– Hi, I'm Maxley, and I'm nine years old. (dramatic music) Today, two chefs are going to compete to make my dream Pokemon dish. (cartoon attack sounds) (playful music) – What's up?- Hi. – I'm Owen. Nice to meet you. – Hi, I'm Maxley.

– I'm H.- Hi, I'm Maxley. – I'm a food content creatorbased out of Los Angeles and I specialize in sandwiches. I'm so pumped to be on thiscompetition and even more pumped to be cooking alongsidemy dear friend, H Woo Lee. So if you were a Pokemon,what would you eat? – Hmm… first,we got the berries. – So yellow berries? – Yep.

– Are the Pokemon super hungry today? – Probably. They haven't even eaten. – I am a food content creator, and this is my first timeon “I Draw, You Cook”. I feel like, especially with Owen, it's not really a competition. It's just for fun. I will still win. – Now, we need the cake.

– So these are layers, right? – Yes, they are layers. – Okay, and now what is that? – It's justthe markings and stuff. – Do you like sweets? – Oh yeah. A little. – Little hesitant there. So you more savory or… little of both? – In the middle. A little bit of both.

– Do you have a favorite fruit? – Fruit? Fruit, banana. – Okay, so banana's your favorite? – Yes. This cake was supposedto be given by Arceus. – So it's a revive for all the Pokemon. – It's kind of like that'cause there's no… – Like a full restore? – Yeah, it's kind of like a full restore. – Yeah.

I feel like he and I are connecting on some level of Pokemon. I got some of the references. – So do you have a favorite food? – Loco Moco. – Loco Moco! – Okay. – It's Hawaiian food. – What are your othertypes of favorite foods?.

– Chicken cutlet. – You have a favorite kind of sushi? – Oh, yeah. California roll. – What's your favorite vegetable? – Broccoli. – All right. Sowhat is this blue thing? – It's called ocean mist. – To quench the thirst of the Pokemon? – Yes.

– I mean, yeah, likehe's eating a cake this big. He needs a lot of liquid. – You are correct. – I'm kind of a little nervous just because there'sso many colors going on and immediately I'm seeing a very big cake and I don't bake whatsoever. All right, so we got somestar action going here. – Yep.

– So what is that for? – Well, they eat it likeregular food, like the cake. – So do you think we canactually make this Pokemon dish into what you want? – Yeah, I think so. Good luck to both of you. (high fives) (cartoon blast) (giggles).

(upbeat music) – I'm gonna start with atiered banana bread cake, because Max's favorite fruit is banana. – I am making sushi ricefor the first layer of cake which is gonna be layered with other componentsof Max's favorite food, Loco Moco. – Ah. I'm very worried.

I was also thinking of making a Loco Moco. I thought it was great idea. It hits right on the spot ofwhat his favorite food is. – You start with sushi grain rice. I will start it and then getonto my next layer of the cake, the chicken cutlet layer of the cake. – That's not in a normal Loco Moco, okay? – If you'll remember, – [H] I don't-.

– he said his other favoritefood was chicken cutlet. – Ooo, that's true. – So I'm adding all those favorite foods. – Is this your mom's recipe? – It is. – Dammit. – It's really good. – She makes a really good banana bread. – Truthfully, I never makesweets except for ice cream.

But… (Owen pounds the meat pounder) Do you wanna wait? (chuckles) – No, I don't.- Okay. (meat pounder hitting the cutting board) This is my impression of how Owen cooks. (making sound affects ofloud cooking utensils) (meat pounder banging on the table) But for this time, I would liketo make a banana bread cake.

– I feel like I cook pretty fast. I get the job done. It's very free flowing. – He's loud and big and that's reflective of his personality as well. I gotta be honest, I'm like really bad at one hand cracking eggs. – I'm pretty good at it. I know pretty much every waythere is to crack an egg.

So you take one egg, you take another egg and you crack the egg on the other egg. Look at that. Have a little fun with it. You know, crack theeggs against each other. (eggs crack, both laugh) Hey! – Perfect! It works. – Do two hands. Watch this.

(eggs crack) Boom. – (laughing) What the? Whisk the eggs thoroughly. Baking soda, salt, white sugar, brown sugar, vanilla paste,canola oil, buttermilk secret ingredient, wet batter, dry batter. Combine it all together. (whisk taps the glass).

I'm just gonna kind of fold it in. So once you don't really seetoo many clumps of flour, then you can start pouring it into your pre-greased cake molds. Then we'll bake these off. – Have you cooked for kids a lot? – No. You? – No, but I consider myself a kid and I cook for myself every day.

