– I'm excited that I just get to leave this for Mimo. (laughs) – What did you do? (laughs) (wet splashing) (beeping) – Hey guys, welcome tothe season two finale of Lost in Translation. (all cheer) As always, we take a recipe,.

We put it into Google translate, it goes from English,to French, to Japanese, and many, many, many more, and, finally, back to English to give us ahilariously translated recipe. – As promised, we got lots of surprises. Today, we are doing aLost in Translation Relay! So, this is how it's gonna work. We're all gonna betackling different parts of the same recipe,.

Not knowing what the person before us did. – You might have noticed Kelly'snot here. She had her baby. (all cheering) Leave her some love in the comments. – We really, really miss you, Kelly, but we have a specialguest helping us out today. She is our friend andfellow producer, Lauren. (all cheering) – Hey guys.- Hi.

– I'm so excited to behere for the season finale to torture you. But, for now, get in your places. – Okay. Wow, I guess. (laugh) – I'm going first, right? – Okay, yeah. – Alright, are you ready Katie? – (laughs) No, I'm not. (paper rustles).

The President of Pants? Lauren! (laughs) How many hints do I get? – Well, the three ofyou guys get one hint. – Like a shared hint?- Yeah. So, if you use your hint, Mimoand Jasmine can't use theirs. If you use your hint, then,like, they're kind of screwed. – Great. (laughs) Let's justdo it. Let's just get started. “Step one, meditate to400.” Hmmm. (laughs) “Oil, oil, oil, oil and directwith the art newspaper.”.

(Lauren laughs)Oil, oil, oil, oil. (laughs) “Meditate to 400” makes me think, like, preheat the oven to 400. So, I'm just gonna deal withthe first thing and I'm gonna preheat an oven to 400.(dings) Newspaper might be like parchment. We need to get our parchment and we need to get oil or butter. Oil. Spray, spray, spray, spray, spray?.

Whatever I do here is gonna be huge and I'm tempted to take a hint. (laughs) The girls are gonna be so mad. I think newspaper is parchment paper? It's really risky to take a hint here. I mean, like, I couldget a lot of backlash. Is it selfish? (laughs)Maybe I just oil paper. – (laughs) Have you done this before? – No, I've never done… (laughs).

I think I'm gonna use the hint. – Really?- I'm gonna use the only hint, Lauren, and you have to draw it!- Ooh! – Box, box. Sheet pan. Oh my god. Put parchment on a sheet pan with oil? – Yeah!(both laughing) – They're gonna kill me. So, I'm just, I'm gonna do afull sheet. Gonna oil this.

Wow, I feel bad. Like Ishould have maybe just, like, guessed that. But itcould have been those! But it didn't say circle. I don't know. “Step two, get the answer: The snow is divided and thereis a woman of seven large beds into two large bags.” Okay, “the snow isdivided” is making me think that it's sugar divided? Now I'm thinking powdered sugar.

Or, could it be, like, an egg is divided but it doesn't say how many. Maybe. Oh, maybe divided is like, it's… (upbeat music) Seven large eggs, sevenlarge eggs. Whites? The egg whites are dividedfrom the seven large beds. Two large bowls. Ah, twolarge bags is two large bowls~ Seven large ladies. Their snow is divided. Egg whites are dividedinto two large bowls.

I feel good, I'm gonnamove forward with that. “Step number three,using a wall connector, hit the blank potatoeswith tender-excellent speed for 6 to 7 minutes untilPhil's words appear.” Who is Phil?- Who is Phil? (laughs) – We may never know. “Wallconnector” I think is… I wonder if I need to beat them? But do I need to beat both of them? (beats fist).

Blank potatoes, blank white egg whites, blank potatoes, eggwhites. Is Phil's words? – Phil's. Phil?- Phil's. Phil? Does he climb mountains?Is it stiff peaks? I'm gonna whip these for 6 to7 minutes until I see Phil. It's gonna take a while. (laughs)(mixer whirring) Phil's words, done. “Stepfour, engage 1 1/2 cups of 'you got soccer' tothe bowl with the fruit.

And hit on average untilit is a bleak color and you are exaggerating, 3 to 4 minutes.” You're exaggerating? (distorted) No, I am not. This is hard. There's fruits. “Soccer”makes me think of ball. There's also lemons, whichis common in a dessert, which now I do think we're making. Soccer ball. Soccer ball. I think we're gonna beatthe eggs till they're a,.

Like a weird, like a light yellow color. Are the eggs the fruit? Theegg yolks are the fruit? But “you've got soccer”?Is that you got sugar? (ding) “Soccer” is “you've got sugar”, because I just wanna beatthese eggs with sugar. And now, I'm gonna do ittill it's a bleak color. So, I think like a palecolor. I think bleak is pale. (mixer whirrs).

