Bortow will very soon tap into power potentially greater than anything naruto has ever experienced with his recent death and revival a lot has changed for boruto i mean for starters he's literally no longer human not only that but he himself has stated that he now believes he can channel momoshiki's power better these two factors combined.

With what we already know about the osusuki and some other foreshadowing which we'll get into soon lead us to believe vorto will very soon achieve greater powers powers and a transformation that resembles that of ancient cherokee and with these developments it becomes very likely that boruto will gain access to the biakugan.

And rinagon to better understand this mind-blowing development we need to establish a few things firstly as we learned in boruto chapter 67 boruto is no longer human he is a pure genuine osusuki so let's talk about what that really means while we don't know everything there is to know about joseoski we do know enough to speculate.

And foreshadow what's to come for boruto for starters amado describes them as alien parasites and we know that they're a clan that's been around for thousands of years they're celestial beings that exist for the sake of evolving and growing stronger with the end goal of becoming gods their quest for power is what originally led them to earth along.

With other dimensions and planets for greater power the osusuki plant divine trees using the ten-tail saplings with the end goal of eating the chakra fruit it bears eating this of course grants them greater power and is a constant goal we've seen for various clan members throughout the series beyond this we know they implant karma to create.

Vessels to later use for resurrection and they have other key traits such as their master ability to control chakra and their usage of keke genkai two things that are both very relevant to boruto now boruto of course will not literally become asian cherokee after all that involves being a host of a tailed beast like the relationship.

Naruto and kurama had before certain unfortunate events grab the hearts of us all borto will however have a relationship with momoshiki similar to that leading to insane powers like very likely a biakugan and possibly even a rinagon among other abilities when you think about it momoshiki hasn't done anything to make him irredeemable during.

The attack on konaha no one died if anything he just had a fight against them and made threats sasuke has done worse he literally killed a hokage and was plotting to destroy everything he is a traitor to konoha yes momoshiki destroyed sasuke's renegade but that doesn't make him irredeemable on top of that even korama has done worse he.

Killed naruto's parents yes there were certain circumstances behind that but at the end he willingly chose to kill them with those things in mind despite momoshiki's attitude currently there's no reason to believe he won't become a real ally to boruto a lot of people think of momoshiki as purely evil with no redeeming qualities and to an extent.

I understand he sees everything and everyone as inferior to him i would destroy everything if given the chance however we have to remember that we don't know his backstory karama looked like the big bad as well before we got his backstory regarding how he was treated by humans and that the attack on konoha was largely not even his fault so.

While momoshiki seems bad we don't know his backstory and while he's done damage we've yet to see him kill anyone to my knowledge truthfully anyone could be a villain it just depends on perspective some people even believe that boruto is the enemy in the timeskip so for now it's not fair to write off moshiki as purely evil their current situation.

Isn't much different from the relationship naruto and karama had during part 1 of naruto similarly to how kurama was stuck with naruto and had the ability to gain control momoshiki is now stuck with boruto and has the ability to gain control granted this ability may now be limited or gone with the recent developments of chapter 68 we're bored.

To declare it he believes he now has greater control over the karma this was a result of him literally dying and then being resurrected by momoshiki at the cost of sacrificing the remaining eighteen percent of the karma dna the end result was brought to becoming a pure genuine osutsuki and now in his mind no longer needing the medicine.

Amado had prescribed for slowing the osusuki transformation now if it's impossible for momoshiki to resurrect and he's unlikely or now totally unable to gain control depending on how much you believe boruto what purpose could he be left to serve other than guiding or fighting with boruto he's now in the back seat clinging to existence by.

Staying with boruto there's no other purpose for him now that we know of the only logical conclusion at the moment is for the two to establish ancient cherokee tail beast type relationship because boruto isn't a suzuki now and possesses a karma he already wields the power the role momoshiki will play is likely that of a mentor an ally in the.

Battle against yasusuki or an unknown true enemy it's likely boruto will be the light that brings an end to the invasive nature of the subsuki clan or at the very least the end of their attacks on earth toni has entrusted boruto with this responsibility it seems and with that allies will be necessary especially one who deeply understands.

The clan who better than momoshiki and you may be wondering why would momoshiki aid in the destruction of the clan and truthfully while it would be amazing to see there is little reason to believe bortu will one day destroy the clan instead he'll find a way to stop them from being able to invade earth that is assuming they're the end enemies.

Bordeaux's survival is momoshiki's survival something he seems to not really want to let go of knowing momoshiki had imagined his own self-interests are more important to him than the clan there is also the possibility that momoshiki won't simply work with boruto for his own survival he may be changed through seeing borto's.

Actions and hearing his words over time respect for boruto may be formed the asuski are capable of changing and even falling in love with humans let's not forget kaguya fell in love and had children with a human and toneri had a change of heart after losing to naruto so to think there is the possibility that momoshiki changes and comes to.