– Got it. – So yes. – So now we're gonna shallow fry. You want to drop it away. – You're looking for a nice golden brown. And then you're gonna flip it. Three to five minutes per side. – So for the next part of the drawing, these five little star boys.

Are gonna be star shaped chicken nuggets. – I love chicken nuggets. – Season our ground chicken with paprika, some onion powder, garlicpowder, black pepper, and some salt. (hot oil sizzling) – We got a nice golden brown and we're just gonna set that aside. Let a rest, season it.

Thank you chef.- Of course. – Now we're gonna get startedon the Loco Moco beef patty. – Okay, so we're gonnacrack two eggs in here. Mix it all together. You've got your wonderful mixture and bang, (mixture plopsonto parchment paper) flatten it out. – So we got ground beef, chopped up onion, two eggs, panco, garlic,oyster sauce, worcestershire.

Feel like that was pretty good. – It was pretty good. – Really bind the ingredients together. We're gonna take this ringmold and shape the meat. Once we have it nice andcompact in its perfect circle, we're gonna go bake it. – This is looking good. – You think that looks good? There's just a layer of chicken sludge.

(playful music) – I'm gonna go freeze this, let it set. – Now we're gonna make thegravy for the Loco Moco. So we're gonna start bymelting some butter in a pot. We're gonna saute the mushrooms. – I have some washed cleaned rice here. A cup of fresh mountain spring water. – That's a lie. – That's not a lie.

– I saw you get it from the sink. – I never lie! – You got it from the sink.- No I didn't. I'm gonna make some sushi rice. – That looks familiar. – Mmmm. – Wait, what is the rice for? – I don't know. Maxley loved Ritz crackers,.

So I'm gonna batter my chickennugget stars in Ritz cracker. – Dude. (crackers clinking against plastic) – Put them all in… (crackers grinding) You want a fine dust. – Now that my mushroomsare nice and cooked, we'll add the beef stock, andthen that corn starch slurry. So it's very liquidy now,but give it like five minutes.

And you'll have your gravy glue. – Blended Ritz crackers over batter. I'll put a little paprika here, but at the end we're gonna dust it with fresh ketchup powder. – Look at that. That's some good gravy. Nice and thick and glossy. We can let this go and cool. The rice has been cooked,so we'll add it to a…

(rice plops into glass bowl) a bowl, and then add the seasonings: rice vinegar, sesame oil, salt, and sugar, and mix it all up so it'llbe nice, compact and sticky. Put it on a sheet trayand evenly distribute it. – You can be messy. Just keepit on your side, that's all. – Yeah, but like come on. There's like a few grains of rice. – Messy's not bad…

But he's messier than me. – Flatten it. We're gonna freeze this,cut it, and fry it. – And we're gonna start my sushi balls. – I knew you were gonnamix them in. (chuckles) – I'm dicing up, veryfinely, some avocado. So I'm gonna cut thesecucumbers into fine little stems so they look like the tops of berries. And this is somethingI'm still working on,.

But you can skin a cucumberpressing down, small cuts. You can rotate the cucumberso you get your skin off. – Why do you have tocomplicate everything? Let me like take out mytweezers and be all nitpicky. – So cucumbers looking pretty stemmy. – I have puff pastry. So I'm gonna start by rolling it out. I'm gonna cut out shapes. Kind of struggling here…

I'm having a little troublecutting out the stars. Look at this star. (audience laughs) Like what? What is this? But I did hear a greattip on flowering the mold so it just slides right out. Oh, look at that! It worked! It worked! – Tips for Owen. That's perfect. You got it!.

– Now we're gonna brushthis with egg wash. This will be a goodbinder for the Parmesan that we're gonna sprinkle on top. I'm gonna go bake 'em. Hopefully the shape will hold – For the last componentof the California roll, imitation crab. And I'm just gonna do a little test because this is my firsttime making California rolls.

But I'm gonna try to bind avocado with the imitation crabwith a little mayo. – Now that the rice has cooled and set, I'm gonna be using these two shapes to cut out the layers of the cake. I'm like scared. So I've never made a rice patty this big and I'm definitely strugglingto get it inside the pot. – No, put it flat on the cutting board.

Classic Owen. Just needing my help again. This way. No, no. Flip it over right now. – How's my hand supposed to flip that way? He's always there for me when I need him. No, go like… – There, and then take the paper off. – Oh, thank you. – [H] All right. – Gently slide it in away from you.

(triumphant music) Yeah! (H claps) – If I lose because of the cake… (Owen laughs) I swear to God. My California roll mixer is done and I'm gonna start seasoning my rice. (rice plops against glass and wood).

