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Buggy Rules The One Piece World!? The Truth About Cross Guild – One Piece


Buggy the clown Loopy's log is running adversary he specifically straw hats all the way from the East blue to the new world the Thousand Ryo clown has been a Roger pirate a warlord and now a Yanko sure he's faces fair share of setbacks with buggy Rivals Luffy and his ability to roll with the punches whenever light throws at him he turns it back around.

And somehow things work out incredibly and now he has made very good use of his experience with powerful allies in the cloud of his position as an emperor behind him buggies once again started to become a serious threat Luffy might dismiss his former enemy as an idiot but we'd argue he might be off the buggy ball here in this video we'll be going.

Over Buggy's history talking about how he rose the top of the entire world and where he might be going next could Luffy's first devil fruit using opponent make his own plates become pirate king let's get into it part one welcome to the show to explain what drives buggy to excel we should start with this counterpart his rival since childhood.

The heir to Goldie Roger straw hats and the Legendary Pirate who buggy the clown is always Envy red-haired Shanks Shanks has always been amazing A Cut Above other Pirates even before the series started he was a legend he clashed with cp9 during his Days in the East blue face dracu mihawk repeatedly with sword duels and was scarred by Blackbeard he.

Has been walking with Larger than Life figures since he was a kid in Goldie Rogers crew Mucky the clown started in these same place as another Apprentice Roger pirate but ended up on quite a different Road he was not famous or noteworthy when we first met him there's one more pirate in the age of piracy doing his best to get by and it is eaten.

At him for years we don't have firm information on Buggy's early days but we do have room to speculate we know he and Shanks went their separate ways only Roger Pirates dissolve will form their own eventually while Shane traveled the grand line in that time eventually becoming a yonko buggy however hadn't left these blue he's been outshone by.

Red hair for a long time and a mere thought of his old friend is enough to make buggy mad he affects everything about him buggy is always gone over the top favoring Showboat tactics and looking cool over pure profit or official use of his time he'll talk about a big game of grabbing treasure but his main interest just.

Seems to be respect he built a reputation out of blowing up small towns ruling through fear and trying to rack up Golden loot to prove himself he knows he's not in a weight class with Legends like Shanks and Whitebeard so he limits himself to East blue where he can make more of a name for himself it's easier to look like a big fish in a small pond.

And buggy will always try to make himself look like the biggest fish he can part of this is Envy towards Shanks but there is another point in Buggy's past that might be responsible for this drive towards respect Goldie Roger buggy betrayed the Roger Pirates and stealing the devil fruit from them but he still cared about his captain he cried on that.

Day and broke down just like Shanks did likely buggy viewed Roger as a father figure an inspiration as a pirate he likely formed his idea of what makes a pirate great by watching his captive who could be a better source of inspiration than the pirate king Roger was by all accounts a very charismatic man who meant a lot to his men Aldi Roger.

Pirates cried when their crew finally disbanded and while there was more to him than flare Roger was a king of bombastic over the top spectacle his battles with the Rocks Pirates and whitebeard's crew were legendary even years later Roger even used his own execution to change the world it makes sense that a young buggy with fixate on.

The image of Roger as his flashy showman pirate he was too young and too self-centered to grasp the deeper parts of his character years later buggy would try to use Roger's execution block to kill Luffy attempted to get his revenge and we both over the top fashion he could think of he doesn't have the strength or skill but trying to emulate.

Roger would explain a lot of Buggy's peculiar 30s it also tends to respect his fellow seafarers while he is arrogant and dismissive of those he views is beneath him buggy is usually at least polite to Pirates he's not fighting he and Ace have a full-on party together when the latter shows up at the big top notably.

In that encounter buggy makes it clear that he won't mess with Ace not out of fear of his personal power but out of respect for Whitebeard this could be due to fear of Whitebeard instead of Ace but Buddy's words suggests otherwise rather than talking about the emperor's personal power he brings up that new gate was the only man who was able to.

