– This is really, really special. This recipe, I've been drinking it since I was like five years old. Yes, it has a rum in it.(beep) Hello, everyone. My name is Toni. I love making deliciouscomfort food inspired by my Afro-Latina background. Today, Tasty challenged me to make a dish.

Using ingredients startingwith the same letter. So let's see what letter I pick. Oh. Letter C. All right, let's do it. I got the letter C. Choclos, carnitas. – Just so you know,you only have 15 minutes. – 15 minutes?.

– 15 minutes to shop. – All right. So I'm gonna goahead and pivot to dessert because dessert is easy and it's fast, and it's limited ingredients. And I am gonna choose an empanada It's what I know, it's what I love. I can fill it with anything. Let's go. Okay, so the base of an empanadais gonna be the filling. So I need something sweet.

I need a fruit to put inside. Cranberries, coconut, cantaloupe. Oh, cosmic crisp apples. Perfect. This is amazing. These are gonna be super sweet and they're gonna add a nice bite and crunch to the empanadas. So I have the base for my filling. We're gonna use apples.

It's fall, so of courseI'm gonna use cinnamon. This is too easy. You should have gaveme a harder challenge. All right, So I need something to kind of bind the empanada together. Sweet condensed milk. I don't know what I'm making,but we're gonna take it. Key ingredient to any dessertis gonna be ice cream. So I'm thinking we gotchocolate chip, we got caramel.

Coffee that's gonna be perfectfor my empanada dessert. I just know it. So the whole reason I chose empanadas 'cause I knew I coulduse cornmeal as the base. So we're gonna grab that causethat's gonna be my dough. Corn meal. There's no corn meal? Okay, I see what you guys did here. Can I use corn flakes? Cake flour?.

I still want something. Corn syrup, perfect. Perfect. Coconut cream. (timer buzzes) – Hey, you're 15 minutes is up. – I think I got everything I needed. So I'll meet you back at the kitchen. All right, everyone.

So I am back at the kitchenand I am ready to get started. I got all of my ingredientswith the letter C and I narrowed it down to some that I really think I canmake something special with. So I got some coconut milk, my cake flour which is gonna be the base of my empanada. I had to get my coffeeice cream, of course. Tasty was nice enough togive me some pantry staples. We have some water, somebutter, and some sugar.

Let's get started. It's time to make the empanada dough. So we're gonna pour our cakeflour into our food processor. Next I'm gonna add my salt, of course. And then I'm going to addmy butter, my pantry staple. And we're gonna pulse this until the butter is evenly distributed. (chuckles) I always struggle with this part.

There we go. Now we're gonna pulse. (processor pulsing) So we're going for thatcoarse sand consistency. So next you're gonna add some water to your flour butter mixture, and you're gonna pulsewhile you're doing this so you wanna add your water in gradually So my dough is coming together I'm gonna check the consistencyjust to make sure it's right.

And then we're gonna dump iton the table and knead it. This makes me happy. Perfect empanada dough from scratch. So now it's time to knead our dough. So we're gonna dump it all out. I am happy that I chose empanadas because I grew up eating them. So we're gonna get ourempanada dough together. I'm actually surprised at howwell this cake flour's going.

Because I've actuallynever used it before, but I wanted to do atraditional Columbian empanada using the corn meal,but it wasn't available. So I'm pivoting to what I know best. This is gonna be a more Puerto Rican or Dominican style empanada. We use flour and the cake flour is actually doing really well. So now we're gonna take our empanada dough.

And we're gonna wrap it in Saran wrap, and then we're just gonnalet it sit for 20 minutes. So after my dough has rested it is time to cut the dough into eights. So I'm gonna go ahead and take my dough, cut it down the middleworking on my muscles. You want them to belike little pizza pies. So we're cutting them into eighths, guys. So next I'm gonna take oneof my little pizza pie eights.

And you're gonna rollit into a little circle. We wanna make sure our empanadadough stays nice and moist. So we're gonna move it and we'regonna put it under a towel. You wanna make sure you'regetting these nice round balls that are even, keep theconsistency together 'cause we want it to taste good, but we want it to look good too. I like to roll mine by hand,but you can also use a table. You can use whatever you like.

As long as you havethese nice little balls. So I rolled all of my balls and now it's time to make our disc. I'm going to take a little plastic bag I'm using a tortilla press, but honestly you can usewhatever you have at home. You can use a rolling pin, you can use a bottle oftequila, whatever you have. You just wanna makethese into nice circles.

So you wanna make sure you'regonna press nice and firm or however you're rolling them out 'cause you want them to be nice and flat. And you want a spherethat looks like this. Perfect. Put that to the side and then I'm gonna get another one going. And while you're here you canlisten to your favorite music. This is like the mostrelaxing part of the process, and my opinion is a nice little workout.

Okay guys, so I decided onthe base for my empanada. I don't wanna just throwthe apples in there. So I'm gonna make a caramel from scratch. I'm super excited about it. So I'm gonna put all of myingredients into my pot. I decided to use cornsyrup because of the C, and the corn syrup is gonnahelp me stabilize my caramel. So we're gonna dump my sugar in there and then I'm going to add my water,.

