– Hi, my name is Everlyand I'm five years old. Today, two chefs are gonna compete to make my dream dinosaur food. (roars like a dinosaur) – Hi, Everly. – Hi, I'm Katie. – Hi, I'm Tway. – Nice to meet you. – I am a content creator and a chef here.

Based in LA and I'm really excited for my first ever, I Draw, You Cook. When you see this, what doyou think dinosaurs eat? – Trees. – Trees. – Oh. – I've lost this show a few times. I, I won once. I'm really glad to be back here.

Just gonna give it another go. – I do not cook for kids. I don't really know what they like besides candy and chocolate. – Is this a big dinosaur? Is it a baby dinosaur? – Baby. – Baby. Okay. That's good toknow about portion control. – Yeah.

I'm feeling shy, I thinkEverly's feeling shy. Luckily Katie's there, and she's just holding ittogether for all of us. – What are some of your favorite flavors? – White chocolate. – [Katie And Tway inUnison] White chocolate. – Do you have a favorite food? – Yeah. – What?.

– Cherry. – [Katie And Tway in Unison] Cherry. – Just like a cherry, not, just cherry? Just the fruit? – Yeah. – Yeah. Okay. – I love how she just responds with, yes. It's just so easy, because that's me too. – Do you think thedinosaurs were picky eaters.

Or do you think they eat everything? – Eat everything. – They eat everything. – Are you like a dinosauror do you eat everything? – No. – What else do you think they eat? – Water. – So is this like regular water or is it magical water? Is…

– Magic. – Oh! – Magical water. So what does magical water look like? – Colorful. – What are you drawing now? – Rocks. – They eat rocks too? – Yeah.

– Are they hard,or are they, are they like, you know… – Chewy. – Chewy. – Chewy. – I like that. I likethese rocks. Chewy. Different. – Different rocks. – Flavored rocks. – Yes.

– Seeing a lot ofcolors and I love that. I just don't know how to incorporate that. – Does the dinosaur have a name? – Katie. – Katie The Dinosaur. – Wow, my name. Ithink that's a great name. I like that name. – Everly is so cute. She's like A, she's adorablebut she's also extremely smart.

– I'm drawing a yummy rainbow. – Oh. – do you know what a rainbow is? – A reflection andit has all of the colors. – I barely knew that. (laughing) – That is gorgeous. – This is a very colorful plate. – So do you think that we can make.

This dinosaur food? – Yeah. – You do? Okay. – Tway, goodluck. Katie, good luck. – Thank you. – Thank you so much. We need that. – We're gonna need it. (roaring like a dinosaur in unison).

– We're here, how are you feeling? – I am feeling very confident. How are you feeling? – Feeling a littlenervous, to be honest. – Okay. – I think Tway being new tothe show gives her an advantage cause she can like bringin this new energy, this new point of view. – My game plan is to make a brownie tree.

I'm not really sure what Iwant the top of it to be yet. Maybe some chocolate covered fruits. – So what I'mthinking about making today is a Swiss roll tree that's gonna stand up with these kind of like corallooking like green things on the top to be the top of the tree. So now I'm just gonna separate the egg whites and the egg yolks. Oh! I just dropped an egg.

I salvaged it though, so that's good. She's a picky eater. It's making me a little nervous about like how adventurous I can get. – So I have my brownie mixture here added two eggs and I'm aboutto add some canola oil. My specialty is definitelymore on the savory side. So like baking and sweets is just like out of my comfort zone.

And cooking for kids isway out of my comfort zone. – Okay, so now I'm goingto mix these eggs with half a cup of powdered sugaruntil we get some stiff peaks. – So my brownie batter is done. Now I got some like dinosaurs sprinkles because this is a magical tree. – Did you like dinosaurs growing up? – I'd never really cared about them. – I used to do raptorimpression when I was…

– Oh, you have to do it now. – I don't… – No, you have to do it. – You're making me. – I'm pressuring you to, right now. (raptor impression) – Oh my ga… – I mean, it was (laughing).

– Wait, she kind of scared me. – I can't believe I sharedthat with all of you. So embarrassing. (laughs) – So my brownie batter is done. I'm going to be putting this in the oven. – So I've got my egg yolks. I'm gonna do a teaspoon of vanilla and then I'm gonna do therest of my powdered sugar.

