However am i hello it's me sola i'm back and onceagain i'm gonna be challenged to make a dinner and dessert in one hour with a mysteryingredient if you saw the last two episodes i had oreos and string cheese so i'm reallyexcited to see what what's happening this time this one looks heavy there's like a lot goingon here no it's not bananas potatoes oh that's why it's so heavy what a fantastic ingredienti'm going to start with dessert because that's hard i don't know any desserts that use potatothis is kind of a difficult ingredient because potatoes take a minute to cook i need a second tothink about this one this is hard oh there's this restaurant there's a restaurant called oishiand they make their own potato chips and then.

In a wok they toss it in a mixture of honeyand butter so it's like really nice and sticky i think it gets a little bit of chili flakesand they serve it with ice cream that's gonna be our dessert yes that is good dessert done okaydinner one of my favorite thing is potato tacos that doesn't feel like a balanced meal to me youknow what does feel like a balanced meal that i would do with potatoes a spanish tortilla maybe wecan do a little tapas spread ham ham consultation please potatoes pizza oh potatoes okay so fordinner i was thinking tapas make a little tortilla we'll get some bread maybe we get a little bit ofyou know canned fish and stuff we'll do a little marinated olive situation huh oh we could do likea little marinated tomato kind of thing perhaps something green something green sounds nice soundsgreat and then for dessert honey butter chips.

With ice cream that sounds awesomeyeah yeah do you think i can make potato chips and tortilla in an hour yeah yeahokay i was gonna slice the potatoes first yeah and just have them sit in cold water and keep changingit out yeah okay okay we're going to buy like half of it and judge it up really the only thing i'mmaking is the tortilla and the honey butter chips and then with the sardines the anchovies theolives the vegetables i'm just kind of judging them up with some fresh olive oil lemon juicethat kind of thing so i think it's gonna be pretty pretty chill so there's like not a whole lot goingon with this i don't know do i say that every time all right are you ready i'm ready let'sdo it okay start the timer i think it started yeah i think it started okay so i'mgoing to start by preparing my potato chips.

But russets because they are so starchy theyhave a tendency to get really dark that's why we're going to rinse so potatoes do oxidize likeimmediately so whenever you're prepping potatoes make sure you have a bowl of water nearby to plopthem into so for our chips i want to go super thin it doesn't matter how good your knife skillsare something like this oh it's tight ham screws everything on so tight like every jar feels likebrand new do we need hands this is more sabotage ham oh it's not it's the rust oh i thought itwas sabotage thank you we just lost six minutes yeah i think mandolins are great tools i donot recommend doing it bare-handed the way i am i think it's better to use a glove okay that'sgood i feel like that's good watch your fingies sweet potatoes make a lot of chips huh we shouldget into the potato chip business it seems like.

A good good return on your investment coollet's go a little thicker for the tortilla you totally can just um do it by hand butsince i've already got this out might as well yeah that's good so scantquarter inch would you say one more okay cool we did it thedangerous part of today is over so now i'm gonna add olive oil you don't needto fully cover it like three quarters of the way is good because as it cooks it will shrinkdown so you want to find that sweet spot where the oil is just like gently simmering if youcook them too high they're gonna fry onions that's what we're doing next onions sowe're going to do like a trio of onion it's a very very dirty vegetableyou really got to get in there.

Make sure these are very clean though ithink maybe because they're young leeks i don't normally make tortilla with russet potatoi think i use more like a yukon gold you really can do this with whatever potato and whateveronion it's just not you know it might not be traditional what are we doing next just like whenyou're rinsing rice swish it around a little bit with your fingers to help remove some of thatsurface starch that's the reason we're doing this so our potato chips don't get too dark beforethey get crisp ideally i like to soak my potatoes overnight they look good though huh look at thatbeautiful i couldn't slice that with a knife okay we're gonna let this hang out until we'reready oh let me get this oil for my chips hot potato chips uh i want them to be kind of lightcolored so we're not going for super high temp.

That's doing its thing i'm gonna beat myeggs with some salt for this guy spanish tortilla and this like tapas spread is one of ourpretty standard meals i think five is good six six we'll do six we're not cooking a whole lot ofstuff and you feel like you got a nice really big spread without a whole lot of work a little bit of black pepper i don't think blackpepper is traditional but i like it let me prepare some things yes so i'm goingto supplement this meal with some canned fish and we're going to really feel likewe're in spain it's going to be great i i always freshen up my canned fish with alittle bit of olive oil just because the stuff in the can is really fishy so i like a littlefresh splash what do i got 27 minutes that's.