– Dude!(H laughs) – Rice vinegar, salt, sugar. – I will say, this worriesme seeing him make rice. Because, to be honest, thebest sushi rice I've ever had is from H. – Making sure every grain is coated. It's a little too seasoned, but… It's like too seasoned. It's too much vinegar.

– That was not the riceI was talking about. – No. (chuckles) I'm just not in my element. This is like not my rice cooker, nor- – Huh. – the right amount I use. Can I please borrow some of your rice? – So you want to take some of my rice? – Mhmm.

– I was a little taken abackwhen H asked to use my rice to make his rice better, butsince he lended me a hand in getting the rice in the fryer, I'm obviously gonna help him out. Yeah. You got it. – Okay, thank you. (laughs) This is looking great. We got that nice goldencrust on the outside. So we're just gonna transfer it over.

And let it drain and cool. – So now we're gonna form ouryellow sushi ball berry thing. To make it yellow, we're gonnause yuzu or yellow tobiko. So our base layer, you gottabe very gentle with this stuff. – I think H is taking a bigrisk with the sushi balls. He's covering it in fish eggs. I don't know what nineyear old likes that. – Next layer is rice. A little bit of our filling,.

A little bit more rice to seal that. So you pull this all together, and try to get all the air out, and you're gonna twistand form a sushi ball. Unravel this puppy. I'm gonna add little stems. – That ain't it. That ain't it. – It's cute! – That is not a yellow berry.

– This is an interpretation. (laughs) I think it looks more like a yellow brain. Either way it doesn't look that great, but when you put the little stem on top, I think it looks cute. – Now I'm gonna show you howto make real yellow berries. So we're gonna start bycleaning up the pineapple. So I have this ring mold that kind of resembles like a berry shape.

Oh! Ha ha! That's pretty cool. So I am making punctures in the pineapple to put in the little airhead stems. – My chicken has frozen. Gonna punch 'em outwith these star shapes. Flour, egg wash, Ritz cracker breadcrumb. – All right, so now wehave our puff pastry stars. These are great. Look at that. Now we just gotta turn them red.

And so to do that, wehave even more cheese. Mix that with some red food coloring, and then we're justgonna coat it, toss it, and that's a red cheese star. Look at that. – That looks radioactive. Why does it look like anuclear power plant? (laughs) – He may think it's radioactive. I think Maxley will think itlooks identical to the picture.

– Bang, fry. (hot oil sizzling) Dude, look at that. That looks unreal. – That's pretty cool. – My final stage, I'm gonnadust this… ketchup powder. Bang! Red stars that aren't radioactive. – Dude, that looks just as gnarly as this. (H laughs).

– My banana bread cake is done. So I'm just cutting offthe top to flatten it and create my threetiered banana bread cake. – I'm gonna be shavingoff some vegetables. Got a bunch of different colors here. Yellow strips, purple cabbage, green… We're gonna use his favorite vegetable: good old broccoli. – Look at that. That looks sick.

– That's a cake. – I am not an expert at frosting. – Your mom is a great baker, though. – My mom is a great baker. – Do you know H's mom well? – I do know H's mom quite well. (H chuckles) She would… (laughs) (both laugh).

Hi, Susan! – No, they get along well. (producer laughs) They get along really well. So we're gonna start off withour ocean mist right now. I have a bunch ofdelicious ingredients here. All natural. What's that over there? – All right, hear me out.Kids love all of this.

(H laughs) We got ingredients for aMountain Dew Baja Blast. And now to make this magical drink, add some honey around the rim,roll it in some pop rocks, an even ratio of Mountain Dew and Sprite, and then the rest willbe Frost Cool Gatorade. And then this is blue and it's sugar, so I'm gonna put it ininside the cup as well. There you have it! Blue misty drink.

– So to make this oceanmist misty and oceany I'm gonna spoon in a powder. – My man, with your plate,he's eating chicken nuggets, a whole cake, sushi balls…. He's gonna be quite parched. And does he want to, like,take down a thick shake? No. He is gonna want some nice cool mistyMountain Dew Baja Blast. – You know…

– That's my thought process. – You do you. My thought process wasnailing each component. I don't think that a nineyear old is gonna think about the balance of anentire composed dish. – All right, drinks are done. Let's play it up and present it. – Yes, Chef. – My burger patties shrunk significantly,.

So I'm gonna have to basicallyshrink everything else to make sure it has thattier layer for the cake. – First thing I'm gonna deal with is decorating my banana bread cake. So I'm gonna first measuresome of these Twizzlers to line up the tier cake. Yours is a lot more difficult. (chuckles) – The gravy glue seems to be working nice. It's also gonna be very flavorful.