Fight Goldie Roger and is closest to retrieving the one piece if buggy still has some hero worship left for his former Captain extending into his rival makes sense it even puts his reticence to follow through on his boasting Marine Ford in a different light buggy and short is a Pirates Pirate a man who has always lived life his way and wants to.

Pursue this path to the greatest height possible as much as he has Chase Shanks across his career he is more of a mirror of goofy he might not talk about it but he also tries to live up to the pirate King's Legacy buggy wants to be the best pirate he could be he knows he lacks Roger's strength though and that his self-doubt limited his ambition beyond.

That buggy doesn't understand Roger and what he values in the way Luffy does I don't know much about the Pirate game but values freedom and Independence in a way Roger Pirates recognize buggy however is more interested and empty spectacle and the Flash of wealth he saw the superficial side of Roger's life and.

Didn't understand his deeper values or at least that's what the genius Jester was like before but before we get into Buggy's Arc remember to check that you're subscribed to the channel you run the notification Bell and hit that like button for your daily dose of plot armor now back to the Show part two impel down and out for a long time buggy looked.

Like he was going nowhere he came off as a weak second-tier villain who couldn't possibly hope to keep up with Luffy and these straw hats he and his crew artlessly defeated by smoker and wrote down escaping by dumb luck we don't run into buggy for a while after that bar a brief appearance where they meet Ace it felt like Oda had forgotten about the.

Clown but then the summit War happened we meet buggy again over 250 chapters later and in fell down he he had been arrested for wandering into a Marine base thinking it was a treasure king he made a break for it at the same time as Luffy ultimately joining with him in his game in town he is not exactly the most enthusiastic partner but he stays with.

Luffy all the way through the prison with him they flee on the same ship heading into the tub current to Marine four and it is here that the story of buggy the clown takes a drastic shift buggy hears about Luffy's plan to attack Marine Ford free Ace and fight alongside wife here and naturally he wants no part of it as flashy as he.

Likes to get the genius Jester knows when he is outmatched but then they AV calls her Escape ship and the operator identifies buggy as Luffy's partner in the Escape inadvertently the naval officer sells the hell out of buggy to the listening crew he's not only a former Roger pirate but Shanks his blood brother of course he is an Infamous.

Mastermind they are more worried about him than jimbei and crocodile two former Warlords of the sea the other escapees are cheering buggies legendary past even as he tries to talk them out of it as much as buggy likes to talk himself up he has always kept his past Under Wraps being linked to Shanks and Roger is just going to make powerful people see him as.

A threat but as he Pirates keep chanting Buggy's name an idea comes to the clown he's enjoying the attention and the praise and respect and a lot of these prisoners are dangerous if they're willing to work for him he might legitimately have a shot at bigger things thus buggy rejects a mutiny idea instead he declares that he will join in.

The Battle of marine Ford and take white Beard's head this is the cheers to escape Pirates and a myeloma huh from Luffy and his friends it was insane buggy was going into a battle of Legends he couldn't hope to stack up against but it worked he might not have taken whitebeard's head but he got to broadcast himself to the world and made.

It to the southern War just fine impressive when you consider Buggy's crew went into the fight as an enemy to pretty much everyone he has to have white fear to acknowledge him as a peer he manages to leave with Shanks taking his new crewmates through the storm of warfare and back into the seats proper and he does it with his head held high.

The world government certainly seems to respect Bucky's performance he's offered a place as a warlord of the sea a mere three weeks after Marine four the genius Chester not only takes him up on the idea but turns it into a profitable business in no time Buggy's delivery a pirate mercenary service it is a very sharp idea since any Act of piracy that.

My mug his crew counts as business of a warlord of the sea this gives a whole Fleet of legal protection buggy can have an army of subcontracted Pirates Village for him and take a percentage of the tank it's all he'd wanted power wealth importance and hey he doesn't even have to work for it but he must have felt like things were finally going his way.

