Welcome to How To Cook That I'm Ann Reardonand this is an episode of Cake Rescue where we take cake fails from across theinternet and show you how to rescue them, let's see what we've got first … Ithought I'd make a cake … it's Brickman! For those of you who aren't in Australia, thisis Brickman from Lego Masters he makes amazing, amazing Lego structures for the show and normallyas well so let's see what happens with his cake. And nothing better than making a cake so I'vegone for the banana caramilk deluxe on television I'm known as Brickman I can tell you why I'mnot called cake man are you ready for this. Oh oh no. Look at that ganache andstuff better stick to my day job. Okay so that ganache looked way way too runnywith ganache the amount of cream you add to.

Chocolate changes the consistency of the ganacheand obviously the temperature of it so you need to let it cool down to let it thicken up so I'mgoing to try and find the banana caramilk cake that sounded very specific we'll try and findthat recipe and see what's going on. I found the banana caramilk recipe and if we look at thepicture they have two thick layers of cake and a frosting over the top and it looks like a drizzleof ganache down the sides there if we have a look at the recipe they've got a banana cake I don'tlike recipes where they make you whip the butter and sugar and then they add a hot ingredient toit which is just gonna melt the butter that means there was no point creaming the batter in thesugar you might as well have melted the butter. I've got a different banana cake recipe that Iknow works so I'm gonna swap it for that one..

I'll put my banana cake recipe on the how to cookthat website for you so you can make it too, then if we scroll further down they've got the ganacheand they've made it using 190 grams of Cadbury Caramilk and then 200 grams of cream that's prettymuch equal portions of cream to chocolate which is going to make a very thin runny ganache, letme show you … in this first bowl let's put an equal amount of cream to Chocolate by weight thenin the second bowl let's use a ratio of one part chocolate to half the amount of cream and thenin the final bowl let's put one part chocolate to one third the amount of cream. Once theyare all whisked together and they're still warm they haven't had a chance to cool yet but you canalready see this one has a third of the amount of cream to chocolate and this one has a half of theamount of cream to chocolate and this is the one.

That has equal amounts of cream to Chocolate likein the cake recipe and you can see that it's much much thinner. The recipe does say to cool inthe refrigerator stir occasionally and it will gradually thicken over time it can take aroundtwo hours to get the desired texture. Well I've left these overnight and the recipe one is stillreally runny it would make a great sauce but it's not going to be a good filling for a cake it'sjust not thick enough and if you tried you'd end up with something like Brickman did 😑. The onethat had a half ratio is nice and thick look at that and the one that is a third of the amount ofcream to chocolate is of course even thicker the directions did not say to whip it up but I liketo whip ganache when I'm using it for frosting and if you look at both of these thicker oneshere they whip up nicely into a really smooth.

Spreadable frosting. In contrast to that if youtry and whip up the thin one you end up with a really soft whipped cream texture you couldn'tpipe it or use it between layers it's not going to hold its shape and if you keep whipping ittrying to get it to thicken it doesn't get any firmer what it does do is it splits into theliquid and the fat and you get this lumpy mess. So a bad recipe was responsible for this cakefail if the recipe had the right amount of cream to chocolate you would have had this nice thickspreadable ganache that you could use between the layers and even to cover the whole cake ifyou wanted to. The only thing the thin ganache is useful for is piping a drip around the edge ofthe cake and if you look at their original photo it looks like they used it for that so I'm notsure why the recipe said it would become thick.

All right what's next … this issugar-free Cherry Coke and sugar-free … If if you're gonna film fake hack videosthat are really dumb expect dumb things to happen to you like getting covered in cake mixobviously don't try and mix it up in the box using an electric mixer, what's next? There is avolunteer program it's a non-profit it is called for goodness cakes … for goodness cakes isan organization where they pair volunteers who are willing to bake with families who havea kid who has a birthday but for whatever reason they can't provide a cake for them.Um so I'll be baking a cake for a girl and she requested Oreo. Putting the batter in thepans you know how I feel about shaped cake pans? I don't love them not at all but let's seehow these turn out. I also went ahead and.

