we're gonna make the north pole carlos bakery edition it's gonna feature a huge storefront with a rolling conveyor belt manned by santa's elves we're going up against a guy who does animatronics so our thing has got to move.

We have some sophisticated methods is that a sprinkler head that's how you use a wrench this is some intense nonsense and we have some simple methods i am the magical mechanical component in this machine this thing is going to be moving all over that's how we beat them when it comes to just banging out cakes.

That's really one of our strengths i'm doing you know all kinds of different cakes i'm just going cake after cake after cake because i'm making a snowflake cake i'm making a ornament cake i'm making a wreath cake i'm making a holly cake i'm using piping i'm using flower making i'm using a fondant work.

It's a mixture of everything to really capture the essence of the holiday and the more i'm doing the more i'm getting into the holiday spirit and having a lot of fun with it straight now straight now i got to say i was happy with our cake i think both judges are going to be really happy with cake because it's a lot of color and there's a ton of.

Cartoony elements and it's very christmasy time's up and i feel good i feel really good i love our piece and i was proud of my team it was a close competition it was great i feel good i'm going to disney you


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