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Boruto Surpasses The Rinnegan and Sharingan! New Time Skip Power EXPLAINED – Boruto Two Blue Vortex


Boruto is back and he is someone Cod should be very afraid of we've only gotten a brief look at his ability so far but he's Unleashed hell on the claw Grime he's far deadlier than the kid who left konaha 3 years ago but what exactly did he learn what abilities does he have to play with well let's start with the one ability we've seen boruto both use.

And name Rasengan uo there's been some debate among fans about how best to translate that the more hyped up version is calling it The Universal Rasengan it's easy to see the appeal of of that a Rasengan with all the strength of the universe if boruto was just about power escalation that would make sense it would just be a stronger renga like a.

New Super Saiyan form in Dragon Ball but look at boruto activating the Jutsu he's not forming any kind of regular Rasengan at all you can see tendrils of wind moving around him but there's no sphere focused on his hands it's something different to a regular Rasengan it's not as simple as just another attack boruto is a lot more creative than that and.

That's where we get into the other main translations the most prominent alternate reading of uo would be spiral boy or boy in the spiral that meaning has some weight to it given Naruto's history the Uzumaki Clan has always been associated with that spiral emblem even though Mito was the one who developed the Rasengan he did it out of love for.

Kusina and she gave the technique its name you can't separate the Rasengan from the Uzumaki family even now with most of the world no longer believing he's Naruto's kid boruto still has that Clan Emblem close to his heart thanks to that iron pendant he's wearing a new version of the Rasengan that calls back to the spiral makes sense and this.

Translation backs up the most likely idea of how uo Works instead of forming a simple regular rengan in his hands boruto has formed one around his entire body while he hasn't brought his hands together he made sure to sheath his sword before activating the Uso keeping them free for this he's standing in the middle of a whirlwind what does that.

Mean for him in a fight well it's probably not a straightup attack more likely it's a Mobility Aid by maintaining the vortex Tex boruto may be able to use the winds to move himself dodging more quickly than regular Shinobi or pushing back attacks with a gust of wind already though there's a potential flaw with this new technique.

Assuming the uzo still basically has the same requirements as a regular Rasengan boruto will likely have to keep his hands free in order to keep it going continually kneading chakra into the familiar Rasengan spiral he might not even be able to use his hands at all while this technique is active or risk it falling apart immediately if an enemy.

Wants to try and disrupt uzo the hands are likely a pretty extreme weak spot still the things you might be able to do with it could outweigh the downsides if Boro can move his body with the force of a Rasengan imagine what some tautu could do with the power of the Whirlwind backing it up even if his hands are locked off while using it switching up.

To a spiraling drill kick shouldn't be too much of a problem this is a technique with a lot of potential and it's a variant of ninjutsu that we've seen before if the uzio really is a full body Rasengan then it's basically a new version of the Chidori nagashi a full body Ninjutsu that takes a regular version of the technique and envelops.

You in it the Chidori was originally developed as a version of the Rasengan when Kakashi failed to apply his lightning chakra to the original the two techniques are similar enough that it makes sense to try and take jutu that expand on the Chidori and use them for the Rasengan now on his own that would still be hard for boruto to work out.

He's had no practice with using the Chidori and no knowledge of the Chidori nagashi it's unlikely that he would create his own version of it without help but Boro did not run away from konaha that day on his own he had a teacher one he knows extremely well if we want to work out what he knows now what new jutu he could have picked up.

Over the last 3 years we should probably start there boruto could not have asked for a better Mentor Sasuke was known as a prodigy in Ninjutsu use even as a kid developing his fire style nju before he even became a genning he's mastered an extremely wide variety of techniques and with him and Boro On The Run they don't have much else to do other than train.

And run away pretty much any jutu Sasuke had that didn't rely on his eyes he could pass on to boruto boruto's Natural affinity for lightning release should be helpful here moves like the Chidori should be strong possibilities for teaching but the real advantage to studying with Sasuke is just how much variety he can bring we've seen that.

Since the original series he's learned medical Ninjutsu enough to heal Sakura when he needed to more than any one technique Sasuke should be able to teach a whole range of ninjutsu allowing his students to get creative with lesser known abilities we should also highlight the zus mostly because boruto probably can.

