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BORUTO VS KAWAKI! KAWAKI GOES TOO FAR! – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations


Boruto is back and not just back but back again with heat it's crazy how good the enemy and manga have been for a while now every week the enemy brings hype and every month the manga matches that quality this month we have a crazy chapter so well written.

Could just be me but i'm getting kishimoto vibes in this one let us know in the comments if you guys agree with that as always if you haven't already please be sure to drop a like to help us out and subscribe to power remote notifications on to never miss an upload with that said let's get into this the.

Chapter opens up in konoha with naruto and boruto discussing the pills created by a motto to slow the osusuki transformation naruto would explain to boruto that they were originally developed for another purpose but if all goes well they'll have a positive effect he'd make it clear that.

They won't get rid of karma nor will they reverse the effects that have already taken place they're simply a way of slowing the process from here vorto would examine the pills pouring a few out on a plate to do so naruto would continue to explain that the issue is they have no idea what kind of side effects these pills.

May cause there's even a possibility it could kill borrowto boruto would pause now after hearing this information naruto would make it clear that he won't force portal to take them it's simply an option one that boruto can take time and think over carefully now holding a pill borto would pause for a moment before quickly going through with it.

Eating the pill leaving naruto shocked boruto is now super casually asking at what rate he should consume them bernardo was stunned the look of shock he had while asking if boruto hadn't even listened to him was just hilarious berto explained that he listened and like naruto said the choice was his.

It just happened to be a quick decision instead of a longer one like naruto had wished naruto's frustration would quickly turn to concern though at the moment though borto was feeling fine he's for a while now been prepared for the worst when it comes to karma this was the reason he was able to.

Decide really fast with the pills surprisingly he then apologized to his father for the scare this kind of touched naruto maybe to see his son have such conviction and even apologize without being prompted to moves him this combined with the situation really seemed to make naruto think for a moment.

Boruto was grateful for the pills in the end and we'd go elsewhere in konoha he'd meet up with kawaki and the others and talk about his medicine pawaki seemed pretty judgmental about the decision it seems like this was mostly because it might jeopardize their plans to fight code and implant him with karma an argument.

Would ensue with boruto's point being the plan was just hypothetical anyway there was no guarantee it would have worked out sarada would now join in on the conversation telling them to stop the bickering because they were here to train it was then that we'd get a full picture.

Of the scene they were in a circle meditating from a distance naruto and konohamaru were watching this konohamaru would observe that kawaki pretty much has no team spirit but naruto wouldn't respond to this back to the kids the argument would continue kawaki would remind them that.

There are no match for code and frankly i have to agree here but boruto reminded him that that's why they're here training which is also valid zara would again speak up and try to get them to stop but kawaki would tell her to shut up in his mind there was no point in this meditation sarah would explain.

That it's important for chakra control and be annoyed that kawaki was acting bossy despite being a total beginner kawaki understood the basics were important but felt spending too much time on it was pointless boruto would now join in and question whether kawaki was looking down on shinobi training.

Kawaki would then explain that it's just simply inefficient misuki would ask the right question though what does kawaki suggest they do instead kawaki would present a simple solution while glancing over towards misuki just then he'd move his modified arm would extend and quickly attack.

Mitsuki but mitsuki was equally as fast grabbing the outstretched arm of kawaki and putting an end to that attack boruto was angry now but koaki was ignoring this instead admiring mitsuki's block and saying that he has promise mitsuki was with this vibe more than the rest of his squad he was happy to go.

Either way basic training or combat at this point konohamaru was concerned and ready to intervene but naruto stopped him the drama would then continue sarada would remind everyone that she's the squad leader they can't go off making decisions without her.

Kawaki wouldn't even respond to that instead he'd share his trauma he tells him how he was trained by jigen through grueling combat drills it was literal hell but it worked he rapidly improved the fight would continue now with kawaki freeing himself of mitsuki's grip and again without hesitation.

Going in for a hit this time with more of a blade-shaped arm kawaki had enough of the whining at this point and told them to come at him he'd go at sarda now with the same modified arm form but she dodged this jumping into the air and with anger she let off a fireball jutsu.

This was easy for koaki he'd block it with a shield shaped arm and with all the smoke from the impact he'd then take the opportunity and dash away sarada easily saw through this and threw two shuriken at him landing both one in kawaki's arm and one in his leg everyone was shocked that should have.

Been dodged easily kawaki's body was then left on the floor but it then disappeared it was a shadow clone just then kawaki would reappear behind sarda ready to end it all with his bladed arm he'd go for her head but out of nowhere boruto came to block this attack for him.

This was enough kawaki would tell him to relax this was just sparring no one was going to die here boruto would throw this back at him but it was no use zarada would say that maybe he needs to show kawaki by force i thought this was interesting because she basically couldn't beat kawaki on.

Her own and now she's kind of asking mortal to do it i thought she was more prideful than that but i guess not in this moment boruto would accept this suggestion and make it clear that this was going to be a one-on-one it was simple a 1v1 to decide whose way of training they would use.

Konohamaru would from a distance still be concerned about all this but the rules were set board told remind kawagi that they used to fight like this all the time when they first met and kawaki responded that brothel was generally the cause of all that the two would now stand face to face and.

Begin it looks a bit funny but they'd punch each other in the face simultaneously and then kawaki would go on the offense with his arm dodging it was easy enough for boruto who would then activate a shadow clone jutsu mid-air and go on the offensive kawaki would jump back and easily handle.

This situation with his modified arm now with some distance between them boruto would attempt to use resengan but his effort would be put down however boruto was still charged forward but just as he did this though koaki would send a larger blast in his direction without hesitation.

Yeah let's acknowledge that without hesitation boruto would activate karma extend his arm and absorb the blast kawaki was pissed about this but there was no time to think too hard because boruto was already preparing his response lightning style thunderclap arrow instinctively kawaki would attempt to.

Absorb the power just like boruto did but instead he'd take the blast directly he had no karma to activate it was over now looking at his hand kawaki would think to himself that he's more dependent on karma than he'd previously thought borton would claim his victory and ask if kawaki had any complaints.

But kawaki wasn't hearing this really he was in his own head right now he was disappointed he looked at naruto now from a distance and think that this was pathetic how could he protect the hokage when he's in such a state now standing over kawaki boruto would say that one thing has changed since they first met.

He could now tell what kawaki was thinking more or less then reminding him that they're all friends he can rely on them lastly he tell kawaki that none of this was his fault they just need to come together and put a stop to the ones doing bad because that's what shinobi do.

Naruto and konohamaru would acknowledge vorto's growth here and i think we should as well he's changed a lot since the beginning of the story kawaki would not concede but add a little bit of fire to that and say that those words would sound better coming from someone more reliable kawaki would agree to stick around.

Longer and do things their way with a more serious look than we've seen from him at all this chapter naruto would think to himself that if they all just go for it they might get a lot stronger a bit obvious but yeah it was time to resume training and the chapter would end with kawaki swearing to himself that he'll get.

Stronger no matter what it takes getting major foreshadowing vibes here and throughout the fight with boruto in general we know kawaki somehow gets to karma again and based on the way he's talking throughout this chapter it doesn't sound like he'll be forced onto him it might be something he.

Willingly accepts to be stronger for his cause of course there are then still a lot of questions like what happens to naruto in the end but there's definitely something deeper to kawaki's dialogue in this chapter let me know what you guys think in the comments overall this was a great chapter.

A really solid read the writing was perfect this time around and i genuinely have no complaints about anything if there's anything you guys want us to discuss before the next boruto chapter let us know in the comments and we just might make it happen i hope you guys enjoyed the video if you.

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