And so it kind of sucks that these seven warlord system ended shortly afterwards and so yeah buggy and luck have a very interesting relationship part three emperor of cross Guild Buggy's most recent rise to prominence has been quite the shock for the one-piece Panda his rise to yonko status caused most of us by surprise after all when we last seen.

Him he was on the run from the world government and possibly his own crew we now know that buggy became a yonko due to forming a group called cross kills his new organization post balances for prominent Marines paying Pirates cash to hunt down Naval Personnel this in itself isn't that surprising it's bold sure but it's something buggy would do he's.

Bought Marines in the past even sworn bendons against them now that V7 warlord system is over there is no more buggies delivery the genius Jester lost his profitable business and fancy headquarters overnight basically World Government he had to find a new line of work somewhere one that sticks into his last employer is just a bonus no no no.

Advising thing is Buggy's choice of Partners Dracula mihawk the legendary swordsman and Sir crocodile one time master of Brooke works not only are these two men significantly more powerful than buggy but they might be some misleads like the Allies after all they've met him both ran across buggy during the summit War crocodile was a.

Fellow escapee of impel down mihawk fought against the clown as one of these seven Warlords these two know full well that Buggy's not exactly stuff of Legends the hawk deflected his buggy ball without a second thought and crocodile is a bit of Judge of character to see through his posturing why they join.

Join them we can only speculate for the moment but the cross Guild flyer could be telling look closely at it at first glance it seems like Bucky is bragging about his new powerful subordinates he's right there front and center towering above mihawk and crocodile there is nothing on the post buggy is supposed to be.

Charged shrink His Image and name just a bit and remove the buggy pirate Jolly Roger from the center this starts looking more like the announcement of an alliance an equal partnership between three powerful men that's something that crocodile and mihoth might have been more willing to tolerate buggy may very well have just let his Eagle get the.

Better of him when designing a flyer if we look at Crossfield as a more even business relationship it starts to make a lot more sense the ending of the warlord system left mihawk and buggy without government sanction crocodile lost his act all three medicine to benefit from encounter power to the world government.

An organization that can put them on the opposite sides of the Marines that are hunting them even mihawk for all his power must have eventually gotten annoyed at the TDM or unworthy Challengers with the success of sabo's eight Nation Revolution there's suddenly a lot more regular people with an open grudge against the world government we.

Have seen how oppressive a single Marine captain on a power trip can get cross Guild is the perfect set of middlemen for those who want payback on the Navy they can take your money minus a small percentage the public side of the bounty to the power you can have your Vengeance with no fear of reprisal maybe the guild has an.

Additional sideline business or two like sharing Intel on targets to favor clients who pay extra for it or sending out their own team for a premium fee the trio all brings something to the table for an operation like this new Hawk is strong enough to discourage retribution and getting first pick of how targets will be tempted crocodiles got the.

Experience to set up the infrastructure and he's always had a taste for Finer Things Bucky's got the funds from his mercenary business and the Charisma to sell this to pirates in maps now cross Guild will have its limits random run of the mill Pirates aren't going to take down an admiral the lessons for you maybe but the Navy isn't just made up of.

Admirals as he captains and marines that make up the wider Fleet these aren't going to get the biggest bounties from the cross Guild but they're much easier targets when the Marines are already stretched in Mass casualties have more of an impact more and more the Navy's both have difficulty being everywhere it's a smart move it's voice making.

Through Partners a lot of money and making Navy's lies miserable buggy will be laughing at his former employers all the way to the bank part 4 the clown who would be king who cross Guild in this corner buggy is actually in a position to become the Pirate Cave Boogie's got an armada on his side if he wants it thanks to the Cross heal bounty system.

It's arguable that only Blackbeard in his 10 Titanic captains can compete with these kinds of numbers but that power alone will not make him pirate king that title only goes to the one who can claim to one piece buggy himself and Arden follower of Roger wouldn't accept anything less than that if his Jester wants to seize the throne he's the one.

