somewhere or destroyed it would make sense to at.

Least consider her being a part of this but from this next scene we may have to chalk it up to having more pressing things on a motto's mind at the moment sai would relay some thoughts on the situation but these words would seem to not reach amado he was zoned out with sweat running down his face while this was happening he would think about.

Kawaki he'd think about how they've made it this far and almost begged that kawaki not messed us up very strange internal monologue why is amado so invested why does he say we here back to the fight giant resengans would go off and destruction would follow although not to code he would dodge easily enough but.

Ada would express that he should consider retreating this wasn't looking good here things would take a shift from his blind spot code would appear behind and grab kawaki immediately with no hesitation boroshiki would prepare another resengan code would try to talk him down and begin his escape through his teleportation jutsu but boroshiki.

Would adjust his attack firing off a much smaller rasengan here calling it rasendan don meaning bullet very reminiscent of the rain gun from yu yu hakusho he would fire this and pierce code's shoulder stopping this escape boroshihi like an animal would then charge back in and deliver a piercing kick to code who was just seconds ago.

Escaping with kawaki boroshiki knew now code couldn't absorb jutsu with his karma kawaki would now be in boroshiki's possession and try rebelling this is a pretty funny scene to me because kawaki is literally being dragged boroshiki would hear threatened to break all his limbs if kawaki was going to continue like this and he wasn't playing koaki.

Would speak up again before being dropped like a bad habit and then stepped on like an ant beneath boroshiki the arm of koaki would begin to be crushed but then boroshiki would freeze and shikamaru's shadow possession jutsu which allowed naruto to then swoop in and save kawaki they were pretty quickly able to put it together that boruto had.

Lost control yet again and the karma would then be used to absorb the shadow possession jutsu we now had a situation that looked to be in favor of konoha code no longer had the advantage but of course boroshiki's unpredictability made things still shaky aydah would again try to get code to retreat like she had earlier in the fight but again this.

Would be ignored here naruto tried assessing the situation with kawaki during which he was asked why he came here kawaki really seems to believe naruto will die very strongly almost as if he knows the future the conviction is just that strong this distraction allowed for code to take shikamaru hostage he slipped up code warned them.

Not to move or shikamaru will have his throat slit shekamaru is of course a veteran and he stayed solid here telling naruto not to worry about him the mission stopping code comes first he knew the risk and even told code to just kill him kind of teasing a bit here boroshihi hadn't gone anywhere though and he would again enter the picture.

This time telling code he would help him out with killing naruto after all the okage is an obstacle in his path as well shikamaru would yell out for naruto to fight and kawaki would take off in an attempt to help that would be shut down pretty quickly though by a mean kick from boroshiki shikamaru was still being held hostage and now kawaki was down.

Boroshiki would call checkmate he'd won naruto would brace himself as again a massive resengan was created destroying everything in his way or so it seemed they were saying god was being absorbed the previous words of a motto would come back is it powerlessness that's irritating you or grief over losing the karma take it for yourself especially.

Since ishiki is gone brand new power in the form of a karma that's purely a weapon kawaki's karma has returned everyone was stunned including us the readers this should be impossible kawaki stood ahead of everyone now with his body wrapped in the karma's pattern what is happening here kawaki's karma had disappeared a long time ago now and.

Ishikiya died before being able to place another one so where did this come from we do know that the extraction progress didn't disappear for example if you stopped playing a game at level 15 he would still be level 15. the progress would remain so kawaki's body is basically somewhat of suzuki even still this should not be possible amado's.

Internal thoughts from earlier make it seem as though he and kawaki had done something together to prepare for this moment but when we know amado was kind of poking at kawaki and seemed like he had ulterior motives sumiray even noticed this and he even mentioned the possibility of the karma becoming a weapon however what he did is unknown.

One thing that might be fair to assume though is that this is the first time it's worked out koaki in theory would have used this earlier in the fight if possible so it seems desperation was the trigger his desire to save naruto he couldn't pull out this power for himself but for naruto he was able to surpass his limitations very interesting stuff.

There's a lot to take from this chapter loving more boroshiki action his creativity with boruto's body and power is always fun to see it's not exactly the same robot has his own spirit gun now basically i know the yu yu hakusho fans watching will appreciate that reference the battle has changed drastically and we've taken a major step.

Towards the time skip we knew kawaki would get his karma back but the question of how and when we're in the way in theory we're right at the time skip now and hopefully in 2022 we get to see it if you haven't already be sure to drop a like and comment to help us out and don't forget to subscribe to power notifications on to never miss an upload.

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