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Boruto Will Kill Naruto and Sasuke!? The Dark Future Was Just Spoiled – Boruto Chapter 75


Chapter 75 of the board to manga is here and some game-changing things have finally happened we are now getting some much needed answers about the otusuki clan and a model cyborgs this chapter even gives us more information about a power we haven't seen since chapter one we've got a lot to cover here so let's Dive Right In we start things off with a.

Full conference call between boruto kawaki Ada and diamon at their new home and Shikamaru Naruto and Amado at the hokage's office a motto gives everyone a complete rundown of both Ada and daemon's Powers Ada can charm anyone that is not blood related to her or a member of the osuki clan her send Regan allows her to view any moment that has.

Ever happened after her birth Daemon can reflect any attack or harmful intention directed at him as long as he is touching another person the person he is touching also benefits from that reflection power too kawaki even goes as far as his test out daemon's reflection ability by imagining punching the small child and just like a model said the.

Attack is reflected right back at kawaki which amuses diamon during the meeting Naruto finally asked a question that has been on everyone's mind how did a Model create such powerful and Godlike abilities with just scientific ninja tools a motto ethnicity wasn't the one that created ayemon and nada's Powers all he did was transplant them from a.

Different member of the osusky clan for the first time in a long while we get the name of a new osuski member shibai this shocks everyone including Shikamaru who immediately asked where shibai is and leave it to Shikamaru to start analyzing potential new threats the second they are introduced a Mata reassures him that shibai is no longer.

Alive and only his remains are left from Amato's explanation shibai was different from other members of his clan although asutsuki clan members had only eaten a small handful of chakra fruits and had only gone through karmic Resurrection a few times she by on the other hand had devoured multiple chakra fruits that eventually transformed him into a God.

And as such the identity of the osuski God has finally been revealed she buys godhood allowed him to unlock Ada send reflection ability he was the original user of these Powers a model transplant as she buys DNA into the siblings giving them a few of his abilities the process seems similar to how characters like Orochimaru and Madara transplanted.

Hashirama cells into test subjects like Yamato and Obito DNA swapping has been a major part of Naruto's story and it seems like the trend is going to continue in boruto Shikamaru confirms a katatsuke that this is actually possible katatsuke agrees that in theory something like this is doable will be extremely difficult with Humanity's.

Current level of Technology but as we have seen before a Mile's genius intelligence is on a whole different level from anyone else on the planet he has been able to develop Advanced airships and create powerful cyborgs motto skills seem Limitless a motto continues to explain that the senregon and daemon's reflection abilities were.

Not the only powers that shibai possessed God could create storms and rain down Thunderbolts without even weaving hand signs shibai's powers are called shinjutsu because as they were so different from Ninjutsu or even senjutsu his powers were like Divine Miracles he was more like a force of nature than a mortal person Amado also reveals that.

Other people besides Ada and Daimon have inherited the shinjutsu abilities codes claw marks kawaki sakuna hikona and daikokuten and even Karma seals are all forms of shinjutsu that means officially characters like kawaki code and boruto possess Godly Powers it seems that all the otusi Clan's Powers originated from shibai it is possible that he is the.

Founding member of the clan wow and before we continue with this bombshell of a chapter be sure to subscribe to the Channel with notifications on to their missing upload and smash that like button for some plotomer today one of the more shocking things that a model teaches the group is that Ninjutsu the thing that every ninja has dedicated.

Their lives to is just a weak attempt at mimicking shinjutsu these Godly Powers completely overshadow almost every Ninjutsu we have seen before Shikamaru then asks a very important question how could someone as powerful as she by die with karmic Resurrection he should have been able to reincarnate forever and continue to get stronger over time is it.

Possible that someone killed God a motto immensity isn't positive about what happened to shibai it is possible that someone did kill him but he has a different Theory what if she by evolves so much as he no longer required a physical body Amada believes that she might ascended to a higher plane and willingly chose to leave his body behind.

This could be the ultimate goal of yosutsuki they could be trying to follow ishiba's footsteps and is sent to a higher Place joining God this is jigan's dream that code inherited all this talk about gods and Ascension confuses Naruto a bit but everyone else seems to be following the osuski are so powerful that they can make anything happen Amado.

Wants to use that power to fulfill his own dreams after dozens of chapters filled with mystery we are finally learning about a motto his Ambitions and schemes are all being laid out on the table is the yuzio Susie's powers to bring back his daughter from the dead now this is actually something that a lot of fans expect about the only thing.

That our model wants is to get his daughter back just as he says this Delta arrives at sarada and mitsuki's location she is still enamored with Ada and came to see her again sarda tells her to leave but Delta begs to stay so that she can just get one more glimpse of ADA and then without warning Delta suddenly shuts down this was caused by sumide who.

Came chasing after her she explains that Delta shouldn't be able to disobey neither her nor Dr katatsuke but Ada's Powers were strong enough to break her programming back in the meeting a model explains that his daughter akibi died 12 years ago boruto notes that he was born that long ago too could his birth have something to do with akebi's illness.

Akebi contracted a mysterious illness that doctors were unable to treat or cure and you know what a lot of people in this world seem to die from incurable illnesses Itachi and kimimoto just to name a few could there be a connection in order to save her a model started creating a new body for her through cloning sadly akibi died before the.

Clone's body was finished but Amado was able to preserve her brain using that he digitized her memories and continued working on the Clone body after nine months of work pretty much a whole pregnancy the Clone body was completed rkb was reborn he was able to transfer all of his daughter's memories into the Clone she had akebi's voice looks and.