And now I'm just gonna cuta mold for the chicken. And the last part is just a fried egg. Look at that! That's a savory cake. – Do you think, whenMaxley tries your cake, he's gonna think Loco Moco? – I really hope so. (both laugh) – So now we're goingto decorate said cake. It's the cake for the Pokemon God.

Realizing though that I need to decorate a bit more than I thought or else this cake looks pretty plain. – We'll add the red stars… So he has a few red stripes on there, I'm gonna just try to makea few red lines with ketchup – Purely for spacing, I chosethis really big lazy Susan, because this cake is what's- – What's a lazy Susan?.

– It's the term forthis. It's a lazy Susan. – What?!- Yeah. – It's your mom's name. – It is my mom's name! (laughs) – My red stars on the plates. My yellow berries, and my wonderful ocean mist milkshake. And I am done. – All right, well let'ssee what Maxley thinks.

– And may the best cook win. (“Brindisi” from La Traviataby Giuseppe Verdi plays) Overall, I'm super happy withthe entire dish as a whole. I'm really stoked withhow the cake turned out. I think you can clearly see each layer and the different colors. The red stars I think are identical. They also taste great. The blue drink I think is also super cool.

Give him that mist effect. It's blue, it's sweet, it's sugar. What more do you want? The berries, it is just pineapple, but I added the green airheads. Hopefully he will be a fan of that. I think it looks a lot like the picture. I hope Maxley likes it too. – I'm feeling pretty good about this dish.

Starting with the cake,I think it looks great. I think it looks like the picture, even though it's not a perfectoval with a hundred colors. The yellow berries, Ithink they look adorable, and they honestly look likesomething out of Pokemon. He likes chicken cutlets; I think chicken nuggets hit the spot. Ocean mist tastes great. I feel like every single kid in the world.

Loves vanilla milkshakes. Hopefully Maxley enjoysmy plate more than Owen's, and I can take home the prize. – Bring on my dream Pokemon dish! (playful music) (cartoon flourish) Oh, my God! They actually went full out on this. It was actually supposedto be green, not purple.

– Maxley, I tried my best with the colors. Just gimme a break. – And they actually did the umbrella. (Maxley claps) I think I'll eat the stars. That's chicken! (Maxley bites into the nugget) – I'm wondering now, what is the red? Hmm! That actually does taste good.

(playful music continues) I don't really like it… – Oh, my God. He didn't like the sushi balls. – What are they? – Just take a bite of the middle. It's your favorite California roll! – Wait a minute… What is inside?.

Let's try it. It tastes like my dad'scoffee with frosting on it. (Owen stifling laughter) – Why is he drinking hisdad's coffee? (laughs) – The cake itself is okay in the middle. The colors actuallybring it a little bit up. Overall, I think the drinkis what is keeping it up. – I'm gonna lose. (cartoon flourish).

– Holy smokes! I can't believe this. It kind of looks very close to it. How did they get the egg so small? – He seems stoked. – They kind of burnt it a little. It tastes lemony. It tastes okay. (Maxley chewing the sugar stick) The hard candy is really hard to bite in.

That's pop rocks! (chuckles) I think we'll try the star. It's hard… or kind of. (Maxley chewing the puff star) What is this? Hey, it's cool and edible. Hey, they actually do look like it. – I think I'm definitelygetting more points on accuracy. – I think I'll try this cake.

Oh, I know what this is. The Loco Moco. That's actually good. That is chicken. The red chicken was better. (audience laughs) – He's as smart as I thought! He's good. – I knew it. It was pineapple.

The green thing mixedwell with the pineapple. Overall the cake was prettygood, and also the pineapple. Let's bring out the chefs! (playful music) – What's up? – (chuckles) What's up? – [H] Hello, hello! – Oh, hello! – How are we doing?.

– Good. – All right, Maxley. Whichdish did you like more? Dish one or dish two? – Dish one. (triumphant music) (H cheers, Maxley laughs) – I won! – Here you go! – Thank you.

Thank you, thank you. – Thank you for being on with me, and also baking me thegreatest lunch ever. – Aw, thank you. That was really sweet. – It's the greatestachievement of my entire life. – Congrats, H Woo. Maxley, I hope you enjoyed your food, and I'll see you in fourth grade. Do I get a consolation prize?.

– Yeah, a hug. – Aw, come here Maxley. – Aww. Can I get a hug? – Yeah, sure. – Thank you very muchfor letting me, like, eat what you made. – Thank you. – It's my honor.

– It is not your honor! You get paid to do it. (everyone laughs) (playful music continues) (music fades out)