Greased those pans and I put in a little bit ofcocoa powder I dusted them with cocoa powder as best as I could so it could be fingers crossed… why would you dust them with cocoa powder? Here comes the dumbest moment of my life …she had rubber gloves on, she didn't have baking gloves oh no she's just burnt her fingers …oh she was doing such a kind thing too. If you get a burn run it under cold water the burn doesget worse over the next sort of five ten minutes so if you don't run it under cold water and takethe heat out of it you're going to end up with a worse burn than if you just take the time out tosit there with your hand under the running water. All right here we go she'stipping out the cakes… let's see it's completely stuck in a pan!Come on….

Come out ah oh no no. That cake pan has so many little indentsand details you can't line it with baking paper and it's got so many places it couldget stuck I am not surprised. Cakes just have that ability to take you from happyto just so devastated you want to cry. I'm now going back to back to doorI'm going to get another cake mix and then we're gonna try again.Legend spraying the pants really well, a good option it's what I would do but thecocoa powder I don't understand the cocoa powder cocoa powder when you cook it doesn'tGo Firm it's not like when you add flour, flour and the butter is going togo firm so it helps release it.

Here we go… Oh oh it came out of the pan. Um well, not great. I was up cleaningthis kitchen to 2 in the morning this cake nothing has gone right this was thebest I could do. It's looks pretty good 👍🏻 I am physically and emotionally drained. She'sdone amazingly she's rescued it there herself it didn't look like a cookie to the level shewanted it to so she's just covered the whole thing put Oreos on top and sprinkles around theoutside I think she's done a fantastic job and that just shows you how what you think is goingto be a simple process, you can be tripped up like Brickman was tripped up by the recipe being wrong,I think she's been tripped up by the cake pan. I.

Am going to try and track down that exact cakepan and see if I can buy one and we'll do some experiments and check and see whether there wasuser error there or if this pan is just gonna trip everybody up. I managed to get one on eBay and itsays our proprietary gold touch non-stick coating guarantees foolproof release and easy cleanup hmmwell let's see if that's true. Their instructions on the back say to grease the pan and then coatit with cocoa powder so now I know why Cooper was doing that every time. I'm only going to putcocoa powder on one of the pans because I suspect that is what's causing the issue. I'm using thesame box cake mix that Cooper used and while they're baking I want to thank today's sponsor TwoDots. Two dots is a really fun relaxing game when you just need a break like right now while thecakes are baking. It's got really minimalistic.

Uncluttered visuals so for those of us who likethings organized and neat that is perfect and you just join the dots. Some of the levels areactually quite challenging but there's no timer which is great you can just take your time andplan your moves. If you complete several levels in a row then you get a streak and then that givesyou a boost at the start of your next level which makes it much easier to solve. As well as all thatyou've also got in there some scavenger hunts each week which are a bit like a Where's Wally buteverything jiggles and wobbles around as you're playing it. There's also treasure hunts that youcan do that unlock rewards in the game as well. I'm obviously not the only one who's enjoying itbecause it's already been downloaded 115 million times. You can join all of those people anddownload it for free on iOS or Android and.

I'll put a link below where you can download it.Now we better go back and check on our cakes this is the one that had the cocoa powder I can see thecocoa powder around the edge and as I always tell you give it a bit of a shake first to check ifit's loose before you tip it over. This one is well and truly stuck I'll try and give it a bitof a loosen around the edges here just trying to push it away from the edge and try again … stillnothing so much for guaranteed foolproof release. Let's try the other one oh that one's looseall right let's flip that one hmm so that's the one without the cocoa powder, it hasn'tstuck to the pan but the word 'cookie' is not really readable and I'm not loving it. Backto this one the instructions telling you to put cocoa powder over the tin has made thecake stick to the tin and eventually when I.