A nice pantry ingredient. Thank you, Tasty. So when you're making caramel at home it's important that you putall of your ingredients in and you're gonna cover it. You're not gonna toss itup, you're not gonna stir it 'cause you don't wantyour sugar to crystallize. You're gonna let it cook and you're gonna take it slow and low.

So now that we have thisbeautiful amber color, I'm gonna go ahead and add my butter in, and then I'm going to whisk my butter in. And now I'm gonna goahead and add in my cream and you wanna whisk really fast. Whew. It smells delicious. So next you're gonna go aheadand remove it from the heat. And I'm going to continueto whisk because it is hot until the caramel isa nice smooth texture.

Okay, so now it's time tomake our apple filling. I'm melting my butter and I'm gonna take my cosmic crisp apples that I sliced and dicedand just tossed them in. I'm gonna coat them in that butter, and you're gonna give them a nice toss. These apples are actually really tasty. They're gonna give theempanada a nice crisp. Now I'm just gonna addin a touch of water.

The water's gonna help soften the apples, so you're gonna get that crunch in that bite in the empanada, but it's still gonna be nice and smooth. So we're gonna let ourcosmic crisp apples cook for about 8 to 10 minuteson medium low heat. So I'll be back when they'reready for the next step. Now my apples are nice and caramelized. They have a nice golden brown color.

They're soft but not too soft. So we're gonna take them andtransfer them to a small bowl, so that they can cool down and be a nice filling for my empanada. So my cosmic crisp apples are cooling. It's time for the next step. We went ahead and we chilledthe apples and the caramel because if they're too warm they'll break the empanada doughs.

Now that those are chilled, we're gonna take ourempanada rounds and our disc, and we're gonna take a scoop of each and we're gonna scoopit right in the center. Next you're gonna get anice scoop of your apples and then you're gonnafold over your empanada. And there's gonna be a little bit of space between the filling and the edges, and you're gonna press down.

Now that our empanadas nice and filled I'm gonna go ahead and decorate the edges. So I'm gonna take my thumb and I am going to make theselittle flowers, I call them. And after they're fried thiswill look really beautiful. But if you can't do this you can use a fork athome and press down too. And at the end you have something that looks beautiful just like this.

So it's time to fry our empanada dough. So I'm gonna go ahead and take them and drop them in hot oil one by one. I've never had a sweet empanadathat I've made at home, so I'm really excited tosee how these come out. So I'm gonna fry the empanada dough until they're nice and crispy. You want a nice golden brown color. So I'm gonna watch them closely.

'cause they only take abouttwo to three minutes to cook. And then after that Ihave a special surprise C. So now our empanadas are ready. They are perfectly crispyand nice and golden brown. So I'm gonna take them out and I'm gonna let them rest on the side. Oh my goodness, I don'tknow if I can wait. These look so delicious. These empanadas are gorgeous.

They have this beautifulgolden brown color. They're gonna be so sweet and savory. Ugh. I took one of my Cingredients, cinnamon, and I mixed it with some of the sugar that I had in the pantryand I made cinnamon sugar. So while your empanadas are hot, you're gonna dust them withthat delicious cinnamon sugar. My empanadas need somethingto really tie it together. So I decided that I'mgonna make a coquito glaze.

A coquito is a traditionalPuerto Rican holiday drink. It's similar to a eggnog minus the eggs, and I have all of my ingredientsto bring it all together. So I'm gonna start with my C ingredient, my confectioners' sugar, and then I'm gonna addin my coconut cream. And these are actually all ingredients of the traditional holiday drink. So this is why I'm so happy.

And then we're gonna putin our condensed milk. Next, we're just gonna addin a little bit of cinnamon, and we're just gonna whisk that together until it forms a nice glaze. If it's too thick like it is here, I'm gonna add in a touch ofwater to kind of loosen it up. This is really, really special. This recipe using an empanada, but also being able to usecoquito which is a holiday drink.

I've been drinking it sinceI was like five years old. Yes, it has rum in it. So I'm done whisking my coquito glaze. You want it to be a nice thick texture. It's going to be a nice finishing touch. Look at that. Perfect. This reallyreminds me of my childhood. It's perfect. You get likeall the flavors minus the rum. Maybe I'll add some in later.

So I'm really excited to eat one of these. They smell amazing. It's gonna be mouthwatering. So I'm gonna top them offwith my coquito glaze. These are so gorgeous and Ilike to go back a second time. The more coquito glaze, the better. My empanadas are all glazed up. It's time to plate. These look absolutely delicious.

I can't wait to see if they actually taste as good as they look, but I'm sure they do becauseI made them, of course. I'm ready to try it. But first, my final C ingredient is gonna be this deliciouscoffee ice cream. And I am going to place itright on the side of my coquito. And for my favorite part of the whole day, I get to try my delicious dessert.

Let's see how these coquitoglazed cinnamon empanadas are, and let's go for it. (upbeat festive music) And now I'm gonna take abite of my coffee ice cream to just bring it all together. That's actually delicious. I taste the cinnamon,taste the crisp apples. The cosmic crisp apples, CC. I have some of that coquito glaze.

I have the coffee ice cream. Thank you so much for joining me on this super fun adventure. Using letter C was a challenge,but I think I pulled it off. You guys tell me whatyou think in the comment. What challenge do youlike to see me do next? Let me know. Thanks for stopping by. (upbeat festive music)


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