It looks pretty bleak right now. My whole feeling's pretty bleak. (both laughing)Perfect. “Step five, keep the blender runningon tender low power, the river adds half aglass of water and mix until I love you. Thenadd a half a cup of oil and mix and match well. “River adds half a glass of water.” I don't wanna add water,but maybe I should.

Ooh, a little whole milk hanging out here, all on its lonesome.(Lauren laughs) I think some milk to this would be great. (dings) This could be wrong. I'm so sure of myself rightnow, and then I'm not. “Tender low on low speed, the river adds 1/2 a glass of water”, and then mix in half a cup of oil.

I don't know. This looks pretty. I like it and I won't have to deal with it in about three steps, so. (laughs) “Step six, install agood filter over the jam and be ready in 1 3/4cups plus two tablespoons of cake powder, oneteaspoon of multiplier, two tablespoons of blood powder,” (laughs) Ooh. “And a boot of kosher salt.” Oh, a boot.(Lauren laughs).

I think a boot's a pinch. (laughs) I think it's take jam andput it through a sieve, and then “one teaspoonof multiplier”? No idea. It sounds like a video game.(Lauren laughs) “Two tablespoons of blood powder”, which, I've seen a lotof beet stuff over here. Could be this beet powder.It could be more beet. What's the difference? “Blood powder.” Couldthat also be chocolate?.

Okay, I see jams here. Wait. How much jam? Oh no, this is bad. I'mgonna sift in cake powder. “One teaspoon of multiplier.” Multiplier. A multiplier makes itbigger. It multiplies it. It makes it larger.It's either baking soda or baking powder, becauseit makes it rise, maybe? I've only seen baking powder here. I'm not seeing baking soda. And two tablespoons of “blood powder”.

I'm skipping that for a second. (both laugh)And “a boot of kosher salt”, I think is a pinch of kosher salt. Blood powder. Blood powder. I'm just gonna go withbeet powder. Oh well, okay. It's really nice that I getto leave the room after this and not have to finishwhat I started. (laughs) “Step seven, add lightnessuntil it's completely padded and feathered, 1 to 2 minutes.”.

Oh, add lightness untilit's completely incorporated into this. Am I mixing it again? (dings)I'm gonna fold it in. I'm gonna, first, I'm gonnajust mix this together even if this is incorrect,but I just feels weird that it's sitting on topand it needs to be mixed. That looks good. That's mixed. Actually, not hating the color.I'm gonna add this to it. Perfect. Looks great.(Lauren laughs).

Never seen anything likethis before. (laughs) I'm sorry for any culinarypeople out there going, like, “What?” I'm excited thatI just get to leave this for Mimo. (laughs) Okay, “Step eight. Sheslowly moves up into the crab using a financial rubber.” (laughs) Okay, I think this is the crab? “Using a financial rubber”?(Lauren laughs) I think I might havealready done this step.

(dings) Oh, maybe “add thelightness” was add, like, all the sifted ingredients? I think, you know, Ithink I'm gonna leave. I think it's time for me to tap out. Put me out of my misery, bring Mimo in, and let her know that I used the hint. That's what I'm leaving her with. See you next, Mimo. Mimo!.

– Why am I closing my eyes?- Right here. – What did you do? (laughs) The President of Pants. (Lauren laughs) (patriotic rock music) “Step nine. Gooey in a stew pot and this is an equal distribution.” So “gooey” is this. AmI committed to this? (dings).

I am gonna assume Katiemade a smart decision- (dings)(Lauren and Katie laugh) in picking this, but I'mjust gonna trust my partner. I'm gonna dump this and distributeit equally, and now we're (dings)gonna distribute it. Based on this gooey concoction, I cannot say I'm set upfor success. (laughs) For that reason, I'm concerned. (laughs) “Step 10. Bread in 15 minutesuntil he takes a deep breath.

And the intermittent toothpaste is pure. Open the oven and how much is this?” This has been a lot of fun.(all laughing) I'm gonna let Jasminetake care of it. (laughs) What does that mean? (laughs) I'm just concerned. DoI bake this or chill it? Because this oven is on, we're gonna go ahead andbake this for 15 minutes, and we'll see what we come up with.

“Step 11. While the snowcake, prepare the cookie: In a medium pitcher,connect 1 3/4 cup of milk, one package of the vanilla,three tablespoon of thanks, and two tablespoon of cornstarch. Hit and hold.” While the cake bakes,prepare the frosting. Medium pitcher and a medium bowl. Oh, look at that. We have a medium bowl. It's not milk. There's no way it can bemilk because if it's milk…

(dings) Do we have heavy whippingcream, 'cause I do not see it. I see milk. We havevanilla, I see vanilla. We have condensed milk.I see a lot of beets. (Lauren laughs) Wait, do I get it any hints? – No.(sad piano music) – Do I get any hints? Well, how many hints as a group do we get?.