Did get it out this is what it looked like …and the cocoa powder also made the tin really, really hard to clean compared to the one that justhad the spray oil. So after much scrubbing and cleaning to get it back to the beginning I wantto try the recipe that they actually gave on the back of the box instead of a cake mix. It makes arunnier batter so it should hopefully get into all of those little areas and have less air bubbleson the design than the other one did but there's not as much batter as the box cake mix had so I'mconcerned that it's not going to fill the tins. Once it's baked the tins as expected are notquite full enough I didn't use cocoa powder so it's not stuck to the tin which is great andit does look better than last time but I still don't love the look of this. It's not thickenough in the middle because it wasn't full.

So I'm going to have to add ganache and choppedOreos to bulk up that middle section. Cover that in vanilla buttercream and I'm going to add afew more Oreos and then the other cake on top. So once again the recipe is at fault here therecipe they gave didn't have enough cake to fill the tins and the bad instructions set youup for failure telling you to put cocoa powder on the tins. All right let's watch the next one… we decided to make the Roblox face cake… They've cut the details out so they'vemade themselves a template filled the sponge with custard addedcream looks good so far… hang on a minute they've covered thecream cake with fondant you can't put fondant over cream it's got too muchwater in the cream you need like a.

Buttercream or a ganache underneath itnot … anyway let's see what happens. I don't actually think that looks too bad theythink it's a fail I mean obviously it's not perfect it's not what they had in mind of whatthey wanted it to look like at the end but it's not too bad I can see there that the black fondantis cracked and it looks like it's got icing sugar in it and you could see earlier they were mixingtheir own black fondant. Black fondant is really hard to make because you need to add so muchblack to make that white look black and not grey and then it gets very sticky so then you cantell they've added icing sugar to try and make it less sticky and that's now made it too dry. If youhave black fondant that's too dry you can just add some spray cooking oil or a little bit of cookingoil into it and massage it in until it is nice and.

Pliable again before you roll it out and use itbut with this one I actually I would completely change how they've done it I understand if youwant a nice yummy sponge cake and you want to have custard and maybe some strawberries and some creamand all of that tastes delicious so I can totally understand if that's the type of cake you want butthen you don't want to cover it in fondant. The great thing about fondant is you can use it aheadof time like up to a month ahead so that takes the stress of decorating away from the day of theparty or the day before the party if you're doing it then. So you could make a face to go on topof a cake a whole month before the party and then just put it on when you're ready. Let me show youhow to do that … roll out your white fondant and cut a circle you can use a plate as the templatefor that circle then put a piece of baking paper.

Over the top and then put the print out of theface you want on top of that. Then draw where the details go and you're just trying to press hardenough to indent the fondant and that will make it easier to get the positions of everything correctyou don't have to guess you can just put it right where it goes. Rather than cutting out a templateand trying to cut around these thin black lines it's much easier to roll fondant into a snake whenyou need a line, then you just put that over your template and cut it to length. Then using a littlebit of water add it into place. Continue to do that with all of the lines adding a little bit ofwater underneath each piece to make it stick. Then you can just leave that to dry out as I said youcan make it a month ahead and then just before the party peel off the baking paper and add it to thetop of your cake. Easy and stress free. Let's move.

On to the next cake fail, oh she looks sad 😕 Sosometimes it does happen that something flops … and this is what happens whenyou overmix a carrot cake. This is called over mixing it flops still tastesnice though you can see I've tasted it. Over mixing a cake doesn't usually cause it to flopin the middle like that if you've been watching cake rescue for a while you will know that that iscaused by taking the cake out of the oven before it is cooked all the way through you need to puta knife into the center and then pull it out and check that it is totally dry if there's any of thegooey cake mixture still on it leave it in to bake for longer because ovens are all different so thetemperature time given on your recipe may not be exactly the same for your oven as it was for theoven of the person who wrote the recipe just leave.

It in until it is done. If it's getting a bitovercooked on the top just add some foil on top, leave it in there. This is not from over mixingover mixing is not good for cakes either I'm gonna do an experiment for you and show you thedifference rather than just telling you the difference if you over mix a cake you're goingto develop the gluten in the flour which is what you're doing when you're kneading bread great inbread not good in cakes. I have two bowls with the exact same ingredients in them here and for thefirst one I'm going to mix together the eggs with some of the sugar and the carrots just to breakup those egg yolks and whites and then fold the whole mixture together mixing only until you can'tsee any more flour. Tip that into a lined greased cake tin and it's ready to go. Now for the otherbowl I'm going to mix it on medium speed for five.

