Hi i'm sunny lee i'm a contributor for serious seats and today we're going to make a favorite banchan of mine charred brussels sprouts with raw leeks muchim style with a coffee dijon sauce if you go out for korean barbecue you'll often notice that.

Accompanying your barbecue are salads of like raw scallions and onions mixed with like a spicy vinegary dressing that you're supposed to eat with the grilled meat and that is pah muchim this bonchon actually came together on accident i was cooking one day making said banchan pamuchim.

And i knocked my coffee right into the dressing and the combination of the nuttiness from the sesame oil and the bitter spiciness from the mustard really works well with like the dark bitterness of the coffee once we make the dressing we will char.

The brussels sprouts let them cool down before we kind of mix everything together we'll keep the dijon separate and mix it in at the very end to kind of keep the vibrant spiciness of the mustard and then we'll and then get ready to eat it let's first make the dressing we have.

Honey some fish sauce sesame seeds our espresso apple cider vinegar then we're gonna grate one clove of garlic now i'm gonna slowly stream in the sesame oil i'm gonna whisk everything together until it's.

All evenly distributed and then i'm going to let the dressing sit and start to thicken up a little bit so now that our vinaigrette is made we're going to try the brussels sprouts one thing to note is that we want to keep the leeks for the recipe raw don't throw that in with the brussels.

Sprouts like a i've done in the past so i'm gonna show you how to clean the brussels sprouts that you just get the leaves um i love to cook brussels sprouts like this because you can get maximum char without hammering the brussels sprouts so i just trimmed the bottom.

And i kind of let the outside leaves fall off honestly if they're nice dark and green they're beautiful and great to use and then once you have the outer leaves you can take the sprout and just cut it in half and then i cut out the core like this discard that and then.

The whole thing can just come apart once you get down to the little core super delicious great to use i just split it in half and added to the pile so next i'm going to show you how to cut the leaks in the fastest most efficient way into the thin batons we're using the top part of.

The leak where it's light green to white whitish in color i'm gonna cut it into two and a half three inch long pieces uh quarter and you can lay them out like open them up and then just slice it up like they're pieces of paper you just stack them up.

While i'm doing this i'm getting my large cast iron pan super hot to char the brussels sprouts and when i add the brussels sprouts to the pan it should sound like a popcorn factory is exploding so i don't want to move around the brussels sprouts too much because you.

Want some char to build up on the bottom if you live in a new york city apartment as i do this will set off your fire alarm we're going to put this back as soon as this video is over see all of the caramelization happening on all the leaves this is why i love to peel the sprouts.

As opposed to just splitting them in half and roasting them like you're just maximizing the surface area that's getting caramelized so we're gonna let this char up for like maybe two more minutes or so and then i'm gonna transfer this to a large sheet tray to let it cool down before we start marinating it.

The dressing is going to kind of coat itself around the brussels sprouts and the leeks and then the mustard is going to kind of stick on top of all that which will kind of give it a nice sharp bite so let's get our gloves on these are the gloves that the.

Korean ladies wear when they're making kimchi let's get our sprouts in here i have my leeks we're going to start mixing that together and then i'm going to add the coffee vinaigrette this bonchon it is great as a banchon to accompany.

A meal like like if you're doing pork belly barbecue or accompanying roast chicken but i also think it makes a great um makes a great salad it doesn't have to just be a banchon or a side dish we have all our ingredients the mustard is sitting on top and we're going to just start.

Scrunching now man these gloves are really amazing once everything has been scrunched together we um we are ready to plate and this is it so let's taste this and find out if you should make this at home i really do have to say that i think it's the honey.

That kind of pulls this entire dish together because you have the bitterness from the coffee charred brussels sprouts raw raw leeks and i think that the fact that that sweetness kind of just takes all the complementary notes within that bitterness and just kind of makes it work.

A perfect autumn slash winter dish i would highly recommend you make this at home i'm going to put that fire fire alarm back in now

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