I got my stiff peaks done. – How stiff is it? – So, so stiff Tway. (laughing) – You have to put it upside down. – Oh, it's not that stiff. (laughing) – Now I need to beat my egg yolks, vanilla and powdered sugar.

– I have white chocolate over here. I'm going to melt down tomake the top of the tree and add in food coloringand matcha powder. – Right, so I've got cocoa powder, all-purpose flour, little bit of salt, baking powder and baking soda. And now I'm just going tosift in my dry ingredients. – This chocolate is seizing. I think it's just all inthe heat of the moment.

That I forgot to just make a double boiler for the chocolate. – The chocolate isseeming to slow Tway down, which is what I really need right now cause I'm very far behind. So right now I'm gonnafold in my egg whites, about a third of theminto my mixture here. I'm gonna try to make somethingthat I've seen Rie make on Make It Fancy.

She made it with Oreos. I'mnot making it with Oreos. It looks like coral andit's with flour and water, but it, it doesn't have much, I'm gonna do pandan for the color. Pandan is so good. – That's a good move, I don't know why Ididn't think about that. – And ube, I am notusing ube, but I love it. – Yeah.

– I can see thatthis cake is very, very thin. It's getting me worried aboutstanding the Swiss roll up. – I have my chocolate in here. My water's boiling. Now we're back. That really slowed me down. – Let me go bake this. – The chocolate ismelting really beautifully. Look at that.

So now it's time for me add my matcha. – I'm moving ontothe filling for my sweet roll which is some whipped cream,a little bit of sugar. And then I have a secret ingredient. It's a little bit of cherry extract cause she said she likes cherries. I can smell that it's, it's a little bit more fake than I'd like. So I've whipped up my whipping cream.

And I'm gonna add alittle marshmallow fluff. I love a marshmallow filling and I feel like it'llmake it a little bouncier, so I'm adding that. – I'm actually using askewer to dip my strawberries because my fingernails werejust not cutting it. Ta da! Yep. The skew is the way to go. – I'm gonna putthis in the fridge for now and I'm gonna start prepping for.

The Swiss roll to come out of the oven. – And my strawberries are done. This is a really beautiful treetop. – Okay, here wego. Here goes nothing. (slam sound) (Tway gasps) Okay. Didn't stick to the pan. Thank God. It's a little thinner than I anticipated. – I'm going the extra mileto make this component.

Because it is not on the drawing. I am making a dinosaur pop tart that's going to live in the dinosaur land. – Tway is making somethingthat is not in the drawing and like props to her. I'venever thought about doing that and I should, I should've. – This is juststore bought puff pastry. Nothing special, butwhat's going to make it really special are these dinosaur shapes.

That's going to makethe dinosaur pop tart. So I need two cutouts per dinosaur so then it can fold on top of each other. – The cake is sticking to the parchment, which we don't want. So I'm losing parts of my cake. We lost a corner of the cake. That's all right. So now this is gonna gointo the fridge to set.

– So I have somestrawberry jam here that I will be putting in between. It really could go both waysbecause she could be like, I didn't ask for a dinosaur,or she could be like, wow, this is really cute. I appreciate you adding this dinosaur. So I don't know. – I am now gonna move onto my treetop. It's just flour, water and pandan.

It's something I've never done before. Something I saw Rie do on Make it Fancy. – Oh yeah. – Yes. And it looks like coral. – Brushing my pop tartwith a little bit of egg wash. They look so cute. So I'm gonna use a fork to close off the edges of the pop tart. I don't know what it isabout those fork marks.

But it just kind of makesit look more official. That guy is really cute. I am only picking one perfect dinosaur. – It's an audition. – For my plate. Yes, this is an audition. Whichever one turns out thebest will appear on the plate. – My money ison the, the long neck. What's he called? A brontosaurus.

– A what? – A brontosaurus? – [Off Camera Voice] Yeah. – Yes. My moneyis on the brontosaurus. – These dinosaursare ready to come alive. – Here I go. Here I go. I see holes. I'd like to see a few more holes. – It's time to make our magical rainbow.

