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BRIAR QUEEN CHARLOTTE! Vanica Gets Destroyed – Black Clover


So it seems like black clover similarly to my hero academia had its first chapter of the new year make its way to us a bit early with the last one after infiltrating their stronghold within the spade kingdom the likes of yuno and longress would face off against the ever fearsome.

Xenon with this we received a bit more of an explanation as the nature of xenon's magic both that of his natural capabilities and those bestowed by his devil having seized control over mana within the entire chamber xenon superiority appeared to be assured however in summoning fort silf who had.

Time to grow even stronger yuno was subsequently able to spirit dive becoming stronger than ever before in an instant he was able to purge the incoming bone magic of xenon and get in close as mana itself seemed to favor him which correction from our last chapter.

Discussion the reason this was familiar to me as someone commented was because it's a concept from maggie one of my favorite series of all time and so with that yuno absolutely does have the power of plot armor on his side as he was able to bore a gaping hole right through the abdomen.

Of xenon with this latest chapter we pick up right from there as that on was pushed back as you know made it clear that the one to die would be xenon not them furthermore emphasizing that he shouldn't have messed with the golden dawn.

Which as a prince of the spade kingdom that has been subjugated and devastated by xenon and the dark triad only mentioning the golden dawn is a little weird i understand he only just learned of his origins but damn bro they bodied your entire family.

And that's the whole reason you ended up in the clover kingdom to begin with but anyways xenon would have no words to provide as he was bleeding profusely longrist then confidently thinking to himself of their assured victory which by anime logic just means the tables are guaranteed to turn.

As if we needed any more reason to suspect as much however we would not see as such with this chapter as we would then shift to another fight that of annika versus rill and charlotte as for vonaka like me she is just waiting for noel to show up.

Seated in a suspended chair she was uncertain as to whether or not they'd serve as adequate entertainment for her and so as a requirement she stipulated that they would need to defeat her pawns first these two pawns formerly being of the diamond kingdom's new generation.

Of the eight shining generals these two in particular still remain nameless but both were cursed and compelled to her will and are implied to have been provided by their former master morris who is now allied with the dark triad now charlotte would make the first move.

With her briar magic but all of it would be immediately destroyed by the coupling of the pawns fire and wind magic that had been further augmented by veronica's curse and the modifications of morris but to shift things real would use his.

Painting magic to change his scene to that of waves and mermaids as the water would serve to extinguish the flames now veronica was observing all this and would comment on how painting magic could be fun to face considering it can utilize several elements.

But at the same time that's kinda it so she wasn't exactly thrilled and briar magic was all kinds of wrong to her then saying that she really wanted to fight asta or even yami seeing as how he took down dante that turning them into pawns of hers would have been really great but seeing.

As how yami's death would be the key to opening the underworld she was willing to compromise and then again if xenon so easily captured and brought him in maybe he wasn't all that special to begin with and veronica is playing a dangerous game.

If she is slandering yami in the presence of a charlotte thinking back charlotte spent a lot of time studying the mana method of the heart kingdom a unique manipulation of natural mana suited best for magics found in nature like in the case of her plant-based magic.

For ages she believed the curse of her blue rose to be simply a limitation a hindrance on what is her incredible strength but she was wrong and it wasn't until she reached the utmost extremes of the mana method that she realized the power of her blue roses and at one point.

Dorothy told her that all curse magic derives from megykula the very devil within veronica and because of this with the use of mana method and the stage set by their prior exchange charlotte was able to instantly give rise to an all-consuming briar field of blue roses.

The stronger the curse of her enemy the stronger her briar magic becomes by absorbing it like fertilizer vonnika now realizing the nature of this anti-curse magic before her was completely dumbfounded and blown away with disbelief everything up to here has prepared and strengthened charlotte's magic.

As she would then use her true briar magic and immediately one shot the two pawns in one go with her red roses her original power prior to the nerf of her curse and with that all hail briar queen charlotte as now both roses of red and blue.

Were now completely under her control we are on a three chapter run of new transformations black clover is so hype right now even with this fight that i wasn't especially looking forward to i am just blown away and at this point charlotte was intent on saving yami and showing him.

Her new self as real like me was just jaw dropped by the fact that charlotte managed to become a captain despite being nerfed the entire time but with this vonika would lose her mind with excitement as she'd found the perfect opponent but just as she began her charge she was held in place by the briar magic.

As charlotte would express that the two would not be fighting as vonaka would then respond that she'll just tear her way out before realizing that it was surprisingly difficult as charlotte would explain that the briar isn't something she can pull.

Herself out of with sheer strength that it binds ever tighter for those of especially strong curse magic now shocked and coming to understand her predicament veronica would soon beg for charlotte to fight her as charlotte would say that vonaka.

Wasn't careful enough as monica would continue to beg saying that if it's between the two of them their fight would be the best but charlotte wasn't having it and was done talking as he binding was now complete and veronica's wish would go unanswered and that was the chapter again i just.

Love how black clover is so unafraid to jump right into the action and give us these sorts of killer moments and power-ups charlotte was looking pretty badass this chapter and it is well deserved considering she is now officially the third most popular character in the series.

Now veronica does still have her blood magic so maybe she can do something with that but up against this level of plant magic i'm not sure how well that would go overall really exciting stuff as always from black clover and if you always want to be here for our discussions on it.

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