– I hope the coffeeflavor is strong enough. I don't think it's gonnawork when you fry it. Moment of truth. (upbeat music) Hey guys, my name's Gideon. And you might know me fromTikTok making Filipino food, fried chicken or really anything crispy. And today I have a veryspecial guest with me, TikTok's heartthrob, Owen Han.

– Hello. I'm Owen Han. I'm a food content creator andI specialize in sandwiches. So Gideon is the Crispy King, and I'm gonna put him to the test. I'm gonna challenge youto take a non-crispy dish and make it crispy. – All right, Owen. What'd you bring me? – So here we have a classic tiramisu.

This is my favorite dish. I'm not a sweets guy, butif I see this on the menu I'm getting it every time. Tiramisu literallytranslates to pick me up. So it's like a dish that's supposed to, you know, make you feel good. It's light, it's got coffee, mascarpone, but the thing it's lacking is texture, and that's where you come in.

You think you can do it? – I think I got a few tricks,but we'll see what I can do. Let's break down the tiramisu. Well, tiramisu is a reallypopular, sweet, creamy, and coffee flavor dessert, which typically startswith a layer of coffee or espresso soaked lady fingers. And then on top of that a layer of lightly sweetenedwhipped cream and mascarpone,.

And then dusted with cocoa powder. Traditionally, we soaklady fingers in coffee, but obviously that'sgonna be soggy, right? So I saw this thing on TikTok where you can make a rice chip, but instead of using water,we're gonna use coffee to have that flavor and keep that crisp. All right, so first things first, we're gonna rinse the rice toget rid of that extra starch.

Now our rice is washed. Now we're gonna add the coffee and we're gonna bring this to a boil, and once it boils, we're gonnasimmer it for about an hour. You just really wanna overcook the rice, so it's easier to blend later'cause we're gonna make paste. Okay, it's been an hour. And as you can see the coffeehas been absorbed by the rice, and it's very overcooked, it's very soft.

Usually you really don'twanna serve rice like this, but for this recipe,this is what you need. We're gonna blend the overcooked rice even though it looks really weird, but you gotta trust the process. You're just looking for areally smooth consistency. (blender whirring) Okay, this looks great. It looks like a very loose peanut butter.

But that's what you're looking for 'cause we're gonna spread it nice and thin on a baking sheet. Now I'm going to spreadthe paste that we made, the coffee rice paste, so wecan put it in the dehydrator. I hope the coffee flavor is strong enough so we can taste it in the dish. But I also hope it's not too strong that it overpowers the entire thing.

You want it thin 'cause if it's too thick it takes too long to dehydrate. So just try your best to keep it even. Okay, so now I'm gonna scoop the rest and we'll be right back. And now we're gonna dehydrate it with our handy dandy dehydrator. A dehydrator is pretty muchjust like a gentle oven. It goes slower than a usual oven.

And it's more precise and accurate. If you don't have this,you can also use an oven. Okay, so we are going todehydrate this for about two hours or until it looks like a fruit roll up. Now we're making the tiramisu cream. I'm gonna keep it traditional. We have egg yolks and a double boiler. You're gonna add your sugar. You want to gently cook the eggs.

Without turning into scrambled eggs. And you also don't wannaserve raw eggs, you know? Now that it's pale and triple in volume, I can tell that it's ready to go. And now we're going toadd our mascarpone cream. (staff laughing) (beeps)(upbeat music) So we're just folding the mascarpone in the egg yolk mixture.

(upbeat music) Our mascarpone in egg yolk mixture is nice, smooth, and silky. It's time to make the whipped cream. I asked for an electric mixer 'cause I got reallytired from the last one. So you wanna mix just the creamuntil it's nice and frothy. And then we add the sugar. You wanna whip into like a soft peak.

'cause we're gonna fold it in the mascarpone egg yolk mixture. So we're gonna add a third ofthe whipped cream at a time, so we can slowly get thattexture that we want. We want it nice and airy, and just incorporateas much air as you can. All right, I'm happy with this. We're gonna let this chill, and let's move on to myfavorite part, which is frying.

Okay, so this is the coffee rice leather that we've been working on. This came out perfect. So it's still flexible. It's like a fruit roll up, and it should puff up when we fry it. So we're gonna cut this in smaller pieces, so when we fry it wecan stack it at the end. Doesn't have to be perfect.

'cause when we fry itit's just gonna curl up. Moment of truth. If I did this correctly, it should puff up themoment it touches the oil. All right, here we go. (oil sizzling) I'm hearing the right sounds. Now we have our coffee rice chip. Ta-da.

I'm pretty happy with that. Okay, so this is exactlywhat I was looking for. Nice and crispy. Thank god it worked. Now it's time for assembly which is my favorite part'cause it's the easiest, and we get to eat after. We have the mascarpone component, and we have the lady finger component.

Which is now a coffee rice chip. I'm just gonna put likea little dollop of cream to act as a paste, so thatthe the chip doesn't slide. And we're gonna layer it with a cream. All right, we're gonna dustit with a cocoa powder, and just for that little dramaticeffect, shaved chocolate. There we have it. I'm pretty happy with this. Owen better like this orelse I'm turning him crispy.

Let's see what he thinks. – All right, Gideon. Let's see what we got. – I tried my best andhopefully you like it. Ta-da. – This is nuts. First looks it's like crazy. Like in a great way, very cool. The like chip layer we got going on here.

Reminds me of chicharon. So I think what we gothere is gonna be crispy. Let's just give it a little sound check. All right, I think we're justgonna go on with our hands. This looks very sturdy. Look at that. I've never been able to hold a tiramisu in my hands like this. All right, we're justgonna go for a big bite. – Big bite.

(upbeat music) Now I want one. What? – Wow.- Let me try a bite. – I think you just bitmy finger a little bit, but that's cool.(staff laughs) That one's crispy. You nailed the mascarpone cream that just really resemblesa classic tiramisu. Had the hint of cocoa.

I will say the one thingit's kind of lacking. (tense suspenseful music) coffee flavor. – That's what I was thinking earlier. I thought it was enough. – I didn't get any sort of hint of coffee, which some people arguethey don't like tiramisu because of that. I personally do.

Yeah, I think creativelyit's like a 10 out of 10. Also like I'm eating with myhands it was a lot of fun. If you guys just rewindand listen to that bite. – You think I still hold thetitle of the Crispy King? – I think it would be a dishonor if I didn't call you theCrispy King after that. So you are for sure still the Crispy King. – Yeah, that's right. (Owen laughs).

I'm just glad you liked it, man. – Dude, that was so sweet. Thank you. – All right, guys. Thank you for watching. If you have any foods thatyou want me to crisp-ify leave it in the comments belowand we'll see you next time. – Bye. (upbeat music)