What my timer says does that sound accuratefor the muscles i'll do a little silk chili okay one done nailed it okaywe'll do a little paprika here let's see how you guys are doing yeah those feeltender this is where everything could go wrong i know it's a lot of oil but you can reuse thisand make tortilla over and over again stir our potatoes right into the egg it's just gonna warmeverything up it's gonna cook it a little and it's gonna get the egg nice and warm and that's okaydo you think this is gonna fit in that skillet this is the question hey hey i think we nailed it so we're gonna cook it until it's mostly seton the stove top and then i'm gonna finish it in the broiler salad spinner a big fan so i'mjust drying off the potatoes a bit so they don't.

Um sputter too much when they go tofry them because oil and water they don't like each other i don't know if you'veheard they're not they're not good together you don't want to get too crazy don't throw toomuch in there at once because the temperature of your oil is going to really come down and thenonce they're in there get in there and kind of stir 20 minutes i might make it so you know thatthey are crisp when the bubbling kind of subsides this is getting wild maybe ii pushed it a little too hard okay i think it's ready to go in the oven i'mgonna grab a tray though cook until the top sets i it's we're right under a broiler so ithink it'll just be like three minutes fresh potato chips can't really be beat.

I forgot about this guy this one's done i'm gonna let this have a sec to chill i wasn'tgoing for that much color but it'll be okay seven minutes all right what can i do in seven minutesokay so fryer oil disposal should we talk about it i think it's a useful thing that's whatwe're gonna do in our last seven minutes maybe not let me do my tim oh olives let's dothe olives so i put some my leftover potato oil in there i'm gonna add a couple cloves of garlicand then a little bit of lemon zest ideally let this sit overnight or maybe even a couple of daysyou can make a big batch and just have it hang out in your fridge okay we marinated some olivesi'm gonna skip the spinach i'm gonna do a really simple little tomato salad this isn't the platei wanted guys focus presentation is important.

A little tomato situation oh ham hasn't uh assisted in this one at allhuh oh god that was a little heavy on the vinegar oh god we're making it happen this iswhere dreams come true a little paprika paprika okay i love this snack because you take chipsthat are fried and then you coat them in butter we'll do a little saffron once this gets a little bit foamy i'm gonnago ahead and add the chips i don't like to add them too early because we want to make sure thewater that's in the butter has time to cook off or otherwise it makes the chip soggy and you justgive it a quick little tossy toss and that's it so the way they do it is in a walkmy walks in the bedroom closet.

I should have pulled it out earlier i forgot honey butter chips and then i'llput the ice cream on like right right before we eat it so it doesn't melt 70 minutes it should be a 70 minute challenge hello welcome to club solar clubsolar so the ingredient was potatoes so i made a tortilla you can't just makea tortilla so we've got a few other things for our spanish tapas nine little marinatedcastle vetrano olive the only olive that matters are they marinated in potatoes they're marinatedin the potato oil okay left over after cooking okay and then they had some tomatoes at the marketand then a potato chip dessert my favorite kind of.

My favorite kind of dessert and baguette wow whati like about it is that you can just have it sit at room temperature hey that looks pretty fun thisis like a totally normal normal dinner that we eat all the time yeah there was also green vegetablewhich didn't make it we've got the potatoes we have the potatoes that's what matters i made thepotato components within the hour yeah that's all that matters right that's that's how i'm goingto judge it yeah yeah okay i'm going in here oh that looks really good super creamy on theinside yeah it's really really luscious you can really taste all that olive oil and howeverything was really nicely slowly cooked a little bread yeah put a little fishy onhere dunk in some of this oil oh it's good whoa you don't taste the potato since you usuallywant to have olives with with a tortilla that's.

A great way to use the oil just toss someolives in it okay honey butter chip time so these are best eaten hot they've cooled downa little so they're kind of sticking together but it'll be fine i added some saffron orangezest and we got lavender honey from the market which they said would be nice and floral andthen and then there you go oh that's exciting that looks really good the time has come what's not to like sweet salty crunchycreamy hot cold has everything this is you guys should make this you don't have to makeyour own chips the challenge with the potato is just that you can do so many things and i guessnarrowing down something i can do in an hour but yeah i mean this is tasty this is a mealwe make all the time i am finishing my bowl of.

Honey butter chips this is the most i've eaten oncamera before because there's no reason to stop potato chips with ice cream