That to play the same game as the other contenders gather the Rope on a glyphs reached lap tail and take the prize can he do it if he's able to hit his Partners on board they might be able to pull it off we off and crocodile are both removable combatants and buggy and back them up with a full-blown Tire Army but neither of his allies have muchly.

Gained from buggy becoming Pirate game the title itself doesn't mean anything crocodile might be tempted by the prospect of wealth but all the other problems in this fight will likely put him off mihawk would reality challenge of fighting worthy foes but the end result will be less interesting to him he's got all he needs already.

Yes we're cut off from trying to convince these two men to join him when their motivations are directly opposite to each other and beyond that there is another question does buggy want to be pirate king he absolutely did in the past if we run with the idea that he's been chasing Goldie Rogers footsteps it will be his Wildest Dreams Come True.

Becoming pirate king would prove that buggy is a great pirate one people should respect but how he's pretty much gotten everything he could want even without becoming pirate kid he's already powerful with a crew and reputation he is a yonko an emperor one of the greatest pirates in the world he's a successful awe-inspiring flashy figure.

He's always wanted to be so what more could getting to last tale do it would be the ultimate proof of the superiority of saints and Luffy but buggies put his rivalry aside in the past before that he prioritizes what is good for himself and going down this road might cause buggy everything Ross Gill can have infinite resources assembling an army will take a.

Big payout there is no guarantee that reach live tail and get that money back buggy might be forced to choose between his past Lucy and Shanks and everything he's built since then yeah buggy can be rash and not thinking through but with no firm knowledge of what the one piece is will he really Risk Everything to try and take it my bet is that he walks away.

He might have to think about it but he's happy with what he has he might even help Luffy out either hoping for a favor later on or finally seeing him what Shanks did oh so long ago the return of Goldie Roger part 5 cross blades that's a more fortunate ending for buggy one that lets him lead the story of one piece with what he's gained but the.

Thousand Ryo clown doesn't always play things safe and stay content if he does overreach pitch one last fight with Luffy and gets slapped down to earth a final time what might that look like well it's probably not going to be around the one piece more likely Luffy will end up fighting buggy over cross skills regular operations like I said.

Earlier Frost gills likely to have the biggest impact on low-ranking Navy officers those who don't have the crazy powers of an admiral it's pretty easy for Marines to rack up grudges even without being an overall command what if Caesar Clown posted a bouncy versus smoker into Shiki looking for payback over Punk Hazard or former Captain.

Morgan offered money for Kobe and how nipples heads Vengeance for losing his position back during romance Dawn Marines and Pirates may be natural enemies but Luffy has enemies among other Pirates and Friends among the Marines plus Straw Hat Luffy isn't the title that label stop him for doing what he thinks is right if he hears about.

Someone gunning for his friends he's going to go help them out he'll go out of his way to try and save people he cares about taking out whoever cross Guild sent that would be annoying for buggy but this situation could get far worse what if Luffy finds out the attacks are ongoing that pirates won't stop trying to kill his Marine friends.

Into cross-skilled bouncy sister while Luffy is a pretty direct kind of guy he may very well just go for the simplest solution destroy cross Guild he's beaten crocodile and buggy before mihawk is a different matter but even that guy's going to have a hard time dealing with gear 5. if these straw hats and cross Guild end up on a collision course it is.

Only going to go one way and if buggy actually manages to kill someone Luffy cares about or even seriously hurt them well we've seen how serious Luffy can get he won't kill buggy but he'll red Roth Guild down to the foundations if the clown hurt any of his friends buggy could end his wealthy 10 years sitting in the wreckage of everything.

He's tried to build kind of a fitting parallel to the ruins he left orange town in when we first encountered him but then again bounties do excite Luffy so maybe he won't be able to see another perspective where it is negative and hey maybe Fate has something else in store for buggy what do you think might happen to him do you have a favorite buggy.

Moment feel free to sound off in the comments down below as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you