Respect boruto in the same way kurama did with naruto it's not impossible in fact it's very likely that boruto and his alien will become partners maybe even friends boruto is the continuation of the naruto story and so the two have a lot of overlaps and parallels this can be seen in the many character similarities for example kawaki being.

Boruto sasuke and mitsuki being his equivalent assai omoshiki is an easy way to create that same relationship naruto had with korama while this isn't necessary it's just a trend that the story rioting has had up to this point and again what other purpose might there be from omoshiki beyond this point there is the prophecy momoshiki had foretold.

Roberto will have everything taken away from him and with that in mind momoshi will be around to watch it unfold he'll watch how boruto reacts and tries to prevent or recover from the loss he doesn't exactly seem concerned for boruto or anything based on his laughter it's likely just intrigue or curiosity he's in the back seat right now like how.

Kurama watched naruto grow up and handle pains and victories alternatively it's also possible that e2 never really become true allies momoshiki may be so stuck in his previous ways that he never has a change of heart towards boruto however despite this he would still work with boruto because he's invested in boruto's survival after all while it's.

Most likely it'll develop into a genuine partnership it's also possible that they keep that strictly business relationship while a lot of fans of the series may cringe at the possibility of border becoming stronger than naruto it's very possible with him not being in a and forming a partnership with momoshiki in the future in the comments below let us.

Know what you personally think about that so what is possible for boruto from this point on for starters he's very likely to get that biakugan kishimoto owes him now with his god like osusuki powers leosuzuki are known for keke genkai and while borto has the jogon the osusuki having multiple dojutsu is the norm momoshiki has a biaku gun and he's.

Yosusuki who gave boruto a karma borto has moshiki's dna as a part of his body and so why wouldn't that contain the information for the biaku gun if umoshiki was to be reborn in this body all the information from his being should be a part of boruto including the dna code for the biakugan bordeaux is kind of owed a biakugan anyway if.

Kishimoto really forgot to give it to him while creating this design so this would be an easy way to add it in and i'm not sure if that's a fact or just a rumor but that's just something we've always heard that kishimoto forgot to give it to him just adding this disclaimer there that i'm not sure that's just a rumor or a fact if porto.

Isn't a suzuki he should be able to access these dojutsu with sasuke losing his runagon to boroshiki at the conclusion of the fight against ishiki the famed dojutsu is essentially gone from the story now is it possible sasuke somehow finds a way to activate another renegade sure however the sad reality is that's not likely the reason is that.

It's very clear that both naruto and sasuke were nerfed for the sake of moving them from the center of the story putting more weight on the abilities of this next generation so plot wise sasuke regaining great power doesn't really make sense now you might be considering that the rennecon could make his way back to the story through sarah uchiha.

While i wouldn't put it past kishimoto to find a way to make this happen it's not likely to activate a runagon hakuromo's chakra is necessary and this would be done by either combining the chakra of indira nostra or directly receiving it from hagoromo as sasuke did so with those possibilities countered the only way realistically for the.

Rinagan to make an appearance would be through boruto who now is a pure ususki the rinnegan is one of the coolest things in the naruto universe and for it to be gone is simply lame but also for there to be two prevalent characters with it isn't ideal these are of course opinions however i feel they're valid in general things lose their flair once.

Over done and that's why we've never for long durations had these same kakegenkai around each other in the story those subtle decisions keep these ocular abilities intriguing the renegade is supposed to be ultra rare having two characters present casually would be awkward and so sasuke losing his renegade serve two purposes firstly to.

Nerf him and secondly to open the door for boruto to gain his with sasuke serving as a mentor all these developments open up a world of possibilities for boruto and likely puts him in a position where he's stronger than naruto at his peak literally bertuson pays to become as strong if not stronger than these age of six paths who.

Makes naruto look kind of average and hey don't be upset it's just the way the story needs to be vorto is dealing with celestial beings alien parasites naruto sasuke once fought kaguya but that was a one time thing at the butt end of the story boruto's future conflicts will be on a whole other level and for those upcoming fights he needs to reach.

Greater levels of power than we've seen previously hagoromo was not just strong because he was a philosophy of course it also helped greatly that he was asian cherokee however vorto being a full of suski instead of half and possessing a karma might make up for a lot of that especially when we consider he has something as special as the jogon and on.

Top of that the future generations are supposed to be better than the past i'm sure naruto will be happy to see boruto be stronger than he ever was especially when you consider the start he had where he cheated in the tuning exams to impress his father and gain recognition to go from that to a top ninja is a great story for most people the story.

Would be a step back from the original if boruto and all the other ninjas of his generation were weaker than the past shinobi imagine going from gods like naruto and sasuke to average or slightly above average ninja while some people may not like it boruto becoming busted was just the logical thing for the story mortal becoming stronger than just about.

Everyone makes perfect sense and it's just the way the story needs to be at least that's how we feel let us know in the comments if you agree until next time keep that polymer on you i'm kj have a great day goodbye