Unlock it while it's one of Sasuke's strongest combat techniques and one that would be really useful for a Rog shobi who has to take on the world is supposed to require the activation of the shangan specifically while Sasuke might be able to instruct sarda and using it boruto is likely out of luck that said there is one way he might manage to get.

Around this restriction we'll get into that later it's clear boruto has taken the time to train in kenjutsu judging by just how easily he's handled the claw grime during code's attack on konaha Sasuke has been using a sword ever since his training with Orochimaru so he was probably able to give his new students some pointers Naruto never really.

Bothered with much besides his standard ninja tools but his son can probably combine his juu and blade just like Sasuke can could we end up seeing a Rasen sword a blade strike with the familiar Vortex surrounding the weapon it's certainly possible but a subtler skill that we have already seen boruto show off is his Mastery of SpaceTime.

Ninjutsu this was set up a while back even before we saw him fight in the Post Time skip code was theorizing that boruto now effectively being full otuki could perfect the same kind of SpaceTime Ninjutsu that Sasuke used with the renegon and now Boro is able to enter konaha bypassing all their defenses and stuff to just show up the sensory team.

First detected him in the air right above code's position this really makes it look like he's gotten SpaceTime Ninjutsu down it would also explain why code had so much trouble trying to find boruto over these last few years the final member of car can travel pretty fast via his claw marks both true SpaceTime Ninjutsu boruto and Sasuke.

Could be far more evasive Cod needs to plant a claw Mark to travel to it while its opponent could be anywhere that said however all this assumes boruto is as good at using SpaceTime Ninjutsu as Sasuke was he could be even better remember Sasuke only had access to this power thanks to the renegon he could move almost anywhere but that was about.

His upper limit the power of a true otuki has already been shown to do more remember the battle against kaguya at the end of shabin she could superimpose other dimensions on her opponents forcing them to fight in other Realms she could pull her enemies into other Realms separating them from their friends before anyone could react these.

Two main space time techniques ameno minaka and yotu hirasaka are extremely powerful and sas's at least witnessed them in action boruto wouldn't have kaguya's chakra reserves since she was empowered by the infinite zuk yomi during her fight against team seven and he probably hasn't had the time to master as many abilities still he could.

Be very close in power now to Naruto's final boss but the path to reaching that Peak may have been Troublesome Sasuke doesn't totally know how highlevel otsuki Jutsu the still mysterious shinjutsu really works he's just had to fight against them but boruto has access to someone who does Momos Shiki uzuki would have easily been his best.

Candidate as a teacher he's already made it clear that he is familiar with a wide variety of shinj to providing it by identifying omnipotents prior to his full explanation he's not someone boruto would want to listen to but he may not have an alternative momoshiki and boruto were starting to grow oddly close prior to the time skip especially after the.

Otuki air gave up his full Resurrection to heal boruto's body after the young ninja almost died since that moment turned boruto's body into that of a full otuki the pair aren't able to stay apart anymore boruto was even able to notice his passengers future Visions much to the dead o Suzuki's surprise they hadn't actually started liking each other.

Though both were still arguing over who should control boruto's body but things have clearly changed since then after all they spent years together prior to the time skip Boro was still in good spirits and proudly insisting that he's Uzumaki boruto but following his return to konaha boruto seems different colder it's hard to write this off as just him.

Being more mature he wouldn't meet sard's gaze directly and just told her to help defend a village and promise to talk to her later when he's talking to code he's oddly calm and intense trying to talk his longtime enemy into giving up his Pursuit because of what he knows about the tentals what caused them to be so different while it hasn't been proven.

Yet a lot of fans are thinking Sasuke was killed during the time skip either by code or another villain if so Boro would have been left with only one person to be able to teach him anything Momos Shiki listening to the otuki will be bored to his last choice but he's got to get stronger somehow and he doesn't have a ton of options why would moshiki.

Agree to teach boruto anything well what other option does he have right now he's stuck with the kid and can't just force boruto to relinquish his body for that matter he needs the kid to stay alive to survive himself and now boro's got the entire Ninja World hunting him down taking control of boruto's body to fight back personally would be the ideal.