I saw this video on TikTokwhere this girl made sour straws from rice paper and Ithought that was really cool, and this is the perfecttime to test that out. I'm making a combination,like a mixture of sugar and citric acid right here where she wets the rice paperwith water and lime juice. I'm not sure why the lime juice. Maybe to make it even more sour. I have a whole bunch ofdifferent color fruits here.

And I'm going to roll it up. I've never done it beforeso things could go wrong. – Oh hey. Huh, okay. (Tway gasps) – Okay. – Dang, that looks good. This is the thick sour straw. – Those sour straws are cool looking. I should have gone on TikTok.

I'm gonna start cutting upsome fruit while this works. This is gonna be the rocks. And then I have a dragonfruit here that is red. And I'm just gonna use theselike tiny little cookie cutters to cut different shapesinto the dragon fruit. Now I'm gonna cut kiwi for the green rocks and then I'll do blueberriesand blackberries. – Are you gonna cut up the blueberries? – No, can you imagine me like cutting.

Like even smaller blueberries? – I hope Everly appreciates these and it's not too weird for her. I love sour stuff but I don't know ifEverly likes this sour. – So I'm gonna bemaking a rainbow waffle, Again, another thingI haven't made before. So I'm just using like aregular waffle box mix. I'm not going fancy here.

Are you very competitive?I feel that you are. – As an Aries. Yes, I am very competitive. – I'm a Pisces, so we're very sensitive – Oh wow. – And cry and (women laugh) Very creative. So I'm just gonna take mywaffle batter and divide it up between six bowls to get some.

Different colors of the rainbow. – My rainbow's done and when I saw Everly draw the rocks my first thought was chocolate rocks. It looks like rocks. And they are also colorful,like her magical rocks. – Well I havemoved all my batter to bags and I've got my wafflemaker heating up here. Basically I'm justdoing circles of colors.

This waffle is a mess right now. We're just gonna see when Iopen it up if it's, it's okay. We'll see what happens. (laughing) – With the rocks, I'm going to crush up somecookies to make like dirt. So it's like realistic. (gasps) That looks so real.

– Alright, moment of truth. (high pitched) Oh, thatone looks so much better… – That looks so good. – Than I thought itwas going to. I'm so relieved. (claps) Yay. I'm gonna unroll my Swiss roll, and then I'm gonna add some filling. I'm feeling good, I meanit's like little soggy,.

But it's I'm, I'm okay. (laughs nervously) – That tree is not gonna stand. Katie. (laughing) – I am now moving on to the magical river. So I'm gonna take someyogurt and flavor it with different like dragon fruit and acai. Ah, si, ah, si… – A-sa-ee?.

– A-sa-ee. (laughs) – Anyway, so I'mgonna flavor my yogurt with different colors and then I'm gonna put pop rocks on it. When I assemble. – Oo, pop rocks.Kids love pop rocks. – Do they? Whatif she's like afraid? – Oh, that's true.

– I do worry like how mature Everly's like taste buds are. But if she likes your sour rainbow she'll probably like some tart yogurt. – Hopefully. – I'm making this river and I'm tasting the yogurtand I love greek yogurt. But I'm starting to think like as a kid did I like greek yogurt?.

No. I think I'm gonna add a littlehoney to sweeten this up. Just a tiny bit. Added some like dehydrated strawberries to get this kind of red. And I'm almost done. – I am going to be makingshaved ice over here. I will be flavoring it with different flavorsand colors of syrup.

So this is vanilla syrupwith strawberry extract. Magical. And then this is grape syrup. Grape. This grape syrup is kind of dark. Oh, I love the red. Now why couldn't the grape be like that? Then we have blue raspberry – Beautiful river. – I have to go runand put this in the freezer and then cut my tree.

– My magicalriver components are done and I think we're getting really close. – Let's go. – Let's do it. – This could be a win if I pull this off, but if it just all melts together, sorry, Everly. So all of my components are here. My magical pond is inthe freezer right now.

And then I also have my little dinosaurs. – Who won the audition? – It's between these two. I think this guy is goingto fit on my plate better because this is kind of big. He's, he's a bigger boy. – I was rooting forthe brontosaurus, so yes! You won American Idol. (Tway laughs).

