Hello this is chef john with rocky road that's right i thought i was going toshow you how to make a famous candy based on a famous ice cream but as itturns out it's actually the other way aroundthe ice cream flavor was actually inspired by an australian candy thatgoes by the same name which used the same signatureingredients of chocolate marshmallows and nutsand probably a little touch of vegemite but regardless this is super easy tomake and would make for an absolutelywonderful edible gift for the upcoming.

Holidaysso with that let's go ahead and get started with a bowl full of chocolatechips and please do me a favor and use darkchocolate okay i think the only way to mess this up is to use milk chocolateand of course we always want to taste a little bit to make sure it's okayand then to our chocolate chips we will add some cubed up unsalted butterat which point i do like to give this a quick mix since we're going to melt allthis over hot water and i feel like some of the buttershould be underneath and not just sitting all on topand then last but not least we'll add a.

Couple teaspoons of maple syrupwhich i believe is supposed to be corn syrup except i don't stock thatso i'm going with the maple syrup which seems to work out just fineand then what we'll do is place that over a saucepan that has about an inchof hot water set over the lowest heat setting youhave okay a few tiny bubbles here they're okaybut we don't want this boiling or simmering and that's it we will justleave that to gradually melt and please do not try to stir this tooearly okay you might see some of the butter and a few your chocolate chipsstart to melt and you'll get all excited.

And you want to give it a stir but don'twe want this all melted before there's any movementand while we're waiting for that we can review our two other main ingredientswhich would be some kind of nuts plus mini marshmallowsand as far as the marshmallows i'm going to use two kinds some little white onesthat are basically white sugar flavored and then i found some pink ones that icut up which i believe are pink sugar flavoredand then as far as the nuts go i like a nice roasted whole salted almondbut of course if you'd rather use something else go aheadi mean you are after all the highway.

Patrol of what goes in our rocky roadmixing bowl and things like peanuts or walnuts orcashews will also work beautifully and then the other thing we should prepahead of time is to plastic wrap an 8 inch by 8 inch cake panwhich i've done here and that's it by now we can go back and check our butterand chocolate which as you can see is nice and meltyand once that's happened we can take a spatula and give this a mixokay going a little bit slowly at first and then as all that butter emulsifiesin we can go ahead and stir a little more quicklyuntil we end up with this relatively.

Soft sort of shiny fudgy looking mixtureand that's it we'll go ahead and remove that from the heatand quickly stir in our nuts and marshmallowsand don't pull a mussel but we do want to mix this up fairly quicklysince as you know when melted chocolate cools it thickens upand by the way pink and brown is a very very underrated color combinationso if you can find those i think they do make a nice addition as of course withanything else you decide to throw in thisall right other kinds of nuts dried fruit etc okay as long as you keep thesame proportions between the chocolate.

And the chunksreally anything goes and then what we'll do once we're confident everything hasbeen completely coated is quickly transfer that into our panand while we do want to make sure everything's pushed into the cornersand then we end up with a nice consistent even layer we donot under any circumstances want to smooth out and press down the topall right this stuff is called rocky road not uneven pavementso we want to try to preserve a rough as possible texture on the topand that's it once that's been spread out and definitely not smoothed overwe will simply let that cool down to.

Room temp before covering it with someplastic and then popping it in the fridge untilit's very very well chilled and firm which is going to make it so much easierto cut as you're about to see so once our rocky road has beenthoroughly chilled we'll take it out of the fridge and remove it from the panand i'm not sure how familiar you are with actual rocky roadsbut having grown up in the mean streets of shortsville new york believe me i wasaround my fair share of them and they tend to be very dusty and dirtyi mean come on you can't run one of those street cleaners on a road thisrocky.

Which is why before slicing i like tosprinkle some cocoa over the top and then what we'll do once we'vedirtied that up a little is take a long thin knifeand we'll carefully cut this up into 16 pieces which as you can see i like to doright on the plastic although there are pros and cons to thatmethod right the main pro is it's going to be a lot easier to clean my cuttingboard but the main con is you might get someplastic stuck underneath the candy and people spitting out pieces ofplastic is never a great look so once you cut this be careful to lookfor that and if we use the perfect.

Proportion of chocolateand nuts in marshmallows you should get some beautifully clean cutsall right check it out i find this stuff absolutely gorgeousnot to mention incredibly addictive to eat okay i'm really not a big sweets guyand almost never eat candy but once you start with this stuff it's hard to stopand i think the secret here is that play between the really sweet marshmallowand then that bittersweet dark chocolate of course elevated texturallyby those salty crunchy roasted almonds rice so simple yet so satisfyingso i very much enjoyed that first one and then i went ahead and arranged someon a platter so i could take some.

Picturesand of course eat another one and i don't mean to surface shame peoplebut here you can get a great look at why we really do want to leave that top asirregular and rough as possible i mean to me that just completes theproper visual effect speaking of which after i finish thatsecond piece i went ahead and stacked these up forsome more pictures as is required by the food blogger commandmentsokay when it comes to cookies or candies or bars thou shall stack but anywaywhether you're going to make these for yourselfor maybe to give as an edible gift or.

Hopefully bothi really do hope you give these a try soon so please follow the links belowfor the ingredient amounts a printable written recipe and much moreinfo as usual and as always enjoy you