Solution but that still requires his host's agreement for now it's in momoshiki's best interest to give Boro at least the basics of how to use shinjutsu in order to defend him himself against these overwhelming threats and there's a lot to learn for a start he could probably give some hints on how to properly use the Joon boruto's dojutsu.

Is powerful but so far he just had to figure out what it can do on his own the Huga Clan and UA Clan had generations to work out their abilities passing that information down from parent to child with a bunch of perfected jutu boruto doesn't have that kind of information and when you think about how much power the renegon and Byakugan grant their.

Users it's pretty clear that Boro is not getting full use out of his eyes just yet now while Miki didn't have the Joan himself the dojutsu is supposed to be one that comes from the otuki clan if anyone in the Ninja World could provide boruto with even a basic idea of advanced Joan usage how to perform them and what they can do it would be Miki.

But what could that lead to so far all boruto really managed to use his eye for is seeing a target's internal chakra Pathways that could expand in a ton of ways there's a potential to refine the Joan to something like the Huga gentle fist techniques striking more accurately at the Target chakra system to weaken them but that doesn't seem like enough.

For an ability that the ukki view as Troublesome what about it could give them a reason to worry well miki's prophecy gives us a clue those blue eyes shall eventually take everything from you something about using the Jon at its upper limit will devastate boruto either activating its abilities will take a toll on his body or what he sees is.

What's going to take everything away from him it's kind of an abstract idea but think about it if you can see the whole universe can you still make out the things that you used to care about total vision total understanding changes people still the Joon is only a part of boro's potential to grow thanks to his transformation he's an uzuki now and he.

May have access to more abilities than anyone thinks including some Powers Sasuke used to have but has lost thanks to momoshiki there is a strong similarity between renegon techniques and those the otuki display natively we went over the SpaceTime Ninjutsu possibility earlier but this could go much deeper ishiki uzuki doesn't have.

The renegon but the black rods he was able to manifest with the shinjutsu are very similar to the black receiver rods that pay used to use how could someone without The Telltale eye use the abilities of the past while we don't know for sure how ish shiki's abilities worked we have enough information to make a solid working Theory the renegon.

Shingon and Bakugon have all been linked to the otuki at this point all three ocular Powers originate from the otuki passed down by those with Blood Ties to kagia and her Offspring if this is accurate pretty much any Renning on technique could be accomplished with shinjutsu the Divine Miracles acting as an alternate path to access these same.

Abilities think of the eyes as akin to weapons something that helps the otuki Manifest these abilities but are not strictly needed for them this is the most likely way boruto could potentially get around the lack of a Shan and acts as the suso anyway even if he can't manifest the original version it's likely there's a shinjutsu technique.

That could give him some kind of comparable ability call it a Divine suso if you will something that would allow an UK to fight a gigantic monster on their own terms in addition to that pretty much any shinjutsu one of the osuki used in the past Boro could have learned given the time he's had to train just like Ninjutsu they're formalized.

Techniques that other members of the clan can learn there's a lot of potential variety and strength to be found in embracing is uzuki side but there's one little problem holding boruto back from that absolute High Point actually that's a lie there's three issues here and they're all pretty bad first up the biggest and most.

Obvious one it's not clear what effect learning and using shinjutsu may have on boruto's body moshiki may have been denied full Resurrection thanks to that last 18% of data but utilizing the otuki Clan's unique abilities might Empower his soul further risking boruto losing control over his body unlike all the other uzuki Fighters we've witnessed.

Boruto never ate a chakra fruit to enhance his strength while his power is above human Norms performing more complex or demanding shinjutsu would be tough for him he probably wouldn't be able to use shinjutsu as often or as freely as other uzuki at least for now the other issue comes from moshiki himself unlike Sasuke who we know was a.

Prodigy by Ninja standards it's hard to tell how knowledgeable moshiki is or how much experience he really has relative to the rest of his clan every otsuki we've met boasts about their strength acting like they're Gods who can do whatever they want if Amato is right even kaguya herself was considered low ranking by uzuki standards just a minor.