Memories but a motto quickly realized that it was not his daughter she lacked her personality and Humanity a model tried to recreate his daughter multiple times but each one became a different person that was not his daughter accidentally a Mata who created the delta cyborgs this means that every copy of Delta is just a failed clone of his.

Own daughter what is essentially the beginning framework of the Astro Boy story and so perhaps this is a nod to the father of manga himself Osamu tezuka a Mata realized that bringing someone truly back from the dead was something that only a God could do the technology could not recreate human consciousness the human soul is just too special to be.

Copied by science now honestly I found this to be a bit puzzling as damn near the entirety of Naruto's final Arc was spent with resurrected members of the Ninja World by way of the Edo tensei sure the body isn't exactly perfect but the soul very much remains and this is all accomplished by Ninjutsu which is now apparently a cheap imitation of a.

Great power which a model possesses extensive knowledge about at least providing an explanation as to why it was never considered would have been nice but I digress just what a model is about to give up all hope of getting his daughter back Gigan approached him Gigan promised a motto that if he helped him he'd bring back his daughter but when a.

Model realized that if jigen succeeded in creating a chakra fruit the planet would die he decided to betray him there wasn't a point in getting his daughter back if the planet were to be gone Naruto and Shikamaru someone sympathize with this Choice while a parent wouldn't do everything in their power to save their child although jigen is gone now a.

Model hasn't given up on resurrecting his daughter while working for jigen a model realized that karmic Resurrection was similar to his cloning process both techniques attempt to transfer someone's soul to a new body but the karma seals could do what he failed to do before he even fully explains his plans somebody figures out why Amada was so interested.

In kawaki's karma seal she took notice that a model was practically obsessed with restoring kawaki's Karma seal when he originally lost that without telling anyone a motto added his daughter's DNA to kawaki's recreated Karma seal if kowaki were to place a new Karma seal into a clone body akibi would be revived as the same person she was when she died.

Kawaki is the key to Reviving Amato's daughter but is kawaki willing to do that for a motto he still holds a lot of resentment towards a motto for experimenting on him another issue with his plan is the final function of the karma seal if kawaki did place a new seal on a clone then he would just resurrect through that clone if he ever.

Died akebi would be killed again a motto is way too smart to not know this this means that there has to be more to a model's planned than he is letting on boruto is genuinely shocked that Amado wasn't planning something more Sinister this whole time despite a model sincerity Shikamaru is still distrustful which is a smart decision a model has.

Lied in the past there is no guarantee that he's not lying now he has Ada's use her sentry gun to check if a model story is true this offends a motto and surprises everyone else that Shikamaru will be so ruthless but he explains that it is his job to be suspicious suddenly boruto hears the voice of momoshiki in his head.

Momoshiki tells boruto that they can read each other's thoughts now after you repair boruto's damaged body it seems that momoshiki and boruto are starting to form a relationship like Naruto and Kurama had in the past an uneasy Alliance that temporarily benefits both of them will they become friends like Naruto and Kurama too he warns boruto to.

Not let kawaki know about their connection he also tells him there is something wrong with Hamada story momoshiki does confirm that the information about shibai is true and that he did Ascend to a higher plane a model's explanation about shinjutsu was also correct however the part about a modern story this bathroom is Ada.

According to momoshiki adenregon is a form of shinjutsu but her ability to make people fall in love with her is not that power is some that a motto must have created was scientific ninja tools but why would a model create a power like that and give it to Ada the answer to that could shine some more light on why Ada hates a motto so much momoshiki.

Knows all shinjutsu and he has never heard of Ada's love charm Powers which means that Amada is lying at least about that much how many other shinjutsu techniques exist in the world and who currently has them even now Amado is still keeping dangerous Secrets what does he gain by hiding the truth about Ada's Powers.

Aydah was able to confirm that amado's daughter was a real person and that she died when she was 24. Shikamaru and Amado argue about the lack of trust between them for a bit while boruto continues his conversation with momoshiki neither of them knows how long they will be mentally connected for which angers the both of them boruto.

Warns momoshiki not to trick him when something unexpected happens without warning boruto's jogon activates and he starts receiving Visions guys the jogon has not made an appearance since the very first chapter of the series it has been shown in the anime A few times lines but we still know practically nothing about it with it boruto sees.

Leaf ninja searching for someone at night she could die you know Jin and chocho argue with someone that is supposed to be their friend you see sarda locating the person they are searching for mitsuki in his full Sage transformation confronts someone that has made him angry we could finally get to see more of mitsuki's true power that.

He has been hiding this whole time finally borto sees kawaki in his karma transformation standing over someone while boruto is trying to figure out what just happened both momoshiki and Ada take notice of him boruto's story is finally ramping up quicker and quicker with each chapter and it seems like something Earth shattering is going to.

Happen in the coming chapters could boruto jogan let him see the future if that was the future it seems that someone has betrayed the leaf this also raises the question of whose future boruto is seeing was it his own or was it possibly kawakis will one of them betray The Village this could be the rift at least with the time skips shown.

In the first chapter we may be seeing the prophecy that momoshiki predicted finally coming true boruto those blue eyes shall eventually take everything from him brother is becoming enemies and man just when we start getting answers more questions and Mysteries pop up but hey what did you think of this chapter there is still so much we don't know and.

We want to hear your theories what's secret about ADA could a model be hiding and why is he still lying to Elite Village what does the activation of boruto Shogun mean leave us all your thoughts in the comments down below we cannot wait for chapter 76. as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I.

Love you