These almond chocolate granola bars are incredible when the afternoon Sweet Tooth hits my kids love it after school it's a treat but a healthy treat so let me show you how to make it the first thing that we're going to do is preheat the oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and line a 9×9 inch baking pan with parchment paper the easiest way to do.

That in my opinion is just cut a random sized piece parchment paper then just fold it under so it can perfectly fit into the baking pan Now set that aside and it's time to prepare the dough I like using my food processor for this recipe it makes the job much easier but don't worry if you don't have one you can also mix this in a large bowl now if.

You do have a food processor I recommend using old-fashioned rolled oats if you're mixing by hand I recommend using quick oats that's much easier for hand mixing now add 2 cups of Oats to the processor one cup of almond flour a quarter cup of raw cacao a third of a cup of maple syrup or honey and half a cup of unsweetened drippy.

Almond butter now start processing and in between you're gonna have to use your spatula to scrape down the sides I did this five to six times throughout the process and then when your food processor starts to form little balls like this one that's when the dough is ready when you're hand mixing I recommend using fingers and pressing.

Down on the dough to see if it's sticky once it's sticky it's ready to go now pour this all into your parchment paper lined baking dish and press down firmly I'm using a glass to really really press down and then I use the spatula to press down on the sides and in the corners it's important that you take your time and press it all down evenly or else it.

Will crumble later now place this in the oven for 15 minutes and after the baking time place it on a wire rack so it can cool down quicker in the meantime we're going to melt some chocolate get three and a half ounces of dark chocolate and break it up into a bowl add one tablespoon of coconut oil and then melt it either in the microwave.

In 10 second intervals stirring in between or over a water broth stirring constantly now once your chocolate is melted your oats should be cool to the touch at that point we're going to pour the melted chocolate over the oats and then grab your baking pan and swirl it around so the chocolate can go into each and every.

Corner and now comes the last ingredient sliced almonds sprinkle them on top of the chocolate and then place the baking dish into the fridge for at least one hour longer is better once the chocolate is nice and firm your granola bars are ready to be cut I recommend waiting at least 10 minutes after taking them out.

Of the fridge before cutting into them this helps so the chocolate gets a little bit to room temperature and doesn't crack when you cut them I recommend using a large very sharp knife cut into the dough in the middle and then cut each half into thirds and then cut again perpendicular this makes 12 granola bars that are ready to grab when.

The Sweet Tooth hits I cannot wait to see if you're making this recipe please take a picture I love seeing when you make any of my recipes and I'll see you with my next video bye


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