American Dino. Okay, I'm sorry. This is kinda the moment of truth. Like if things are gonnastand, are they gonna fall? So what I'm hoping to do isuse some melted chocolate as a glue to help thattree really stay in place. What am I trying to do here? (laughs) It's just breaking under theweight of the expectations that I put up on it.

It's not exactly how I pictured it but you know, sometimesyou just have to accept what you have. – My tree's goingto have a little bend in it because this is a round plate. – We're gonnatry to decorate it now with some frosting,some chocolate frosting. – And then I'm just scoopingsome chocolate rocks and the dirt.

I really love the lookof my dirt and my rocks because it looks real. What if she doesn't even want to eat it because it looks too real. You know this tree top justlooked better in my head than on the plate right now. I'm trying to find the perfectplacement for this dinosaur. I think that might be it. – Looks great.I'm struggling Tway.

– So we're plating andI'm looking over at Katie and her tree is just falling apart. – It's like, it just looks like, poo. (laughing) So I'm gonna just lay it flat. We're gonna go 2D. I'm pretty sad thatthe tree is what it is. (off camera laughing) Thank God I have more tree left.

– It's actually still very 3D. – Thank you. Thanks Tway.Tway is so positive. I'm behind at this point andTway is just staring at me and I'm feeling so muchpressure right now. We've got the magical river. Okay, these are blue pop rocks. I've got rocks and we've got the rainbow coming out of the tree. – And now for mymagical river. Ta da!.

– Oh my God,yours looks really good. – Yours lookexactly like the picture. So I'm kind of afraid. – It's gonna be fun. It's gonna be good. Woo. – Let's go. (classical music) – I really like how my dish turned out. So I think Everly'sreally gonna like the tree.

Cause she said she loves chocolate. Fruit rocks, a yogurtriver with pop rocks. I really love how the rainbowwaffle turned out though. I'm feeling very confident about that. It's not exactly what Ienvision in my head, but overall I think it came together andit looks a lot like the photo. – I'm done with my dishand by looking at my dish it has all the componentsthat is in the drawing. A brownie tree,.

Some chocolate coveredfruits, crumbled up cookies, shaved ice for the magicalriver, and then DIY fruit straws. Visually, I'm not that pleased with it. I really love my dinosaur though. That guy is cute. – Bring in my favorite dinosaur food. (cymbal and drum sounds) (classical music) This looks here really yummy.

That looks like the tree for my drawing. These look like the rocks I drew. The river looks very magical. I wanna try the tree first. – Fingers cross. – This taste is really yummy. Great. I wanna and tried the rainbow now. Yummy.

It tastes like strawberry. – She's only taking likeone bite of everything. – Good. – She's giving me vague responses. – Good. – So I couldn't really read if she really likedsomething or if she didn't. – [Off Camera Voice] Everly, do you know what your favorite part is?.

– The magical river is my favorite part. – I'm a little worried. – It looks delish. – [Off Camera Voice] Can youtell me what you recognize? – The tree, the rainbow,the river and the rocks. – You can see the drawing on my plate. My plate is the drawing. This is good. – It tastes great.

I like the chocolate tree. – Seems like she likes it. – It tasted sour. – [Off Camera Voice]Do you like sour food? – Not really. – Oh, it's sour. She doesn't like sour. – The river. It tasted sour. – The river is sour. Iknew it was gonna be sour. I knew it was gonna be tart.

It is not magical. It is sour. This is bad. This is very bad. – Fruit. – Sweet. – [Off Camera Voice] Is it good? – Yeah. – She was saying she liked the fruit and then she pushed it off her fork. – My favorite part ofthis dish is the waffle.

– Right now I think it anyone's game. – Let's bring in the chefs. (intense background music) – You have funeating all that food. – Yeah. – So which one was your favorite? The first one or the second one? – First. (Tway gasps).

– Yay. It was Tway. – Tway. Here's your prize. – Thank you so much. I'm definitely going to hangthis up in my new place. – I'm happy for Tway. I'm crying deep inside for myself. – First ever win on, I Draw, You Cook. So bring on the competition. (roaring all together).

(outro music)