Member of the clan who is supposed to be a sacrifice to the tales perhaps moshiki knows his stuff and would be a great shinjutsu teacher maybe he's just being his usual arrogant boastful self and higher ranking members of the clan would be able to Humble him it's honestly impossible to tell either way though he's a valuable information source and.

Could have possibly helped push boruto's development further no one else active in the Ninja world right now has the potential to learn shinjutsu directly from the otuki but all this might not be giving boruto himself enough credit the young Lord isn't just some mindless sponge soaking up some other people's techniques and ideology his whole Arc is.

Based on not being that beautiful Heir defying his father then Miki then the entire world boruto always chooses his own path so what if he developed a new technique entirely on his own it's quite rare to see ninjas develop truly unique Ninjutsu most of them take what was already established and customize it that's how nutu got started with.

Students of the stages Six Paths copying his lessons on manipulating chakra even he presumably learned those from kaguya only a few prodigies have ever never been shown to create something we know is unique most learned inherited techniques pass down through families over the years some modify existing JSU such as Naruto adding Elemental chakra.

To the Rasengan to create the Rasen shuriken but creating something from scratch is quite rare the one real example we have of the process comes from Mino thanks to his development of the Rasengan while he was inspired by facing enemy chin shury in battle the process was far from simple even for a skilled Shinobi like Mino getting the.

JSU right was a frustrating challenge that took him time to work out jiah's insight about the spiral helped set him on the right path but we know that ultimately perfecting the Rasengan took Mino years Mobi don't have the time or dedication to do something like that instead dedicating themselves to mastering existing jutu but boruto has.

Had years too he probably hasn't had the opportunity to do much else on the Run besides training and he's not quite like either of his teachers Sasuke has the perspective of a ninja moshiki is an uzuki but now boruto is both he's got good reasons to try and work out a special move all on his own and here's where we get to see the full potential.

Of boro's development over the time skip he has the knowledge of Sasuke to draw upon he's got the karma abilities of his body transformation and he's got the determination to remain his own person he's probably picked up a few things from both moshiki and Sasuke but if boruto's got a big showstopping new move it'll be something he created all on his.

Own even before the uo he already managed to take something existing and make it his own thanks to the creation of the van Shing Rasengan this would be the next step what would a boruto original Jutsu even look like well it's hard to speculate if it's just a version of something we've seen before it wouldn't be truly original however if.

You want a rough idea of what it could be like the best example from what we've seen is probably a maasu a versatile ability tailored for his needs in combat that's tough for his enemies to deal with the other thing giving us a possible hint about a new move is the Rasengan uzo Boro designed his new fighting style for Rapid movement if.

He's got an original Jutsu of his own it'll play into that the only question question is how would you focus on trying to create an overwhelming single attack something that focuses on strength over speed as an alternative method of fighting or would he try to create something that takes advantage of his growing Mobility like a move that.

Has to start from above his opponent or one that allows him to launch a bunch of smaller attacks very quickly either way this idea of boruto developing an original jutu gives us a hint at his final fate quote the crafting of abilities is a feat permitted only to Gods that's what Amato said when the subject of uzuki Powers came up even he.

A great scientist with access to a bunch of tools could not create a new shinjutsu he just ended up modifying an existing template to give AA her version of omnipotent even most uzuki don't have a need to forge A New Path like this they just follow their ancestor shibai uzuki's path towards Divinity consume chakra fruit and get stronger that's.

What will make them Gods how many of them have ever needed to innovate to use their power in a new way to push themselves if boros managed to do just that that during the time skip does that make him something close to Divine imagine someone with mino's creativity and dedication being handed the power of an utsuki instead of following anyone's.

Path boruto could start blazing his own using hard work and dedication to ascend in the same way the ancient god did through stealing chakra fruit the time skip has been boruto's first big step towards the path of his final fate a lot of people think that he's more Sasuke's a than Naruto's instead he might be the one to take the title given to Hashi.

Send you and make it literal all hail boruto Uzumaki the god of Shinobi hopefully you guys enjoyed the boruto content always remember to let us know what you like to see in the comments along with what you don't like to see as always I'm slice Baku thank you all so much for watching and of an awesome day I love you.