– You, the three of youguys only get one hint. – Did she use it already? You did? – I think I'm going to use the hint. I made sure we got the right pan. (laughs) – Alright, guys, I guessI'll move on with no hint. Since we don't have heavy cream, we're gonna stick with milk.(dings) 1 3/4 cup of milk. Okay,one package of vanilla.

Oh, oh, that's a package ofvanilla. “Packaged in the pot.” Oh! You're gonna cook it.You're making pastry cream. “Three tablespoon of thanks.” Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks. Oh, that's so sweet. Oh, thank you. Sugar. (dings) And two tablespoon of cornstarch. So, we're gonna add cornstarch and sugar. (dings)It's pretty much pastry cream.

And I'm hoping and prayingthe next step is cook it. “Step 12.” (all laughing) I just see “cooked”! “Step 12, cooked and broughtover medium high heat, it always goes on with atablespoon of flour, until special, 4 to 5 minutes.” Thank goodness we're cooking this, 'cause I would not wantto eat raw cornstarch.

“Always goes on until special.” And one thing about pastrycream is it always goes on. You have to whisk itwhile you're cooking it, 'cause you don't want itto burn on the bottom. We're gonna add our milkmixture into this pot. And, for the one table spoon of flour, we're adding one table spoon of butter, and we're gonna whisk it constantly. I'm gonna keep whiskingthis until it gets thick.

And “very special”. “Step 13, remove the heatsource and move four tablespoon of not salt until simple. Be calm.” (groans)(Lauren and Katie laugh) So, I forgot something. Theheat source, “remove from heat”, not salted butter. Be calm. (calming music) Alright, we're gonnaadd more butter 'cause, like we say in Tasty,”More butter is better.”.

I feel like I missedsomething in the previous step where it said one tablespoon of flour, but now that it's fully cooked, I can't really add more flour, 'cause it will taste not great. So, we're gonna make acornstarch slurry and add it and cook it a tiny bitmore to thicken it up. That way, Jasmine hassomething to work with. See, it's already getting thicker.

I'm feeling much moreconfident and I feel like I'm setting Jasmine up for success. Alright, I'm done, andnow it's up to Jasmine to take us to a home run.Let's go get Jasmine. – Three, two, one. (upbeat music) – What is that?(all laughing) The President of Pants!(patriotic rock music) “Step number 14, while thecold cookie, cut the ball.

Remove the ball fromthe skin and set aside. Use a two inch spinningcookie to hand make as many parties as possible.” I feel like I'm being askedto complete a math problem, but I don't know what the problem is. I've only seen a littlebit of the work. Oh, oh! “Cut the ball”! “Remove the ball fromthe skin and set aside.” And I think I will removethis from the skin.

“Use a two inch spinningcookie.” Spinning cookie cutters. What size? This. Actually, this. Actually this.(all laughing) – We don't know! – Oh, right.(beeps) It says “use a two inch spinning cookie”. I'm so dumb. So, I'mgonna make my parties, and I'm gonna make as many as possible.

“Step number 15, turn each cake carefully. Find more information anywhere.” So, remove each cake carefully. I'm getting vibes that this is sweet. It looks like strawberry.Okay, it says turn them over, but I assume that means like take it out. This is very cute. Ihope we're making, like, tiny multi-tiered cakes. So far so good. Alright, my parties have arrived.

“Find more information anywhere.” “Step number 16.”(all laughing) “Add a tablespoon of sourcream onto the underside of each pie circle and fillthe circle with the second cake and give me a sandwich.” Whoa, demanding.(Lauren laughs) “Add a tablespoon of sourcream.” Oh, sour cream. Oh, so it, I think earlierwhen it said flip it, that's what it meant. Allundersides are showing.

I'm gonna now add, whoa.That's like pudding. (all laughing) – (gasps) Oh!(Katie laughs) (wet splashing) – Okay, so, I'm gonna add atablespoon on the underside. Fill the circle with the second cake and “give me a sandwich”. (dings)I will give you a sandwich. I guess I'm gonna continue doing this.

Until I have made many a sandwich. Okay. All my sandwiches are assembled. “Step 17, expand the thin edges of the pie with another tablespoon ofeggs. Turn around in the 1 1/2 cups of mashed cocoa banana to wear. Over and over the restof the cookies. (laughs) This is hard. I think I need a- (sad music) a hint!(all laughing).