Minutes and this is way too long for a cake it'sreally going to develop the gluten in the flour now we're going to tip that into an identicallined tin and then we're going to bake them side by side so the cooking conditions are identical.This is the hand folded cake and this one was beaten for the five minutes, it has not sunk overmixing does not make cakes sink in the middle but if we look inside this one is soft and it has anice crumb whereas this one is stodgy looking, it's rubbery it's chewy it's just not the righttexture for a cake it's it's not soft it's solid. The hand-folded one is airy and light and if youtry and pick it up it is soft and it is beautiful. That carrot cake recipe was of course from mycookbook so make sure you don't over mix it because you want nice fluffy soft cake all theserecipes have been tested and will work you're not.

Going to have the issue that Brickman had witha recipe that's not tested and doesn't work, these are my tried and tested recipes and thisweek the cookbook actually comes out in paperback as well so you can choose whether you want thehardcover or the paperback version. You can get this one on Amazon in the US and the UK and thisone everywhere worldwide. If you've already got it if you've already bought one please make sureyou leave a review on Amazon because that helps me and it also helps others who are trying todecide what to get. This makes a beautiful Christmas gift for anyone if you like me andyou like to do your Christmas shopping early, cross someone off your list and get a copyof the book with thanks to my amazing patrons for all of your support and all of yourbeautiful comments over on Patreon it is.

A lovely community so if you'd like to jointhem head over to to check that out. Make it a great week by being kindto others and I will see you on Friday ❤️


  • Make sure you run a burn under cool running water for AT LEAST 20 minutes (longer for worse burns!). I always thought it was just 10 minutes, but a safety guy at my work insisted on 20 minutes and I’ve done it ever since. It makes a HUGE difference. My boss burned herself the same way that night at home and didn’t run it for more than a few minutes. The next day she had a massive blister while I had nothing. Set a timer is a big tip because it seems SO LONG when you’re just sitting there! 😘

  • Ann, I would love it if you would address keto baking? It trips up so many of us who are trying to be healthier…I'm diabetic and I think keto makes claims it can't possibly deliver on? I was thinking I need a food scientist to explain why you couldn't just water down heavy cream for fewer units of sugar, or whether adding tons of fiber to baked goods reduces its carb count. Thanks!

  • I feel like for the Oreo cake it would have been better to make the cake separately, the use tge tin to make a fondant / chocolate shell… Much easier to pick up details.

  • For burns, no joke, running under cold water, yes.but holding the burn in ice water really helps. Once, I touched a heat gun that was 700+°F and I put my thumb in ice water until my thumb would start to hurt from the cold then once the burn started to hurt again I’d stick my thumb back in the ice water. I did that for about 5 hours and I had no evidence of a burn.

  • This is NOT referring to you Ann lol! This is totally off topic, but I find it pretentious for Youtubers to ask for likes/subscribes BEFORE the vid begins because what if it sucks? I've noticed that pretty much most channels beg for views and likes and it's very annoying… Love your vids, keep them coming!!! cheers

  • I’m curious what would have happened if Ann also used the cake recipe from the original as the cake looked fairly flat too. It looks like the whole recipe, cake and ganache, were bad to begin with.

  • TI used shaped cake tins semi-regularly and have gotten crisp results. Firstly, using the the baking spray the cookie cake baker used, Baker's Joy. It's flour-based, so it won't mess up the non-stick surface. Second, you need to use a heavy batter. Something like a pound cake recipe. Nothing you want to be fluffy.

  • I always love your cake fail fixing videos. They inspire me so much, and I really want to go and bake and try to make beautiful creations and NOT WORRY if something goes wrong. Everything can be saved, and baking shouldn't be so stressful. At least not as stressful as I've made it for myself in the past