What is happening?- Katie used the hint, and she used it on thefirst step. (laughs) (foreboding music) So, no hint for you. – Oh, maybe it's like topeach pie with some more cream. Oh, you want me tospread this on the side? So, I assume this is the pie, and you want me to frost the edges? They look extremely worried.(Lauren and Mimo laugh).

I hope I get a 'ding'check mark right now. (dings)(all laughing) I am frosting the sides withmy globular vanilla pudding. And I will do this for therest, so I will be right back. Now, I must “turn around in the 1 1/2 cups of mashed cocoa banana to wear”. Vanilla wafers. Mashed vanilla wafers? – We love whatever you do, we love it. – We support you.- We love whatever you do.

– Think for me!- We love whatever you do! Alright, I'm going withvanilla wafers. (laughs) (all cheering)Yeah! Okay, now I'm going to mash mycocoa banana until it where. (blender whirrs) Transfer this into a bowl, maybe “over and over”(dings) the rest of the cookies. So, I'm just gonna continue doing this.

For the rest of my pies. “Step number 18. In amiddle plate combine 3/4 cup of cave chocolate andtwo teaspoons of butter. Heat box for 30 secondsuntil completely affected.” Okay, I feel so confident right now. “3/4 cup cave chocolate”.Cave, cave scary. Scary, dark. – Ooh.- Dark chocolate. – Oh!- Dark chocolate. “Two teaspoons of butter” Ido believe is butter or oil.

I've never been asked togive two teaspoons of butter. So, it's most likely oil.(Lauren laughs) “In a middle plate”, so thatmeans, like, in a medium bowl. So, I'm gonna add threequarter cups of cave chocolate. I think two teaspoons ofbutter is two teaspoons of canola oil.(dings) It's in there. And now I must”heat box for 30 seconds”, which means microwave for 30 seconds “until completely affected”,.

Which means soft, smooth, and melted. “Step number 19, spring atablespoon of this special form on top of excellence. Let the chocolate meltfor about 10 minutes.” Pour a tablespoon of this special form. Let the chocolate harden forabout 10 minutes. Or set? So, I think a tablespoon on top, and then just let it drip around the sides “on top of excellence”.

Should I spread it so it, like, drips around the edge, you know? – We don't know. – So, I am gonna just do thisfor all of my excellence. Excellence is done. Theydo indeed look excellent. And now, I must wait 10 minutesto let the chocolate melt, which I think means let it set. Alexa, set a timer for10 minutes. (laughs) “Step number 20, Be patient.”.

I actually have no patience. I'm known for that in my family. I think “be patient” means to plate it. These are looking beautiful. Katie, Mimo, you wanna join me?- Okay. – For the last step? – These look good! I don't think that this iswhat it looks like. (laughs) – I blame them. Presidentof Pants. What do we think?.

– Beautiful.- Beau- hmmm. – Are you guys readyto see the real thing? – Yes.- I'm kinda scared. – Close your eyes. – Bring it in!Bring it in! Bring it in! – Three, two, one. (all scream) – Dude, dude, dude!- Not bad! Not, not… – Dude, outside we weretalking and we were like…

– How many times did you just say dude? – See how there's nodrips off the side? (laughs) – You did well, though. – Yeah.- So did you guys. I mean, it looks very similar. – What are these?- Ruske Kape, and they are a cake-baseddessert native to the Balkans. They're really popular in, like, Albania, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia.- They're so cute.

– So, should we try ours first and then try this one?- Yes. – Okay, cheers! (upbeat music) Mmm! – It's earthy.- It remind me of, like, me saying, “I want cake,”and my mom being like, “You shouldn't eat sweets,” and then she gives methis healthy alternative.

Teamwork!- Nice job. – Good job, though!(clapping) – Can we try thereal thing? I'm dying. – Yes. Ruske Kape. – Mmm! – The coconutadds a really nice texture. – The cake is better.- But ours is actually, like, you could totally serve that and it would be delicious.

– Mhmmm, we did it!- That was really fun. I'm shocked because I took the one hint. – How do you feel? – I feel like she couldhave saved the hint for me. (all laughing)(beep) – Alright guys, thanksso much for watching. We hope you enjoyed seasontwo of Lost in Translation. Make sure to check to shop our merch. We got T-shirts.- And totes.

– And mugs.- Thanks everyone. – Bye!(beeps) – President- (grunts)(fly buzzing) – Kill it?- No, oh. (fly buzzing)(gasping) – A fly?- I'll protect you. – This is gonna be great. (laughs) (mixer whirrs)Oh. – It's gonna bake. It has to bake.

– Something will bake.- Something will happen. – You spent all season torturing me and you're gonna take the hint? – I just wanteda strong foundation. (upbeat music)